KARELIAN SHUNGITE A rare, sacred Russian stone 2 billion yrs. old


A rare, sacred Russian stone 2 billion yrs. old

Karelia, Russia is the only place in the world where pure shungite is deposited.

Karelian shungite 

“As a sacred Russian stone, Karelian Shungite carries an ancient history embedded

within its gemstone structure and composition. An array of healing approaches is

found with Shungite, intuitive healers will be able to discern the many curative

qualities associated with this mysterious stone. As one ascertains its many applications,

one will be rewarded as Shungite begins to reveal its inner magic in ways that will amaze

one beyond his/her comprehension. As a stone of prophecy, Shungite will begin to aid in

the future ails of humanity as the cosmic genesis of our times comes in and aligns with


Shungite will assist one to adapt and adjust to the new frequencies presented to the

earth sphere, as many begin their ascend into the higher realms of existence.

Healing the lower energies that many still carry and are lodged with the auric field

needs to happen and this is where Shungite comes through as a healing aid.

Acting as a catalyst for positive change and growth, Shungite will spur one on and

forward towards total healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The demands of time and energy will only increase for many; Shungite will help to

balance conflicting energies that will arise during the shifting to higher rates of vibrating.

As its frequency can and will align to those who begin to embrace and “wear” a

vibratory signature that meets the future with love and light. Yet, Shungite will often

come across as a stern and disciplined teacher, ready to impart its sacred wisdom with

those who are committed to a higher path of evolving. One has a responsibility when

working with the energies of Shungite, as its source is not to be taken lightly or by the

faint of heart. The “ancient of ways” seems to echo through from the Shungite gemstone;

Older Souls will be able to “hear” this inner language coming through. Preventing one

from the burden of negative attachments, Shungite quickly disperses such toxins away

from the individual. Replacing one with more positive energy, the enduring nature of

Shungite is constant and unrelenting, never waiving from its strong centered source.

Shungite can and will propel one along the direction of his/her path, keeping one focused,

grounded and centered at all time. Replenishing one with protection, Shungite works

in the “background,” most times one is not even aware of its presence upon the body.

Blending with one’s highest good and intention, Shungite truly comes across as a

magical stone with many capabilities not yet revealed. Marveling at the essence of

Shungite will expose one to its higher rate of vibrational impulse, placing one in a better

state of mind and positioning one with a “shield of protection” at all times. Humanity will

require the healing force of Shungite as the dimensional frequencies continue to shift and

thus, adapting and adjusting will be required by one and all on the planet.”



“Through Russia,” Edgar Cayce said, “Not in respect to what is sometimes termed

Communism or Bolshevism — no! But comes the hope of the world freedom —

freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born

there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the

hope of the world.”



Shungite @ Total Health Show 2010