Montague Keen – May 18, 2014

Montague Keen

The Light of Truth is spreading, my dear. The awakening is speeding up. We have waited a long time for this. There is also a massive overshadowing of key people in order to prevent or slow down the ascension into the light. They want to block my words from reaching the people. This was to be expected. I always said they would put up a fight to the end. They concentrate on key people and push them off course. It’s tough, but we in spirit are determined to guide you through this. It was never going to be an easy path; but together, we will succeed.

The scientific world now realises the great importance of Ireland. I ask that you now share a little from one such report as it will help so many to see clearly the great importance of our ley line work.

“For some, Ireland represents the first country colonised by Alta-Ra, the scientist-priests who were able to leave Atlantis before it disappeared under the ocean. Known today by the name of DRUIDS, they left their mark on Ireland with their knowledge and their powers. This land has more Holy Places, more Sacred Sites, more megalithic and medieval constructions than any other country, and in each one of them a DIVINE purpose can be found. These buildings, often millennia old, are all located on land or fields of force, where the mineralogical composition, the underground water systems, the tellurism and its cosmic connections are optimised to receive a “construction” destined to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. The activation of these important energetic centres of Ireland has created a resonance effect between all the other sites which have been activated in the past. It is now a very dense network made of a multitude of transmuted telluric lines (curtains), Ley Lines and Gold and Silver lines that are spreading across Ireland and the world: a radical transformation of the Collective Consciousness of the Irish population as a whole. These sites, which are the spiritual heritage of a unique past in humanity’s history, have now awakened to their heavenly destiny, driving the Truth-Consciousness to the depths of Beings and Matter.”

The author of the above text is known to Veronica Keen but wishes to remain anonymous at the present time.


It must start there. I say to the Irish people: come together, learn who you are, your real history; then it will become clear what was done to create the illusion you find yourselves in today. Discard that which has imprisoned your minds through fear. Become who you were created to become. Be proud of who you are. The ancient Irish knew all the answers. They were complete. Look at your past to learn how to create a better future for all mankind. Remember, mankind is depending on you to do this.

The expedition which you and Andrew [Bartzis] have discussed is of the greatest importance. It will unlock all that was used to control humanity. It must be filmed so that it can go out live to the world, to all who wish to connect with it. The Irish drums will once again beat out the rhythm of truth as they release the energy that will restore your planet. Ireland, the future of humanity and the future of your planet, is in your hands.

Are you up to what is being asked of you ?

I believe you are. You took on the banks. Now it is time to take on your captors.

My dear wife had a stroke on Tuesday, and once more, Robert’s “magic formula” worked beautifully to ensure a complete recovery. She has had so many requests for the formula that we are happy to share it with you. It worked for me, also, when I was on the Earth plane.

As soon as you are aware that you have had a stroke:
take 400 mgs of Vitamin Q10
400 mg of Vitamin E
400 mg Vitamin C
3 Kyolic Garlic
3 Cardio Aspirins
Recovery starts within half an hour. Complete recovery occurs in 3 hours.

Your body is in distress when you have a stroke. So you support it immediately with these vitamins. Always have them with you. Tell your nearest and dearest to see to it that you take them as soon as possible. My daughters call me each hour to ensure that I am okay when I have had a stroke.

Veronica will be in Ireland next weekend. I ask the people of Ireland to ensure that she gets the assurances she needs that you are prepared to step forward and do what is asked of you. Do not look to your government as they do not serve the Irish people. It is you, the people, who will set the world free. No more wars; no more hunger or homelessness; no more poverty. Let this be your driving force.

A Message from Veronica

Please understand that I cannot reply to everyone. I file any emails which concern the Expedition to Ireland. I work alone, and I have a health problem at the moment which is causing me intense pain. Your offers of help will be dealt with, either by me or one of Andrew’s team.

So many countries are ready and willing to join us, and are willing to be part of our Ascension into the Light.

Rest, my dear. You have a difficult week ahead. Enjoy being with your family as you celebrate Marcia’s wedding. I wish Marcia and Paul every happiness in their future life together.

Be happy, my love. Our hard work is coming to fruition.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation




Andrew and Veronica

This series of interviews is mind-blowing. “We don’t know what we don’t know” seems an understatement. Whether or not to post the series was the question I went to bed with last night and woke up with this morning. The information included regarding our Galactic History is information I intuitively feel explains how Earth Humans became enslaved.

Although I do not agree with some statements made, such as nothing happened on 12/21/12, I have decided—with my Twin Flame Uriel’s agreement—that the project on which Andrew and Veronica are working is very important and I want to be supportive of it.  The intuitive knowing that I have received during 2014 has taught me to look at the Whole of what an individual is doing. I may agree with only Part of it, but that need not detract from the value of the Whole. We are unique individuals working for a better world for everyone in our own way and in accordance with the best we know at any particular moment of NOW.

That said, it is important for each of us to learn to discern to the best of our ability: Is this person coming from a base of Selfless Love? … from a need to satisfy ego? … or from a motivation to do harm? I have no doubt regarding Veronica’s utter dedication to completing her soul mission is based on Selfless Love for others. She continues to be her lovely self in the face of periodic tremendous resistance.

I had not heard of Andrew before listening to this series. As I have stated before, it is my way to observe any individual for a while before posting his/her work. However, the project that he and Veronica are planning seems to me to be far more important.

The project involves Ireland and the taking back of our true Earth history. Most importantly, the project is for Earth humans to take back our sovereignty and to revoke all enslavement or control by outside forces.

Andrew and Veronica go into the true history of Ireland and the importance of that hidden history coming forth. As Montague Keen has stated numerous times, Ireland is the Key to freeing our planet. A call is sent out during the interview for volunteers all over the planet to come to London in September 2014 and to bring their drums. From London, the group will travel to Ireland. I’ll let Andrew and Veronica explain the rest. This is an exciting venture!












Montague Keen – 21 April, 2013

You were chosen to be on Earth at this time. Look to the future, not the past: the past is over, but the future is your New Beginning.

Montague KeenVeronica channels her husband, who has returned to spirit.

On this, the anniversary of your return to Earth, we in Spirit wish you a very special day with your family. You were blessed, my dear, with a caring and supportive family. I am happy to be part of it. It is my soul family.

We watch the chaos in your world. The cabal is becoming careless in its desperation to hold control. Because people are now awake and aware, they cannot be fooled so easily anymore.

The American people have shown courage. They released the EVIDENCE of what they had just experienced and they refused to accept the official line about what they were told had happened in Boston. This is a great step forward in the pursuit of truth. You must now ask yourselves why your TV and newspapers are not interested in the truth. Why do the authorities still insist that their version of events is the truth? How can you ever trust them again? It is obvious that they are a propaganda tool, to keep you in the dark and under control.

There will come a time, soon, when people will switch off the so-called “News” and you will show the cabal that you are no longer puppets; obediently accepting as fact all that they put before you. You are taking responsibility for your own lives and you refuse to be as sheep, obeying the orders of those who are trying to take-over Planet Earth.

When you come together and find your voice, you will experience a freedom and a purpose of such monumental importance that nothing else will matter. You will know, without doubt, that you are on the right track and that this is why you are on Earth at this time. You are the powerful 99%, who say NO to the take-over. Why would you hand over all that is rightfully yours so that you become mere slaves to the usurpers. Did they really believe that you would not be helped to see the Light of Truth?

It has taken much effort to expose the corruption of religion. Fear, through mind control, has been its greatest weapon. When you research for yourselves the truth of how such religions came to exist in the first place, their stories are exposed as a tissue of lies. When religions are removed, then mankind will come together and live as one. All that was stolen will be returned to the people and will be shared by all. Go into your hearts, then you will know the right path to take. You will guided by love and this will change how you perceive everything. The false reality will be exposed and discarded. Man will come together in truth and light. All will be revealed and you will learn about your planet and how man was created to inhabit it. You will learn that everything that man could possibly need is there in plenty, freely available to all. It is just a question of education. Once all the facts are placed before you and all that is corrupt is removed, then you will accept a new way of living life on Earth, free of stress and hardship. It was never meant to be as it is today.

Wars are instigated to cull the population and to create wealth for those who control you. All the so-called reasons for killing will be removed when the parasites leave your planet. You are facing a bright new future. It is up to all of you to come together and share your knowledge and expertise in order to create a world where peace and love reign. You will have help from those who are waiting in the wings in readiness for the right moment to make themselves known to you. Trust me, you are not alone in this great endeavour. You know in your souls that you can do it. You were chosen to be on Earth at this time. Look to the future, not the past: the past is over, but the future is your New Beginning. Mankind has waited a long time for this moment. Savour every moment of it.

It is time to prepare for the future. Educate yourselves, as armed with real facts, you will then be equipped to make the right decisions.

Food production is of the greatest importance. Look to hydroponics as much of your soil has been deliberately contaminated. There are ways around everything. It is just a question of knowing which path to take. We will guide you.

The importance of water needs to be understood. This, too, has been contaminated. It will take a little time to put all this right. Just trust that it will be done. Help is at hand.

You have survived so much already. You have been attacked in every possible way and they have failed to wipe you out. Man is a strong species, he is meant to survive. All will become clear when you have the facts.

My dear wife is celebrating her 76th birthday today. She needs to prepare to receive her guests, so please understand that we must finish for today. My wife assures me that the information about what the Irish people have done will be made available here for you to study for yourselves. Remember . . . together you will succeed !

Veronica, my dear, enjoy your special day. We are all with you in Spirit.

Our love is with you. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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