Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel


I wrote most of this article two years ago and today it came up in  my facebook memories.  Although legally, America has come a long way during the past two years, we still hear many comments about breaking up the traditional family unit by allowing same sex marriage.  The individual who is termed gay or lesbian often lives a life of pain due to appearing to be different from others.

As we enter the New Aquarian Golden Age, thinking in terms of each individual being the current expression of his/her Eternal Self is the Way of Truth and Love.

Religious leaders have taught “One Life to Live,” resulting in myriad problems.  To deny people the study of reincarnation–and esoteric astrology–is the ultimate nefarious mode of mind control.  In so doing, the individual is robbed of the true knowledge of his/her ETERNAL SELF.  Conditions that are actually an important stage of the spiritual evolutionary journey are viewed as something is wrong or different about me.   A very legitimate question then becomes, “Why did God single me out and make me like this?”

We are all eternal Souls … every one of us has been male in numerous lifetimes; female in numerous other lifetimes.   As we seek to evolve back into our original created state of being androgynous, the Soul chooses to incarnate as the opposite sex in order to perfect the qualities of that gender.   In doing so, the Soul continues to loves those it has always loved … regardless of the gender.  In our ignorance of reincarnation, we turn this normal process of spiritual evolution into a basis for all types of horrific discriminatory behavior.

We all walk the same spiritual evolutionary path … we were all created to be androgynous beings (“male and female he created them –Genesis 1:27). It was only later that the sexes were separated into male and female physical bodies: “for Adam there was not found a helper who was equal to him…. And of the rib which the Lord God had taken from Adam he made a woman.” (Genesis 2:20,22) These symbolic stories reveal the stages within your and my spiritual evolutionary journey.  Androgyny is the ultimate goal–achieving the ability to express both female (nurturing, empathetic, loving, sharing) and masculine (strength, independence, integrity. logic) qualities.

To teach “One Life to Live” is simply one more tool used by the those attempting to control the world (which includes many religious leaders) to enslave humanity with fear of death and to create separation and differences that often result in discrimination and inhumane treatment.  Look up the definition of androgynous.  Instead of describing the height of spiritual evolution, the term is defined as pertaining to the physical body alone.  The fact that we are multi-dimensional beings is not mentioned and very likely unknown to the writers.  The very information–that could eliminate untold suffering for many–is denied to them.

Is this The Way of Love?

As we create the Golden Age on Earth, the study of reincarnation–and esoteric astrology–will once more become the marvelous tools for KNOWING OUR ETERNAL SELF that they truly  are!

This IS the Way of Love!