Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Recently, repeatedly statements by our galactic family through a variety of channels made me question the way in which the New Thought/New Age metaphysical teachings have led us to think and create.

We have been instructed to focus on the positive and give no energy to the negative.  Our thoughts are energy; energy is neutral until we color it by the way in which we direct our thoughts.  Energy focused on the positive increases the positive; energy focused on the negative increases the negative.

Although I have found these metaphysical teachings to be extremely meaningful, I am now suspecting that they constitute only one step on the path to ascension to the 5th dimension.  This Path to ascension and co-creation also includes some very subtle steps that are just now emerging into our group consciousness.

Rather than take a chance on misinterpreting our galactic family, I will state what I have heard them say.  My perception of what they have said is that we are to be educated as to the myriad ways in which the dark cabal has enslaved us.  This education is important as we near the end of our sojourn on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.  The paradoxical statement is that we are to give no fear or other negative energy to the dark cabal.   I sense subtle meaning here that has to do with our learning to balance negative and positive rather than attempting to ignore one of the polarities.

Last night, the Universe began to teach me.  I found a video I had not viewed.  In listening to Lisa Harrison’s February 2012 interview of Bill (Wood) Brockbrader, I was struck by the way he explained duality.  The goal of duality is not to focus on the negative or the positive.  It is to bring the two together in such a way that they are balanced.  In the balanced state, there is no negativity, no positivity.  There is balance.[i]

My intuitive sense is that balance characterizes the 5th dimension and higher.  Unconditional Love is based on balance.

In the coming days and weeks, we who choose to ascend with Mother Earth will need to learn balance.  As we are educated regarding the degree to which the dark cabal (or negativity) could extend its enslaving tentacles while we focused elsewhere, the goal is that we perceive it is balance—not focus on either polarity—that is needed.

In utilizing the concepts of positive thinking, we have learned much about creating the good.  But, we have remained unbalanced.

Now that planet Earth has entered the 4th dimension where duality still exists but is evolving toward balance, we are to move an additional step forward on our Path by learning balance.

We cannot learn balance by ignoring the negative polarity.  By doing so, we create more imbalance.

By focusing on the positive, we have unknowingly allowed more negativity in the form of discrimination, poverty, starvation, and emotional suffering to take place.

Today, when I signed onto facebook, the Universe continued its teaching.  Another synchronous event revealed balance through sacred geometry.  As the video in this endnote reveals, the single point is the Unity Consciousness—the point of balance.[ii]

It seems we have much to learn in the coming weeks regarding creating balance out of duality.  For it is only when we achieve balance that we can ascend into the 5th dimension.


[i]   Bill is a former Navy Seal whom the military trained in telepathy and remote viewing, where he excelled.  He had above top level security clearance and was the one selected to work with the research done via Project Looking Glass.

[ii]  Charles Gilchrist’s sacred geometry website is:





Interviewed by


This interview is one everyone needs to hear.  Why?  Because these three, very intelligent individuals were not originally supporters of President Obama and they are still watching to see how he presents himself at the G8 Summit.

Bill, a whistleblower with former very high level military clearance, was told not long ago that Obama is actually one of the good guys having to work within an environment peopled by the dark cabal and their puppets.  Bill did not want to believe this, but his informer was one he knew to be absolutely valid.  Since then, he has seen a tremendous shift taking place within the consciousness of this planet.  Also, another whistleblower, Drake, has come forth verifying unknowingly what Bill has been told about the mass arrests, although he had not yet gone public with that information.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is:  “What if President Obama has been playing the role of a double agent and he is now ready to step forward and take the action that will free this nation and planet from the grip of the dark cabal?  Can I move from a stance of condemnation of President Obama … from a stance of “I’ll believe it when I see the proof” … to a position of holding hope for a positive outcome?

You and I are powerful beings.  With our consciousness we possess the power to affect the outcome of this present transition period.  If we choose to focus on condemning President Obama, we may actually be placing our power of consciousness behind the dark cabal and be holding them in power and ourselves in enslavement.

Listen to this video discussion and ponder along with them.  Lisa Harrison lives in Australia, so she is able to view the situation with more objectivity.  She asks some very pointed questions, which is what makes this interview such an outstanding one.

I would add a personal comment in that I have full confidence in Divine Order unfolding and in the presence of our loving galactic family.  It is time for Earth and her inhabitants to be reunited with our Star families and to re-join a galactic culture.  Divine Power is always the ultimate Source of control.  Based on this fact, I know that President Obama is the American President for a reason based within the Divine Plan.