COSMIC VISION NEWS – September 21, 2012




A jam-packed newscast with much information on the dark cabal’s last ditch attempts to regain control of the people, who are waking up to the truth of what is truly happening in our world.





Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Listen with your heart ……..  Do you hear silent whispers, “this is not life as God created it to be?”…….  Do you feel waves gently washing against your consciousness, reminding you, “you are more than you know?”…….  Do you gaze into the starlit skies and yearn to go home? ……

If you do, you are awakening to a world far more beautiful … far more loving … far more populated than you have been led to believe exists.

Do you turn on television news or pick up a newspaper and feel your energy drop with tinges of weariness at the prospect of yet another story about violence, greed, or hollow campaign promises?  Are you surprised when an activity you once anticipated with excitement now fails to illicit any feeling at all?

If you do, you are leaving behind the old life and approaching the new.

As you listen with your heart, you hear intimations of a life overflowing with joy in personal fulfillment … with abundance … with people with whom you are compatible.  There is no more sadness … no more illness … no more hardship.

If you could, would you choose the new life now?

You have been taught to believe such a life is too good to be true or that it is heaven and you can not go to heaven until you die.  While living on the 3rd dimension, this has appeared to be true.  You have most often accepted the ups and downs of life on this plane and made the best of them.  A song very popular during the 1970s says it well.

Listen with your heart to Lynn Anderson sing, “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.”

 How many times have you lifted your spirit by inging this song?  It describes life on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality—the old life now drawing to a close.  And guess what!

The new life does promise you a rose garden—without the thorns!  During these last six months of 2012, you are evolving—consciously or unconsciously—into the magnificent being God created you to be.

Why not wake up and give yourself permission to enjoy your spiritual evolution?  Why not talk about it with your family and friends?  Why not listen with your heart to the stories they have to share with you?


 As a professional counselor, I frequently heard the statement:  “I can’t talk to anyone about this because they will think I’m crazy.”  Once I heard the story, I could reassure the individual, “You are simply evolving into who you really are.”

How did I know that?  As a very young child, I would sit on Mother’s lap during church service and look for my real mother.  I knew something was not right … I did not feel comfortable on this planet.  I longed for my real family, my real home.

As I grew older, I was horrified to hear how the minister described God.  By the age of 10, I decided that I had to do all I could to protect people from this cruel God.  To make a long story short, I became a serious student of God.  But the more I personally experienced God, the more I discovered a God that did promise me a rose garden.

The roses grow thorns when I forget and believe that suffering, deprivation, emotional trauma, failure, illness, aging are all a normal part of life.  These experiences enter our lives as a result of the Universal Law we reap what we sow.  God does not create roses with thorns; we do.

In my personal studies of God, I found a God of boundless love.  I told God I wanted to attend college … the money for me to do so appeared—donors never identified.  I told God I wanted a child whether or not I got married … that child emerged in another country, speaking another language.  At age 16, God told me I would marry John … 33 years later I married John.  I told God I wanted to return to the Middle East for another visit … the money once more appeared for me to do so.  The God I knew throughout my life gave me a rose garden.  I created the thorns that appeared as a result of reaping the harvest of the seeds I have sown.


During the old life on 3rd dimension, we forget who we really are—a Star Child and where our true home is—on one of the vast number of planets in our cosmos.  We are all from the Stars.  We chose to incarnate on 3rd dimensional planet Earth so we could evolve more quickly by having to deal with both light and darkness.

Now, in 2012, we are remembering our true selves.  Memories of our true home, where the roses have no thorns, trickle into our conscious awareness.  If we listen with our heart, it leaps with anticipation.  Soon we will be reunited with our Star family—our real family.  If we listen with our heart, we can sense their loving presence already with us.

Gaia, the Great Being on whose physical body—Earth—we presently dwell, is preparing to ascend back to 5th dimension.  She has invited all of us who choose to do so to ascend with her and be reunited with our true Star families.

Listen with your heart!  Do you hear the Call from your Star family to ascend … to be reunited within a cosmic village where all are loved unconditionally … where all are valued for the unique Star beings that we are?

Even though many will choose to remain with Gaia on 5th dimension, travel throughout the cosmos is rapid and free for everyone.  Never again will we be separated from anyone we love!  For once more, we will know ourselves to be members of the One Cosmic Family of God!

There are no aliens!  We are all brothers and sisters!