Nancy Detweiler

Thinking of the life I’ve lived for 76 years as an Aquarian … out of the box … puzzling people … worrying family and friends … refusing to settle into a routine, 8-5 kind of life. And as I look back, I consider myself to be one of the richest individuals on the planet! So many people … so many places … so many tears … so many times of rejoicing … so many times of feeling personal fulfillment … my “bucket of things to do” is empty–I’ve done everything I’ve dreamed of doing!

Had I not done it My Way, my bucket would very likely still be at least half full. Give yourself the same gift! BE WHO YOU ARE!

I listen to this song repeatedly and consider the applause as every one in the audience applauding themselves if they have lived as the unique being he/she is, OR if not, applauding the dream they hold for their own lives–if only they had the courage to follow their OWN WAY.

Just to be clear, when we allow the uniqueness of who we were created to be to find expression, we are not only doing it My Way, but God’s desire to express thru each of us in our own Unique Way!

And now, in 2014, I look forward to reuniting with my Twin Flame and moving forward on the spiritual Path with my beloved!  So many of you will do the same as our Galactic Family openly joins us on Earth!