Trump And JFK Jr The Plan To Free The World With Truth


NOTE BY NANCY:  At this point, there is no proof that JFK, Jr. faked his death and is working with President Trump.   However, that doesn’t mean it would be impossible, especially for the wealthy.

I describe  my intuitive knowing in an article “THE 20 YEAR PLAN at:

I believe we are watching biblical prophecy manifest and that two of the major roles are being played by President Trump & JFK, Jr.

JFK, Jr. & Donald J. Trump

I intuitively know and have read in numerous sources that we are witnessing a never before event in human history–the victory of GOOD over EVIL by humanity!

Listening to the Mainstream News is useless as far as learning the Truth is concerned.  Sean Hannity on Fox News does speak Truth as best he knows it.   We live in a time of battle when all the planned chess moves cannot be made know.


Trump And JFK Jr The Plan To Free

The World With Truth