NOTE BY NANCY:  I was privileged to have  a copy of Laurel Elizabeth Keyes groundbreaking book on TONING years ago when it first came out.   Toning can be extremely healing.  Everything is energy and stuck energy can create all kinds of problems—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  I cannot remember much of what Laurel Keyes says in her book, so I speak from my own experience—thankful that I have never had a real troubling problem with which to test toning.   My experience of toning is that it is an excellent way to give voice to your pain (whatever type) and release it.

Many grew up hearing:  “in pain?  Grin and bear it” … “If you hurt, suck it up and go on” … “don’t complain” … she/he is so brave—not a word of complaint … “don’t burden others with your drama” and on and on ad infinitum.  As a result, we learn early on to repress and actually forget that we are doing so.  We become dishonest with ourselves.

A part of the repression problem is derived from knowing that the words I AM are creative words.  However, it has been my experience that my INTENT in speaking those words is what matters.  If I want to be an expression of love, I speak the words “I AM love” with the intent of being love.  If I want to release anger, I say honestly to myself, “I am angry” and allow all the reasons why to flow forth with the INTENT OF RELEASING THAT ANGRY ENERGY.  I inevitably feel like a huge burden rolled off my back.  I can then honestly be love because the barriers have been released.

I have never felt severe pain, but I intuit that the same would be true.  My daughter use to tell her children while comforting them after a fall, etc. “Give me your pain” and she would hold her hand out for them to place their pain in her hand.  All I know is that they would stop crying.  Pain is energy and can be shifted.

Toning is allowing your body to speak.  Keyes recommends beginning the toning session by groaning out loud while standing and allowing your body to move however it wants to.  Think of the all the things bothering you and groan over them—as loud and long as you need to.  You will know when the locked in energy has been released because you will feel empty, maybe even a little weak.  I like to visualize standing in the Purple Transmuting Flame while groaning, asking the Flame to transmute the energy being released into pure divine love.

Once you have released the dis-ease, allow your body to sing by toning whatever music comes forth.  This is not structured music, but allowing your body to sing or chant according to its choice.  Open your mouth and allow the sounds to flow effortlessly … keep your intellect out of the way!

Keyes offers much information on toning and, in a portion of the toning process, uses particular notes for those of you who know music.  I don’t know music, but find that is not a problem.  I simply allow my body to sing and give thanks for all healing taking place in accordance with my highest good and Divine Will.

Here is the information about the book, lifted from Amazon’s website.  I highly recommend reading this book and using toning for your own healing of body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Remember stuck energy is painful energy!



New Edition Includes a Bonus CD containing original recordings of Laurel Keyes, plus Don Campbell’s comments and demonstration.

Fact: Sound vibrations move and alter matter.

The purpose of sound has forever been used primarily for communication or entertainment, but the true benefits of sound are also known to be an ancient method of healing. The benefits are felt when people speak, sing, hum, chant, as Laurel Elizabeth Keyes explained in her groundbreaking book Toning over 30 years ago. The specific act of toning creates vocal sounds and vibrational patterns that influence health and well-being. Toning, the Healing and Creative Power of the Voice contains the results and observations that Laurel Keyes experienced while experimenting in her own body as well as in others.
One person who applied the life-changing healing technique is Don Campbell, best-selling author of The Mozart Effect, who credits much of his success to the tools he acquired from Toning.