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Earth humans often wonder why life can be so difficult … why positive change appears impossible to implement. We have an excellent example now in process.

During their conference in Brazil, the BRICS nations signed a historic agreement that will shift the financial structures of our planet away from the control of the cabal residing in the United States and Europe to Shanghai. The BRICS nations have joined hands in creating a world based on cooperation and Win-Win solutions.

As a result, the cabal can no longer control the planet. Establishing their New World Order is made more difficult, if not impossible, because many nations are waiting to join BRICS. No longer are these nations looking to the cabal controlled Western countries as the source of major power.[i]

The cabal (New World Order folks) have used violent false flags events to interfere or halt any progress toward a fairer, more just world.

Two of the most visible leaders confronting the cabal are President Putin of Russia and President Obama of the United States. Putin previously kicked the cabal out of Russia; Obama has to live with and confront them daily—albeit on a double agent basis.

The recent June 2014 Bilderburg Meeting listed Obama as a major concern because he refuses (as much as he can and stay alive) to cooperate with their NWO plans.[ii] Obama and Putin are very likely working together behind the scenes in an effort to prevent the New World Order agenda from being implemented. The cabal controlled Western media repeatedly places blame on President Obama—he is the scapegoat of the cabal. On the other hand, Russia and Putin are portrayed as “enemies” attempting to destroy the American economy.  However, the American economic system now imploding is a debt based system using fiat money.[iii] Its collapse is an event to be desired, allowing the new Basel III banking system to take over.[iv]

Lada Ray, a Russian woman with an unbelievable dossier, presents her view of the recent events in Russia on her blog:

Coincidences such as the Moscow Metro tragedy occurring precisely on the dot with the Russian President signing the historic BRICS Bank agreement, followed by the Malaysian airliner tragedy precisely when he is flying back home, only happen in fairytales. In real life we must look at who benefits from these events happening at the time of crucial moments in history. In real life it looks like a warning, or an attempt on the life of the world leader who is instrumental in changing the way the world operates.” [v]

Lada May’s articles are thought-provoking and will assist in understanding how our world has worked up to the present. The good news is that our present corrupt world is imploding. On a personal level, I view BRICS as leading the way into the New Golden Age. NESARA also waits in the wings to be announced, bringing the beginning of prosperity, peace, and justice to our world. GESARA is the global NESARA.

The cabal controlled Western media will use scare tactics, hoping to cause enough panic to once more prevent change. It is important that we remain calm and non-receptive to the cabal’s propaganda. The old must implode in order to make room for the NEW EARTH that is being created as the old crumbles.

Knowledge of how our world has previously operated and the transformation taking place will greatly assist us in remaining calm during this transition period.


[i]   This article will flesh out how the world is changing:   https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/brics-a-21st-century-alternative-leading-the-way-into-the-golden-age-on-earth/

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I find following the BRICS Alliance very interesting because it is bringing countries together to cooperate in a peaceful manner and to see that all people prosper. The cabal-ruled nations–mainly the US, England, & Israel–will be left behind as they focus on creating war with false flag events.

REMEMBER: Western mainline media is controlled by the cabal and will strive to present anything contrary to their dark plans for the world in a negative manner.  The cabal very much wants Americans to continue to view Russia as “enemy.”   DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Although Global Research writes from a research point of view that has no concept of the New Earth, this is a very good article on BRICS: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-global-economic-chessboard-and-the-role-of-the-brics-brazil-russia-india-china-south-africa/5357502

I think BRICS is leading the way into the New Golden Age on Earth.

The author of the following article seems to agree:



Shanghai favorite to become BRICS BANK HQ – addition = What is BRICS?







Shanghai favorite to become BRICS BANK HQ

July 3, 2014


The city’s financial district in Shanghai (AFP Photo / Philippe Lopez)

 Shanghai is considered to be the frontrunner between Russia, China, India and South Africa to become home to the new BRICS bank, media reports. The bank is an attempt by emerging economies to challenge the US-based global lending institutions.

Four of the BRICS countries – China, Russia, India and South Africa are putting forward cities to host the new financial institution. However Brazil is not nominating a city.

The choice of city is expected to be made at the leaders’ summit in Brazil on July 15, but Shanghai is seen by analysts as the firm favorite, says the Financial Times (FT). The leadership of the bank will be decided in the same month, and will be likely rotated every five years.

The bank is scheduled to be officially launched at the same summit.

China is starting a separate bilateral institution in Asia which is a rival to the Asian Development Bank, which is considered to be over influenced by the US and its allies.

The Research Center of Shanghai’s Fudan University says China has a strong advantage in terms of economic and political stability compared to India and Russia.

China is the world’s second largest economy, with the largest trade and investment volumes, the research report added.

On top of that, “China’s total bank-scale ranks among the highest in world, demonstrating its strong ability to resist risks,” the Fudan University report concluded.

Each BRICS member is expected to put an equal share into establishing the startup capital of $50 billion. BRICS officials also plan to set up a joint $100 billion emergency swap fund for financial crises available only if needed to meet the bank’s obligations. To compare, the World Bank has capital of $223 billion, and most of it is callable.

Despite initially being a small rival the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, it will serve as a reminder to the US of the shift in the global economy towards the developing world.

This is a considerable group of countries from around the world that have come together to create something without US or European involvement, this is significant,” the Financial Times quotes Oliver Stuenkel, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo.

Since 2010 the US Congress has received proposals to increase the influence of emerging nations in the International Monetary Fund; however the program has not yet faced further development.

Congress is not ratifying [the changes] and that has caused a certain amount of disquiet and unease among the BRICS countries,” said Jose Graça Lima of Brazil’s external affairs ministry.

This arrangement [the BRICS bank and reserve fund] is not a response to that [but] it is an indication that it is possible among the BRICS to create mechanisms to realise certain objectives,” Graça Lima added.


What is BRICS?