“Using the Tools of Enslavement as Tools of Liberation”

“Using the Tools of Enslavement as Tools of Liberation”

NOTE BY NANCY:  The quote I am using as the title of Michael’s article is his quote within the article.  I am using it to entitle this blog containing his article because it seems to me to best  express that I and many feel to be the explanation of why I and many others feel is missing in the traditional concept of New Age thinking of focusing on the good.  The problem has been, in my estimation, that many focus on the good and ignore the bad (of dark).

We incarnated into a world of opposites to learn how to “use the tools of enslavement as tolls of liberation.”  We defeat our soul goal in incarnating on Earth if we simply focus on one extreme of the Opposites–we learn nothing.   As a former Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, I had to learn to see the barriers entailed in having to cope with some sort of impendiment  to normal functioning and figure out a way to help my client create a means of living a self-supporting , self-fulfilling lifestyle in spite of having to deal with an impediment.

The first step in dealing with the impediment was to look at it … know how it would continue to impede future actions … and THEN, help my client to use the tools of her/his impediment as tools of self-sufficiency.  An example can be seen in a true story of a former client, a woman who had had to have both legs amputated  to the hips due to gangrene.  Together, we decided what she would like to do–be a seamstress.  So I, as her counselor, had a sewing machine remodeled so that she could operate the machine with her hands.  She could, therefore, use the tools of her impediment (her hands) as tools of liberation to self-sufficiency.

I could not have helped this client without first being aware of her impediment (as the negative).  This is why all the negative events/conditions on our planet that have been hidden must now be revealed to the public–so we, as citizens, can figure out how to  “Use the tools of our enslavement as tools of our liberation.”




Out of the darkest hour – Comes the brightest light

Michael Tellinger- 31 Dec 2017

“Imagine growing up in a family where one day your parents tell you that they love you, and the next day they tell you that they hate you, and that you are ugly and bad. This results in serious mental emotional trauma and psychological disturbances in your personality. There are many people who experience this kind of trauma for long periods of their lives. It is unimaginable to me – that someone could be exposed to such torture.

On a larger scale, all of humanity is treated in the same way by our leaders and the global elite who run the world. It is critical to recognize how humanity has been manipulated and lied to for millennia by the royal-political elite. Because of these lies and deceptions, humanity is deeply scarred, and traumatized and divided. And because the lies are cunningly mixed in with pinches of truth throughout all our lives, and all of history, it becomes very difficult to separate the lies from the truth. This is a perfect tool of psychological warfare and control over the people….”

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