David Wilcock 9-15-19 FB post… “Major, major life shifts for the positive are happening”

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This came out a few days ago, and I’d intended to post earlier. There is some information in here, which may be of interest to a few readers.

I feel the title of this post sums up what many have been experiencing these past few weeks, months. Major life shifts, healings, addressing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues, which have been (amazingly) “brought into the open” for resolution.

“Major, major life shifts for the positive are happening. We are also on the verge of great Alliance advancements. I very likely will be coming out with an article some time this week, so stay tuned!

“Pete [Peterson]’s death was just one aspect of what has been a very difficult road of mass betrayal, cord-cutting and healing. [see Joan Wheaton’s notes, for more info.]

“As a result of very recent efforts I have made, I am truly psychopath-free for the first time…

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