NOTE BY NANCY:    (Photos by Nancy)    “Serapis Bey is is the hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt, and is known as the great disciplinarian.

The Nile River as viewed from Luxor


Carvings on the stone columns of the Temple at Karnak

He is the beloved master who disciplines us in the initiations for the ascensionSerapis teaches that the path of the ascension is the path of love.  ( )

Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the 4th Ray.

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Taurus, Scorpio, or Sagittarius, you are functioning on the FOURTH RAY OF HARMONY THROUGH CONFLICT. “The purpose of the Fourth Ray [is to be] an agent of balance. The Fourth Ray leads to that type of discrimination required for the life of the Soul and the way of service. It is thus the Ray of trial and error, so that we may move from the unreal to the real. The Fourth Ray is the energy behind what we may call ‘Divine Discontent’…. As the Ray of beauty and art, the Fourth Ray is also essentially the refiner—the urge for an ever-more-perfect representation of the Will of God in the many forms of Its expression…. The Fourth is the Ray of struggle, and those people who are especially connected to it will find a very special duality appearing in their lives…. As the Ray of the artist, the Fourth is especially connected to color. People who are closely associated with this Ray may find themselves with tremendous gifts.

Soul Level: The ‘Divine Artist’—one who seeks to raise humanity’s consciousness through the realization of the beauty and harmony existing in nature and in the world of forms; the mediator between heaven and earth, God and man; the Priest.”  (Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology)


The Goldfish Report with Dr. Scott Werner and Winston Shrout


James Gilliland, As You Wish talk radio 4-21-18… AUDIO and MP3s

“James Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee. James is recognized world-wide as the founder of the Gilliland Estate, previously referred to and commonly known as the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon which can be viewed at His weekly As You Wish Talk Radio program on draws an audience from around the world who are interested in truth and Higher Consciousness.”

Kauilapele's Blog

Here is the ECETI show page for a show produced on 4-21-18. I felt it was to be posted, as there are some communications here that I feel will help many. The Cosmic Energies incoming are quite intense, and is reflected in what is seen and experienced in the outer. And James emphasizes the importance of “letting go”. At around 38 minutes he answers questions, which I know include some about NESARA, GESARA, Q, etc.

The MP3s below are somewhat “volume boosted”, and the two 30 minutes parts have had the music removed.

Audio player (download MP3) (with music removed, Part 1, Part 2 (30 min. 14 MB each))

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NOTE BY NANCY:  It saddens me to use my The Way of Love Blog to talk about war, but the truth is: humanity is surrounded by a WAR resulting from the White Hats (the good guys) draining Earth’s filthy swamp of the evil ones.  The Black Hats (the bad guys) are fighting to maintain control of humanity.  As recorded on the Georgia Guidestones, the Black Hats intend to:  Maintain humanity under 500,000,000.   With the present planetary population of approximately 7 billion, how do they expect to maintain a population of 500 million?  By killing off all but 500 million by one means or another:  contaminated air, toxins in our food and water, war, weaponized viruses like the Amthrax released following 9/11, the AID virus, and any number of additional ways.   Contaminated FLU VACCINE is presently a method to kill off the elderly and children, who are in particular danger as a result of ignorance regarding the existence of weaponized viruses.

As pointed out in the interview below, We the People must be aware of the present dangers and take definitive actions to protect ourselves.

The Way of Love is to share this information so humanity can protect itself–not as helpless victims, but as a powerful force of Unity that acts upon “Enough is enough!”

The Way of Love is to support, not hate and criticize President Trump because he–like each of us–is not without sin.   Jesus taught:  “Then they reminded Jesus that adultery was punishable by stoning under Mosaic law and challenged him to judge the woman so that they might then accuse him of disobeying the law. Jesus thought for a moment and then replied, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”  (John 8:7)

Later, when Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea, asked the people what  they wanted done with Jesus, they (not understanding that Jesus incarnated to show them The Way) yelled:  “Crucify him, crucify him.”

President Trump is dedicated to draining the swamp of those who enslave and intend to kill the majority of humanity and We the People respond (not understanding the extent of evil on this planet) by hating him–hate energy bombarding a human being is to kill the spirit of the one attempting to rid the world of those who would kill you and me.

The Way of Love is to support the one courageous enough to risk his life in an effort to help create a world in which you and I can thrive, not spend our time protecting ourselves and families from the Dark Hats.   President Trump is the one who has the power and authority to take worldwide definitive action.   He is a willing leader; it is up to We the People to use our innate power to support, not weaken him with hate energy!

The interview below is just one example of the depths of evil and corruption that is now being exposed.





“Importance of optimism; Putin, Illuminati; personal ascension; soul contracts, pre-birth agreements; “Love Revolution”; Olympics”


Was Trump Missile Attack Part of Secret Plan to End Syria Conflict & Prevent War with Iran?

Was Trump Missile Attack Part of Secret Plan to End Syria Conflict & Prevent War with Iran?

Dr. Michael Salla


Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

from Planetary Activation Organization

When NESARA/GESARA is formally in place, all the dark’s skullduggery will be stopped in its tracks. Once this occurs, Lightworkers will be called upon to step in and rebuild a world based on cooperation, harmony and peace. More is taking place behind the scenes than could ever be reported in your many news outlets.

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Holy Crap!!! #QAnon (#Q) has referenced a video THREE times that has a UFO at 1:11!!! (Thanks to Solaris Modalis! (4-12-18))

I’ll let KP explain this … thanks for your expertise, KP!

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At some point, I saw this video, and as it looked like just a “Go, Go, US military, Go” type presentation, I didn’t pay any detailed attention to this. But Solaris Modalis emailed me about it, and now I’m seeing a larger picture.

I will likely post another article about this later, but for now I’m going to link to Solaris Modalis’ article, who has some detailed analysis of this video. Below is the first part of her article… (however, note that the Q posts where the video appeared are actually 637 (not 614), 1005, and 1036):

On April 5, 2018 Q Anon posted a link to The Military Channel and a video titled US Military Power 2018 • “The Leader” • US Armed Forces: The video contained UFO footage.(1)

This video was actually posted on three separate dates by Q. The Q Anon posts of…

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