Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

        99%, we live in a time when truth is spilling out all over the planet.  We are waking up and finding that life is not what we thought.  We are learning that we have been lied to in every facet of our lives, with no exception.  Life has been an illusion and now our false perceptions are being shattered by the light of truth.  The foundations on which we heretofore built our lives lie crumbled at our feet.

Of course, anger is natural; but is it the most productive manner in which to react?  Within weeks, maybe even days, we will begin to see mass arrests of dark cabal members on American soil.  The evidence against them is irrefutable and will be made known to the people.  Once the dark cabal—those who planned to create a New World Order in which the 99% were to be slaves—are removed from their power positions, will we choose to spend precious time focusing on being angry, taking revenge, punishing them, or will we choose to immediately get busy re-creating our world into a loving, peaceful one?

The dark cabal members have sentenced themselves to the unfolding of the Universal Law, we reap what we sow.   There is no escape from this Law, so we do not have to spend time making sure that they are punished.  Can we, instead, forgive them and turn our attention to building a better world for 100% of the people?

Forgiveness is essential—for our sake.  For, in actuality, we are not innocent bystanders.  We allowed their criminal acts to take place by not being ever-vigilant in our search for truth.  The Occupy Movement of 2011 was the first evidence of a nationwide awakening to what has really been going on in our world for centuries.  True, we have been deeply deceived; but, we must also ask:  “Why did we not awaken sooner?  Why did we allow circumstances to reach the brink of total enslavement before standing up and saying ‘No’?”

I am not at all convinced that Americans have understood that we the people are the only permanent office holders.  We, as citizens, have failed to fulfill the responsibilities of our office.  In so doing, we have allowed the dark cabal to gain control over us.  According to the cabal, the best way to hide evidence is in full view of the people.  Why?  Because we—as the only permanent office holders of this nation—have heretofore neglected the duties of our office.  We do not bother to seek truth on our own.

A few examples that any observant individual should notice are:

1.  What is the meaning of the gold fringe on the American flag?

                          Our national flag

       A military flag

For explanation, see:

Does this explanation mean that we are living under maritime law, not our national constitutional law?

Actually, we have lived under maritime law since at least 1933.  See:


2.  Have you ever seen a controlled demolition?  Look at the videos and ask:  “Why did we go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan?”

3.  For all individuals born since the early 1960s, why is your name typed using all caps on your birth certificate?

17. The Birth Certificate

 Since the early 1960’s, State governments – themselves specially created, juristic, corporate persons signified by all caps – have issued Birth Certificates to “persons” with legal fiction all-caps names. This is not a lawful record of your physical birth, but rather the birth of the juristic, all-caps name. It may appear to be your true name, but since no proper name is ever written in all caps (either lawfully or grammatically) it does not identify who you are. The Birth Certificate is the government’s self-created document of title for its new “property,” i.e. the deed to the juristic-name artificial person whose all-caps name “mirrors” your true name. The Birth Certificate brings the new all-caps name into colorable admiralty/maritime law, the same way a ship (and ship of state) is berthed.

So, who are you?  Property of the government?

These examples are enough to reveal just how serious our negligence in fulfilling our responsibilities as citizens has been.  The dark cabal has taken control while we watched and, in many cases, supported their actions.  That we did not know their true motives is no excuse.  We failed to do our homework and determine the real motivations behind their actions.   This failure on our part relates to every facet of our lives:  religion, education, government, economic, legal, corporate, and media.

With this in mind, when we forgive the cabal, we forgive ourselves.  We accomplish nothing by reacting to the myriad of cover-ups that are to be revealed with anger, violence, or desire for revenge.

It is time to forgive them and ourselves.  It is time to wake up and to recognize our true power … our true identities … our true mission for being on Planet Earth during this momentous time in our evolutionary history.

Are we ready to forgive the top 1%?




A Newly Launched Radio News Show

Geoffrey West, Internet Radio Host


We now have a LIGHTWORKER news show that brings the REAL NEWS! A prelude to what news will be in the very near future–a combination of galactic and Earth human news reporting.

Our traditional news reporters are having a rough time with this show because they evidently are unaware that what is really happening on this planet is for the moment hidden and the major media outlets are tightly controlled by the dark cabal.

Journalists that are reporting truth are risking their lives to do so and will not be found on mainstream media news. For the moment we cannot expect to go to mainstream websites and verify what the journalists who are risking their lives are saying.

If we had an open and honest society, no one would have to risk their lives to spread truth. Instead, we have to depend upon persons with top level security clearance who become whistleblowers and journalists that care more about spreading the truth than they do for their physical lives.

Congratulations to Geoffrey West for his new show!



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Little did you know during the Occupy Movements of 2011 how much you accomplished.  Thousands, perhaps millions, had been working for years behind the scenes in an effort to create a better world for everyone by exposing the dark cabal (or power elite) as the planetary manipulators and enslavers that they are.

Many groups going by various names are involved.  One of the most damaging cover-ups perpetrated on the people of our planet has been the cover-up of extraterrestrial presence with us along with thousands of patents on technology that will greatly increase the quality of life for everyone.  Some of the groups have been aware that we live in a Universe populated with highly advanced beings who have sought permission to openly assist Earth humans in creating a better world.  You may learn about this cover-up through Dr. Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project at:  Also through the documentary “UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied” at:

One group in particular are aware of our galactic family and Earth’s Ascended Masters—those Earth humans who have advanced in consciousness to a point of ascending to higher dimensions of existence.  Those who work in this group call themselves Lightworkers.  Many are in telepathic communication with one or more of Earth’s Ascended Masters and/or members of our galactic family.  (Keep in mind that the only reason we have not known of our capacity to telepathically communicate with our galactic family and Ascended Masters is that this knowledge has been covered up by the power elite within every facet of our planetary society—religion, education, government, corporation, and the military industrial complex.)  The power elite have taught us that we are the only human beings in the vast cosmos … that we live on this lonely planet for a few decades, then die.  Nothing could be farther from the Truth.

The Lightworker group consciously works with our galactic family and Ascended Masters.  As 2012 and the end of a 26,000 years cycle of time appeared on the horizon, our galactic family told us that the people of this planet needed to call for assistance.  Because Earth is a freewill planet, our galactic family and Ascended Masters could not intervene without being requested to do so.

Even though the thousands of Lightworkers had called for Divine Intervention, we did not represent a large enough percentage of the world population to permit intervention by much more advanced beings.  It was only in 2011, when demonstrations throughout the world took place and the Occupy Wall Street Movement begin that enough people cried out for help in solving the gigantic problems existing on our planet.  As a result, our galactic family and Ascended Masters, abiding by the Universal Law of freewill, may now assist us in ways that will greatly speed up the winning of freedom for all Earth humans.

As a result, removing the control of the dark cabal has taken on a much more powerful energy.  Our galactic family has the technology and advanced state of conscious awareness that allows them to intervene in ways that cause harm to no one.  David Wilcock is preparing a paper listing 40+ recent events that indicate Divine Intervention and assistance … these events continue to take place.  They will be assisting in the imminent mass arrests from behind the scenes.  Our galactic family possesses technology that allows them to locate anyone on the planet—there can be no hiding place from which to avoid arrest.

In recent months many whistleblowers have come forth and have been working to create the legal paperwork needed to return America back to her original Constitution.  Drake (his real first name) is one of these.  As he told David Wilcock, who recently interviewed him, the Pentagon personally asked him to spread the word about the imminent mass arrests of the dark cabal.  Since that time, Lightworkers—along with many others—have been spreading the news.  Translators are providing this information in numerous languages.   Since the major media outlets are controlled by the cabal, what is really going on around this planet is not reported.

Making contact with the Occupy Movement in the various states is one way we are spreading the word.  We are asking those participating in the Occupy Movement to help publicize information regarding the imminent mass arrests and why they are occurring.  These arrests will be made on both the state and federal level by the Federal Marshalls with the back up of local police personnel.  The military will be supporting this effort by their presence in case there is trouble in making the arrests and additional personnel is needed.

This will NOT be the establishment of martial law; it will NOT be a military coup.  It will be the arrests of dark cabal members, which includes some CEOs of banking and money houses, corporations, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, as well as federal and state level government officials.

A major reason for spreading the word prior to these arrests is that people may panic when they see many individuals being arrested and become violent when they learn of the multitude of evils that have been perpetrated on the people.

The people need to know that these arrests will clear the way for much good to be released to them in the form of debt relief, free energy, and technology that will render their lives much more enjoyable.  A new equity based economy will replace the debt based economy we have known under the privately owned Federal Reserve.

The people acting in a peaceful, supporting role can enable these arrests to move more smoothly.  The Occupy Movement of 2011 did an unbelievable job of remaining peaceful.  We are requesting your help in enabling the mass arrests of 2012 to be peaceful on the part of the population by spreading the word ahead of time.  We are NOT asking you to assemble.

David Wilcock’s April 13, 2012 report reveals major progress is in the works—“Major Event:  Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks.”  You may read this article at:  There are additional excellent articles on his site describing the Financial Tyranny under which we have lived and the Divine Intervention now being witnessed.

If you have not seen my article entitled “The Pentagon Wants This Information To Go Viral,” you may read it at:  There are also a variety of relevant articles on this blog—my The Way of Love Blog.

A PDF transcript of David’s Wilcock’s radio interview of Drake may be found at:

Drake tells a little about himself at:

You may see a listing of hundreds of resignations of CEOs and some government officials—all since September 2011—at:

Another internet radio interview of Drake may be found at:!

There is also much disinformation propagated on the internet.  Every individual needs to research and discern truth for him/herself.  Listen or read with your heart … how does the information make you feel in your gut?  If it creates fear, it is coming from the dark cabal and their paid lackeys.

May we join together as One Planetary Family peacefully bringing about freedom for All, for WE ARE ONE!