YOUR CELESTIAL NAME Is displayed in your esoteric astrological natal chart. Part 1 of Medical Astrology


Is displayed in your esoteric astrological natal chart.

Part 1 of Medical Astrology

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My career as a vocation rehabilitation counselor literally drove me to study esoteric astrology. It was my job to guide severely handicapped individuals into a fulfilling vocation where they could become independent, productive citizens. I was repeatedly asked by these individuals “Why did God make me like this?” Not knowing the answer to their questions sent me on a journey of discovery that would not let me rest until I found some satisfying answers and the means for these individuals to overcome their challenges.

I found these answers by studying esoteric astrology. Now that I no longer have the time to personally interpret natal charts, I have placed a series of free lessons in esoteric astrology on my website. Interested individuals can discovery very meaningful information about themselves by studying these lessons and following the instructions given. These lessons are located at:

Dane Rudhyar, an internationally known astrologer, calls the natal chart the individual’s celestial name. It is a map of the soul that, if used correctly, guides the person in selecting the most beneficial ways to live out this earth plane existence.

A God of love will not allow us to incarnate into a physical body without also providing the means by which we can know the divine plan for our lives. Astrology is one of these means. It is a science of soul transformation. The natal chart reveals our unique positive and negative aspects. We utilize the chart correctly when we use our freewill to choose to focus on and develop the positive aspects. As we do so, the negative aspects act as lessons to be learned. If we choose to be lazy and simply allow life to happen to us, the negative aspects may become our predominant personality characteristics. We may never realize the positive aspects.

God’s love for us is evident in the configuration of the natal chart. I have seen some very difficult charts, but inevitably the positive aspects or influences of strength needed to overcome obstacles are always present. Having access to our natal chart gives us an overview of the possibilities in our lives. We can then freely choose the way in which we relate to these alternatives. We can live with our eyes open, rather than stumble around in the dark, wondering what purpose our lives have.

I felt God’s loving presence as I constructed a natal chart, the old way, without access to computer software to do it for me. Astrology is based upon an intimate interconnection with the entire universe. This universal connection is mirrored to us in myriad intricate ways; the planets and stars in our universe are one of these ways. Just as the Moon affects the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, so the planets and stars in our universe affect us. I find it comforting to know that I am a vital part of the universe. I have a celestial name given to me by the universe in which I live. The young man with cerebral palsy has a celestial name. The college student, rendered a quadriplegic in a car accident, has a celestial name. Even the small boy, locked in a distorted body without the ability to speak, has a celestial name. God does not allow those, born with deformities of body or minds challenged in their ability to comprehend, to enter this physical life without a means of learning their celestial name. And in that name can be found purpose and meaning in their present lives. Feel the difference it makes when we realize these young people have a celestial name … when you recognize you have a celestial name.

Our Mother/Father God is Absolute Love.

If we look at life and question this Universal Truth—Mother/Father God is Absolute Love—we have not found Truth. Keep searching. Truth does not have room for answers that involve repression of our real gut feelings or refusal to ask questions because, as many Christians are taught, “it may cause me to lose my faith.” If your faith will not allow you to ask probing questions in your search for understanding, you have not yet discovered Truth.

Continue your search.

Universal Truth stands alone with no need of defense or manipulative behavior, such as repression of our curiosity. Universal Truth cannot be toppled. Statements such as “my truth” simply mean “this is my understanding of the One Universal Truth at this point in time.” It expresses the need to continue searching for Truth.

In the West, we have heretofore been advocates of empirical science. If we cannot see it and prove it, we tend to dismiss it as non-existent or superstition. We say, “Only the uneducated fool would dabble in astrology, magic, or divination.” We, then, lift our heads in a display of intellectual superiority.

When we do so, we ignore historical facts. Our Western history books have hidden the history of astrology under the category of astronomy. The heavenly configurations have fascinated humanity from its earliest beginning.

Astrology and astronomy were established as sciences around 5000 B.C.E. in Chaldea and Babylonia. Many of the great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers. Our Western history books simply call them philosophers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, theologians, politicians, mathematicians—ignoring the fact that astrology played a major role in their lives and thinking.

Some unknown to us astrologers were: Pythagoras, Empedocles, Plato, Socrates, & Aristotle.

From the earliest times, doctors of medicine were fascinated by the science of astrology. Hippocrates, born around 460 B.C.E. and known as the “Father of Medicine,” used astrology as the most scientific means of diagnosis available to the Greek physicians of his time. The Hippocratic School of Medicine focused on the study of the natal chart to determine the specific make-up of their patients. Galen, born in 30 C.E., is called the “Father of Experimental Physiology.” His treatise Prognostication of Disease by Astrology resulted in widespread knowledge of astrological medicine. A synthesis of medical thought and astrological medical knowledge, Galen’s books dominated the field of medicine for 1500 years.

Additional unknown to us astrologers were Ptolemy, Dante, & Roger Bacon, who taught: Medical astrology is valid because the functions of the physical body are determined by the influence of the stars.

Thomas Aquinas is still considered to be one the great Christian theologians. He placed importance upon the science of astrology in the study of natural science. According to Aquinas, God rules the inferior creatures—our earthly bodies—through superior creatures—the stars.

***Both Bacon and Aquinas believed the rational soul of humanity and the gift of freewill to be exempt from stellar influence. This exemption reminds us that we give away our inalienable sovereign power as god-children when we choose to give absolute power to the transits of planets and stars. Transits influence our lives in accordance with the amount of ruling power we choose to give them. ***

Paracelsus and Jerome Cardan were also unknown to us astrologers.

In the late 15th century, the Roman church condemned astrology. Yet astrology continued to influence the greatest of minds. Among these is Nostradamus, a physician and astrologer born in 1503. Two great English scientists and astrologers were Edmond Halley, born in 1656, and Isaac Newton, born around 1642.

The list of great minds continues. Shakespeare, an astrologer in addition to being a playwright, depicted his characters using astrology correctly. William Lilly, born in 1602, and Nicholas Culpepper, born in the early 1600’s, were physicians who used medical astrology. Though modern astronomers seek to ignore the fact, Copernicus, Kepler (the “founder of modern astronomy and astrology”), and Galileo were all astrologers.

Born in 1596, Descartes believed it important to record the positions of the planets at the moment of birth because immediately after birth, the brain tissues set themselves and conserve throughout life the first impressions they received. Today, astrologers use the exact birth time usually recorded on our birth certificate.

During the four hundred years since Descartes, the empirically based scientific Western community has sought to deny the validity of astrology. However, it has been unable to prove any falsehoods in astrological beliefs. Instead, an increasing number of scientists are actually studying the impact of the stars and planets upon humanity.

World renown psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that “synchronicity” explains how astrology works. Planets do not cause certain events. Instead, they are symbols of cosmic forces. The patterns they form synchronize with events on our planet Earth. In later life, Jung used the natal chart as a tool for working with his patients.

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I present this brief history of astrology, particularly medical astrology, in order to gradually provide you with information that should assist you in maintaining good health and physical weight suiting your body type. This information will consist of the Cell Salt for each Zodiac Sun Sign and a list of the major foods containing that cell salt. Homeopathic medicine now uses the 12 cell salts as one means of maintaining good health and the healing of physical conditions. However, I do not know if or how much information attributed to medical astrology is recognized in homeopathic medicine.