Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth


Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth

When I first began searching for some answers about life that made sense to me, very little information was available. There were no metaphysical book stores in many cities. We did not have the internet. As a result, what we believed about life was very restrictive. “Show me the proof” was an acceptable request because our knowledge was largely limited to what our five lower senses could tell us. In the early 1980s, many had no concept of our most valuable 6th sense—our Intuitive Mind.

As far as knowledge about the unseen world goes, many Westerns are only about 35 years old. However, this is rapidly changing and the doors to a fascinating, unknown cosmos is being opened for all to experience!

dolores-cannonDelores Cannon, who returned to spirit on October 19, 2014, began her work at a time when few in the Western world had heard of reincarnation. Even today, in 2015, many will state they do not believe in reincarnation … that humanity has only one life to live and we better make the most of the time we have.

We are like little chickens breaking out of our tiny shell and emerging into a world that possesses only hints of the magnitude of life as it truly is.

Listening to this lecture by Delores Cannon—delivered in the early 2000s—will give you an excellent preview of the ever-expanding understanding of life within the cosmos. She speaks of the waves of volunteers agreeing to incarnate on Earth in order to serve and, how many have a very difficult time adjusting to life on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.

Many of us are the parents, grandparents, and teachers of these waves of volunteers. Many are actually members of the volunteer groups. Even while we may be conscious of only our daily lives on planet Earth, we are still members of a cosmic community.

NOW is the time to walk an ever-expanding Path to Knowledge & Understanding of our Cosmic Community! This lecture is an introduction to much that we do not know we do not know!

Dolores Cannon The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth





FOLKS, THE EVENTS  TAKING PLACE NOW REQUIRE  THAT  WE UNDERSTAND LIFE AFTER DEATH.  I hear people immediately respond to an unfamiliar idea with “I don’t believe that” … OR … “That’s negative and if we focus on the negative bad things happen to us.”  These two statements hold us prisoner to the 3rd dimensional understanding of the Truth about Eternal Life.  Viewing YOUR life as eternal and learning to understand the ramifications of living eternally requires a 99.9% turnaround from our 3rd dimensional concepts of life.  The following short  video of Delores Cannon’s lecture on “Life After Death” serves as an introduction to a much more open comprehension of Eternal Life.  The very meaning of “eternal” = no beginning and no end.  Think about that!  How does it change your concept of YOUR life and of all others?

Sadly, Christianity has taught “only those who are saved have eternal life.”  At the same time, Christian doctrine states that IF you are not saved, you will burn for eternity in hell.  See the contradiction?  According to Christian doctrine, Eternal Life is present whether you are “saved” or not.  (I’m familiar only with Christianity, so cannot speak to the other religions.)  However, I dare say that we ALL need to expand our understanding of Eternal Life and how it impacts the manner in which we live this present incarnation.