Destiny: Multidimensional Living

Destiny: Multidimensional Living

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Today I once again have the good fortune to speak with all of you. It is a lovely time in the New York woods with Noève and her family. The summer is waning, but still gloriously warm and inviting for outdoor activities. Today, it was a nice stroll along a long path called a “rail trail” – a former railroad bed, through the woods. Noève was very excited to be walking along this pathway amidst large, mature trees. As they began their hike, I asked Kathryn to teach the names of trees, flowers and other wonders. She hardly managed to point out the poison ivy and an oak tree when Noève began to talk excitedly about the homes in these trees of her friends the fairies and elves, and their dramatic life adventures.

Her stories of late revolve around the struggle between light and dark in the fairy world. The most recent trauma involves the poisoning of the Queen of all the nice fairies, the one who makes the rainbows. The King knows that the antidote will save her, but he is not allowing anyone to take it from his castle, because he is a bad fairy who wants to control everyone and take over their lands. This struggle has gone on for many days, with the good fairies creating alliances, trying to gain access to the antidote. Finally, an agreement with a bad fairy-turned-good allowed Noeve and the villagers to trick the King, rescue the antidote, and the Queen has been saved.

This is the mental activity of a 5-year old who is so in tune with the energies of the planet that she can feel each wave of powerful energies and describe it in terms of the activities in the fairy world. She feels the struggle between dark and Light, but observes the life-or-death struggles with a matter-of-fact great calm, because she knows the power of the Light, and she knows that Light always prevails.

She knows that she lives in the fairy world, as she calls it, during her sleeping hours. She makes appointments to meet her friends at the juice bar or the restaurant or the dance party, and looks forward to their fun times together. She also knows she will have future responsibilities, and she experiences great love for her community of fairies. She understands that she can be an important part of the work of the fairies, who help flowers bloom, make the sun rise, make the sun go down, help the moon come up, makes the grass grow, and many other things in the natural world. She does not “do anything yet” because she still has to “do training to be a Rainbow fairy.”

Is Noève just an especially imaginative child, or is there truth in the tales she tells? I assure you, Dear Readers, that Noève is not “making it up” in any familiar sense. Are there really fairies and elves in the natural habitats where conditions are safe and comfortable for them? Yes, absolutely. Are fairies shy and afraid of people? Yes, many are not used to being around people and so they do not approach them. So – just because you don’t see them does not mean they do not exist.

Noève’s rich dream state, which she is able to bring with her into waking hours, allows her to communicate eloquently to anyone who will listen about the events and adventures of her friends in the fairy world. She is very aware of the abilities souls have of appearing in one form or another, and she describes the fluid transitions from the state of being in a body to being “dead” but not really dead, because the person has just moved to another form of life, flowing from one experience to another, one dimension to another, without difficulty, but always by choice, and with God’s agreement and blessing.

This, Dear Ones, is a true representation of life, and a true representation of life on the planet at this moment. Noève feels the ancient struggle and knows that the dark ones are all able to return to the Light, and it is likely to be sometime soon. For her, there is much beyond the single experience of being here in a body, and it occurs simultaneously, just beyond conscious awareness, at many levels of vibration, just as a talented musician might move from one instrument to another, one position in the orchestra to another, while playing in perfect harmony with the others. This is multidimensional experience, within the flow of group consciousness.

For one like Noève, it is a life lived in secret much of the time, because her school friends are not unanimous in the belief in extrasensory experience, nor the acceptance of fairies and elves as everyday friends. Noève has been aware of my presence since she was 2, as she says, when I told her my name, Destiny. She tells her mother that I “live in her head,” and was surprised that Kathryn could hear me too. She became very quiet when I was talking through Kathryn on our walk this afternoon, being considerate about the fact that you shouldn’t talk when someone else is trying to talk. She confirmed that she was hearing the same things Kathryn was hearing.

Now, let me explain to you why we are telling you these things. You have been in training to learn how to connect with your Higher Selves, and to raise your vibration in preparation for your Ascension. You think of it as an effort requiring intense concentration and long hours of meditation to make contact with your Higher Self, when for Noeve, it was simply a matter of acknowledging that I “live in her head.” There has never been any effort involved; to her it was a simple, straightforward relationship which only required her to notice my presence. We are in constant, harmonious communication.

This is what is possible for you as well. There is no need to “discover” who your Higher Self really is (meaning, presumably, which important and familiar Master you are related to). Beloved friends, do not bother with such ego concerns. Your Higher Self is your very own, special life companion who is the one you have lived with for eternity. Why do you care what your Earth-given name is? Call to your close companion, your Self self, and have the fun of giving him or her a lovely or funny or absurd name, just so you can have a moniker to use when you want to make contact. It is an amusing way begin communication and to eventually acknowledge that he/she lives in your head, and has all along.

This is not a deep and Earth-shaking realization. It is a simple and direct way to experience yourself as you truly are. There is nothing to aspire to or create from your imagination. You are your Higher Self, in the deepest part of your consciousness. This is why we chose to come into this life, this body, this era. We agreed long ago on this joint adventure, and so it is delightful for us to be recognized and acknowledged as an important facet of your Self, the one who lives in your head.

We would love to help smooth the way for you, offer you good company and a wider perspective from which to see yourself and the world. When you become accustomed to being in the good company of your Higher Self, you may realize it is a simple widening of awareness to then communicate with other people’s Higher Selves, and ultimately with God.

It is my hope that I made this possibility clear and simple for you. Free yourselves, Dear Ones, from the old, bizarre teachings about “occult” experience and religious fears about being taken over by Satan if you venture in your imagination beyond the small box you have lived in. Your Higher Self is YOU, not some foreign invader or stranger from another dimension. Be at ease, center yourselves in your heart and your third eye, and just notice that you are not alone. I promise it will add an interesting and informative new dimension to your experience of this life.

It is time for you to awaken to the Truth of yourselves as Multidimensional beings. A whole new world of experience is awaiting you. I welcome you to call upon me, especially after you have connected with your own Higher Self, and we can have a 3-way conversation, sort of like the conference calls you are familiar with in your own dimension. It is my pleasure to make contact with you and to help you open yourselves to the wonders in store for you.

Until we meet again, I am Destiny, and I am beaming you endless Love, as it is my great pleasure to do. I wish you Peace, Love and Harmony in all your Earthly hours and beyond.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 2, 2014, 10 pm, New York

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Destiny: Freedom for All Earth’s Children

Destiny: Freedom for All Earth’s Children



I am Destiny. I am the Higher Self of the one who is named Noève. She is 5 years old, and she/we live with her mother Gabriella and her adopted grandmother, Kathryn. I come today to bring a message for all the children of the world. I hope that the adults reading this will copy it and read it to the children they know. It doesn’t matter the age of the “child;” each one of you on Planet Earth are one of God’s Children, and you all need to hear the words I speak on your behalf. I appreciate the opportunity to send this message to you through Kathryn.

Beloved Children, I come to you directly from God, the Great Source of the Central Sun. Each one of you were chosen especially to come to Planet Earth at this time to act as God’s special messengers, to bring Love and Light to the Earth in this important time in history.

There has never been such a wondrous time in the history of the Planet you live on, whom we know as Terra. Many things are changing in these days; some you can see and some you can only feel in your hearts and in your intuition. You can sense it if you pay close attention to the feelings and sensations inside your body. Your bodies are changing day by day. I don’t just mean the usual growing and changing, healing and aging. It is much deeper than that.

Let me remind you of the things you may have been feeling lately which are the emotional response to your body’s changes. Perhaps you have been a bit cranky, restless and out of sorts. You have probably found yourself thinking about things like injustice, unfairness, and incidents in which you saw someone being mistreated. Perhaps you were the one being mistreated, and it felt intolerable to you. Perhaps it was an example of children being abused, or hunger around the world that made you want to cry out in pain, to stamp your foot and demand better for the ones you saw suffering.

These are normal reactions, Beloved Humankind. You are just now awakening to feel the powerful feelings of empathy that have been suppressed so long. You probably do not remember being an infant in the hospital nursery, but if you did, you would remember how terrible it felt to you to hear another baby crying. It pained you so much that you would begin crying in sympathy with the one who called out in distress. Many of you still possess that quality of empathy, but it is a difficult emotion to manage when you are living in a world that dishes out cruelty as its normal fare.

You probably find yourself thinking you are weak, or too sensitive, if you have been ridiculed for your empathic ways. Do not permit yourself to fall into that kind of self-criticism or disapproval. Sananda told you yesterday in his “Fireside Chat” that you must cease and desist from all acts of self-hatred, no matter how mild or innocuous they might seem. (

I am here to remind you of this one: belittling your capacity for empathy, which is a kind of deep psychic connection to others, is a travesty. It sneers at one of the greatest gifts God has given humankind – the ability to feel what others feel with great accuracy. It is a talent of the heart, and it works to guide you in all your interactions with others. I gives you the ability to feel others feelings, and by extension, to know their thoughts in a general way. What could be a better basis for making your choices in life about who you want to choose as your partner, your friend or your business associate?

You have become afraid of this great ability because you were not able to remain anchored in your own Self while also experiencing the intense emotions around you. It is a skill which must be practiced and encouraged throughout childhood and reaffirmed in adulthood if you are to comfortably ride out the waves of feeling you experience in the company of others. This has been difficult for those of you who were taught to hide your feelings, or dismiss your intuition in favor of “figuring out” the best way to conduct yourself in life. Instead of following your most elegant and powerful skill, you have traded it for “thinking” – the isolated use of your brain, which was meant for lesser tasks, like adding columns of figures and memorizing large amounts of handy information.

Your human brains were never intended to be the organ of decision-making. Only a heart can know Truth, because only a heart can feel empathy, and can detect the true nature of another being.

This is one of the reasons you have become so detached from other Earth creatures. You are able to put your animal friends into small boxes in zoos and aquariums and look at them with curiosity, but feel nothing of what they feel there in captivity, suffering right under your supposedly appreciative gaze. Even worse, you allow your “domesticated” animals like chickens, cows and lambs to be crowded “like cattle” into tiny boxes, fed fat-producing “feed” (rather than food), and hormones while they are fattened up to be cruelly slaughtered for you to eat. Their conditions are so filthy and unhealthy that they must be fed a steady supply of antibiotics to fend off infection long enough for them to finish their short and miserable lives in captivity.

The misery of all these animals has created a dark cloud of pain-energy which hovers over the Earth, weighing on the hearts of all who inhabit the planet. Their fellow creatures feel the agony and are driven to aggression, attacking each other as you attack yourselves and them. It has become a feed-back loop of misery and violence which affects all beings in its atmosphere. Even the weather, as you have been told, is infused with the energy of violence, producing far greater turbulence in the form of hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis than you would experience otherwise.

You see, all creatures, all consciousness, human and otherwise, longs for peace, and the release from suffering. It is God’s way, and humanity will not be permitted to continue indefinitely to misuse your beloved planet and all her creatures. You are seeing the results of this behavior in the illnesses that plague humankind. All are a result of being exposed to suffering, either their own or those around them. You see, your empathy works this way, whether you understand it or not.

You cannot live in a “nursery” – your whole Planet – where millions of being are crying, and not feel the effects of their tears in your own bodies. Your heart registers the pain around you, even when you attempt to ignore it and turn away, in the belief that you have no power to change what is not under your direct control. Of course, this was an idea that was implanted by the dark ones, and it has spawned the epidemic of “heart disease” so many suffer from now. It is not true. You, one individual human being, have great power to manifest the change you focus upon with firm intention and feeling.

You do not have to break down the doors of all the zoos and factory farms in order to stop these cruel practices. You do need to stop supporting them and encourage everyone you know, gently and with patience, to join you in daily meditation to bring Love and Light to all God’s babies and children, human or otherwise. Animals were not placed on this Earth plane so that you would enjoy how “cute” they are. They are here to help you learn God’s ways. You will see how they change, how they too are able to turn away from violence and predatory behavior to become the vegetarian companions they will be as their DNA is also changed by the incoming energies from the Central Sun and their nervous systems are able to evolve into a calm and loving state to match your own.

You are the ones who were created in God’s image to have Dominion over the Earth, but “dominion” does not mean license to do whatever you choose, regardless of the destructive impact it might have. It does mean you are the stewards who have been appointed to administer to Earth’s needs and care for the well-being of all creatures, including yourselves. So you see, my plea here is for all the children of Planet Earth, no matter how small and helpless that little one might be.

A crying child engenders a heart-wrenching pull for those who are present and “in their right mind.” Why do you not hear the cry of the small calf when it is taken from its mother, or the peeping of the chicks when they emerge from an incubator-heated shell, without the nurturance of the mother’s warm presence? Why should any baby be born without its mother, or taken away to be orphaned, depressed and anxious while its mother sighs in despair and loneliness?

I bring to you the message of our greatly loved little Noève, the champion of all children, who is here to create the world anew under her Loving gaze. All children deserve a happy childhood! Every one! When Noeve looks at the world, she sees all Life as equal, deserving, worthy. There is no difference whether it is animal, human, insect, bird or fish. All beings are loved by Noeve and by God, and therefore must be loved by humankind if you are to reach the glorious Ascension you have aspired to for yourselves.

Did you really believe you could raise your vibration to ascend to Higher Dimensions while filling your plates high with broiled cow (let us desist from naming cow meat with names like “steak” and “hamburger.” It is the flesh of the cow.) “Veal” is the body of the baby cow. “Lamb” is the flesh of the baby sheep, and so forth. Let us be honest about the barbaric practices which were established by the dark ones so long ago.

Milk and other dairy products should be taken only after the baby is weaned, and with the permission of the mother animal, who may generously choose to offer her raw milk to her human friends for a time, out of her natural ability to feel love and friendship with other species. Should humankind be asked to show less respect to their animal friends than the cow or goat shows to them?

Awaken to your true natures, Dear Humankind. Take your place as the leader of the Free World – all the natural world. It is your birthright to become the gloriously empathic, sensitive and deeply intelligent beings who will be entrusted with the well-being of all. Raise yourselves above the old traditions which were forced upon the world before you were born. It is time to experience your group consciousness, which carries with it the ability to feel empathy toward all living beings. When you truly raise your vibrations to see your kinship with all things, you will be horrified at the idea of imprisoning eating your friends.

Join with us to envision the New Golden Age in which all are truly equal, and none are in servitude to any other. That is true Freedom, peace of mind and unconditional Love.

Thank you for communicating with me through this message. I am here to serve you all. I am Destiny, of the family of your Earth’s Sun, and I Love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 1, 2014, 5 pm., New York

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