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Energy Update from Lee Harris

Energy Update from  Lee Harris 

A very relevant Energy Update from  Lee Harris regarding how the extremely intense energies are affecting us!

July-August 2014 Energy Forecast – Consciousness Dancing and The Brain of The Heart – Lee Harris – June 30,2014

July-August 2014 Energy Forecast – Consciousness Dancing and The Brain of The Heart – Lee Harris – June 30,2014

Lee Harris




Lee Harris’ December Energy Forecast.

 Lee Harris

We would have been filming outside today, as myself and Marc were on the hill here in Boulder for a good long while trying to find shelter from this ferocious wind that is moving through Boulder today. We have had to come into the house and be within these walls so that you could hear what I am saying. And to me that feels very metaphoric of life right now. It seems to be the ‘practice’ that we are being ask to daily surrender to all of the time – step back, take shelter from chaos and find the inner peace.


The world is experiencing chaos and conflict at higher levels than ever before because of the rise and the opening in consciousness that’s happening. So the two go hand in hand, and it seems that for most people that I’m talking to or interacting with, and myself included, the amount of things around you in your outer life that are asking for your attention or needing things from you, or being discordant, are on the rise.


So what you have to do to really keep yourself centered and also to be able to give positive energy out to those things that are coming toward you is to really find your own center and to remember who you are amid everything that’s going on in the story of our world right now. Because where you place your attention and your focus and what you start to think about can highly influence what happens to you next.


So for example, if you read a certain news story that’s shrouded in fear and designed to make you feel fear, you can absorb that, take it into your body and then every next activity you go to has that fear running through your body.

This is why it’s more important for all of us that we no longer just stop at figuring out how to work with the mind or figuring out how to make our bodies healthy. It’s a ‘whole being’ process now. Your whole sensory being; thoughts, emotions, energy field, physicality, they’re all asking to be looked at and seen and unified and integrated with you. It’s why many of you are having these recurring dreams about past situations, past loved ones in your life, perhaps resolving conflicts through dreams or daydreams or visions, because you’re being asked to unify with love in yourself, more and more and more.


So here are a few small re-balancing tips that I think I’ve probably given over recent months, but just to recap:


The stomach is a very important center in our bodies around safety, human relationships and cords that run between people and conflict energies.


So if you’re experiencing anything difficult in a human relationship, conflict with somebody – or with yourself, or if you’re just not feeling safe, work with your stomach.


Each day, just take a few minutes out of your day – and you can do this as many times as you like – to just take your hand, place it over your stomach and as you breathe in and out, focus your attention on your hand and on your stomach.


Some of you might say, “Well I’m very busy, I’ve got a lot going on in my head” Well, that’s why we do this. We allow that frenetic activity to be refocused elsewhere and in the process of doing it, the nervous systems starts to calm and your being can begin to go into a more focused, directional energy rather than a scattered chaotic one.


This is why meditation works for so many people. It’s not just the actual practice of accessing the inner realms that meditation gives. For many people (who either never access or haven’t yet accessed that level of what meditation offers), even just the practice of sitting and being still with their bodies and with their presence and letting go of everything external for a while is hugely beneficial to the potency of this inner system of yours and what you can then bring to your outer world in life force.


So, a couple of exercises: one is the stomach and just breathing.


The other side of this, and I’ve talked about this a lot, is don’t forget the power of your words to intend.


So for example, I often use, “I return to my own energy field. I return to my own energy field.


And this is when I feel I have maybe become too immersed with other people’s energy fields or I notice I’m a little off balance and I realize I’ve been busy. So by saying “I return to my own energy field” I get to summon back all of the pieces of me that I may have left with other people and I bring back my core strength. Our core strength is always still here, even if it has moved outside of our centre, it can’t leave us fully.

But it can go to the edge of our energy fields when we are off centre, and what we need then is for it to come back to the center whenever we are starting to feel a little shaky in our systems. This shakiness can show up in thoughts, higher emotions than usual, or just through sensory awareness.


So you can also do this with anybody that you feel you are a little energetically en-meshed with. And that’s happening a lot at the moment because we as a collective people are really looking to resolve pain and looking to open. Not just because of what’s going on in the outer world – this is a cellular level energy movement that is happening to all of us. We are being asked to unify human and spirit.


So, many of you who have been very spiritual for a long time and you’ve just enjoyed spiritual pursuits, you’ll probably be having a rough time with being asked to come back to humanity and remember you are also a human being in a form on a planet, at a time that your presence is needed and required here. And that’s not to make you sound like a slave of the planet’s evolution – it’s just that we die with full knowledge that we’re ready to die.


So when we die, both our soul and our physical body are ready to go. So if we are still alive then it’s interesting to then get curious about what am I still here to experience? Because I know many of you will have the shadow story of “I don’t want to be on this planet.” I’ve certainly had that a few times myself. I know that many other people have too. But the truth is, this surge and rise in heart energy that can feel very challenging is actually far, far easier to be in and to open to and to receive of the more you practice sitting back from your life.


So if you haven’t experienced this very much in your life, or if you’re in a situation where you maybe have kids and a busy job and a busy life, you just need to start safeguarding small amounts of regular time to do this. It could be four minutes five times a day, and that cumulative 20 minutes will change so much in your energy field.

What you’ll notice when you do this is the level of demand on you from others.


So, how many of your are currently noticing other people are demanding more of you than you either feel comfortable or able to give? So many of you will be going through the boundaries piece – finding your place to say yes and to say no, with love. And being loving with your boundary is the ultimate aim. If you can’t do something for somebody that this somebody really wants you to do, you can not only trust that they will find the perfect person to do this for them in the perfect time (because otherwise it would feel right to you); but you can be loving with them and compassionate with them, because you yourself know what it’s like to have unfulfilled needs.


So even if you can’t always understand someone’s motivation for being demanding, try and feel heart to heart with them and even if you feel your or their heart is closed, or you have a perception maybe they’re a little wounded, you can still be in love with them because we’ve all been wounded and we’re all still shifting our limits all of the time. A loving boundary.


So, that leads me to the final thing; which is, we really are losing the masculine paradigm of ‘right and wrong’ on Earth currently, and that’s scary.


So if your use of the idea of what’s right or what’s good or what’s bad is what got you to evolve up until this point, you might be a little jittery right now about losing those guideposts. Guideposts like ‘discipline’ or ‘right or wrong’, and just allowing yourself to live. To truly live.


You see, we live in energy grids with each other. And these energy grids are built upon agreements. So for example, an energy grid I might have running with a friend of mine is that she always arrives at my house in a mess, and I always help her feel better and then we have fun. And we may have that grid running between us because I have that in my history, playing that role, so I’m resolving something about staying rigidly in that role with her. And she has something in her history about never being taken care of. So she’s having a healing around that.

But the point being, you may have had some of these grids running in some of your long-term relationships for a long time. And what’s happening now is they’re just snapping open. We are losing the old grids. And they’re popping – it’s quick. And it’s a shock for us because we aren’t used to that as a collective.


But the more you practice being in yourself and your center and fully being curious about what that is – the better you will feel and experience the world, and cleansing right now will help with that. If you feel a little under the weather, cleanse the physical body. Do whatever you can to give it better foods, Give it more exercise. Try something different. Because I’m aware that many people out there are feeling like they’re being dragged under the water. And the worst thing you can do when you’re in that situation is think you’re doing something wrong or missing something.


All of us to the best of our ability can just keep trying something different. Each day try something new. It’s a process I’ve been very ‘in’ for a long time now, but especially this last month, I’ve upped the ante on ‘what do I need, how am I?’. Because I’ve noticed how much more there are strong energy fluctuations out there. And actually through doing that, I’ve managed to maintain a core of strength even within some of the challenging things around me. But creating that new way was a process of trial and error for me, and it was a process of focusing. I just had to be willing to focus.


So, let’s take a breath for a second.

I realise that I’ve just given you a load more information at a time where we’re are full of information – so I invite you to forget everything I’ve just said. (Laughter)

And if it helps you to remember some of it, I’m thrilled.  And if it doesn’t, forget all of it.

And if you take only one thing away from my talk, it’s to remember you have to trust yourself. And if you say, “Well I can’t trust myself because of this, this and this” – well then make solving that your most important focus in the next few months because you have yourself to trust.


You’re here having an unusual and amazing experience on Planet Earth in a very rapidly changing time, which can sometimes make all of us wonder who pulled the rug away from under our feet?

But the truth is, we pulled the rug away. We always knew exactly the time tunnel that we were going through now. And if you look at the prophecies of the ancients, this time was very, very prophesized.

And if you actually look at the details, what is occurring is exactly what we expected to occur in the energetics. The problem is we have been so mind-trained to not look at energetics and to instead look at external details, that it doesn’t always make sense if we don’t know what the exact detail we are about to experience is.


So you see, if you live from detail, you will forever be disempowered.
If you live from essence, the inner body, the senses, your life will start to come alive.
And you will empower yourself.


That is the new paradigm we’re now shifting into.

So spend time with yourself in a sensory way this month – however that looks to you (dance, exercise, creativity, touch).


I will be back in February with one of these forecasts.

There will be a forecast in January, but it will be my annual message – which some of you may be familiar with and it is a slightly different presentation.  It will be released by January the 1st, so look out for that.


And if you would like to be with me live in person, I’m in Boulder on December the 14th doing an evening called ‘Open to Your Highest Potential’ and I’m doing the same event in Amsterdam on January the 4th.

Then a full day workshop in Slovenia – Ljubljana – called Living Your Power on January the 19th.

If any of you feel drawn to be there, I would love to be with you in person. It creates a whole other energy shift.


And in the meantime I wish you all lots of love for the final days of 2013. I hope you get good times with good people and I hope you get good times with yourself 🙂


Take care everybody; see you next year.






Lee Harris

“So over the coming months we will see a wave of this feminine energy reinvigorating the masculine, and supporting all sorts of projects and humanitarian movements on Earth. There will be a continuation of global discussion, governmentally, economically, environmentally all of that is going to keep going.”




Lee Harris  http://www.leeharrisenergy.com/blog.html

Hi and welcome to the energy forecast for May 2013.

We are indoors this month. I’m staying in Denver and it’s very noisy out there with lots of cars so even the parks didn’t look appealing for our purposes anyway.
So, it’s interesting. Because in many ways I feel that being indoors is the theme that many of you will be going through – feeling indoors within yourself. Not because you’re retracted from the world – the opposite; because of the catalysing force of everything that is going on in an external sense for those of you who work with your awareness and energy body in a conscious way. You’ll be noticing how much faster your internal unravelling process will be.

So as with all unravelling, the themes for May are fear and intimacy.

These two things go hand-in-hand. Because often we have fear of deeper intimacy before we go into deeper intimacy.

If you think of going on a date with someone where it all went well; if you reflect on how you felt in the minutes/hours before the date, you will notice that often you will have pulled back a bit or been nervous. And I’ve talked about this principle a lot – the contraction and expansion dance which we go through.

It’s an “in breath, out breath” and that’s why life is a constant spiral journey. It’s not this destination point that you reach where suddenly everything becomes Zen. Even some of the most Zen people I’ve met all still experience the waves and the fluctuations of life.

You’ll all be dealing with different details this month, as we all are, but themes will show up around fear and intimacy.

Fear is like a virus. It really spreads fast.

So, for example, if I were to be talking to you in this energy forecast panicked and like really coming to the camera and saying “You’ve got to do this! And, blah,blah,blah” (Lee leans forward and expresses in a hyper-fearful way) you would experience a very different energy to my simply being centered and talking from a centered place. And what happens with energy is that we tend to imbibe and absorb it.

So those of you on the other side of the screen – some of you may have had a “Whoa!” reaction to what I just did and the energy of it. And what I just did was a little over-emphasised, but it does illustrate the point. Which is – when you start to see and read subtle fear energy that is attempting to spread itself outward, you become more immune to absorbing it. [Lee also reads his report on video, thus some of the descriptions above.]

For example if somebody in your life were telling you a big story about what they’re going through or what’s going on in the world, and they had a lot of fear coming out of them as they relay this to you; many of you will have a hard time listening to their words because you’ll be so dominated by the energy coming off them. So you may leave the incident and think, “God, I can’t remember what he said but it was kind of hard to listen to him.”

What you have to then ask is; what’s remaining in your body post that conversation? How much of the fear did you take in? 

Not because it’s bad to absorb anything but because you have a choice around your awareness of it. 

You know, we live on a planet where everything is flowing in and out. And I often think, especially in the Western world, we have too much of a tendency to believe we can control things; which we can’t. We can move with things, we can flow with things, we can become more magnetic. But control doesn’t really exist in the way that the human ego mind would like it to.

So if any of you at the moment (and this will be a lot of you), are feeling weighed down by people around you because of how much they are going through. Number one, it’s a wheel; so being compassionate to those in need is a wonderful thing. It also doesn’t mean that you won’t be in that situation in the future, but guilt shouldn’t be a motivating factor as to why you have to help people. Because many people run guilt around, “If I don’t help them who will help them?” Well, I’ve said this before, we are a jigsaw and we find our fits, we always find our fits – the people who are there to help.

So if someone is really in need but they don’t feel like the person you can help, you might support them in directing them elsewhere, or you might trust that they’re going to find their help.  Because the example demonstration of fear that I just delivered to the camera – those kinds of strong energies affect us deeply.

So if you’re around someone who you are not in energy alignment with, and they’re pushing emotions and fears out of the body, remember that there’s a difference between releasing something and pushing it on to someone else.

So if I’m angry, I have a choice. If someone catalyses my anger, I can either feel that anger and remove myself and let it flush through my body, or I can aim it at somebody via shouting at them. What will then happen is the other person will receive the impact of the anger I shout in their direction. This can lead to either their starting to fight back (because I have triggered their own anger reaction) or they may go the other way and become the victim and ingest what’s just been walloped at them. And then they’re carrying that around.

What happens to me as the angry person is, when I see that the energy has gone into them at some level, and I feel it in my body, I’m free – I think.  So of course, it is only a temporary reprieve I get, but it’s a reprieve. Of course it’s not conscious, but what I get to experience is that I handed off some of this emotion I did not like into someone else.

Now, at greater levels this kind of energy exchange is happening all of the time. But there is a fine process going on for lots of us at the moment where we are enabling ourselves to take more of the space inside our bodies – space that we were asked to live outside of by much of our training. Our training in society said; go to work, get a pay check, get married, get a mortgage, the government will look after you. All the very things that we know many people are in heartbreak and devastation about right now, because that belief that they held that those things would support them is now being proved untrue.  

And it’s not that the universe won’t support us, for it will. But when you’ve lived in a system in society and believed that the system was the universe, this is a grief process for many to let go of that idea.

Many people going through that grief process right now haven’t come to their own inner alchemy yet. And they will. And the more our world goes through in the next few years; energy alchemy is just going to become more and more the norm.

But at the moment it’s in a period of growth and a period of greater communication and exploration, so a lot is rising. But within that rising there is this fear of going deeper – intimacy. And that’s the next step we are being called to take as a people.

So many of us push intimacy away or don’t harvest intimacy because of these schisms and isms that come off us. So for example, if I’m nervous going on a date and that nervousness plays out in my behaviour and shuts me down, the person I’m dating is likely to not connect with me.

As I say this I’m a little cautious because  I’m aware it will lead some parts of people’s minds to think of controlling/hiding things like nervousness, and that’s not what I’m talking about at all. What I’m saying is, there will be some mess in the intimacy that might play out between you and another person. That is perfectly natural. So don’t be afraid of walking into that dance or not ‘getting it right’ first time, as there actually isn’t a ‘getting it right’. It doesn’t exist other than in your own mind.

And I hear of many people who are now shifting from the idea of intention into action, which is great. Intention is wonderful and there is a reason that it was the most popular kind of topic within the spiritual self development community for several years; because it needed to be developed. But now it has been developed; it’s there, it’s in the body and now it has to be put into practise. This happens through marrying intention with action.

How can we bring more conscious intention through our conscious actions?

So intimacy is changing too (as well as everything else) and transparency is emerging more, and that brings up fear in the human animal because that hasn’t been the historical pattern. And whenever we change a pattern, fear comes up for us. When fear comes up, oftentimes we’re afraid of how we deal with fear so we back away and close our intimacy and opening down again.

So, be willing to deal with fear. One possible option as a daily practise at the moment, is, if you are one of the people I mentioned earlier who are supporting a lot of people, to regularly check in with yourself and see how you’re doing. Especially if you notice you’re feeling off-balance, try and look back at what you’ve just been in and around to see what the trigger was and to heighten your practised awareness. But more importantly just say to yourself;

I release that which is not mine” 
“I release that which is not mine to hold” 

You can make the words up. You can make words up for yourself that are more appropriate to your language or to how you see things. But using words like this is powerful.

So much of our energy in our life is given permission by what we say. And often what we say will lead how we then allow the energy out of us. That’s how most people work, not everyone. but most. So in the same way, if you use your words to recalibrate your energetics, it will do it for you. 

And it’s very important too because many of you will be hearing all sorts of other words in your head as you go through this opening into greater intimacy and this dance around fear; world fear, Earth fear, human fear, finding your position in the fear.

I’ve talked before about just placing your palm on your heart centre (centre of chest) and how grounding and centering that is; and that’s very important at the moment because hearts are cracking open in great ways and in painful ways. So do this action for you to check in with your heart regularly, release the fear of others, but also to really no longer accept self- judgement.

 You might notice more self-judgment, because you have a stronger awareness now, there is a bigger observer in you. That bigger observer is what gives you the shock every time you notice something.

So for example, you notice you’re nervous about going to do something that you never thought you’d be nervous about. And you start to hear, “Oh maybe I shouldn’t do this, maybe I shouldn’t do this.” And then you get angry at yourself for not believing in yourself and another judging thought appears such as; “God, why won’t I believe myself?” See now how that’s the exactly the same energy as not believing in yourself, because it’s all energetics.

The alternative option is to go, “Oh, wow. I’m seeing I’m not believing myself. That’s interesting.”  Celebrate the seeing as that is the first step to clearing.

Now the observer part of many of you will be quite new at the moment. So you won’t always trust this part of you enough to give the observer authority, especially if it’s new for you to have developed a new part of your inner collective – often it’s a multitude of characters in there seeking integration and seeking oneness with each other.

So you have to learn to trust the observer. And that’s also why I say it’s good to look back at certain scenarios that may have been going on in your life that have led you to come off-balance. Because your observer will be at an all-time high at the moment; even if you’re in a fight with it, even if you’re struggling, because self-judgment roots take a very strong hold. And if you had a very difficult set of experiences in childhood where you’ve always been on the receiving end of self-judgment, it’s not easy to just wash that out the body. It takes time.

So checking in with your heart is important as you go through this dance of opening to greater intimacy with the universe, as is everyone else. So often our older structures didn’t require intimacy; we had a job, we lived in a house, perhaps we didn’t really know our neighbors.

That is all changing and it’s changing faster and faster and faster. 

So this month the themes are of opening to intimacy, dealing with your own inner fear or learning how to let go of the fear of others, and also self-judgment. Seeing that self-judgment is leaving, and thus having a developing trust of your inner observer that sees your self- judgment.

(Laughing) I just had self-judgment that I hadn’t been very clear in this energy forecast, which probably means that for some of you that’s true, but it’s also none of my business to know how it affects you, and it doesn’t matter – I showed up. And that’s enough.

That’s the other truth that we have to remember; it’s one of the ways I’ve helped myself over the years when I’ve been too critical on myself. 

If you show up, you’re alive. And it’s enough 🙂

Which leads me to the final thing. It’s very, very scary to be ‘in the now’ sometimes.

I love being in the now and yet I still find many moments recently where I’m stepping forward and sometimes stuttering as I go into it and I’m like, “Wow, what is this in my body that is coming out from years ago?”

There is an enormous amount of potency happening right now in the world around solutions and around the future, which we would be masked to if we just followed the mainstream media or if we didn’t do our own research and get out there and live.

So as much as there is fear in the world right now, there is also an enormous amount of life and an enormous amount of opening, and more and more people are starting to have and create this experience. So, it’s a fantastic time to get out there and to live in the now.

It can be scary to the human animal. It can be scary to the body. And it’s scary when you sometimes are the leader of intimacy or friendliness with someone who you sense pulls back from your intimacy a little at first. But if you can be patient enough to treat that person like you would treat your child and you would help your child through that pull-back, then they will pull you out of your fear or hesitation in the future. So that wheel of leadership and being led can keep going within us as a community.

So that’s the May forecast.

I have a few things coming up – live events. I’m coming to England in July, which I’m thrilled about, and I’m going to do events in London and Manchester. They’re on the website.

I’m also doing a special one-day workshop with my good friend Wendy Kennedy in June in LA and again details are on the website and I’ll put them at the end of this video. That’s called “The Expanded Self.”  It will be a day around working with your oversensitivity and boundary issues and also learning how to be more expanded in the world through some talking but also quite a few exercises and so that will be a great day. Hope to see some of you there.

And finally there is the launch of the membership club called “The Portal” which is going to be launching in a few days time, on my website.

And to everybody, have a great month. Go and live in the now. 

The intimacy fears you may have now will be worth it when you come through the other side. 

And most of all look after yourselves and be good to yourselves.





Lee Harris

 Hi everybody and welcome to the March Energy Forecast.

It’s just after 8 AM here in Colorado where we have snow and we have birds that are very, very happy to be awake (bird song is heard). And ‘awake’ is a key word this month. How awake are you feeling recently?

Some of you will feel like you’re being dragged through a bush backwards (as we like to say in England), and some of you will feel very alive. This energy dance has been going on for years and I’ve been talking about it for years, as have many other people.

And some of the symptoms that can show up for you right now are;

  • Feeling hyper
  • Feeling over-stimulated
  • Feeling that so much is going on that you are losing your mind.

This is a great gift, if you are losing your mind. I love losing my mind. (Smiling)

But for now, we are talking, so we have to use the mind to access what it is that we’re looking at with words.

And this is how we have grown up. This is how we have been so far, mostly, trained – especially in our Western society. We have been trained to access as much as we can through the mind.

It’s not that that aren’t physical or sensual pleasures on Earth, because there are and we’ve all experienced them. But a great deal of our interaction, intimacy, relating, understanding, and education in Western society has come through this part of us – the mind.

And so you take in the words, you take in the education through your mind, and it filters down through the body. And depending on how clear your mind interpreted the words, the filtering takes place at greater or lesser speed through your body.

Rapid filtering is an experience we are all in right now.

So yes, some of you might be consciously meditating, some of you might be consciously eating well, some of you might be exercising well, some of you might be occasionally stopping to look at anything in your past that seems to replay for you or haunt you, some of you may just be doing it through dreams and using your dreams to consciously intend change or resolution.

But regardless of what you are choosing to focus on, we’re all in the surrender of this filtering and upgrading process.

We are in response to the energy waves now moving through and across our Earth, our planet, and these are universal energy waves that we are on the receiving end of and in the eye of the storm with. These energy waves have their own pathway and as a byproduct, they have a greater emotional and psychological intensity on us than we’ve ever experienced before.

I often feel like a broken record when I do these energy forecasts because there are so many aspects of the shift that I am called time and time again to repeat. But that’s because the symptoms repeat and cycle through us.

But what you should notice is that you should be changing through your experience of the symptoms.

So if you feel long-term stuck, then it is likely that you are stuck. The question is what do you do with being stuck? And I know for many of you, what you would do with being ‘stuck’ is to beat yourself up and question what is wrong.

Try and see that now as the old paradigm. If there is any spiritual teacher or person out there that tries to tell you that you’re wrong, or you’re stuck, or you’re in resistance, recognise it is old. If it feels good to be told those things and if those things actually do move you somewhere then, great, maybe that’s what you need to go with.

But generally all that does is compress us. Compresses our potential expansion. And often the reason we listen to those judgments is because something in our earlier life taught us that that was our pattern – our energy pattern of compressing ourselves, because we were put down or judged or scared of what people might think of us. So we shrank every time somebody sent something negative our way.

So, the act of awakening that is a ‘doing’, for those of us who are moving through this, is the act of awareness. And allowing yourself to bring awareness to yourself and your patterns – questioning, “Am I always negative on myself after this happens?” or “Do I always tend to feel like I crash after something good has happened?” And just question that pattern, and become aware of the answer. Because every pattern can change.

It’s not about forcing yourself to change or kicking yourself because you’re not changing as fast as you’d like. It’s actually just allowing the possibility of change and not letting the voice in your head tell you what is or isn’t happening. Because, that voice in your head is very small – very, very small.

Our energy fields as human beings are wide and high. So you’re currently looking at me as a physical figure, but I extend out and up and down around my physicality, and so do you. Wide and high.

The part of us that is our mind however, is very, very localized.  So, especially when you’re dealing with words, you’re looking at processing words through a very small area of yourself.

This is why so many of you will have felt recently like you cannot be in your mind like you used to be. This is a great thing, (unless of course you desire to get certain ‘mind’ things done).

The reason many are vacating their minds now, is that it is very over stimulating up there. We’re opening more into multi-dimensionality as people, and so what’s happening is our mind is revolving faster than ever before with great intensity through a process of filtering, organizing and assessing what is going on in us and for us.

So for example, 10 years ago many of you may have taken a week or two to get through an issue you were having.  Now that’s what you deal with and wrap up before breakfast, then after breakfast you move on to something else.

It’s hard for us to track the speed of life because we move with life and so we go through the changes gradually. But if you really stop and ask yourself “Is it true that I’m moving a lot faster now than I was 3 to 5 years ago?” The truth is you will be, and I can hear those of you who are now feeling stuck questioning that, which is understandable.

So what I would ask you guys to do is to allow yourself to release the stuckness.  And all you need to do to begin this process is to say “I allow myself to release this.”

Physical illness is slightly different to feeling emotionally or psychologically stuck. It’s not immutable, but it’s a slower process. The body is slower in general than your energy field, your thoughts, your emotions. And once something has become imbedded in the body, it can take time to work through the physical healing process.

So if you are physically ill, don’t beat yourself up and see that as a failing. That’s what you’re choosing to experience right now in the bigger form of life – the soul perspective.

But of course in the micro-detail, the part of us that is just a human being and forgets about the soul and an evolutionary journey, that way of seeing things can move pain, shame and guilt, judgment – all sorts of negative feelings and thoughts through you.

And all of these denser energies are just ingested.

For example, babies who arrive in our world have a soul history and they have a soul path, but they haven’t, at that point, started to greatly ingest any emotions other than their mother’s, the body that they came through. That, in itself, can be a lot but the point here being that we can work backwards from what we have ingested and become. It is all releasable once you identify the limits you are experiencing.

Here is the caveat though: if you find yourself saying “I just want to change everything about my life, I just want to change myself.” Why, is the question you have to ask yourself?

Because what is wrong with you? You’re a beautiful human being doing the best you can every single day to have the best life that you are able to within your circumstances. While also giving what you can to those around you, honouring those relationships and being part of the wheel of life on this beautiful and sometimes crazy, volatile planet.

So be good to yourself.

Remember too, that most of the methods of stimulation around us, whether it is the internet, the media, or anything that is informational, uses words to convey energy. It’s time that you decide for yourself what each piece of information is energetically telling/sending you.

What are you ingesting and how does it feel?

So for example, very negative slants can be put on things going on around the world. And I’m not talking about disasters or what we would call tragedies. I’m more talking about things that are being spun, things that aren’t exactly as they seem in terms of the way they are being reported.

This happens all the time. Because we are all individuals and we all have our own personal filters. And this is where you have to come back into your centre and your body and ask yourself what do I feel is true?

We are having a shared experience, and as we awaken we learn to share more, give more, and be more a part of the wheel of life (rather than an individual egoic self). But within that we are also still within our personal energy fields and within our personal bodies and we have to trust that we can discern what is right for us in each moment.

And, the sooner that we trust that, the more we start to trust, “Okay, today I did something that I see I could improve on.” Or, “I wish today I had been able to have the clarity or the light that I had the other day so that when I was in today’s difficult situation I had done better.”

But again, that’s an okay way of looking at things provided you don’t get heavy on the judgment on yourself.  Because judgment compresses us and keeps us small.

If you can simply learn to trust what’s happening in you in your life, you will naturally go through your own spiral of evolution and keep expanding.

And this can be tricky sometimes, because it may mean that certain things you previously judged yourself for, you will now be asked to not judge yourself for.  And that is often for many of us the final doorway before release.

There were certain things in my life that in my 20s I would have been very hard on myself for and in this decade, my 30s, I’ve begun to learn to just trust whatever I’m experiencing. This guidance was given to me and it’s interesting how with that piece in place, so much accelerated for me to allow me to feel more peaceful more of the time no matter what was going on around me.

It doesn’t mean you’re immune to emotion and it doesn’t mean you’re immune to feeling sorrow or compassion for what’s going on around you, but it does mean you have a greater sense of location in your own body because you have cleared out so many of the ingested influences that you were fed or that you believed in, but that weren’t really representing you.

So let’s just take a moment together to look at locating yourself in the body.

Take your hand, right or left, and just place it on your heart chakra center (the center of your chest). And then take another one and place it gently on your stomach.

Just breathe for a moment and fill your belly. Just feel the breath going in and out of this torso, this body of yours.

And if you had forgotten about this body while watching or reading, just notice that. In your mind, you were listening to my words, listening to your own reactions and thoughts to my words, and notice how during that you’d forgotten this beautiful torso beneath your head.

It comes with us everywhere. The whole body is always with us. And it’s true that when you travel into your mind or your higher consciousness you can sometimes forget about the body.

But there is a perfect meeting point between body and consciousness; there is a bridge. That’s why we do things like this exercise. That’s why we physically exercise and look after our bodies. The bridge lies in finding the grounding point between spirit and human. And from that place you can really create what you’re here to create.

So just breathe, back to the torso.

Let yourself feel your own hands sending love into your body. You can do this any time and we forget to do it.

You may want to say inside your mind, “I love myself, I love this world.”

If it feels challenging to say, that’s okay. You can say it anyway and it will move something for you. If it feels like you don’t want to, don’t say it.

Don’t do it just because I mentioned to if it doesn’t feel right.

This is one of the other big aspects we have been looking at today. There are people like me everywhere talking and giving you information. What do you feel about it?

That’s really important. Because there will be some things which are just perfect for you and some things that aren’t meant for you.

And rather than get into a fight with it, doubt what it is you are hearing or need to change the other person and their perspective/information, you can keep your flow alive by simply moving on.

This is why arguments are usually detrimental to your flow. The exceptions can be resolution arguments where you are purging yourself of a difficult relationship with somebody, or the person arguing with you gives you an opportunity to release suppressed past emotion, but even these are just momentary steps on the path rather than habits of awakened relationships.

Many of you may have noticed the arguments inside parts of yourself recently getting faster. It’s like a crazy house in that mind sometimes – so many voices and opinions. This is because so many aspects and voices are being shown to you now, and it’s great – you can just observe them all and see how busy it is up there in the mind as the releases occur.

In March, keep slowing down; keep slowing your life down. Keep going as slow as you possibly can.

If hearing that suggestion makes you scared, recognize adrenaline and fear is driving some of your speed. And deal with calming or moving the fear/adrenaline to lose the power in the fear thought.

If my suggestion makes you feel delighted, good – keep slowing down.

You see there is so much moving now at such a speed, that if you get caught up in it, you can lose your footing at the moment. The month of March is going to be very much about this – stabilizing and grounding yourself in order to create.

The second half of March my instincts tell me is going to be intense in a way that we haven’t experienced in the last few weeks. And the sense around that is externals in our world will be the focus of the intensity.

So, many of you have been in resonance with what’s upcoming anyway, because we are not disconnected from any of it. We are constantly affected by everything that is going on on this planet and beyond. We may just not always be consciously aware of it.

That is why the multi-dimensional self is now starting to become more aware of everything going on at the edges of (and beyond) your energy field, rather than just this localized self. Awakening the localized or ‘smaller’ self involves resolving and purging parts of yourself that you took on, or compressed, in response to other experiences. And until that awakening happens, the multi-dimensional self can’t fully open.

So, one last breath, back to the torso.

Just keep breathing everybody. The new-world birth continues and you can look at it in a long-range way and you can say we are in a shift and you can see years ahead and you can see years back.

Or like the birds, you could find yourself, in any single moment, experiencing the sensory nature of your life and reawakening those inner senses, so as to reawaken your multi-dimensional self.

Remember this physical re-grounding. It’s a very simple exercise. You can do it very quickly several times a day and it will just bring you back to your body and take your energy focus away from the mind when it gets busy up there.

Until next month everybody, lots of love and take care.

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 Lee Harris

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the February Energy Forecast for 2013.  We had a break from a monthly forecast in January because of the annual message that I created – 2013 Year of Community.

So it was an interesting month to go through. Everybody at some level or another experienced these incredible days of what some have called muddy, some have called intense and some have called half-asleep. There are a few reasons for this.

One of the keys that I always felt would happen post the 21st of December would be a big “now what?” from a lot of people – many people were expecting something to happen on that day, even though so many of us had discussed that it wasn’t going to be a one day occurrence. But still, none of us as human beings absolutely know what’s going to happen. So there was a curiosity.


And even within the psyche of those who don’t believe in the idea of spiritual or psychic change, December the 21st had a meaning to people.

So this, combined with the holidays, left everyone quite disoriented and some people disillusioned. So many people flatlined energetically, for at least the first week or two of January, if not longer.

Last night before recording this message, I tuned in to see what would be one of the themes for this month ahead. Normally, I’m given words and concepts and I was given a few of those this morning, which I will share in a second, but last night I was shown was an image. The image was of this being a turning point for us – January into February, but we’ll really feel it in February. Prior to this in the last few years, the energy waves that we’ve been experiencing as human beings have been a lot more vertical than they are about to become. We are now going into a more horizontal period. I’ll explain.

If you think of a coffee plunger, a cafetiere where you press down and it compresses all of the coffee and the water into the glass – what we were previously experiencing was a plunging up and down (energetically) that was quite similar to this. So it was rapidly pushing and compressing us through those things that we needed to clear or change. Physical health was often the manifestation of this, which is why so many people have been ill in the last couple of months; because that is one way to clear out dense and old energy.

We’re all a little different. Some of us tend to process more emotionally, some more physically, some more mentally and usually we all process any of those at any one time to some degree.

So the difference that we’re about to experience in the coming energy waves is a more horizontal process. It’s funny because as I’m saying this, I can feel a whole bunch of you going, “Oh God, not more.” (Laughter) I’m afraid we are still on Planet Earth as human beings going through the human transformation that we always knew would be colorful, to say the least.

So this new ‘horizontal’ experience is going to slightly change the way that we process things.
Before, we were rapidly catapulted into things that we needed to clear, and often it was intense, fast and took you by surprise. Those of you who’ve worked a lot with developing your awareness in the last couple of years, and heightened seeing some of the areas that you have cycles around fears or around limitations, versus the parts of you that you can say are very expanded and open. So, for example, some of us are very good at being brave in certain areas, but in others we have a lot of fear and restriction and we notice, “Oh, wow, I’m working with an energy template here that’s holding me back”.

Regarding some of those cycles and areas that you have now identified, this new horizontal energy is going to allow you to open them out more, and examine them. So there will be less shock involved and there will be more consciousness in working with these areas.

So let’s say your fear is of rapidly changing your relationship, your partnership. You’ve been circling around this for a year and it’s been very intense. What you will now be able to do is to see with a much wider vision what it is that needs to change in the partnership. Whether it is that the partnership has served its time and its purpose, or whether it is that you’re holding onto some things that you can open up in you, so that the relationship can become fuller. But the spaciousness of this horizontal energy will make it feel different to you. Rather than bringing you the feeling you’re the victim of it, or being pushed into something you didn’t see coming, the spaciousness is going to allow you a lot more peace around examining some of these areas with less judgment, less fear and less of a sense of needing to get away from these areas.

So this really speaks of the mastery available to those of us who work with awareness and consciousness, but these energy waves will also speak quite clearly about the mind.

The mind is such a key and such a clue. And the mind is, in several areas of the self-development and spiritual world, wrongly demonized and spoken of as a villain and an enemy. The problem with making the mind an enemy or a villain, is that the mind is always connected to you somehow. So there is always some emotion in you or some old experience that you went through that was hurtful or difficult that you made an alliance with your mind around.

So if you made an alliance with your mind when you got rejected by somebody, the next time you go to put yourself in a situation where you may be rejected again, your mind will send you warning sentences to stop you, so that you don’t have to go through that pain.

Now, as we know, that’s a trap, as we actually just have to feel whatever it is that’s inside us, so that it can then transmute and open. Because any wound or any area where we’re limited holds us back from being our full selves and living with greater happiness and greater ease.

Whether you are somebody living in a mansion with millions of dollars or whether you’re somebody living with very little out in a mud hut, the life experience is universal. And it’s usually the case that those of us in western society have to work even harder to reconnect ourselves, versus those people who actually have a lot less and are still more in touch with their senses around the world; and they are not living in such an over-stimulated, technological place.

So when working with the mind; here are some tips from me.

If you find that your mind is going very frantic one day, so for example, you notice that you are bothered by your mind and all of your focus is going up there. Perhaps the mind is saying, “I’m worried about money and what if I don’t get that job and what if this, what if that…”

Firstly, all of those things really are simply “what-ifs” and  the mind’s “what-ifs” are just fears of what may or may not happen in the future, usually based on the past. And of course, worries about the future, when you remember that any of us could die at any moment, become a lot less important.

So first of all, mentally understanding the concept that worry is a non-truth. It’s a pattern based on fear and anxiety that is coming from inside the body.

So this thought is not the enemy. This thought is connected to anxiety or instability inside, so if you can identify and work with that emotion, the thought goes away.

You know this to be true because when you are at peace and happy, none of this mind chatter is going on.

So, if you catch yourself having lots and lots of thoughts, you can either stay in a thought cycle that could last hours and could keep you in a fairly low vibration, or you can catch it, see what’s happening and re-pattern both the thoughts and also work with the feeling in the body.

So if with the example I just gave, you have fear thoughts about money, about job, just go into your body and ask yourself – what am I feeling? What feelings are creating these thoughts? And you may get an answer verbally or you may just notice the feeling, by stopping putting all of your attention on your mind. You may then notice that you’re feeling quite amped up, or feeling quite afraid. So first of all just breathe, and let the body calm a little. Then help redirect the feeling by making an affirmation around it.

So for example, if fear was the feeling, you would say, “There is nothing to be afraid of. I do not need to be afraid. I release this fear.”  Whatever words feel right to you. The reason it’s important to verbalize something (or to say it inside your mind if you’re in a public place and you don’t feel so comfortable doing that or it’s not convenient), is that through doing this, you reprogram the other words that are going round your head.

Just taking a couple of minutes out, whenever you notice you are caught in the mind, and just letting the body breathe and stop. And even just doing that, even if it takes some time to reprogram your thoughts, you’ll notice it will give you more space inside once more and you’ll be able to back away from that which you’re getting mentally obsessed by. As the obsession has risen from the energy-body into the mind and the problem is that the mind is always a ‘full stop’. You’re never going to get anywhere above the mind, so thoughts become circular. But if you come back down into the body, you actually start to clear it, and then these thoughts start to disappear.

This is a time for many of us to become more diligent about re-patterning and re-training ourselves. We do run on pattern as humans and we run on patterns in the relationships that we have with other people and yes, you can meditate and you can do other spiritual exercises such as yoga or exercise, all sorts of things can help – but when you have limiting thoughts in the mind, one of the quickest ways to release them is to reprogram yourself with other words; more positive words that you have chosen.

And what you will find is if you practice this over a period of days and weeks, it’s not just that it gives you  relief in that moment. You will also be re-training yourself to have more expansive feelings and thoughts, so that you don’t get trapped up there in limitation again.

The reason I’m focusing on this so much this month is because the message I was shown this morning was that this is a month that we can really learn to trust ourselves and our lives more and create more space for ourselves. But it will take some diligence on our behalf. (Laughter) And again I can hear a whole bunch of you going, “Ugh, really?”

And if that’s the place you’re in, you need to re-pattern that thought. It’s fine to be tired and it’s fine to be exhausted and it’s fine to go through this month deciding you’re really not going to do too much. But a thought that’s negative towards your own potential transformation is a thought that needs re-patterning.

So if you’re exhausted, be good to yourselves. But most of us are going to see a widening of the space that we noticed happening in January. Many of us in the world had experiences where, post the intense days or the muddy days, we would come back feeling stronger, clearer and wider than we ever had before and more at peace with everything that was going on around us within our internal self.

We’re living in times where violence and fear are being put on the table a lot more. And it’s escalating around us. And it’s important to both center yourself around these evidences of violence but also to hold your boundary and to have your voice around what you feel is a way that we can live together as humans on the planet. Versus just suffering through what you are seeing going around you.

It’s important to find that internal fire. And you find that fire by making yourself less of a hostage to fear. And through working with the mind this month you will find you’ll have fast shifts out of some of the historic fears that you had, and also some of the collective fears that are going on around us.

As ever, be good to yourselves, be good to others, but remember it starts with you. And I know that most of you listening to this will have more of a tendency to neglect yourselves and focus on giving your energy out to others. Or that has been your greatest mastery change in the last few years.

So keep working with knowing when you need to be alone. Knowing when you need to ‘not be’ where you have promised to be; because that’s hitting a lot of us in bigger way than ever before at the moment.

So I hope you enjoy the month of February. It’s nice to be back with you all.

Lots of love