John Denver

In thinking of Americans’ relationship to the other 195 nations on our planet, I feel Lada Ray gives excellent advice.  I know that growing up in America, I often heard that people of the Middle East were mean.  In preparing to visit the Middle East, our tour guide cautioned the women about speaking to the Arab men.  I actually felt uneasy.

Thankfully, my rebellious nature kicked in!  I dared to look at and speak to the so-called mean Arabs.  I found them very gracious and willing  to assist in any way they could.

One morning I wanted an orange with breakfast.  I asked  the waiter in our Palestinian hotel dining room for one.  There were no oranges in the kitchen, so he walked to a nearby fruit stand and purchased an orange and brought it back to me, refusing to allow me to pay him for it.

Another time, a group of us got lost in Damascus.  It was raining.  We stopped to ask a man, waiting for his bus, for directions to our destination.  Instead of telling us, he volunteered  to walk with us–in  the rain and taking a chance of missing his bus.  We offered to pay him, but he declined.  Just two examples of “how mean the people of the Middle East are.”

Having the opportunity to meet one-on-one people I had been told were mean totally disproved this American propaganda.  Although I speak only English, I have learned a very important lesson via my travels abroad to 4 continents–there are many people to meet and love on our beautiful planet!

Following WWII, Americans considered the Japanese our enemies.  While attending seminary in the 1960s, I met and became best friends with a Japanese student.  She spent time in my home, even though some of the neighbors were upset because I invited a Jap into my home.  The Americans who met and got to know her loved her.  A few years later, she died from cancer, as a result of being exposed to the fallout from the atomic bombs Americans dropped on Japan–the only time nuclear bombs have been used in warfare against another country.  She, a Japanese who would die of cancer due to American bombs, came to visit Americans, stayed in our homes, cooked us fabulous Japanese meals, gave us gifts from Japan, taught us about her culture, and became a well loved adopted member of several American families.

Excerpts from an article by Lada Ray–a linguist born in Russia who has traveled and lived in nearly 30 nations on our planet, including the United States, where she worked as a financial consultant for AIG and Smith Barney/Citigroup–add to my discoveries of the Way to Peace through getting to know people from nations around our planet.

Let me first say that in the global scheme of things, the language separation is how they are able to keep us all divided and distrustful of each other. If we don’t understand each other’s language, we cannot know the truth. It’s so much easier to pull the wool over people’s eyes and get them to listen to your own propaganda. Perhaps because of that I initially became a linguist. It will be so important for humans to eventually develop a global language that would become the means of close communication among all.

In this respect, English-speakers are in by far the worst situation. Usually, people from other countries have learned some foreign languages, including English. European citizens tend to speak several languages fluently. Many Russian citizens would often know a regional language or two and a bit of a foreign language (alas, not well enough), in addition to Russian. But the US citizens tend to speak only English since it is assumed that everyone anywhere would understand you. This seeming victory of the English language, coupled with absolutely horrendous school instruction and lack of travel experience, harbors a seed of terrible defeat and future isolation. And this is in the country that prides itself on being the melting pot of immigrants!

All I can say is that the world is changing. It is my advice to my American and other English-speaking readers to begin learning foreign languages – FAST!”





Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice made by you!

Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice made by you!

Geoffrey West

Cosmic Vision News


 For most, if not all of our lives, we have heard our leaders declare that they ‘want peace.’ Some have even declared that they will ‘impose peace.’ Selected individuals are sent to a particular place to ‘negotiate peace.’ Researchers are asked to ‘measure and quantify peace.’ Academics claim to ‘study peace’ and institutions claim to ‘teach peace.’ Yet, for most, if not all of our lives, we have lived in a world that has never known ‘peace.’

Almost everyone claims to want to have the experience of ‘peace;’ and yet, virtually all of these same people cannot define this experience they are claiming to want. Even more than this, people are unable to identify precisely where and when peace will manifest upon Earth.

Here is the challenge: there currently does not exist a holistic, broadly-accepted definition for this word ‘peace.’ I know this, as I researched it for my Masters degree in Peace Education. Since that time, I have discovered that this ‘University for Peace’ is not interested in peace at all, but only in the ‘business of peace.’ The same can be said for almost all governments, institutions, or corporations operating and existing within the current geoeconomic/geopolitical paradigm.

How can I make this claim? Considering that we all have been living in fear, debt, separation and varied degrees of enslavement all our lives, it stands to reason that there must be something FAR more profitable than peace. You can be sure that IF peace was profitable, our world would have manifested it by now.

To understand the whole story about why this experience of ‘peace’ has not manifested upon our planet would take too long. However, IF it could be explained simply, it might go something like this: Our planet has been hijacked and enslaved by individuals and groups seeking to profit from fear, debt and control of humans while destroying our planet for profit, power and greed. The reason they have gotten away with it is because the rest of us allowed it to happen. We have been sold numerous messages that we blindly accepted and never questioned because of how we were conditioned to think. We have been denied the opportunity to know who and what we truly are!

We never considered that the global banking system creates money out of thin air; we never considered that our legal/judicial systems are systems of commercial law, and that humans have been turned into

commercial/corporate entities who have blindly given consent to rules that were given the force of law—rules that were created without the informed, democratic consent of the mainstream populations in countries.

We have never considered how controlled the media is, especially in North America, and how it dumbs down people. We have never considered how our medical systems, food systems, transportation structures, entertainment structures, environmental structures, religious structures and educational structures, among many others, have been designed to keep people uninformed, disempowered, in debt, in sickness, in fear, and therefore easy to be manipulated and controlled.

Science has now demonstrated that on a profound energetic level, every aspect of LIFE is connected in Oneness. Religious traditions have taught a Divine Creator/Source as being the ALL THAT IS. In Oneness, there is nothing, therefore, that is outside of this Oneness, except within an illusion of separation from this Oneness.

To manifest the experience of ‘peace’ that most are claiming to want to experience, it would be meaningful for each one to explore and understand one’s connection to LIFE. What is ‘LIFE’? I choose to define LIFE (capitalized) as being “an ever-evolving process, encompassing the ALL THAT IS. It includes the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that serve to support and sustain everything, not only on Earth, but also beyond.”

In removing all the barriers of separation, and truly stepping into serving LIFE and not some cabal-created structures of enslavement, debt and fear, each human seeks to be in service to all other humans, animals, and our planet as a living entity. When a conscious choice is made in every moment of ‘now’ to serve and to love unconditionally without expectation flows outwardly from one, it manifests the experience of ‘peace.’

PEACE, as a holistic definition I presented as part of my Masters thesis, is: “An internal experience of unconditional love and service to LIFE, relative to one’s uniquely different, equally beautiful connection and relationship to LIFE in each moment of ‘now.'”

In accepting that every human and every aspect of LIFE is uniquely different and yet equally beautiful within the Oneness, one may begin to feel that whatever one does to another, one is ultimately doing to oneself. “Treat others as you would have others treat you.” When each moment becomes a choice to serve without expectation and with unconditional love, one no longer exists in separation and therefore, no longer in fear, one begins to experience peace. Even more importantly, one’s choice to BE the peace that one wants to see in the world, plants the seeds, and shines the light for others to find their own BE-ing of love, compassion, forgiveness and perhaps peace also.

As we break free from the controls and fears that have been placed upon us, can we begin to embrace all that we are and therefore, create that which we are claiming to want—the experience of peace from within a paradigm of living where peace can thrive because all the individuals, groups and entities of a negative, controlling vibration have been transformed or removed from their power.

Manifesting peace will not come from spending money, time, energy and resources trying to put out all the fires in our world. This is a distraction.

Manifesting peace requires people to see, feel and know who they are, and what their relationship is to LIFE; and then, choose to address the ROOT sources of all the debt, hatred, harm, violence, control and enslavement. These root sources are within the governments, the business/corporate entities, and with the religious faiths of the world. By empowering people to serve honorably in these areas, and holding them accountable to their service, the dominoes begin to fall, removing all the other problems in the world one by one. It is also done more cheaply.

Therefore, where does peace begin? It begins in the only place it really can begin – WITHIN YOU!

When will you, and therefore the world, begin to have this experience of ‘peace’ that you are claiming to want? It will happen when you choose to know your relationship to LIFE, and make conscious choices to serve courageously and lovingly in service to LIFE without attachment or condition.

Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice made by you!


Geoff states his preferred lyrics are:

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.

Let there be peace on Earth, a peace that was meant to be.

With Love as our anchor, all in One are we.

Let me walk with all others, in perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.

With every breath I take, let this be my joyful vow:

To take each moment, and live each moment, in peace eternally.

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.

(Lyric word change by an unknown author)


Geoffrey West is the journalist/anchor for Cosmic Vision News, a weekly internet newscast of geopolitics, finance, and general – science – and health news. CVN is also a newscast that is arguably the first of its kind to promote and support the disclosure of our galactic families to the people of Earth, and the release of technologies that can clean the air, water and land of our planet and help restore health and vitality not only to our planet but to all humans worldwide, and free humans from the enslavement of the global cabal.

Geoffrey is also a visionary consultant on galactic, global and inner peace/healing. He has developed models that have the potential to assist individuals in connecting to one’s LIFE purpose. He has also developed a model that may assist individuals and businesses in developing strategies for moving in more LIFE-honoring directions to achieve the overall goal of global peace and also business success.




Americans, we need to be very careful in choosing the political leaders we support.  The world is moving toward peace, while we have many in the US Congress who are pushing for World War III.

As Gordon Duff, of Veterans Today, announced to a shocked world in his keynote address at the 2014 International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism in Damascus, Syria, the REAL TERRORISTS stem from the work of an International Crime Cabal that has seized control of the US Congress.  (

For decades, the US’s excuse for going to war has repeatedly been “to protect our interests.  Many Americans have blindly assumed that the word our includes them and somehow it is a good thing, even when countries are devastated and millions are killed.  Most of us have grown up in a culture that accepts war and violence as the way life is.  American TV and Entertainment establishments constantly portray violence as a part of life.   Many have become so accustomed to violence that if the movie or TV program is not an “action” one, it is boring.

However, our world is changing!  Countries across Planet Earth are leaving behind the violence and uniting behind the BRICS ALLIANCE and its plans for establishing a Win-Win Alliance for all nations.

I seriously doubt the majority of Americans have ever heard or seen the name BRICS ALLIANCE.  Instead, the Western Mainstream Media screams non-stop “fear the terrorists who are willing to attack any country at any time.”  Americans are taught:  There are enemies out there and we must constantly be ready to fight and win a war.  We have been brain-washed into believing:  “As long as the new rules/laws “protect me,” I can live with them.  In other words, we accept violence, terrorists attacks, and war as a part of life.  Americans have become fearful, mind-controlled, debt slaves in order to pay for the instigated wars the threats of terrorists, bribed by the criminal cabal, force us to fight in order to protect our country and families.

Meanwhile, a majority of nations on our planet have indicated the desire, if not already taken definitive steps, to join the BRICS ALLIANCE in its efforts to create a peaceful, Win-Win world.

As stated in this  BRICS article:  US Allies in Europe and Asia are lining up to join an establishment that will recognize the sovereignty of all nations.  This movement is also discussed in:

Americans are faced with a very real decision:  Will I support PEACE … OR … will I support those who pretend to be protecting my country/family while actually intending to create World War III in order to fulfill the cabal’s goal of reducing the planetary population to 500 million?  (

Ra: The Seeds of Peace – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

Ra: The Seeds of Peace

Ra painting
Ra: (Father God)

We want to give you a bit of information so that you will be in tune with what is going on in the world behind the scenes, so that you can understand what real changes have occurred and what you can expect because of them. First, let us start with the revaluation of currencies and what forces are at work, so that you can better understand the timing of the revaluation and why it has not been permitted to unfold earlier.

Let me just say that if you were in our place, seeing what we see, I truly believe you would have made the same decisions we have made so far. Of course, it was our hope to encourage the passage of laws and regulations as early as possible to protect the funds you will be receiving, to prevent fraud and trickery on the part of the banks. I assure you this was a serious concern in recent years, as the computer systems of the financial institutions became more sophisticated, and the ability to “disappear” enormous amount of money became easier and more common. A secondary complication involved the bribery and ownership of lawmakers and judges who assured that no slight-of-hand, no matter how egregious, would be punished, providing the criminal behavior was protected by enormous “gifts” to those in charge of oversight.

So you see, dishonesty and graft were not just rampant. It would have been a guaranteed fiasco if the funds had been released even 3 months ago. It was a fluid situation, characterized by an ebb and flow – one minute the White Hats would develop a new ability to detect fraud in the computer systems, and the next it would be disguised by ever more complex systems of undetectable shenanigans. Now, understand that we were fully aware of who the culprits are and what they were trying to do. It was not a problem of detection for us. The real problems were with putting a stop to the cabal by using legal means, so that those on the ground would be able to identify and prosecute the criminals.

We wished to prevent a situation in which large amounts of money (and we are talking about trillions and trillions here) would be confiscated and would have to be recovered. It would have been a heart-breaking experience for those who were so ready to create a new world to be dragged back into the frustration of having to fight off the cabal to just keep what you were given. It would have created a terrible pall over the whole process. We wanted to avoid that, but still declare the release of the funds as early as possible.

The second difficulty of which you are now more aware is the problem of establishing stability and a reliable form of representative government in the countries which will benefit most from the revaluation (as opposed to the stability the U.S. has supported in the past – that which is achieved through the suppression of the people by a strong dictator). This is one of the primary objectives of having this RV in the first place – the rebuilding and restoration of a viable way of life in the war-torn places where conflict caused such misery to the people. This is the main reason why the currencies we have told you about (Vietnam, Iraq, Indonesia, Zimbabwe) will be the focus of efforts to lift the economies of each of those countries that have been so ruthlessly suppressed in the recent past.

You, Dear Ones, will be the center of the vortex of energy which will lift all boats, restoring confidence and encouraging the planned shift toward democratic governance. As you may be aware of, it is easier to create major change when a country has been pushed to the brink of dissolution in its financial, educational and social structures. A successful result will set an example for the whole world to celebrate and follow.

Iraq will become a world leader, as it rises to reclaim its place as part of the cradle of civilization which goes back 13,000 years. The ancestral memories remain in that part of the world, the deep spiritual connection which once guided the development of art, music, literature and science, the beacon which was intended to lead the human race out of darkness. That promise will be fulfilled at last, as the power of the cabal is defeated.

You have been warned of the “false flag” operations which are intended to distract and mislead you into thinking the Middle East is a dark, hopeless pit of violence, immutable to change. I must warn you, my friends, that, like 9/11, those gruesome, contrived made-for-TV episodes of violence and unspeakable brutality are frequently simply staged with paid actors, mixed with recycled clips of former wars and civil conflicts.

Like the famous “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud,” they are cabal-generated scare tactics to inspire fear, paranoia, and the willingness to wage war in far-flung parts of the world. Most of these false-flag operations are instigated by secret governments in the West and exported to the Middle East. The purpose, of course, is political control, economic supremacy and the massive profits which war generates.

Is the recent rash of fakery working? If you watch the for-profit media, you might think so, but there is a tell-tale indicator which reveals otherwise. There are now so many private investigative journalists on the internet that every time footage of violence is presented on TV, there is an immediate counter-force of investigators who begin with the presumption that there is likely subterfuge behind it. Their cool heads and knowledge of both history and video sources pay off in providing a true picture of the scams which will no longer simply be blindly accepted by the people who are being asked to give of their treasure and their lives.

This tendency alone – to be alert to deceit – is a new phenomenon in the West. It is a sign of the great awakening which is just now spreading to all the prosperous nations where staying asleep was more acceptable than objecting to one’s condition. Of course, that attitude was reinforced by the concerted efforts to dumb down humankind with vaccinations, fluoride-treated water, poison-laced clouds and toxic foods and medicines.

The evidence that this era is in its last days is that I am writing these messages to you, you are reading them with recognition, and we no longer fear being shut down or our sources being assassinated for discussing these things. The cabal is far too busy just trying to survive and avoid prison to bother with all the awakened Lightworkers who now hold the key to the growing march toward peace and justice in the world. The scales have tipped, Dear Ones, and the end of darkness is in sight. Our tricky balancing act of trying to release the funds to our Lightworkers while still arresting and investigating the cabal ringleaders has finally wound down to the last clean-up details.

Iraq is well on its way, under the steady hand of the new Prime Minister, al-Abadi, a decent and honest man, and the banksters have been convinced that theft and greed are no longer the path of least resistance. Our White Hats have prevailed, Beloved Ones, and will continue their good work until the last criminal has been held responsible for their selfish and destructive deeds. A new form of Justice and economic freedom will be yours, as we quietly shift into the new currency systems and the NESARA and GESARA reforms which will establish transparency and equal treatment under the law.

I am here to assure you, my dear friends and fellow Lightworkers, that it is your new day dawning. The efforts to clean up the mess left by the cabal have been successful because you have done your own work to clear away the dark shadows which controlled your own thinking. You are creating the critical mass needed to shift into the New Golden Age. We could not have done it without your meditations, your conscious efforts to awaken and take part in the new group consciousness, and your generosity to one another in this difficult interim period. This has raised the vibration on the planet enough to jump one timeline after another, in the direction of our Dream.

Do not flag in the last moments of the marathon. You are approaching the finish line, and we are cheering you on with endless Love in our hearts. I am Ra, your mentor and guide, the one who looks forward for you until you are able to be in our eyes, seeing yourselves as we do, loving yourselves as we do, from the perspective of your Higher Self. I love you without end, as I have through all eternity.

Until tomorrow, I wish you Joy, Harmony, Friendship, Abundance, and much much Love,
Your Ra (the one you have known as Father God).

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 28, 2014, New York

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – “The quality of love called peace”



 July 24, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called peace. This is a quality of love that everyone in the world wants. A world that is filled with stress, anxiety and tension makes it difficult to ascertain how an individual might achieve and sustain this quality of peace in their daily lives. Because of this, people never truly experience it. Peace is a deep down sense of contentment and security, a sense that a person has all that they need to face all that they are dealing with, a sense of belief in their own inherent worth and dignity. They feel they have the ability to reach an equilibrium that allows them to embrace and express a willingness to live as one with others. This is when peace is mirrored in the world, for only by working together with others and loving all others as one’s own sister and brother,  can peace be achieved. If peace is present, all is possible; such as the experience of love, compassion, and forgiveness in one’s interactions with others. Peace comes from working together and striving to develop a spiritual resonance of wisdom and compassion that emanates from within each individual on their personal spiritual journeys. When an individual loves others as they love themselves, they embody the qualities of compassion and harmony and this radiates out into their sphere of influence.

In all things, it is important to find peace within. An individual’s spiritual journey, no matter where it leads, must bring them to this realization. Peace begins within each individual and radiates to the outer world. It requires an individual to live their life with utmost respect for all living things and how to best honour that. They must enjoy working toward a more peaceful world, and with faith, step forward in pursuit of that vision. They must believe in themselves no matter where their vision leads them. They must be the living breathing manifestation of that vision, for no one will find themselves in a peaceful world who does not first believe in its existence. They must walk their talk and not just sit back or tune out and let whatever is going to happen to them and their planet just happen. They must become pro-active, step forward and do their part to bring peace to the world. They must make peace happen by continuing to rejuvenate their spirits in daily discipline and by seizing every boundless opportunity presented to them for healing their planet while embodying their compassionate nature. They must work unceasingly to make the reality of the love of peace happen in their world and to show their world the beauty of peace.

Each individual is called to actively use their imagination and creativity in pursuit of the world they desire, and learn to temper their tendency to doubt with a capacity to believe that all things are possible to those who believe. They must search for the peace and acceptance in their own hearts that will lead them to a world of beloved community and seriously reflect upon how they could better love one another. The essential thing is to acquire the spiritual treasure of inner peace. No change in worldly circumstances can bring one into a state of genuine peace without this, for the inner and outer parts of one’s being must be brought into harmony. The person who forgives, nurtures good will towards all humanity, and practices charity is a peacemaker. Everything they say and do is a blessing to those around them and emanates with the inner peace that has been established within them, a sphere of peace which prevails over any disturbance in the world. It is like a river of love and deep trust, the more peace that flows from one individual to another, the deeper and wider that river becomes.  Peace in the world will come when enough of humanity finds inner peace and then manifests it.

True ambassadors of peace are those who are generous. They volunteer to help in their community and practice random acts of kindness, and give to others without expectations of return. The act of giving always makes the heart more content and one’s spirit glows brighter. Giving is the act of honouring the God within. They love and are at ease within themselves and love life in all its forms. They are open to accepting things in a positive and gracious manner and are friendly and helpful when interacting with others in a divine manner. They keep themselves busy with something constructive and practical and also take some time for relaxation too. They learn from the events in their lives and turn disappointments into life lessons. They do not compare themselves with others, for they know that everyone is unique in this world. They never judge others. They are honest with themselves and what they really want, and are clear about what they expect from themselves and others. They give service to others, for they know that true happiness can only be found when they stop worrying about themselves and try to help those around them. Helping family members, co-workers, and friends gives their life meaning and joy. They cherish the values of love, courage, compassion, generosity and kindness in their own right as being worthy of getting them closer to peace and happiness within. This is truly the love of peace as a person manifests it.

Achieving inner peace requires living in the present moment, for peace and contentment is reached when one makes the most of the present. It requires the time for silence which is a truly beautiful experience, with the power to transform the practitioner, and can touch an individual to the very core of their being. This is the part of them that is connected to reality and existence itself. Silence is rejuvenation, for it allows an individual to be themselves, to relax into themselves and find that inner peace. In achieving inner peace they respond, rather than react, to life. Responding to life means acting with awareness, with what’s needed in the moment, taking inspired actions that are not hindered by past or future. By noticing and appreciating other people’s kindnesses, they become aware how much it really matters in daily living and they choose to emulate in kind. Feeling real peace is being able to accept what is, and this means recognizing one’s ego voice in any situation and rejecting it, knowing that the only person they can change is themselves. Peace comes from making changes inside them. As serenity and unconditional love fill their heart, they accept that they cannot and will not go back, and will not relinquish what they have found – that peace within that they have been searching for their whole life. By these activities, disciplines and thoughts, each individual is creating a more peaceful world.

I now take my leave with a blessing for each person to experience deep inner peace within that endures, regardless of what challenges life brings.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. 



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“We are declaring Israel a terrorist state,” Morales said, adding that Israel’s military operation meant the country “is not a guarantor of the principles of respect for life that govern the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our international community.”





14675416-ghana-flag-butterfly-flying   GHANA FOR PEACE CAMPAIGN





Nancy B. Detweiler

Love one another



  I’ve watched this extraordinary shadow dancing video several times in recent days, tears streaming down my face. Why?

 Because each of us were created in the image of our Mother/Father God … a being of Love … a being of Light … a magnificent co-creator. What creative talent we have been given—each in his/her own unique way! What an enormous capacity to love we hold within our being! What fine-tuned resonance with beauty … with nature … with peace!

 And yet, we have allowed ourselves to turn away … to see others as “enemies” … to accept killing each other as necessary … to fear those who differ from us.

 We have forgotten who we are … why we were created … our mission in life on this planet.

 This shadow dance demonstrates the paradox of who we have become … we are such stupendous beings of Love and Light … and yet, we behave in ways that turn away from our natural Love … our natural Light. By the way we respond to others, we create our own pain … our own wars.





 An interesting ending note: “Let Us” in biblical terminology carries the power of a command. We are not asking permission; we are commanding that we “let there be peace on Earth!”


NOTE BY NANCY: How often to we hear the distressed question, “What is our world coming to?” Our mainline newspapers, TV news, TV shows, movies, and video games fill our emotional/thought world with depictions of war, terror attacks, murder, and hate crimes—all for the express purpose of controlling us with fear. As long as we fear death or the enemy, we will remain docile and obedient. It is only when we awaken to the control mechanisms that enslave us that we look for ways to create a peaceful world.

 Dr. Ashford’s speech offers a positive view of our world … a world that is actually moving away from war and toward peace!


Mary-Wynne Ashford, M.D.

 Mary-Wynne Ashford

Published on Apr 27, 2013

Mary-Wynne Ashford is a retired medical doctor who practiced Family Medicine and Palliative Care in Victoria, BC until 2004. She has received many awards for her work on peace and disarmament, including the Queen’s Medal from the Governor General of Canada on two occasions. The topic of her talk is “Can You Think of a World Without War?”

Mary-Wynne’s experience with her topic comes from thirty years of speaking, writing, research and activism with nongovernmental organizations, especially physicians’ and women’s organizations, and with governments and UN leaders. In October 2012, she was the keynote speaker at a conference about her book, Enough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror, and War. The conference took place in Korea and was sponsored by the UN, the City of Busan, and Indigo Publishers.

Mary-Wynne was first called to this topic by her fascination with the true stories she heard internationally through her work. Later, she was approached by New Society Publishers to write a book on peace and disarmament. As she researched examples from the field, she became more and more excited by the global revolution to replace war with nonviolent means of resolving conflict.

Mary-Wynne’s passion is telling the stories of successful nonviolent interventions that have prevented or ended war. She especially loves the under-reported stories of the power of civil society acting to transform conflict. Her greatest hope is that she lives long enough to see this revolution bring a stable social transformation in the way that states and societies deal with one another.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)






The dark cabal in on its way out … yet rather than leave quietly, they are pulling out all the stops in an effort to create World War III. All wars are manipulated and based on lies.

 Let us pay the cabal and their propaganda no attention … the only food they have is our fear. We do not have enemies … what we have is people being paid to create trouble. Let us turn our back on war!

 Our Galactic Family, in accordance with Divine Decree, has said there will be no WWIII … no more nuclear weapons detonated. Any attempts will be neutralized by our Galactic Family.

 With the internet, people all over the world can sing together. Let us listen and sing with the world!