Hi all,

Just like in the Sandy Hook shootings, the crimes are being exposed much 
more quickly.   It has taken over 12 years for North Americans to begin 
seeing the truth about 9/11.  It took a few months for the truth to 
emerge last year about the fires and also the movie theatre shooting in 
Colorado.  Sandy Hook was exposed in a matter of days.  The explosions 
in Boston were exposed in a matter of hours.  People now know where to 
look, and they are catching the lies.

There was a Facebook sympathy page created in Facebook two DAYS ago, but 
has since been pulled down.  Another was created this morning, a full 
eight hours before the explosions were heard. (these may get removed 
soon)     Sandy Hook also had Facebook tribute pages posted before the 
event happened.

*https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=n4l9yK6vtCU* - 
page created two days before.

*https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YpZcELZSlRw* - 
created hours before.

There is a report that the Boston police department was going to 
detonate an explosive today, as part of a 'drill'.  The police force was 
likely too preoccupied with that, and allowed something else to happen.

The London 7/7/2005 bombings also had the metropolitan police force 
doing 'drills' that day.

On 9/11, the planes that were usually 'on call' for defence that can be 
scrambled within minutes of an emergency and reach anywhere in North 
America, were called out on 'drills' the day of 9/11.

Back then, people didn't know what to look for, and they simply allowed 
their reactions to prevent them from looking at unfolding events with a 
clear and level head.  This is no longer the case.

The recent shootings in the U.S. have been 'false flag' events to scare 
people into wanting gun control legislation.  This is a way for the 
government in the US to basically go against the article in the 
constitution that allows citizens the right to bear arms. The 
secret/shadow government...or the cabal that has hijacked most of the 
countries around the world, create events to scare people into 
surrendering their rights, under the illusion that they will be 
'protected' by their government.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today's event, just like Sandy Hook, school shootings, and others have 
been planned events.  This one however, shows signs of being very 
hastily planned, as though it was put together more at the last minute.

It is my belief at this time, that this event was to cover up something 
else, and I believe it had something to do with the global financial 
system.  All the stock markets around the world reported losses today, 
and gold, strangely enough,  has just finished its second day of losses, 
its worst 2 day rout in over 30 years.
Historically, when the markets go down, gold will go up and vice versa.

I do not know exactly what is causing gold to go down, but I believe it 
has something to do banking ponzi schemes tied to illegal derivatives.  
At the moment, the European banking cartel is trying to extract blood 
from Cyprus, now that their bailout failed.  It was a scam to force the 
Cypriot government into a position of having to sell its gold, which has 
physical value, as opposed to the bank loans which are money created out 
thin air. This is how ALL bank loans are. The money that is created is 
given out, and the bank risks absolutely nothing, but instead asks 
borrowers to put up items having physical value as collateral. This is 
illegal and criminally fraudulent and until now, people have not been 
speaking up.

It is believed that the introduction of a new global financial model 
that would have stripped the Fed Reserve cartel and others of their 
wealth, power and control was to be introduced to the world on 9/11 
2001.  The events of that day were significant enough to prevent that 
alleged announcement from being made. There have been some sources 
reporting lately that we are again approaching the introduction of a new 
financial model. Some have called it NESARA, which I will not go into at 
this time.  The BRICS alliance:  Brazil, Russia, India, China and South 
Africa, have aligned with numerous other countries, believed to be over 
145 now, that have signed on to a new global financial model that will 
strip the corrupt banking cartel of its wealth, power and control.  The 
challenge has been to find a way to introduce the new system, while 
dismantling the old system, so that it would not cause chaos and panic.

The International Monetary Fund 's (IMF) Managing Director, Christine 
Lagarde spoke last week at the Economic Club of New York.  I covered 
this on my newscast.  She spoke of needing to 'reign in' big banking, 
and to create new regulations.  She also spoke about the introduction of 
the Basel III accord:  the accord that basically promotes gold and 
precious metals from a Tier 3 commodity to a Tier 1 commodity which is 
the same as money.  The gold standard is in the process of being 
reintroduced to the world, to also help strip the banking cartels of 
their illegal derivatives schemes through debt-based banking.  Surprise, 
surprise:  the IMF spring meeting started today, so today's event would 
have 'conveniently' caused a sufficient distraction to either cancel or 
possibly delay whatever policy discussions that would have been going on 
about the new global financial system, and any actions being taken 
against criminal bankers and institutions.


What most around the world do not know - because the media has been 
complicit in the cover up is that:

Iceland - the people there DID speak up.  They would not accept the Euro 
cartel bailouts.  They defaulted on their loans in 2008. Although they 
had two rough years, the people got control of their country back:  they 
arrested the bankers; arrested their leader, called together a citizens 
group online and re-wrote their country's constitution.  Iceland is 
currently better positioned for growth than all countries in the 
European Union.  The mainstream media is not reporting this however.  
They do not want the world to know that a country has 'called out' their 
frauds and successfully proven that they can survive outside of the 
illegal fractional reserve model of banking.

When these events happen...there is something else going on, that they 
do not want people to know about.  Creating events such as these creates 
fear and successfully diverts attention
from whatever else it is that is being covered up.

Perhaps we'll find out soon enough.

The event is very unfortunate.  People are being sacrificed to cover up 
other events. I gently advise against blindly accepting anything that 
the mainstream media has to say.  They have not been doing their job for 
years. Their 'ethic' has been corrupted.  I try to maintain hope 
however, that some journalists can be reached and pulled back from the 
dark side of 'The Force'.

Some, or perhaps most of what I have shared may be very unsettling for 
many of you.  Let me end on a positive note:  What is happening now is 
happening for a reason.  Humanity is in the process of reclaiming its 
freedom from a relatively small group of people that have held the 
planet in enslavement, in fear, in debt and have been destroying our 
planet for profit, greed, power and control.   This is beginning to 

As with all change, there are periods of adjustment.  How easily the 
adjustment proceeds will depend upon how open-minded and open-hearted 
people are to change.  We can continue living as slaves, or we can begin 
to learn about and recognize 'the game', so that we might choose not to 
fall victim to it any longer.  The sooner the changes are introduced, 
the sooner the discomfort can end.  All you have to do is choose to 
become more informed, and recognize the lies, frauds and crimes.  Just 
knowing the truth will be empowering enough!

Share this (if you choose) with journalists you know and perhaps 
politicians.  Those who are corrupt will already know that their 'gig' 
is up. The world is 'on' to them.

Something VERY GOOD is happening in human and planetary consciousness!  
It may just take a bit of time before it becomes clearly obvious to all.

In peace, and in service to humanity and our planet,