NOTE BY NANCY:  I would like to honor Geoffrey West, sole journalist, producer, and anchor for Cosmic Vision News.  He tells the story of CVN in his Final Words on 9/23/16.  Geoffrey has worked endless hours for the past 4 years to bring alternative news to those of us who were aware of the tremendous changes taking place on our planet.  A very talented journalist, Geoffrey is especially gifted in helping us see the BIG Picture unfolding within the BIGGER Picture, so that those of us who have followed his newscast have been able to see the DIVINE PLAN UNFOLDING behind, beneath, and alongside the events on our planet that were seen and unseen on the mainstream media.  I know how conscientious Geoffrey is in attempting to cull out the truth from the piles of disinformation fed to the people, then share it with us.  He has reported nothing that he could not verify to his satisfaction, which–in our recent world–has been extremely difficult.  Disinformation has deliberately been rampant.

On the eve of what Geoffrey’s 9/23/16 newscast explains truly appears to be “the cusp of an extraordinary shift in the world as we once knew it, and the world that is birthing into existence through a profound shift in human and planetary consciousness, with some help from friends and family whom we have not yet met from beyond Earth,”   thank you, Geoffrey, for your faithfulness in serving our planet!  Your newscast offered gleamers of hope  that served to keep Lightworkers moving to the finish line!


                                                             My hat’s off to you, dear friend!



We are potentially on the cusp of an extraordinary shift in the world as we once knew it, and the world that is birthing into existence through a profound shift in human and planetary consciousness, with some help from friends and family whom we have not yet met from beyond Earth.

Here is the challenge CVN and I have faced over the four years the broadcast has been on the air. Like each of you listening, and like me personally, CVN has been evolving through its own trial and errors and has moved through its infancy and youth to learn from lessons, but still be humble enough to know that neither I, nor the program know everything, but even as I write this, I also know that, deep inside, I, every listener, and every human DO know the truth about all things, but we have needed to awaken to that truth through honourable service to humanity, our planet, and to all LIFE around, upon, within and beyond our planet.

CVN’s purpose in the beginning was to find a way to bridge the truth of the bigger picture – that is, the events that were being exposed to show how humanity has been controlled, manipulated and enslaved while also trying to share the emerging truth of the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’ – the ultimate evolution of humanity and our planet through spiritual awakening, a shifting human and planetary consciousness, and preparing for the emergence of Earth as a birthing galactic star nation through the revelations of benevolent galactic family members that have been trying to help us while also evolving through their own evolutionary and spiritual growth.

I offered more esoteric and channeled messages in the beginning and incorporated as a form of ‘news reporting’. For the record, I still defend the use of channeled messages when those sources are accurately relating to what is happening.

n the early years, CVN enjoyed extremely good ratings through BlogTalk Radio, achieving anywhere between 25-80,000 listens each week for about a year and a half. After the perceived disappointment of the expected events of December 21, 2012, many gave up on the esoteric/spiritual awakening. This was because they did not understand what happened. As well, there were spiritual sources who were promising, selling and marketing things that they had no right to promise, sell or market, because each soul experiences each energetic shift in a uniquely different, equally beautiful way for the soul that is open to receiving it, however challenging the lesson may be in the process as energies and issues come up for release and healing. No two humans will experience the energetic changes the same way, and therefore there is no ‘catch-all’ solution that any spiritual guru can offer, for no spiritual guru can can truthfully claim to know the unique LIFE-path of each soul in order to offer the best guidance for assistance. There are always lessons to take away from each source however…even if it is only the lesson that a particular source was not the right one for that particular individual.

There are no guarantees however. A channeled source can be influenced by the ego, or by an external, negative entity as much as any mainstream reporter. Therefore, I do not make either source ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Each source is reporting what he/she believes to be the truth, in that moment of ‘now’. If any of those sources are knowingly participating in putting out information that intentionally misleads humanity, then those sources, I believe, will have to answer to their choices at some point.

CVN has had the very difficult service of attempting to bridge two distinctly different worlds…and yet, these worlds are not different. The only thing that makes them different is the conditioning that has been drilled into people by governments, education, religion, media and other societal institutions through our current lifetime, and indeed for centuries and even milennia before this.

While attempting this service, CVN has also had the mandate to attempt to lay the foundation for the ‘new’ journalism; a style of journalism that more closely reflected what the original vision of journalism was meant to be – a presentation of information so that people could make their own choices as to what was ‘true’ for them, based on their current spiritual growth and personal journey in the current moment of ‘now’.  I did not always succeed. In this way, I (and thus also CVN) continued to evolve into a better understanding of service, through these mistakes.

Over these four years, it had been my hope and dream that CVN would continue to evolve and grow. Although this has not happened. Over the years, I have observed other programs achieve greater financial success, although I questioned the integrity of some of those sources. I confess it was hard to watch some sources that I believed were not of the greatest integrity and service, receiving such phenomenal support, and I was unable to have enough to get my own apartment to rent somewhere in the world.

There were surely lessons for me in learning to receive that which I did receive with gratitude and humility, while also trying to understand that there is a much bigger picture that even I do not fully see, and thus it has been a constant journey to remind myself to surrender to the process, even when I did not understand it.

Again, there were times when I did better than other times.

At its heart, CVN’s original, main vision, was to help prepare humanity for the introduction of our galactic families, and this meant sharing disclosure information that I felt was relevant, while also showing how the geopolitical and geoeconomic structures were preventing humanity from attaining its full potentail, while also giving hope through the revelations related to science, technology and health, that could help empower humanity take control of its collective future, and begin reclaiming humanity and our planet from the enslavement of this global cabal in its multiple forms.

It might appear that this moment is getting closer and closer.

If all the converging sources are really connected at this time, then it is very possible that this week’s newscast could very well be among the most important newscasts I have delivered yet, because we are coming to a point where ALL sources, be they astrological, be they spiritual, be they energetic, be they geopolitical or whether they are geoeconomic in nature… ALL sources are beginning to align at this moment, and this would suggest that the collective consciousness could very well be on the precipice of co-creating the required shift that will finally push humanity forward in a way that so many, myself included, have been talking about for years and even decades.

Each human has had to awaken to his/her service at the appropriate time, and many of us agreed to wake up earlier, and we agreed to take the wrath, the scorn, the criticism and indeed the punishments and loneliness that have accompanied that path. For the vast majority, we would not have had it any other way, for we have been committed to humanity and our planet, even when others doubted it, and perhaps even in those times when we may have doubted it ourselves.

Technologies are being released for those willing to look for them. Alternative health solutions are becoming not only more accessible, but more people are actively choosing them, because they now see the frauds and lies of Big Pharma and Big Medicine. There are messages of soft-disclosure flowing out almost daily, and videos of alleged sightings to fuel the imagination of a growing humanity that appears hungry and eager to be connected to the stars again. There are incredible geopolitical and geoeconomic events happening at this time that would blow most peoples’ minds well into next month, if not next year. The revelations coming out at this time, combined with the energies connected to astrological, spiritual and energetic sources are leading to the inevitable conclusion that the world we once knew, a denser, lower-vibration, lower-consciousness way of living, can no longer be sustained, and choices are going to have to be made on multiple, multiple levels by individuals who are either ready and willing to participate in the co-creation of a New Earth, or remain attached to the lower energies, and risk staying on a timeline that is less positive.

This week’s newscast offers info from both esoteric and traditional sources to affirm that many are now seeing this current period as one of the potentially greatest opportunities for physical shift upon this planet. Up to now, most of the shifts have occurred energetically, and most have not noticed them or acknowledged them. It will now be getting increasingly harder to avoid these changes, because they will be happening physically, in the world around each person, to her/his family, to all relations. There is nothing that will be untouched by the energies unfolding at this time. For some, it will bring fear and chaos. For others, like myself and many of you, it will bring excitement, wonder and relief.

The events and the signs are suggesting that we are approaching a crossroads where a choice will have to be made. What are you willing to choose, and what are willing to choose to let go of in your world, that no longer serves the human you are now claiming to want to be?

If any special broadcasts become necessary over the coming weeks, these will be considered.

Co-create the most amazing week you can, until the next moment of ‘now’!