Putin Exposes Criminal Global Order

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Putin_Valdia-Club_6Putin at the Valdia Club

Putin  Exposes  Criminal  Global  Order
…  by  Ulson Gunnar,       … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Thursday, October 30th, 2014 | Posted by Jim W. Dean

 [ Nancy’s Note:  The New World Order cabal members attending the Bilderburg Conference meet behind closed doors with security guards surrounding the area and closed to news reporters. No public access to what is being discussed.

This Valdia Club Meeting was live streamed on the internet.]

[ Editor’s note:    NEO’s Ulson Gunnar brings us a timely piece on the Valdai Club meeting this year where international experts were brought into Russia for extensive discussions on the country and the world.

This included the opportunity to mix with top Russian leaders as they did this year with Putin attending.

A simple way to describe its work is really a “window to the world”, a show of openness and no fear of comments and critiques about what Russia is doing. On the contrary, the Russian leadership values the input.

The West has been attacking Russia now with its upscaled color revolutions and where outside terrorists are now brought in where violence is needed to turn over a targeted regime.

We all had a front row seat to this with the ravaging of Ukraine after Victoria Nuland revealed the American taxpayers had spent $5 billion in support of the pro EU opposition groups, and as it turned out, the ultra nationalists.

While this has been widely reported on and covered in the alternative media, the US coverage of Valdai this year focused on Putin’s comments about the current Western assault, its motivations and goals.

Our media is fully involved in the pysops move on Russia, spinning our obvious aggression to encircle Russia and China again, a la Cold War style, with their endless pandering about Russia aggression. Where that does not work their plan B pitch is “planned aggression”.

When the Presstitutes roll out what they call evidence of these hostile intentions, an idiot can instantly see that everything they mention are just the reactions to our own aggression. The elites have their heads so far up their behinds they cannot grasp that we see through this in two seconds. It’s a cheap con, and they seem to have an endless supply of it… Jim W. Dean ]

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