Year Of The Pig to start with big bounty for people of the world

Year Of The Pig to start with big

bounty for people of the world

Benjamin Fulford – February 4, 2019

“The Chinese New Year—the Year Of The Pig—starts tomorrow, February 5th and sets up this year to be a year of bounty, where people can feed at the trough to their heart’s content, Asian secret society sources say. The Year Of The Pig or Boar is associated with the hours 9-11 at night, which means the world is also set to get truth and closure on the mass murder and attempted gold heist of September 11, 2001, the sources say….”






Important to read because Benjamin reveals more information about the United Nations

“….  The rest of the financial reset is still being debated, but there is a broad agreement to set up a Western future planning agency to work in harmony with the Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) project, European royal family sources say. It will have an initial budget of around $300 billion, they say. Also, China has agreed to buy $1 trillion worth of U.S. exports in order to stop the drain of jobs and money from the U.S. economy, various sources agree.

One visible sign of this reset is the fact that a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress to remove the U.S. from the United Nations and boot the UN out of the U.S. Remember, the UN is a privately owned corporation and not genuinely representative of the people of the world. The healthy parts of the UN will be taken over by a replacement for the UN that will be headquartered in Asia—possibly Laos, according to Asian secret society sources.  [bold font by Nancy]

A cleanup of the UN has also begun with an investigation of corruption at the WHO (World Harm Organization) involving the misuse of Ebola funds to do things like pay for a girlfriend’s travel expenses. The WHO is also being accused of rampant racism and sexism. As these investigations proceed, the world will learn about their role in faking or actually causing pandemics to promote vaccine campaigns and pharmaceutical sales in exchange for payoffs.  [bold font by Nancy]

The summit between Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un is planned for late February after the Asian lunar New Year holidays, and will probably deal with the financial reset and issues like the fascist regime in Japan and Korean reunification, Pentagon and Asian secret society sources say.

The cleanup of the satanic cabal in the West should be near completion by the time the summit takes place, the sources say. In the U.S., in particular, the shutdown of the government is paving the way for a major purge. “After the shutdown passes 30 days, Trump can fire federal employees in oppressive agencies like the TSA, IRS, corrupt ones like the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department, and Deep State operatives or Senior Executive Service (SES) mandarins installed by [former U.S. President Barack] Obama,” Pentagon sources note.

Also, “with Federal courts running out of funds on January 18th, military tribunals can begin in earnest,” the sources note.

Furthermore, the purge of the U.S. government continues with Congressman Tom Marino quitting just after re-election because of his involvement in the opioid crisis now raging in the U.S., the sources note.

Plus, the reformed FBI has started probing foreign corruption in Congress, they say. This has already started to bear fruit in the form of the cancellation of various COngressional DELegations (CODELs), “starting with the trip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan,” the sources say.

“Apparently the CODEL was to take orders and bribes from globalists in Brussels, stir up the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and back door into Israel via the Sinai, and prolong drug trafficking in Afghanistan,” the sources say.

The trip to Israel was meant to provide bribes to the CODEL so they could fight to protect U.S. transfer payments to Israel and protect satan-worshiping Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Fortunately, the bribes could not be paid and now the Israelis are finally moving to indict their crime minister. According to Israeli press reports, Israel’s attorney general Avichai Mendelblit will recommend indicting Netanyahu next month.

Meanwhile, the losers gathering in Davos this week can contemplate their failures both in the service of humanity and in the protection of the environment. A report last week by the Institute of International Finance shows that their Babylonian debt slavery system has put a 318% debt-to-GPD burden of $244 trillion on humanity. All of this while 46% of the world’s people live on less than $5.50 a day, and the richest 6 people own as much as the poorest 50%.

And of course, while the super-rich steal from the rest of us, the poorest of the poor are forced to steal from nature, resulting in what is becoming the worst extinction event in the history of this planet. Enough is enough.”


Fascist 4th Reich collapsing as roundup of war criminals continues

Fascist 4th Reich collapsing as

roundup of war criminals






Benjamin Fulford –  January 21, 2018

“The removal of Fuhrer George Bush Sr. has exposed a new layer of mass-murdering fascists in the U.S. and Japan to arrest or sudden death as the war against the satanic Khazarian mafia rages on.

In Japan, fascist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his regime are headed for war crimes tribunals. As a start, French police have charged Tsunekazu Takeda, head of the Japan Olympic Committee, with corruption. This is only the beginning of his legal troubles. Takeda is the son of Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda, a cousin of Emperor Hirohito who was responsible for setting up the notorious germ warfare Unit 731, according to U.S. military police sources in Japan. The Abe regime has also been caught trying to set up their own bioweapons lab disguised as a veterinarian college, the sources say….”





If we all push, 2019 will see final victory against the Khazarian mafia

If we all push, 2019 will see final victory against

the Khazarian mafia

Benjamin Fulford – December 31, 2018

“Many signs indicate that 2019 will be a breakthrough year in the battle against the satan-worshiping Khazarian mafia. Not only have mass arrests begun, but the mass-murdering part of the pharmacidical/medical establishment is finally being taken out as well. Another obvious sign it is no longer business as usual comes from the fact that the U.S. military is being withdrawn from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. And this time the U.S. government shutdown may actually result in formal bankruptcy procedures against the illegal corporate government that has occupied Washington, D.C. since 1871….”


Western civilization heading for a reboot over the holidays, Benjamin Fulford – 12/23/18

NOTE BY NANCY:  THIS REBOOT WILL REVEAL MUCH TRUTH IN ORDER TO CORRECT AND TRANSFORM OUR PLANET.  Actions taken that many have found upsetting will turn out to be actions taken to re-create our world.  For example, President Trump bringing our troops home from numerous countries will turn out  to be because world leaders are moving toward WORLD PEACE.



Benjamin Fulford – 12/23/18

Many signs and confirmations from highly placed sources indicate that a reboot of Western civilization is being planned for 2019. The shutdown of the U.S. government over the holidays, for example, has nothing to do with building a wall, and everything to do with a financial reboot and upcoming military tribunals….”


Secret war centers on SWIFT after George Bush Sr. is executed

Secret war centers on SWIFT after George Bush

Sr. is executed

Benjamin Fulford – 12/10/18

“Since the death of Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George Bush Sr., the battle for control of the world’s financial system, and thus of the process of deciding humanity’s future, is now centering on control of the SWIFT international interbank electronic transfer system….”


In historic move, P2 Freemasons—the Black Sun worshipers—sue for peace

In historic move, P2 Freemasons—the Black Sun

worshipers—sue for peace

Benjamin Fulford – December 3, 2018

“In what future historians will look back on as a huge watershed event, the P2 Freemasons—worshipers of the Black Sun and creators of both fascism and communism—are suing for peace, White Dragon Society sources say. This, coming with the removal of the Rothschild family from control of central banks, means the world is about to enter uncharted historical waters….”



“Jesus Christ to marry Asian Goddess” as East-West secret societies agree to save planet

NOTE BY NANCY:  Jesus marrying Kwan (Guan) Yin is figurative language.  Jesus and Mary Magdalene are Twin Flames and were married during biblical times.  Kwan Yin is the “The feminine aspect of the merciful bodhisattva of China.  She is the eastern Madonna of Mahayana Buddhism just as Mother Mary is the western Madonna of Christianity.”  (

Christianity has not taught us about the Ascended Masters; yet to evolve into  being an Ascended Master is our next step in spiritual evolution.    Try to keep your minds open, as MUCH TRUTH that has not been taught in our churches is revealed.  Our world is about to expand greatly as Jesus taught in Luke 8:17 – “For there is nothing covered which will not be uncovered; and nothing hidden which will not be known and come to light.”  (Lamsa’s translation of the Aramaic (the language of Jesus) of the Peshitta)

Planet Earth is entering the stage of spiritual evolution when all that has remained hidden from WE THE PEOPLE will be made known to all.   To learn of the Ascended Masters will be a part of what is revealed.  You can read some to the teachings of Ascended Masters at:


“Jesus Christ to marry Asian Goddess” as East-West secret societies agree to save planet

Benjamin Fulford – November 12, 2018

“For the first time in history, Eastern and Western secret societies have agreed to work together for the benefit of the planet, secret society sources say.  As one Western secret society source put it, “Jesus Christ is going to get married to Guan Yin [the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy].”

The result is that unlimited funding is going to be made available to fund projects to help the living creatures of this planet, human and otherwise, the sources say. However, since we are entering historically uncharted waters, it will probably take a few months before the actual work can begin, the sources say….”



The GoldFish Report No. 281 Exclusive: Red Dragon Ambassador & White Dragon Benjamin Fulford

The GoldFish Report No. 281 Exclusive: Red Dragon Ambassador & White Dragon Benjamin Fulford

“Louisa and Co-host Steve interview the spokes person for the Red Dragon Family, The Ambassador, and the White Dragon Society spokesperson Benjamin Fulford, for a discussion about the present economy, financial system, geopolitics and what some of the obstacles have been to fulfilling the 555 Mission for Humanity that the Ambassador introduced over four years ago.

Benjamin explains a new system is possible and one that can operate parallel to the Belt and Road Initiative. The Ambassador discusses the remit and Surrender progress of the Old Guard and how it has been underway to make way for global economic prosperity and egalitarianism. Benjamin agrees that the draining of the D.C swamp is where change has to happen first to trickle to other regions in the world. This interview is packed with wisdom and perspective from Behind the Scenes , insider perspectives who want a better world for all people. It gives you an insight as to how the real decision makers of the world think and where they may need to rethink playing God. Also, Louisa announces The GoldFish report Road to the White House Fund Drive and encourages viewers who wish to see The GoldFish Social Media reporting from The White House. To contribute please visit these links to pay pal or Patreon on our website at There will be Iive streams and special interviews from the White House from the Alternative media, finally!! Only the viewers can make this happen since this is a commercial-free, viewer supported social media channel.”  (Louisa)


The GoldFish Report No. 281 Exclusive: Red Dragon Ambassador & White Dragon Benjamin Fulford

The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination By Benjamin Fulford – October 8, 2018

The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination.

By Benjamin Fulford  – October 8, 2018

The Khazarian mafia have been torturing, murdering, and cannibalizing children on a horrific scale, and the world is about to find out as military tribunals begin.  Some very disturbing images and testimony sent by the New York Police Department and the CIA show just how evil the Khazarian mafia really is.  These people are beyond truth and reconciliation and do not deserve even a quick death.

Let us start with FBI statistics on missing children in the U.S., so that skeptics can prevent the sheer evil of these deeds from shutting their minds.  In 2015, 442,032 juveniles went missing;  of these, 42,032 were not found.

By comparison, in the same year in Japan 17,971 children (the equivalent of 44,927 in the U.S. when adjusted for population difference) went missing, and close to 99% of these children were found.


I am omitting pictures depicting the truth that make me, and most likely you, want to vomit.   You may see them at:



The prosecution of these criminals is set to finally start now that the U.S. military government backing President Donald Trump has secured a majority on the Supreme Court with the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Pentagon sources say.  “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already met with the real special prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Huber in Utah, so that the 57,000 indictments may be unsealed,” the sources explain.

“The seating of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court should unleash declassification of FISA and other documents as well as military tribunals,” the sources say.  Furthermore, they add, “The Senate unanimously approved a resolution calling for declassification of 9/11 documents, so the stage is set to take down the Zionists and the deep state.”

Another aspect to starting the prosecution of these criminals is the ongoing U.S./Russian military action against the rogue state of Israel, the sources say.  In particular, “Russian electronic warfare is aimed ….”


The rest of Benjamin’s Report will be posted on Thursday, 9/11/18.  Only members receive the entire report on Monday.  Out of respect for Benjamin’s dedicated work (which has involved numerous death threats) in compiling these weekly reports, posting of his entire report is postponed to Thursdays.  Paid subscriptions provide a financial means for him to continue his work.  Benjamin is the former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine.  His website is:

We, who are presently incarnated on Earth, are here for a reason!  Our souls wanted to incarnate and be present during this “never before in human history” transformation of our world from one of Darkness into Light!  WE ARE HERE TO HELP IN THIS TRANSFORMATION!

Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile originally wrote this song for children suffering the ravages of cancer.  It’s message is also an essential one for ALL OF US as we assist in transforming our world from one of darkness into Light!