“Vladimir Putin is considered to be the most important geopolitical player in the last 40 years – under his administration, Russia’s profile has risen to a level not seen since the days of the Soviet Union. While many have analyzed Putin’s background from historical sources, I am always interested in the esoteric view and thought it would be informative to see what I could find in Mr. Putin’s numbers.

I work with Numerology professionally and have found it to be 100% percent accurate. Given only two pieces of information, the Birth Name and Date of Birth, a clear personality profile can be calculated, giving insight into one’s motivations, character and innate qualities. More simply put, we can consider numerology to be an archetypal ‘personality test’ that indicates the inner motivations of a person that may not be apparent from publicly available sources….”

READ MORE:  http://www.akaida.com/blog/putin-numerology-rise-of-the-philosopher-king


I did the same thing with esoteric astrology, which is also a very accurate science revealing the Soul Mission of an individual for the present lifetime.  I also spent a week researching present lifetime evidence of the truth of various elements found in Putin’s natal chart.  You may read it here:  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/who-is-vladimir-putin-sabian-symbols-for-vladimir-putin-as-revealed-in-his-astrological-birth-chart/




Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

nature spirits wih nature[i]

 purple flowers httpwww.azaret.combg%D0%A1%D0%B0%D0%B9%D1%82ascension_in_20124854


Our loving Mother/Father God created a glorious, loving world in which her/his god-children could live and evolve into Adult Creator Gods. All of creation is conscious and has something to teach us, if we will listen, because the Love energy of Mother/Father God is present within all of creation … it is the breath we breathe, the life force granting life to all created form.

Humanity can listen to the Word of Mother/Father God by attuning to a tree, a flower, a sparkling flowing stream. Nature is Mother/Father God’s Bible. As we listen to nature, we listen to beauty … to love … to healing sounds. Our souls are nourished by the color vibrations within nature. Nature, as Mother/Father God’s Word, teaches: God is Unconditional Love … God is beauty … God is ever-present with us as soothing, loving, healing energy.

In contrast, reading the Bible, believed by many to be the Word of God, we read of violence … of revenge … blood sacrifices. We often feel fear, apprehension, dread of getting too close to God. However, interpersed throughout the Bible are nuggets of inspiration—there is nowhere where God is not present. Sadly, many tend to view the Bible as the only, complete and therefore final word of God. When that is the case, we close our minds and hearts to receiving the gifts Mother/Father God offers us through nature. In fact, the teaching that the Bible is the only and complete Word of God led to the “God is Dead” theory in the 1960s. “If God no longer speaks to us, then He must be dead” was the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn.

One of the inspirational stories within the Bible tells of Jesus healing a blind man by making clay of the dust of the Earth and his spittle, then placing it over the blind man’s eyes. Jesus used natural substances to heal.[iii] A woman touched the hem of his garment and was healed by energy transfer.[iv] He spoke, and the Roman centurion’s servant was healed.[v]

Listen to the angelic voice of a 9 yr. old girl … feel the healing energy in her voice … become conscious of yourself and people in the audience shredding tears—tears of healing and thanksgiving for God’s gift of healing sound coming to you through an angelic child, Amira Willighagen. Music and sound can be an instrument of healing. Amira has never had a voice lesson. She is using a talent she chose to bring with her into the present incarnation.

Unknowingly, many turn away from God’s natural supply of healing modalities and the avenues through which they can listen to the Word of God. Every facet of nature is cared for by an angelic spirit.

Tree angel[vi]

Angelic god of trees

 mountain god


Angelic god of a mountain

  god of ocean


Angelic god of the Pacific Ocean

 Feel the beauty of a loving Mother/Father God as you walk in nature. Corrine Heline, a clairvoyant and daughter of the family who founded Duke University in North Carolina, interpreted the entire Bible at the hidden wisdom level. She has also written that she can hear music as the grass grows; she hears instrumental music and sees its color vibrations filling the air. Mother/Father God’s Word is beauty, love, healing, peace. We do God a terrible injustice when we proclaim an unforgiving God of violence, who clings to grudges for eternity. One and the same God cannot create such unfathomable beauty and healing while at the same time displaying the violence, the anger of the God portrayed in the biblical text.

Precious gemstones are another of Mother/Father God’s gifts of healing. All of Mother/Father God’s creation has purpose and some level of consciousness. As Physics 101 teaches: “Everything is Energy.” To be characterized as Inanimate simply means not capable of life as humans know it. We can communicate with all things. I long ago began naming my cars and thanking them for being faithful and dependable. At one point in my life, my car ran for several days on an empty tank of gas. (Just one of many unexplainable miracles in my life—the gas meter was not broken.)

tumbledhealingstonesflickr“Color carries the properties of light so it has the capacity to penetrate everything, even our bodies, and it initiates balancing mechanisms. This makes it a very effective healer. For centuries, color has been determined to dramatically affect health, inner harmony and even emotions. With the effective use of its medical or healing properties, it has established a holistic healing method called color therapy.” [ix]

The more we study nature, the closer to our Mother/Father God we become. The Word of God in Nature is gentle, loving, healing to our energy field or aura.

Sorrowfully, the acceptance of the violent, vengeful, punishing God presented to us by religion has led to the human creations resembling our view of God. We turn our backs on all the gentle beauty of nature and instead, commit acts that are destroying our planet. We experience violence in nature because one of the Universal Laws is “Like Attracts Like.” As a result of not knowing and understanding the Universal Laws, we tend to blame God for so much of what happens, often accepting it as punishment.

Our loving God Parents did not create us as beings separate from them. All of us are connected to our God Parents by an umbilical cord of Light, the silver cord mentioned in Ecclesiastes.[x] We are not just our physical bodies. We are Divine Beings—temples of our indwelling God. This chart of our Divine Self reveals what are interpenetrating parts of our being—our lower bodies—the physical, emotional, mental (our lower mind-the intellect); our Higher or Christ Self, including our Intuitive Mind; and our I AM PRESENCE. The Silver Cord extends from our heart chakra to our Higher Self to our I AM PRESENCE We have a direct connection to our indwelling God. We are never alone or separated from our Mother/Father God. Divine-Real-Self-Presence-WhyamIhere-ElizabethClareProphet-www-tsl-orgWe forget, or do not know, that each one of us is an integral part of our loving Mother/Father God’s Divine Plan for the Cosmos. Yes, within the constantly expanding cosmos, each of us has a Celestial Name.[xi]

planets 2[xii]

Talking with the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, God reveals to him: “Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you; and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and ordained you a prophet to the nations.[xiii] Jeremiah is relating his own experience; however, each of us have, likewise, been lovingly prepared for each incarnation. Our Spirit Guides assist each of us in planning which talents our Soul desires to develop and use; which lessons our Soul plans to learn, and through which experiences we choose to learn them; and anything else we want to accomplish during the forthcoming incarnation. Not a single one of us is an accident; we are known by Mother/Father God prior to leaving the heavenly realms and we enter physical incarnation possessing a unique Celestial Name and Soul Contract. As an additional indication of Mother/Father God’s Unconditional Love for each of us, our Spirit Guides make sure we do not take on more for any one incarnation than we can successfully accomplish! The only way we can fail is to refuse—knowingly or unknowingly—to walk the Path our Soul has mapped out for us. At that point, failure can alert us that we have veered off our Soul’s Path, or that we are not even attempting to follow our Soul’s Path. Asking our Intuitive Mind, “What am I to learn from this experience?” can be a very helpful way to stay on our Soul’s Path!

Our loving Mother/Father God did not leave us without a way to know our role in the Divine Plan. We can look to the heavens. All human beings are born into physical incarnation under one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Biblical zodiac[xiv]

 As you read about each sign below, notice that the zodiac signs take you through the process of spiritual evolution, which is achieved in a spiraling circle, taking us through each of the 12 zodiac signs numerous times—granting us the opportunity to enhance our spiritual maturity via each incarnation’s basic soul purpose and taking as long as we need. This process of spiraling growth is what Jesus referred to when he stated: “He who believes in me [i.e. wants to achieve Christed Consciousness] shall do the works which I do, and even greater than these things he shall do, because I am going to my Father.” [xv] In other words Jesus knew his ascension was approaching. The hidden wisdom within the biblical story of Jesus’ life was a symbolic physical manifestation of each stage required in our own ascension process. Our loving Mother/Father God sent a Wayshower to Earth to reveal to us the Pathway to Ascension.[xvi] Spiraling growth

Each sign reveals in a general way the Basic Soul Purpose of the particular lifetime. The Basic Soul Purpose for each zodiac sign is:

Aries – To establish a separate identity; to be a “birthplace of ideas.”

 Taurus – To establish a sense of true meaning and value in life.

 Gemini – To learn through a variety of experiences.

 CancerTo find and stabilize your own inner anchor.

 Leo – To search for wholeness within Self, the developing of a strong sense of unique individuality, the knowledge of Self as a Part of the Whole.  Leo’s inherent creativity is to flow from the well of self-awareness in an individualized form.  Leo is to be all he/she can be.

 Virgo – The search for meaningful service.   Virgo works to create/implement forms for the externalization of the Soul onto the physical plane.  Virgo asks, “How can I express the Christed Consciousness within my daily work and lifestyle?”

Libra – The search for the soul mate.  Libra is learning to perceive right values and to make perfect judgment in dealing with others.  Libra is attempting to balance the polarities of life, especially as they relate to the masculine and feminine energies.

Scorpio – A Scorpio incarnation is an arduous one involving the search for transformation.  Scorpio incarnated to win the battle of Armageddon within self, to engage in the struggles between the lower self’s desires and passions – and – the soul-centered Self.

Sagittarius – The search for wisdom.  Sagittarius offers the opportunity for the individual to orient self to some lofty objective—one which will unfold a still higher goal and grant a conscious direction in life.

Capricorn – A Capricorn incarnation is one of initiation—the “gateway through which the Accepted Disciple, having walked the Path of life through nine tests (or zodiac signs), is now ready to culminate her/his journey and ascend to the Mountaintop.” (Alan Oken) Capricorn is the pathway to Transfiguration.

Aquarius– An Aquarian incarnation is one in which he/she is to be the “Waterbearer” to humanity.  Aquarius’ goal is the figurative “baptizing” of others with his philosophy of life.  When the traveler reaches Aquarius, the meaning, beauty, and function of the group becomes increasingly apparent.  Life is led as a conscious service to humanity and to “Those Who Also Serve.”

Pisces – A Pisces incarnation is one in which she/he struggles with duality, especially the struggle of fusing the personality with the Soul/Higher Self.  Pluto, as her/his soul level ruler, provides the necessary destruction of old forms from previous incarnations so that renewal may take place as the soul returns into a new cycle as Aries.  Pisces is both the culmination of a cycle and preparation for a new cycle on the spiritual evolutionary spiral.

Note that the first 4 zodiac signs’ basic Soul purpose involves the stages of growth that prepare us for higher and more complicated service to others. It is right that each of us first take time to develop into a mature adult as preparation for greater service. Remember, our Soul growth occurs through the zodiac signs at an ever-higher level of the spiral. Being born into Aries does NOT mean you are a less mature Soul. It means you are ready to begin a new cycle of growth. Competition is not a part of a loving Mother/Father God’s Divine Plan.

the new youThe New You

 The ways in which our Mother/Father God reveal and demonstrate their Unconditional Love for every one of their children are innumerable. It is time for us to re-vamp our concept of God from One who partakes of violence to One who is Absolute, Unconditional Love revealing Self through the Word of Nature in its unending variety and beauty!

As we transform our concept of God, we will also transform our planet into one of love, beauty, and peace. Our concept of God directly impacts the way we behave toward our planet and its inhabitants!


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YOUR CELESTIAL NAME Is displayed in your esoteric astrological natal chart. Part 1 of Medical Astrology


Is displayed in your esoteric astrological natal chart.

Part 1 of Medical Astrology

Horoscope circle

My career as a vocation rehabilitation counselor literally drove me to study esoteric astrology. It was my job to guide severely handicapped individuals into a fulfilling vocation where they could become independent, productive citizens. I was repeatedly asked by these individuals “Why did God make me like this?” Not knowing the answer to their questions sent me on a journey of discovery that would not let me rest until I found some satisfying answers and the means for these individuals to overcome their challenges.

I found these answers by studying esoteric astrology. Now that I no longer have the time to personally interpret natal charts, I have placed a series of free lessons in esoteric astrology on my website. Interested individuals can discovery very meaningful information about themselves by studying these lessons and following the instructions given. These lessons are located at:


Dane Rudhyar, an internationally known astrologer, calls the natal chart the individual’s celestial name. It is a map of the soul that, if used correctly, guides the person in selecting the most beneficial ways to live out this earth plane existence.

A God of love will not allow us to incarnate into a physical body without also providing the means by which we can know the divine plan for our lives. Astrology is one of these means. It is a science of soul transformation. The natal chart reveals our unique positive and negative aspects. We utilize the chart correctly when we use our freewill to choose to focus on and develop the positive aspects. As we do so, the negative aspects act as lessons to be learned. If we choose to be lazy and simply allow life to happen to us, the negative aspects may become our predominant personality characteristics. We may never realize the positive aspects.

God’s love for us is evident in the configuration of the natal chart. I have seen some very difficult charts, but inevitably the positive aspects or influences of strength needed to overcome obstacles are always present. Having access to our natal chart gives us an overview of the possibilities in our lives. We can then freely choose the way in which we relate to these alternatives. We can live with our eyes open, rather than stumble around in the dark, wondering what purpose our lives have.

I felt God’s loving presence as I constructed a natal chart, the old way, without access to computer software to do it for me. Astrology is based upon an intimate interconnection with the entire universe. This universal connection is mirrored to us in myriad intricate ways; the planets and stars in our universe are one of these ways. Just as the Moon affects the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, so the planets and stars in our universe affect us. I find it comforting to know that I am a vital part of the universe. I have a celestial name given to me by the universe in which I live. The young man with cerebral palsy has a celestial name. The college student, rendered a quadriplegic in a car accident, has a celestial name. Even the small boy, locked in a distorted body without the ability to speak, has a celestial name. God does not allow those, born with deformities of body or minds challenged in their ability to comprehend, to enter this physical life without a means of learning their celestial name. And in that name can be found purpose and meaning in their present lives. Feel the difference it makes when we realize these young people have a celestial name … when you recognize you have a celestial name.

Our Mother/Father God is Absolute Love.

If we look at life and question this Universal Truth—Mother/Father God is Absolute Love—we have not found Truth. Keep searching. Truth does not have room for answers that involve repression of our real gut feelings or refusal to ask questions because, as many Christians are taught, “it may cause me to lose my faith.” If your faith will not allow you to ask probing questions in your search for understanding, you have not yet discovered Truth.

Continue your search.

Universal Truth stands alone with no need of defense or manipulative behavior, such as repression of our curiosity. Universal Truth cannot be toppled. Statements such as “my truth” simply mean “this is my understanding of the One Universal Truth at this point in time.” It expresses the need to continue searching for Truth.

In the West, we have heretofore been advocates of empirical science. If we cannot see it and prove it, we tend to dismiss it as non-existent or superstition. We say, “Only the uneducated fool would dabble in astrology, magic, or divination.” We, then, lift our heads in a display of intellectual superiority.

When we do so, we ignore historical facts. Our Western history books have hidden the history of astrology under the category of astronomy. The heavenly configurations have fascinated humanity from its earliest beginning.

Astrology and astronomy were established as sciences around 5000 B.C.E. in Chaldea and Babylonia. Many of the great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers. Our Western history books simply call them philosophers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, theologians, politicians, mathematicians—ignoring the fact that astrology played a major role in their lives and thinking.

Some unknown to us astrologers were: Pythagoras, Empedocles, Plato, Socrates, & Aristotle.

From the earliest times, doctors of medicine were fascinated by the science of astrology. Hippocrates, born around 460 B.C.E. and known as the “Father of Medicine,” used astrology as the most scientific means of diagnosis available to the Greek physicians of his time. The Hippocratic School of Medicine focused on the study of the natal chart to determine the specific make-up of their patients. Galen, born in 30 C.E., is called the “Father of Experimental Physiology.” His treatise Prognostication of Disease by Astrology resulted in widespread knowledge of astrological medicine. A synthesis of medical thought and astrological medical knowledge, Galen’s books dominated the field of medicine for 1500 years.

Additional unknown to us astrologers were Ptolemy, Dante, & Roger Bacon, who taught: Medical astrology is valid because the functions of the physical body are determined by the influence of the stars.

Thomas Aquinas is still considered to be one the great Christian theologians. He placed importance upon the science of astrology in the study of natural science. According to Aquinas, God rules the inferior creatures—our earthly bodies—through superior creatures—the stars.

***Both Bacon and Aquinas believed the rational soul of humanity and the gift of freewill to be exempt from stellar influence. This exemption reminds us that we give away our inalienable sovereign power as god-children when we choose to give absolute power to the transits of planets and stars. Transits influence our lives in accordance with the amount of ruling power we choose to give them. ***

Paracelsus and Jerome Cardan were also unknown to us astrologers.

In the late 15th century, the Roman church condemned astrology. Yet astrology continued to influence the greatest of minds. Among these is Nostradamus, a physician and astrologer born in 1503. Two great English scientists and astrologers were Edmond Halley, born in 1656, and Isaac Newton, born around 1642.

The list of great minds continues. Shakespeare, an astrologer in addition to being a playwright, depicted his characters using astrology correctly. William Lilly, born in 1602, and Nicholas Culpepper, born in the early 1600’s, were physicians who used medical astrology. Though modern astronomers seek to ignore the fact, Copernicus, Kepler (the “founder of modern astronomy and astrology”), and Galileo were all astrologers.

Born in 1596, Descartes believed it important to record the positions of the planets at the moment of birth because immediately after birth, the brain tissues set themselves and conserve throughout life the first impressions they received. Today, astrologers use the exact birth time usually recorded on our birth certificate.

During the four hundred years since Descartes, the empirically based scientific Western community has sought to deny the validity of astrology. However, it has been unable to prove any falsehoods in astrological beliefs. Instead, an increasing number of scientists are actually studying the impact of the stars and planets upon humanity.

World renown psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that “synchronicity” explains how astrology works. Planets do not cause certain events. Instead, they are symbols of cosmic forces. The patterns they form synchronize with events on our planet Earth. In later life, Jung used the natal chart as a tool for working with his patients.

(The complete article, from which the above excerpts were taken, with endnotes, may be found at: http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/astrology_sacred.html)

I present this brief history of astrology, particularly medical astrology, in order to gradually provide you with information that should assist you in maintaining good health and physical weight suiting your body type. This information will consist of the Cell Salt for each Zodiac Sun Sign and a list of the major foods containing that cell salt. Homeopathic medicine now uses the 12 cell salts as one means of maintaining good health and the healing of physical conditions. However, I do not know if or how much information attributed to medical astrology is recognized in homeopathic medicine.





Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Originally written in 2009


Who is this charismatic man who emerged on the world scene with the rapidity of a shooting star?  Is he the climax to the Illuminati plans for a New World Order and take over of the world?  Or, is he fulfilling his role in the Divine Plan for this planet to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.  Is the present controversy over his identity serving to awaken the public to the matrix of lies in which we have lived our entire lifetime?

One thing about which we can be absolutely sure is that things are not as they seem.  Another thing about which we can be absolutely sure is that using fear as a motivation to search for truth attracts more lies.  The Illuminati (or secret world government) have used fear to exert control over us and their modus operandi is lies phrased in words that sound lofty and honey sweet.

What if President Obama is fulfilling his role in the Divine Plan and we allow the Illuminati to instill fear concerning his presidency?  Don’t forget that throughout history, we Earth humans have killed our prophets.  We yelled, “Crucify him, crucify him,” when Pilate asked us what he should do with Jesus.  The people allowed mob psychology to control them 2000 years ago.  Are we doing so again?

That each of us develop the art of discerning truth for ourselves is required in order to lift our consciousness to a higher plane.  Few of us would disagree that our planet is presently experiencing the End Times.  Although the End Times connotes a variety of scenarios, most agree that the end result is to be a better life somewhere.   What if the enigma that President Obama presents is the catalyst for our spiritual awakening?  What if concern over who he is leads us to learn to seek and find truth on our own?  Has he not, then, assisted us to advance in our own spiritual maturity?

What is certainly true is that the controversy over President Obama has exposed the secret plans the Illuminati have been working on for over 100 years—the New World Order in which they are the Absolute Rulers and we the people are their slaves.  Little do the majority of Americans know just enslaved we already are … just how many lies we have been told … just how many cover-ups of truth exist … just how much we are suffering needlessly at the hands of the Illuminati.

How can we learn the true identity of President Obama?  How can we get to know ourselves?  With a very ancient scientific method that the Illuminati do not want us to recognize as truth:  esoteric astrology. Esoteric Astrology is a tool the Illuminati cannot contaminate.  Each of us is first and foremost a Part of the Overall Divine Plan.  The astrological natal chart reveals our Celestial Name.  Each of our charts (or Soul Contract) was constructed before we incarnated into a physical body; they remind us of the role we are to play while attending school on the plane of duality, Earth.

Why has esoteric astrology been hidden from us?  Because people who know their role within the Divine Plan—who know they are a vital Part of the Whole—cannot be enslaved.  That our true identities be hidden from us is vital to the success of the Illuminati and their plans for a New World Order in which we are to be slaves.  Thanks in part to the controversies swirling around President Obama, the secret plans of the Illuminati have been discovered.  If his presence in the White House accomplishes nothing else, he has released us from falling blindly into planetary slavery.

Because the Illuminati presently rule the world, Obama cannot avoid working with them.  Did they discover and project him into his rapid ascent to the White House?  He could not have gotten there without their help because contrary to what Americans are told, we the people do not determine who is President.  At the very least, the Illuminati saw in Barack Obama a handsome, charismatic, brilliant young man.  Can they manipulate him for long?  That remains to be seen.  His astrological chart offers real hope for the people!

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

As stated above, the astrological natal chart is our Celestial Name (Dane Rudhyar).  It reveals our Soul’s Road Map for this lifetime.  Freewill is always in charge—we can choose to allow life to simply happen to us or we can choose to fulfill the celestial instructions found in our natal chart.  The goal is to perfect the lessons that can best be learned on Earth’s 3rd dimensional plane of duality so that we can ascend to higher planes of consciousness.

Obama’s Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, indicating that he is a spiritually mature soul who incarnated to get things right this time.  The Soul is not allowed to take on more than it can successfully accomplish in any one lifetime.  Saturn retrograde reveals that this time Obama chose to take on the equivalent of two lifetimes of self-growth.  Only a mature Soul is allowed to do so.  Saturn—our disciplinarian–works well in Capricorn, leading Obama through his initiatory process into higher consciousness.  The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence is especially potent with Saturn in Capricorn, granting Obama astute mental abilities and a very strong, dynamic magnetism.  Saturn in Capricorn presents a choice:  will he orient his goals toward personal prestige or toward serving others?

Saturn retrograde located in the 12th house serves as an additional reminder to Obama that his Soul wants to get things right this time.  We always bring in exactly what is needed to accomplish our Soul’s intentions.  Thus, Saturn conjunct Jupiter retrograde in the 12th house grants him the ability to be disciplined, systematic, and thorough as he works long hours and keeps track of many details at once.  Jupiter is a most benefic planet and will bless Obama’s recall and use of his past life talents.  Saturn retrograde tells us that his talents are already well-developed.  Nevertheless, with Jupiter retrograde, he can experience inner doubts, which may express in a desire to plan and re-plan.

Obama’s 12th house configuration marks him as “one who serves”—the humanitarian.  Jupiter in his 12th house indicates he is blessed with extra spiritual protection and invisible helpers who will assist him whenever needed.  He is striving to gather the facts and think through potential problem solutions while balancing his desire to be with family.

Family plays a large role in Obama’s life.  Venus in Cancer gives strong ties to his family, especially to his mother; Venus in Cancer in his 5th house means he is deeply attached to his children and rejoices in seeing them realize personal fulfillment.  Moon in Gemini in the 4th house reinforces the powerful influence of his mother as they shared a thirst for knowledge and exploration.  Obama is warm-hearted, witty, and charming.  He does not like arguments and may therefore tend to tell people what they want to hear, rather than being completely honest.  With Pluto in his 7th house of relationships  square his Moon in the 4th house of family, Obama is challenged with controlling and transmuting any emotional turmoil that might lie beneath the surface.  Experiences in his life have taught him that he cannot totally trust those he loves.  At the bottom of this lack of trust is fear that he will be rejected as unworthy.

His Soul (and God) perceives his needs before he does.  Therefore, Obama’s Soul incarnated with Jupiter trine his Moon, indicating that his Soul developed the art of balancing his emotions in a previous lifetime.  He has only to recall this innate talent.  In so doing, he gains self-confidence and loses the fear of revealing himself as he truly is.  He knows how to laugh at himself and to see humor in the worst of situations.  He possesses a strong desire to see people move forward in life.

Jupiter in Aquarius in combination with an Aquarian Ascendant proclaims that Obama’s potential for achieving his Soul’s desired expression in this lifetime is very strong.  The Ascendant reveals how Obama will be perceived by the external world.  His Ascendant in Aquarius indicates a “friend to the world”—one who has a vision of a better world for all people.  The symbol for Aquarius is the Waterbearer pouring out water to the planet.  Obama’s Sun is in Leo in the 6th house of healing.  Leo demonstrates strong leadership qualities; its symbol is the Lion.  His Sun is conjunct his Mercury in the 6th house granting him intelligence and wit.  He has excellent teaching skills and ability to communicate his ideas.  Sun conjunct Mercury can mean high-strung energy that demands a physical outlet.

The house in which the Sun is found indicates where the positive energies of the Sun Sign is to be used.  With his Sun in the 6th house, Obama’s life work is to include some facet of healing.  With Cancer on his 6th house cusp and Cancer ruling the United States of America, Obama has the capacity to bring healing to our nation.  As a Leo, Obama possesses a flair for drama, easy creativity, good health, ambition, dignity, affection in love relationships, and a generous spirit.  There is a strong will in both his Leo Sun and Aquarian Ascendant.  A Leo cares deeply how he is perceived by those close to him and in the outside world.  Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, Obama can light up the room when he walks in.

Chiron retrograde in his 1st house and conjunct his South Moon Node reveals Obama as a Wounded Healer from the past.  With South Moon Node in Aquarius in his 1st house and North Moon Node in Leo in his 7th house, Obama brings into this lifetime memories of having been a leader, but one who placed his personal desires before those of the people he led.  Now, in this lifetime, he is “to get it right” by placing the needs of the people before his own needs.  This fact is reinforced by Pluto in the 7th house in opposition to Chiron in the 1st house.  As the planet of transformation, Pluto in opposition to Chiron will assist Obama in exploring his subconscious mind while Chiron incorporates use of the Higher Intuitive Mind.  This powerful opposition is found in the natal charts of healers.  Obama’s energy field is permeated with the power to heal others by his presence with them.

Chiron’s presence in Pisces indicates Obama as one who is sensitive to other planes of existence.  He knows there is more to life than meets the eye.  With his Aquarian Ascendant, he desires to share all he knows with the world.  Neptune rules Pisces.  Located in Scorpio in Obama’s 9th house, the desire and talent for sharing his knowledge with the world is reinforced.  The 9th house is the house of higher education, foreign travel, and the Higher Intuitive Mind.  On the personality-centered level, Neptune rules alcohol/drugs.  Obama admits having experimented with these substances while in college.  However, with Pluto sextile Neptune, he easily moved beyond the need for mind-altering drugs.  Cigarettes, also ruled by Neptune, have been more difficult to overcome, even though the Pluto sextile Neptune gives him the ability to successfully kick the habit.

Chiron in Pisces in Obama’s 1st house renders him a true leader of consciousness unfoldment.  Neptune in Scorpio in his 9th house and operating at the soul-centered level is the most mystical of planets leading him toward achieving a higher consciousness.  Obama feels a tremendous need to serve others, to recognize people all over the world as the One Family of God.  If he is not already aware of our galactic brothers and sisters, he will grow into that awareness.

With his strong Leo/Aquarian influence, Obama is functioning on the 1st Ray of Will/Power and the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge.  The energy of the 1st Ray is that of breaking up the old conditions so that the new may emerge.  A  personality-centered 1st Ray individual can appear aloof, detached, and have trouble listening to others.  However, by lifting his focus to the soul-centered level, Obama can demonstrate tolerance, compassion, and humility.

The energy of the 5th Ray is the expression of the 2nd Ray Love/Wisdom energy through the intellect.  Aquarius operates solely on the 5th Ray of scientific, mathematical, and metaphysical research and experimentation.  Aquarius is the idealist, the visionary; the 5th Ray is the Ray on which esoteric knowledge/wisdom is actualized.  The contributions that a 5th Ray individual can make to the world can be without limit.  Again, like the 1st Ray, the 5th Ray person may tend to be detached and more focused on bringing the ideals of the abstract world into concrete form in our physical world.  For this reason, the 5th Ray person is likely to be out of step with the mundane, status quo world while he analyzes and searches for Truth.

For Obama, his Venus in Cancer in his 5th house acts as an energy of balance between detachment and devotion to others.  Children are to play a major role in his life, keeping him in touch with his love nature.  With his planets’ placement evenly distributed in 5 positive (masculine) sign energies and 5 negative (feminine) sign energies, he is well balanced as an individual.  With Leo on his 7th house cusp and Uranus in the 7th house, he would naturally chose a marriage partner who is also a strong, independent, forward-thinking individual—one he can admire and feel proud to have by his side.  Together, Barack and Michelle will meet and become friends with a variety of people.


Looking at President Obama’s chart through the eyes of Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the Sabian symbols adds insight into his presidency and the unfolding consciousness within America and the world.  We, both as individuals and groups/nations, live in a universe of cycles.  We determine how we experience these cycles by our freewill choices.  Nothing is engraved in stone.  From this day forward, you and I are choosing how we want the end of this present World Age to unfold—in chaos or with the creation of a peaceful, loving world attuned to the higher realms of Spirit.

We learned in geometry that a circle is composed of 360 degrees, thus the 360 degrees found within the astrological chart.  One way to interpret the meaning of each degree is through the Sabian symbols assigned to them.

We have seen the man, Barack Obama, through his astrological natal chart.  Now let’s lift our vision to a broader perspective—that of the Presidency and the evolution of our nation.  Using only the few Sabian symbols activated by planets, nodes, etc. used to interpret Obama’s chart, a story of our nation unfolds.

Beginning in the 12th house—representing the resources he brings with him from the past—we find Saturn on the 25 degree of Capricorn reminding Obama of the value of RELIANCE ON TRADITION and the benefits that come to a society through appreciation of the arts.  Also in the 12th house is Jupiter on 0 degree of Aquarius/30th degree of Capricorn signifying EXECUTIVE POWER.  Involved in this Sabian symbol is both the presence of a covert power elite who are striving to create a New World Order for their own greedy purposes and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Beings who are working to unfold the Divine Plan on Earth.  President Obama and the American citizens must peer through the telluric processes of human history to the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Obama’s Ascendant is on the 18th degree of Aquarius.  This degree falls within a cycle that calls for re-evaluating management techniques and to include the spiritual perspective.  The Sabian symbol relates to the UNMASKING of hidden motives.  Since this degree relates to his Ascendant and how the public views him, what Obama “appears” to be may not be who he truly is.  To quote Rudhyar:  “The individual whose activities have to remain unrecognized is engaging in a constant struggle; he needs the help of higher Powers as well as of the protective agencies he may have placed at his service.”  It is Obama’s job to unmask the hidden motives so prevalent in our societal structures.  Americans need to support him in doing so.

Within the 1st house, the South Moon Node is on the 27th degree of Aquarius, the Sabian symbol of DELICACY OF FEELING depicted by an ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.  The message concerns the importance of leaving behind the gawdiness that characterizes so much of American culture and returning to the simple beauty of nature.  It is as we attune to nature that our thoughts become pure and we—Obama and American citizens—can create effective management techniques for our nation.  Chiron on the 5th degree of Pisces reminds us of the value of “giving a spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges.”  This Sabian symbol, RITUALIZED BENEFICENCE, urges us to recognize the presence of God in all of our activities.  In essence, Obama’s 1st house Sabian symbols encourage him to attune to the simple beauties of nature and spirituality as he projects onto the world scene.

Part of Fortune on the 27th degree of Aries in Obama’s 2nd house reminds him and the American citizens that we must first imagine that which we desire to accomplish, then work toward that goal.  UNDAUNTED FAITH in our ideals is essential.  But first, we must “image” our ideals for America?

Moon on the 3rd degree of Gemini in Obama’s 4th house recalls the Garden of the Tuileries in Paris.  FORMALISM—or rigid rituals—must not be worshipped.  Americans must formulate our collective ideals by applying reason, nurturance, and order as symbolized by the Gardens.

Venus is on the 1st degree of Cancer in the 5th house with the Sabian symbol denoting REORIENTATION.  The pictorial symbol – “On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.”  America is at a crossroads; it is time for us to re-orient our efforts in light of the foregoing Sabian symbol messages.

Mercury on the 2nd degree of Leo in the 6th house with a Sabian symbol of an epidemic of mumps.  The crises of a few people can spread to the collective.  The 6th house represents Obama’s working environment.  He entered the White House at a time of epidemics—an epidemic of fear, a threatened epidemic of swine flu, an epidemic of personal and corporate upheaval.  Obama and the American people are dealing with THE INFECTIOUS SPREAD OF INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES.

Sun on the 12 degree of Leo in the 6th house reveals a work environment in which President Obama is involved in “group-relaxation in fashionable surroundings as an escape from work routine.”  As the resident of the White House, he becomes the host to all visitors.  SOPHISTICATION, involvement in the externals of life, and the ability to carry on mundane conversation and wit are required.

The 7th house depicts Obama within relationships.  Ceres is on the 20th degree of Leo in the 7th house signifying “a return to the glorification of natural energies.”  After allowing our nation to be all but destroyed by the secret government, Americans have the opportunity to “return to nature.”  For decades Americans have followed a materialistic American Dream that called for a continuous striving for “more … bigger and better.”  As we approach the end of a World Age, we can choose to reverse our activities and permit that reversal to “open for us the way to the deepest release of our long-denied root energies.  Natural man links himself consciously to the source of all life on earth.  This means IDENTIFICATION THROUGH WORSHIP—the sanctification of the creative power.”  It is time for every American to allow Spirit to flow through all of our relationships.

Uranus on the 25 degree of Leo in the 7th house announces it is time for all Americans to develop “TOTAL INDEPENDENCE from our surroundings and utter SELF-RELIANCE.”  The Sabian symbol is that of a camel crossing a “vast and forbidding desert.”  We are at the end of a World Age, the end of a long and exhausting adventure on the plane of duality.  In order to move into higher realms of existence, we must learn that all we need is within us—we are temples of God.  The camel can travel for long distances without water or food; it carries within itself all that is needed for survival.  This Sabian symbol reminds us that in order to be released from the bondage of the “old world,” we must become completely self-contained emotionally.  Instead of seeking relationships because we “need” them, we must lift our consciousness to higher realms in order to enter a “new world” where all relationships are based on unconditional love.

North Moon Node on the 27th degree of Leo in the 7th house carries a Sabian symbol of “the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.”  The keynote for this symbol is:  “The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.”  Once we have reversed our materialistic strivings and become “whole” within ourselves, it is time to integrate the new “Us” into a new society, a new nation, and planetary society.  ILLUMINATION grants us the knowledge that we meet every day’s dawning with a clear mind and pure heart.  We can live as outward expressions of God within us.

The 12th degree of Virgo is activated in the 7th house (I do not recognize the symbol used by the computer program).  This Sabian symbol is:  “After the wedding, the groom snatches the veil away from his bride.”  The Keyword is:  The UNVEILING.  There is an “unveiling of mysteries long protected by secrecy.”  It is time for the unveiling of hidden knowledge, all cover-ups, all covert behavior so that Americans and every inhabitant of our planet can know Truth.  A wedding signifies the leaving of one style of life and entrance into another.

Mars on the 22nd degree of Virgo in the 7th house is expressed by the Sabian symbol of “a royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones.”  Spiritual enlightenment is the “result of a series of long, repeated efforts; it is the end of a ‘royal road.’”  This symbol asks Obama and each of us a question:  “NOBILITY confers upon a man exacting responsibilities.  Are you willing, able, and ready to assume a ‘royal’ office, at whatever level it may be?”  We cannot reach a “New Heaven & a New Earth” without much personal effort in learning to live as an outward expression of God within us.

Neptune on the 8th degree of Scorpio in the 9th house has the Sabian symbol of “a calm lake bathed in moonlight.”  The keynote is:  “A quiet openness to higher inspiration.”  In Rudhyar’s words:  “Real Love is a cosmic undifferentiated principle or power which simply focuses itself within the souls of human beings who reflect its light.  The same is true of the mystic’s love for God.  Man strives hard to achieve great things through daring adventures, but a moment comes when all that really matters is to present a calm mind upon which a supernal light may be reflected….  [This symbol] tells us that beyond all efforts lays the need for peace and the readiness to accept the illumination from above.  The keyword is QUIESCENCE.”  As Obama and all Americans follow the instructions given through these Sabian symbols, we as a nation will arrive beside a calm lake and know QUIESCENCE.
—This interpretation of the above symbols is based on Dane Rudhyar’s book entitled An Astrological Mandala:  The Cycle of Transformations & Its 360 Symbolic Phases.
SUMMARY:  There is certainly nothing in President Obama’s Astrological Natal Chart that indicates he would set out to disrupt or to enslave.  He is most certainly not the Anti-Christ, as many fundamentalist Christians fear.

That Obama would have the capacity to emerge rapidly on the world scene as a charismatic leader is certainly indicated.  He brought in a tremendous ability to heal, not hurt.  As the strong 1st/5th Rays individual that he is, the good he can bring to our planet is unlimited.  As one who has been wounded himself, he understands pain.  An Aquarian Ascendant individual finds it very difficult to think only of self when others are suffering.  More likely, Obama truly yearns to right the wrongs in our world and to free all of us to be the unique beings that we are.  With his Part of Fortune in Aries in his 2nd house, he finds great joy in using his talents in pioneering endeavors for others.

Maneuvering through the Illuminati maze may take a while.  We, as citizens of the USA, need to support President Obama by envisioning and working for the betterment of our nation.  As long as we tap into the Illuminati-generated fear tactics, we pull down any efforts for transformation—Obama’s and ours.  The Illuminati feed on our fear.  Let us feed, instead, President Obama with our positive thoughts, prayers, and efforts to transform our world for the One Family of God.

The Sabian symbols were clairvoyantly assigned to each degree of the Zodiac in 1925 by Elsie Wheeler working with Marc Edmund Jones.  It took only a few hours for her to intuit the symbols for 360 degrees.

Confirmation that Barack Obama is the correct man to be President of the USA during the last years of our present World Age is found by reading the Sabian symbols in counterclockwise manner, as is done to depict the gradual maturity of each individual/country.  Out of a possible 360 degrees, using only the 16 symbols found in counterclockwise position to each other and activated in Obama’s astrological natal chart by planets, nodes, etc., the story of America at this particular time in history can be told.  He is the President, but we are the only permanent office holders—that of citizen.  It is up to each American to assist in uplifting our nation into higher dimensions of consciousness.  It is time to leave behind all separatism, all bickering, all fear and work together to create a new nation based on love, peace, and abundance for all!

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WAKE UP TO 2012 & BEYOND – OCTOBER 4, 2012









In this segment, Lorna & Nancy discuss esoteric astrology as a means of getting to know self and the individual Soul Contract each of us create with our spiritual guides before we incarnate on Earth.  Esoteric astrology is based upon reincarnation and the recognition that we are continually evolving into greater consciousness.

The biblical book of Job is the story of our journey into enlightenment or ascension.  Job’s story ends with him telling God:  “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees thee.”  (quoting from Job 42:5 – Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta—the language used by the earliest of Christians)


After listening to this show, you may like to read the following:













Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

        Say the word astrology in religious circles and I am most likely to hear the comment:  “That’s pagan” or “We aren’t allowed to study astrology.”

In an effort to discover why an ancient, extremely accurate science is considered pagan and taboo by the present Judaeo-Christian community, I discovered some very interesting information.  I offer a portion of that information in this article.

 (Excerpt from my article “Astrology: Sacred Or Taboo?”)

        Astrology and astronomy were established as sciences around 5000 B.C.E. in Chaldea and Babylonia.26 Many of the great names in the history of our world civilization were astrologers. Our Western history books simply call them philosophers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, theologians, politicians, mathematicians—ignoring the fact that astrology played a major role in their lives and thinking.

Born in 572 B.C.E., Pythagoras, as a result of his study of the heavenly configurations, knew the Earth is round. Many of our history books ignore this fact. Through his study of the stars and their relationship to humanity (the science of astrology), Pythagoras developed his doctrine of the harmony existing between the heavens and our planet Earth, the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of humanity. After his murder, Empedocles, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle continued the study of this doctrine.27 Aristotle taught that our planet is inescapably linked to the motions of the cosmos of which it is a member.28

From the earliest times, doctors of medicine are fascinated by the science of astrology. Hippocrates, born around 460 B.C.E. and known as the “Father of Medicine,” used astrology as the most scientific means of diagnosis available to the Greek physicians of his time. The Hippocratic School of Medicine focused on the study of the natal chart to determine the specific make-up of their parents.29 Galen, born in 30 C.E., is called the “Father of Experimental Physiology.” His treatise Prognostication of Disease by Astrology resulted in widespread knowledge of astrological medicine. A synthesis of medical thought and astrological medical knowledge, Galen’s books dominated the field of medicine for 1500 years.30

Born around 100 C.E., Ptolemy had the reputation for being the greatest astrologer/astronomer of all times. During Ptolemy’s day, “astrologia” and “astronomia” meant the same thing.31 His Tetrabiblos marked the culmination of astrological thought in the Graeco-Roman world. This book marked the end of the controversy concerning astrology. Tetrabiblos laid the foundation for the modern science of astrology. From that point on to the 17th century, astrology and medicine were allies.32   

(Endnotes #26-32 refer to:  Zohar, The History of Astrology)

Sometime before the 1st century, Jewish synagogues were formed.  Their time of origin is unknown; however, by the 1st century they had become a well-developed part of Jewish culture.  (Harper’s Dictionary of the Bible)

Astrology had played a role in Jewish history for at least the 2,000 years of the Age of Aries.  Humanity assimilates the characteristics of the zodiac age in which they live.  During the 2,000 years before Jesus incarnated (the Age of Aries), an important part of Jewish worship was animal sacrifice.  The zodiac symbol for Aries is the ram.  Ritual animal sacrifice ended when the Temple in Jerusalem was burned in 70 C.E. (A.D.)  By then a new 2,000 years period—the Age of Pisces—had begun.

Jesus, a Jew, incarnated at the beginning of the Age of Pisces.  The zodiac symbol for Pisces is the fish.  Jesus called his disciples “fishers of men.”  During the Roman persecutions of Christians, they adopted the symbol of fish as a means of communicating who they were.  The fish continues as a symbol for Christianity to the present day.

Jesus pointed his disciples to the next New Age in Mark 14:13 and Luke 22:10.  When it came time to prepare for the Passover Meal in Jerusalem, Jesus instructed his disciples:  “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you; follow him”  Since men did not carry water in Jesus’ time, this statement is meant for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.   It is a signal that what is about to happen in Jesus’ life has implications for a later age.  The Age of Aquarius is now dawning on Earth.  The zodiac symbol for Aquarius is a man carrying a jar of water, pouring it out for a thirsty humanity.  Jesus’ ministry was that of a Wayshower for humanity.  He incarnated to show us the Way to Ascension at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.  The five major events in his life:  birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, and ascension were physical demonstrations of our own individual pathway to ascension.  2012 marks the year in which Earth and her inhabitants are to ascend to higher planes of consciousness.

During the last centuries of the Piscean Age, both Jewish and Christian authorities have had trouble explaining why astrology was removed from their religious traditions.  That fact that astrology was previously an integral part of both Judaism and Christianity is irrefutable.

“The basic philosophy of the astrologer is religious, regardless of the religious direction from which he seeks the truth.  The basic philosophical thrust of astrology derives from the conviction that the human being, God, and the universe are in some way a unity; that man and universe, if you will, both swim in the sea of space-time whose substance is God.”   (Rabbi Joel C. Dobin, To Rule Both Day And Night:  Astrology in the Bible, Midrash, & Talmud)

The fundamental role astrology played in Judaism is evident in the mosaic depiction of the zodiac on the floors of ancient synagogues.  We cannot look at the evidence and try to explain it away because the artwork does not reflect our own views.  The Old Testament character, Daniel, was described:  “There is a man in your kingdom who is endowed with a spirit of the holy gods.  In the days of your father he was found to have enlightenment, understanding, and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods.  Your father, King Nebuchadnezzar, made him chief of the magicians, enchanters, Chaldeans, and diviners.”  (Daniel 5:11)  Daniel was an astrologer.  The Wise Men who came to behold Jesus were astrologers.

The photos below reveal the ruins of the Hammath-Tiberias synagogue, used between the 3rd – 8th centuries.

The Mosaic Zodiac on the Floor of the Hammath-Tiberias Synagogue near Tiberias on the western coast of the Sea of Galilee

(Above photos made by Nancy Detweiler)

“That all-in-existence is subject to God’s will is an essential beginning for the astrologer:  ‘One Creator, One Creation’ should be the mantra for every astrologer!  For, combining this latest statement with its forerunner—then man, God, and universe are an essential unity—allows the astrologer to seek in the Heavens for the evidence of God’s will for mankind, which will help the individual person as well as the community realize and act on the basic religious statement:  ‘Make Thy will, my will.’”   (Rabbi Joel C. Dobin)

Mosaic of Zodiac on the floor of the synagogue at Zippori (Sepphoris) in lower Galilee.  Each constellation is correlated with a month of the Hebrew calendar.


 “Astrology revealed to me His order and His beauty, and His place for me in the Divine balance that links God, man, and universe into One Balanced Process which never ends in this or on other planes of awareness of life.”                                                                                      (Rabbi Joel C. Dobin)

Mosaic List of Zodiac Signs on floor of synagogue at Ein Gedi

Mosaic Floor of Synagogue at Ein Gedi lists all the signs of the zodiac and identifies their corresponding months of the Hebrew calendar.  Ein Gedi is an oasis located west of the Dead Sea.


“Astrology helps man to understand God’s will and to put himself in balance with Divine and universal forces, thus enriching his life and experience.”  (Rabbi Joel C. Dobin)

Mosaic of Zodiac on Floor of Synagogue at Ein Harod in the Valley Jezreel near Mt. Gilboa


Mosaic of Zodiac Signs on the Synagogue Floor at Beit Alpha dating to the Byzantine Period – 6th Century – located at the foot of the northern slopes of Mount Gilboa


“Astrology was so much part of Jewish life and experience and so well respected in our tradition and law that the abandonment of Astrology to follow the chimera of scientific linearality was one of the greatest religious tragedies that ever befell our people.  For in so doing, we abandoned as well the mystical realities of our faith, our abilities to balance our lives and attain Unity, and we have created of our synagogues and temples arenas of contention for power and concern for financial sufficiency….  I write as an astrologer, seeking to turn all those whose various faiths have seemed to abandon them back to their own faith.”   (Rabbi Joel C. Dobin)

Coming out of Judaism, the Christian religion maintained the essential role of astrology in the life of the early church.

Pope is enthroned under the authority of the zodiac.  The zodiac sign of Leo – the Lion – is directly over the Pope’s head.  Leo rules Rome, Italy, positions of prominence, crown jewels, gold, government buildings, monarchs, politics, presidents.


The link to Dr. Turi’s site appears to be tampered with … here it is as of 11/22/13 … http://www.drturi.com/vatican-zodiac/

What appear to be cardinals, distinguished persons, and monks are receiving instruction in Astrology.


A Bible Study Course retailed by the Presbyterian Book Store located at Sixth Ave. & Wood Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Note Zodiac Signs on the Book Cover.


God Painting the Zodiac




Two fish in the center are the Piscean Age symbol for Christianity.

“Judging by the age of broken pottery found on the floor, the distinctive mosaic style, inscriptions citing Jesus and the apparent pre-Byzantine design, Israeli archaeologists say the structure is most likely a public place of Christian worship that dates to the mid 3rd or early 4th century.”


More excerpts from my article – “Astrology:  Sacred Or Taboo”

The 13th century poet Dante taught that the primary moving force for both God and humanity is love. He believed the heavenly host of stars and planets turned under the radiating influence of love. For Dante, physical life is explained in terms of the spiritual.33

Roger Bacon, born in 1214, taught the stars are regulated by angelic intelligences. An individual’s personal nature is determined by the heavenly configurations at the time of birth. Medical astrology is valid because the functions of the physical body are determined by the influence of the stars.34

Born around 1224, Thomas Aquinas is still considered to be one the great Christian theologians. He placed importance upon the science of astrology in the study of natural science. According to Aquinas, God rules the inferior creatures—our earthly bodies—through superior creatures—the stars. Both Bacon and Aquinas believed the rational soul of humanity and the gift of freewill to be exempt from stellar influence.35

Paracelsus was the most renowned and controversial advocate of astrology during the 15th century. Paracelsus taught that activity within the cosmos affects all else. Though he recognized the influence of the stars, he did not believe they completely controlled the destinies of humanity. Instead, he felt that humanity has the capacity to transcend the astrological influence of the stars. The means by which humanity can transcend the stellar influence is wisdom, acquired by the direct study of nature.36

Jerome Cardan, born in 1501, was one of the best minds of his age. A great mathematician, physician, and astrologer, Cardan distinguished himself by the cautious way in which he approached his research, seeking to confirm his assertions with solid facts. Appointed professor of medicine at Pavia in 1547, his published works on algebra and astrology brought him fame throughout Europe.37

(Endnotes #33-37 indicate Zohar, The History of Astrology)

In 1586, Pope Sixtus V issued papal bull Coeli et terras condemning judicial (mundane) astrology.  This condemnation has deprived Christians (Catholic and Protestant) from the esoteric wisdom found in astrology to this day.


More Excerpts from my article – “Astrology:  Sacred Or Taboo”

Despite Vatican condemnation, astrology continued to influence the greatest of minds. Among these is Nostradamus, a physician and astrologer born in 1503. Two great English scientists and astrologers were Edmond Halley, born in 1656, and Isaac Newton, born around 1642. Their laws of motion provided a firm foundation for astrological computation. Francis Bacon, born in 1561, recognized the connection between celestial and terrestrial phenomena; however, he opposed the natal chart and consulting astrology for predictions. He declared astrology to be filled with superstition in his De Augmentis Scientiarum.38

The list of great minds continues. Shakespeare, an astrologer in addition to being a playwright, depicted his characters using astrology correctly. William Lilly, born in 1602, and Nicholas Culpepper, born in the early 1600’s, were physicians who used medical astrology. Though modern astronomers seek to ignore the fact, Copernicus, Kepler (the “founder of modern astronomy and astrology”), and Galileo were all astrologers.39

Galileo’s experience offers an excellent example of how the Church hierarchy has controlled the information available to the laity. Born in 1564, a great inventor, experimental philosopher, and astrologer, Galileo invented the telescope. As a result of the telescope, new scientific discoveries were made. Galileo attempted to reconcile these scientific discoveries with the Christian faith in a series of articles: “Letters of Sunspots,” “Letter to Castelli,” and “Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina.” His work was to no avail. In 1615, a group of eleven theologians pronounced Galileo’s belief in heliocentric theories absurd, heretical, and contrary to the Scriptures. In 1633, a papal court sentenced Galileo to prison. Galileo recanted belief in the Copernican theory that the Earth moves around the Sun and was placed under house arrest in the custody of a friend.40

Born in 1596, Descartes believed it important to record the positions of the planets at the moment of birth because immediately after birth, the brain tissues set themselves and conserve throughout life the first impressions they received.41

During the four hundred years since Descartes, the empirically based scientific community has sought to deny the validity of astrology. However, it has been unable to prove any falsehoods in astrological beliefs. Instead, an increasing number of scientists are actually studying the impact of the stars and planets upon humanity. They are even willing to speak out for astrology.42 In fact, scientific evidence now demonstrates that astrology works.43

World renown psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that “synchronicity” explains how astrology works. Planets do not cause certain events. Instead, they are symbols of cosmic forces. The patterns they form synchronize with events on our planet Earth. In later life, Jung used the natal chart as a tool for working with his patients.44

(Endnotes 38-42 indicate Zohar;  #43-44 indicate Francis King, The Cosmic Influence)

What harm has been done by the condemnation of astrology?

Dane Rudhyar calls the individual natal chart our celestial name.  It reveals who we are as unique expressions of God and the role we are to play in the unfolding of the overall Divine Plan for Earth’s humanity.

Without this knowledge, we can easily be manipulated and controlled.  We accept ourselves—without question—as the sinful, robotic person we are taught we are.  We feel separated from God and the rest of the universe.  We wonder:  “Is there a purpose in this life?”  We ask:  “Why does God treat me as He does?”

Esoteric astrology is based on the truth of reincarnation.  St. Jerome declared Origen to be the greatest teacher of the Church after the apostles.  St. Gregory of Nyssa called Origen the prince of Christian learning in the 3rd century.  Origen taught the pre-existence of souls and reincarnation.  In 553 C.E. (A.D.), the 5th Ecumenical Council condemned Origen and his teachings as heretical.  “If anyone does not anathematize Arius, Eunomius, Macedonius, Apollinarius, Nestorius, Eutyches, and Origen, as well as their heretical books, and also all other heretics who have already been condemned and anathematized by the holy, catholic, and apostolic church and by the four holy synods which have already been mentioned, and also all those who have thought or now think in the same way as the aforesaid heretics and who persist in their error even to death:  let him be anathema.”  (Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, vol I, ed. Norman P. Tanner, page 119)  Anathema is a “curse solemnly pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication.”  (Webster’s Dictionary)

Those early Church Fathers who taught or believed in reincarnation were declared heretics, excommunicated, and their books were burned.  Other heretics faced horrible deaths, such as being burned alive.  Why?  Think about it.  If you believe you will reincarnate in another body, you cannot be controlled by fear of an eternity in the fires of hell.

The Church existed to hold power over the people, to tell them what to believe rather than have them think for themselves.  Control by fear is not possible if an individual knows who she/he is (astrology) and that he will reincarnate again and again.  There is nothing to fear when we know Truth; therefore, Truth must be hidden from the people.

In the words of Allen Oken in his book Soul-Centered Astrology:  A Key to Your Expanding Self“The aspiration to Soul alignment—the endeavor to merge the personality life of external, material existence with the increasing inner experience of the Soul perceptions and the Life Force—creates a very different life perspective.  In this respect, we are exploring and confronting those changes, transformations, and crises which are part of this natural path of union.  There is a structure, rhythm, and series of Laws which are universal and intrinsic to the joining of the lower and Higher selves.  These struggles and victories are different to each one of us in their outer forms, but absolutely united in their inner, essential energies and cyclic unfoldment.  This is the nature of the relationship between the inner and the outer, the essence and the form, the esoteric and exoteric.  We are One Essential Whole, expressing Itself through a limitless number of forms and varieties.  Astrology—especially esoteric astrology, and the Soul Force Itself—seeks to give a structure and focus to this process of Self-realization.”

A Church focused on control of its members has no place in the life of those who are on their journey to Soul/Self-Realization.

The Protestant Church may have broken from the Catholic Hierarchy, but it has failed to correct its deprivation of esoteric astrology and reincarnation from its members.  Protestants have also aborted their responsibility to teach self-knowledge as a unique expression of God.  In so doing, it has been easy to teach Christians they are sinful and in need of a blood sacrifice to save them from the eternal fires of hell.  Protestant, too, have controlled by fear.

As a result, two of the most loving expressions of Creator God’s caring for us—astrology and reincarnation—have been eliminated from the Christian religion.

P.S.  In case you are thinking the Bible states astrology or divination is an abomination, I present a complete study of the biblical references in my article entitled “Astrology:  Sacred Or Taboo” to be found at:  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/astrology-sacred-or-taboo/

The ancient science of Astrology is not condemned as an abomination; instead, the mis-use of it is condemned.



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Zodiac Signs, Ruling Planets, & Symbols in their Natural Houses

        2012 is to be a year in which we get to know self in preparation for Earth, and those inhabitants who so choose, to ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness.

There are many avenues of assistance in getting to know self.  As a professional counselor who used astrology as a counseling tool, I know first hand that astrology far exceeds all other methods.  Using the client’s astrological natal chart allows very precise, detailed information regarding him/her as a unique individual.  As a professional counselor, I had access to and could compare the results of standardized personality tests with the natal chart.  The two are like nursery school and graduate school in the amount of individualized information they provide.  A standardized test report reads much like a copy of the report on a previous client.  The same is true of all other standardized means of testing or knowing self.

I recently posted an article entitled “Are We Being Who We Really Want To Be?”  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/are-we-being-who-we-really-want-to-be/

This article is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which can be very helpful in determining where an individual is focused in his spiritual evolutionary process.  Using the astrological natal chart in conjunction with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs greatly enhances the knowledge that can be ascertained in terms of individual responses.

Just as Creator God does not duplicate a snow flake, individuals are not duplicated either.   The astrological natal chart is the best possible means to know self as a unique being.  I have found the natal chart to be restricted in the information it affords only by the amount of time allotted to study it.  The natal chart is a limitless treasure chest of self-discovery!

Because it is impossible for one person to study numerous natal charts with great depth, I created a course entitled “Interpreting Your Own Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart for the Purpose of Soul Growth.”  This course is free and on my website at:  http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/astrology/index.htm

For those who simply wish to study their Sun Sign, go to:  http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/astrology/index.htm and scroll down to the index of Sun Signs—meaning Aries, Taurus, etc.  Your Sun Sign is determined by your date of birth.  In case you do not know your Sun Sign, look under the title, Aries, Taurus, etc., and find your correct birth date and Sun Sign.

We can learn much about self from studying our Sun Sign.  The Sun Sign represents our Soul and is described according to Alan Oken’s three levels of spiritual growth:  1. Personality level, 2. Awakening to the Soul-Personality Relationship, and 3. Soul Centered Level.

The level of spiritual growth needed for ascension is illustrated in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by the 5th Step – Self-Actualization.  Likewise, the level of spiritual growth needed for ascension is illustrated in much greater detail in the Astrological Natal Chart by the Soul Centered Level.  Using these two indicators can be an excellent resource for us as we increasingly strive to progress on our spiritual evolutionary path to ascension.

I encourage all to embark on this very exciting journey of self-discovery and knowledge.  Knowing self is the way to self-esteem … to being who you really want to be … and the pathway to ascension.

Godspeed in your efforts!