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 Yin-Yang “This Symbol (Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents “everything”, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called “yin” (black) and “yang” (white), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other…. The shape of the yin and yang sections of the symbol, actually gives you a sense of the continual movement of these two energies, yin to yang and yang to yin, causing everything to happen: just as things expand and contract, and temperature changes from hot to cold.” [i]


Is the New Age philosophy slowing the process of ascension into Full Consciousness?

This question has plagued my mind since working on Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign in 2004—the year after the United States attacked Iraq based on false pretenses. At the time, many of us who were active in promoting the announcement and implementation of the NESARA LAW supported the candidacy of Kucinich. Why?


The United States was in the midst of destroying Iraq—the ancient cradle of civilization. Kucinich was known by those of us working for NESARA to be one of the most spiritually advanced statesmen in Washington, D.C.

On July 11, 2001—exactly three months before the events of 9/11–Kucinich had introduced a bill in the House of Representatives calling for the establishment of a cabinet level Department of Peace. The bill was sent to committee and buried. Although Kucinich re-introduced the bill each year until he retired in 2013 and the number of co-sponsors continued to grow, it has yet (2014) to be placed before the House for a vote.[ii]

In Kucinich words: “It is well known that in times of economic difficulty violence increases.  When relationships are strained by economic hardship, domestic violence, violent robbery and abuse of children and animals all increase.  When the world is facing possibly the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression, now is not the time to ignore social issues and interpersonal relationships.  Now is the time to pay special attention to make sure that our relations and health do not suffer along with our pocket books.

The Cabinet-level Department authorized in the legislation embodies a broad-based approach to peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution at both domestic and international levels.  The Department of Peace would serve to promote non-violence as an organizing principle in our society, and help to create the conditions for a more peaceful world.

 Peace is a foundational principle of this Congress and of this country.  This bill gives it a chance to have an animating power in our civic life by addressing the issues of domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, violence in the schools and racial violence.[iii]

Kucinich had a long history of working for peace at all levels of society from street gangs and child abuse to international warring parties. He was awarded the prestigious Gandhi Peace Award in 2003—one of many such awards.  peace award

”The Gandhi Peace Award nominees are distinguished by having made, over a period of years, a significant contribution to the promotion of an enduring international peace founded on justice, self-determination, diversity, compassion, and harmony, achieved through cooperative and non-violent means—in the spirit of Gandhi.” [iv]


I go into some detail about Kucinich to make a point. In 2004, the people desperately wanted peace. The United States had an outstanding presidential candidate who knew the meaning of peace and how to achieve it. He had voted against the war in Iraq and was very outspoken as to his reasons why. He saw through the lies told the American people.

While working for his campaign, I became extremely frustrated with the New Age Movement philosophy. Traveling over a large portion of Virginia and making contacts for endorsements from national level New Age organizations, I constantly heard the excuse “I/we don’t get involved with politics … it’s too corrupt.”

There are millions of New Agers in the United States who regularly sing “Let There Be Peace On Earth,” often with tears streaming down their cheeks. However, with a few exceptions, they considered supporting the presidential campaign of a highly qualified Peace candidate as being involved with the negative. As they explained, “I try to focus only on the positive.”

As a former professional counselor, I know that we must evaluate the problem (the negative) in order to discern the positive (a solution to the problem). The statement so often heard in the New Age Community “we must focus only on the positive and not give energy to the negative by even mentioning it” is a simplistic half-truth propagated by the dark cabal to construct a curtain of invisibility around their nefarious actions. The cabal profits greatly by the millions of New Agers “focusing only on the positive.”

The 2004 Presidential Peace Candidate withdrew from the race due to lack of support from the very community that that sings “Let There Be Peace On Earth” once or more weekly. I continue to feel that millions of New Agers, who refused to be silent or to give up, could have made a tremendous difference in the history of the United States.

DO-NOT-EXPOSE-OUR-EVIL In fact, we saw the power of the people in evidence with the recent Israeli/Gaza Conflict. New Agers appeared to be in agreement: “You make the situation worst by focusing on it.” Yet, within a relatively short time, the following article by Dr. Preston James appeared on Veterans Today, “World Zionists Have Been Ordered to Cut Israel Loose” and to follow the procedure used for ridding South Africa of apartheid. According to the article, “It is becoming increasingly clear that the World will just not put up with this much longer and the mass divestiture and boycotting of Israel and all their products is quickly becoming the new world norm, spreading like wildfire in Europe and now even to America, Israel’s biggest military supplier and funds provider.” [v]

The cabal uses half-truths as a means of controlling the people by confusion. What the cabal says sounds desirable on the surface, but simplistic statements can easily create confusion and thereby be misleading. This was confirmed by a member of the cabal in speaking personally to Mark Passio: “As a part of the cabal’s control system, they are heavily involved in publishing New Age books that propagate the deceptions of the New Age Movement.”  [vi]

If we desire to attain full consciousness, we must work at balancing the Yin/Feminine with the Yang/Masculine. To focus only on the positive is to focus only on the Yin. We cannot create our New Earth without being familiar with the Old problems so we can determine how to take action and create the New solutions.

Another half-truth turning New Agers away from seeking a balance of Yin/Yang is “It is all illusion … it will simply pass away. In other words, no need to get involved by waking up to all that is happening on Earth. Who profits from this half-truth?

Certainly not those who truly desire to ascend into full consciousness and move forward on our journey to becoming an Adult God who understands how to create. A baby does not learn to walk by having a parent learn for him/her. A part of our Ascension process is learning how to co-create our New Earth!

Addendum: Uriel and I wrote much of this article during sleep last night (8/23-I went to bed at 1AM). This morning, when I turned on my computer, I was thrilled to find this channeling and article by Dr. Kathryn May and Gabriella. I encourage you to study it carefully. Because Dr. May is a professional Clinical Psychologist, the Ascended Masters are channeling much deeper psychological information thru her in an effort to assist in our ascension process.

Addendum #2: From here on out, it will be imperative to remember “We do not know what we do not know.” Reacting to statements we have not heard before with a knee-jerk response can prevent you from learning more Truth than you have heretofore known. Instead, take new information into your heart … ponder it … discern intuitively, does it fit into your increasing knowledge of truth? … then, you can accept or reject it.

Dr. Kathryn May’s channeling/article




[ii]   You can read the history of this legislation here: and get involved in promoting peace through an organization founded by Marianne Williamson:








[vi] You can read my summary of Passio’s entire series of You Tubes on the subject here.