An Aquarian Masterpiece — Mozart’s 41st Symphony – The Jupiter

An Aquarian Masterpiece — Mozart’s 41st Symphony – The Jupiter

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Waltz Your Way Into The Age Of Aquarius: FEEL THE LOVE

If Lightbearers had to have a piece of music that exemplifies the new Age of Aquarius, the 41st Symphony or Jupiter by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would be the perfect fit. This magnificent symphony exudes vibrations of Brotherhood, freedom, and equality.

It was also the last symphony the composer wrote. By most accounts, Mozart was near the bottom when he composed it. It was the summer of 1788. The creative composer was completely broke, in debt, and had lost a good part of his fan base. (Oh, the fickleness of the public.)

In addition, his newborn daughter had just died, and his native Austria was fighting an awful war with Turkey. Things were bleak indeed for this 32 year old genius, who would die only a few years later.

In spite of his challenging life, this persevering, prolific composer penned the unforgettable JUPITER in a very short period of time. Many call it Mozart’s greatest symphony. This Maestro never let life’s challenges keep his creativity imprisoned. He always rose above harsh circumstances.

Capture the TRUE spirit of the Age of Aquarius by listening to the musical vibrations of Mozart’s 41,st and be baptized into the New Age! I would even suggest putting on the You Tube rendition below. As you listen — do something radical and different – dance around the house. FEEL the Aquarian energies! BECOME them!