Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 8 Ahau, 3 Zac, 13 Caban- February 14, 2017


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Ahau, 3 Zac, 13 Caban – Februaey 14, 2017


NOTE BY NANCY:  The entirety of the blog I posted this  morning (2/14/17) fits perfectly into the request by the Masters in Sheldan’s report today stressing the importance of all of us keeping our sense about us and maintaining a most positive visioning!  I encourage you to listen to BOTH of the  videos in order to ensure that we help the Divine Plan to unfold, rather than hinder its fulfillment.  For those sick of politics, Trump is simply the catalyst for a very valuable lesson in how our fears impact our world.   This most valuable blog is: “I’m Afraid of Trump—The Work of Byron Katie Video” at:  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/

Gregg Braden’s video on prayer holds the potential to change your life … it is superb!


“You are on a divine journey and it is shortly to take on many more strange curves. It is vital that you keep your sense about you and maintain a most positive visioning. The main objective is to provide you prosperity, sovereignty and divine guidance…..”

 READ MORE:  http://www.paoweb.com/uf021417.htm


I’m Afraid of Trump—The Work of Byron Katie Video

I’m Afraid of Trump—The Work of Byron Katie Video

Note by Nancy:    I consider this video superb in the way Byron Katie helps us understand how our fears and giving them emotional power creates our world.

Jesus taught:  “You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”  (Matthew 21:22  – New Living Translation)   

Byron Katie shows us how our fears given emotional power create the very thing we fear–for ourselves.  Our fears become our prayers!

Gregg Braden, in his book SECRETS OF THE LOST MODE OF PRAYER, reveals the same truth.  Listen to his video explaining this:

Now watch as Bryon Katie uses this information!




“Unacknowledged” Premiere Monday April 24, 2017 Regal LA Live Premiere Theater – Los Angeles



“Unacknowledged” Premiere
 Monday April 24, 2017

Regal LA Live Premiere Theater – Los Angeles






Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel

Living my life with a knowledge that “all things are possible with God” has been fun!  One of the secrets is to  live life consciously.  I do so by observing each event and looking at seemingly unrelated events to see how they are actually connected.  ALL IS TRULY ONE!    I long ago began including the Universe of Beings in my thoughts about God.  Each of us are A PART OF THE WHOLE–GOD!

Thinking of God as the Whole Of All That Is allows us to see meaning in all events that we are otherwise unlikely to perceive,.

That’s where PLUMBING enters my story.

First, the background….  Remember Jesus’ teaching:  “…your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matthew 6:8)  Remember that ALL ARE ONE–GOD!

Well, on Christmas Day, 2016, my brother and I opened our gifts.  In a gift from my sister, Evelyn, I found a bar of black soap!  Evelyn loves to give a variety of soaps as part of her gift; but black soap!  Allen and I were surprised!  I placed the black soap in my bathroom cabinet with the rest of the soaps.  A few days ago, I decided to try it.  It still feels odd to take a shower with black soap!

Recently, my sister Joyce, who lives in Denver, CO, wrote that she planned to visit this Spring/Summer.  I immediately thought of the plumbing problem that developed just before her last visit.  I kidded her by saying, “I have plumbing problems when you come.”

It wasn’t but a few days later when I found sewage water had backed up thru my downstairs toilet and run over parts of the hall and two rooms.    My sister’s planned visit actually had nothing to do with the sewage backup; but I can relate it by considering it a warning to which I paid no attention.

Luckily,  I had lots of old towels I had saved over the years.  I spread them over the sewage water on ;the floor and prevented the water from flowing farther.  I was so very thankful I had saved the towels–not knowing how they would become useful.

My water crisis occurred on a Thursday.  In all, three plumbers from plumbing companies and two City plumbers answered my call for help.  They were all kind and very helpful; it was easy to see how each one was a Part of the Whole–God.  I HAVE TO HONOR PLUMBERS & ALL FIRST-RESPONDERS!  They are angels appearing when we are in need!  All were sensitive to my predicament and helped in any way they could.  One even placed his hand on my shoulder for a second as if to say, “I understand why you are shaken.” Because it was the weekend, all the plumbers were “on call” and could have been enjoying themselves but for my crisis.

Once the pipe overflowing was sealed off, one of the plumbers told me, “You’ll have to throw all those towels away.”  I wondered how I could get them into a trash can without getting the water on my hands and thought, “I’ll have to find a stick strong enough to lift a drenching wet towel.”   I said nothing.

One of the plumbers left while I was upstairs.   The remaining plumber told me, “He left you a couple pair of plastic gloves!.”  I used them to pick up the towels and discard them!  And the black soap?  It had turned out to be sanitizing soap, with which I could wash my hands!

In all, I was amazed at the evidence of compassion and oneness that was demonstrated via what, to me, was a traumatic event.  My downstairs was a smelly mess and I had experienced evidence that ALL TRULY ARE ONE!    An event I surely do not want to repeat had enhanced my understanding of how the UNIVERSE KNOWS OUR NEEDS BEFORE WE ASK AND PROVIDES THE WAY TO SUPPLY THOSE NEEDS.  

We need never be afraid!  All we need to do is to “Be still and know that I AM GOD!

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”  (Psalm 46:10)

Updates: Sheldan Nidle & Matthew

Updates:  Sheldan Nidle & Matthew

NOTE BY NANCY:  Having a technical problem, so I am posting the URLs for the updates.

Sheldan Nidle:  http://www.paoweb.com/uf020717.htm  

Matthew’s Message:  http://www.matthewbooks.com/february-6-2017/ 

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