MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENING MINISTER – “Orthodox beliefs produce doubt, despair, & fear.”


“Orthodox beliefs produce doubt, despair, & fear.”


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***NOTE BY NANCY:  Cancer signifies a new cycle of unfoldment.  “It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light.”  (Alan Oken)


Anonymous Musing & photographing with the Full Moon in Cancer – 12/28/12

 Hazy Moon

Hazy Full Moon at 2:45 AM

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!  We need to all correct these lame negative sayings.

When I think that a hard-shelled theologian like me can so radically alter in such a short span of time, it is proof positive that ANYONE can and will change.

 Full Moon

Full Moon at 5:21 AM

 As the Full Moon has now stationed I will be using this time to continually let go of all of the useless thoughts and orthodoxies  that I have held so near and dear to my heart.

Funny thing is that all of these “near and dear” orthodoxies are lies and only enslaved me.

How nice to let them go and be carried off and away from me.  They were a burdensome yoke cloaked in a falsehood and pretense of faith, hope, and charity.

Actually those orthodoxies produced doubt, despair and fear.

“What fools we mortals have been!”

We are GOD, and have all the Divine Power within.

Let us celebrate the lovely Full Moon in Cancer with THAT thought in mind!


OF CLOUDS – 12/28/12


Early Morning

Early Morning 2

All photos by Musing Minister


MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENING MINISTER – “His answer to Lightworkers who have been at this for years.”


“His answer to Lightworkers who have been at this for years”


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Ya know Nancy, I have watched “Crossing Over” so many times that that film seems etched in my brain; yet, I watch it again and then I get another piece of the puzzle and think “Wow, the new way of thinking is just breaking in *in* me!”

If we have been in The Iron Age for so long where humanity is at its darkest, and then we round the corner and enter Aquarius (Bronze Age), then isn’t humanity 25% more awakened as we move towards The Golden Age (which is 100% Consciousness!)?

I keep thinking that we are at the beginning of the awakening.  If man was living at tops 100 years in the Iron Age, will we not see increasingly people live longer, eventually up to 1000 in this Age?

Are we not at ground-breaking Consciousness-Awareness 101?

Are we not the firstfruits of them that sleep?

Would not total awakening to complete Consciousness simply be too much overload for us?

When I consider that in 5 months I have learned all this (and it IS a lot!!!!!!!), is it not all-Loving to realize that Ascension really IS a process lovingly engineered and managed for us to not choke on meat before we digest milk?

I am still realizing anew daily how Gaia and I connect.

I look into the skies and I see the unusual cloud formations and think “Wow, the Galactics really ARE there!” and I am here at this point to see this (even if others may not at the moment).

I still am wrapping my head around my body being my best friend and co-creator!

You [Lightworkers] have known these truths for a long, long time; but to me, these are all still “rattles and toys” in my beautiful new play pen!!!!!!!!


 NOTE BY NANCY:  To be sure people understand, those Lightworkers who have worked “out on a limb” for years comprehend that it takes time for people to adjust.  What we so wanted to see on 12/21/12 was a definitive sign that Earth truly had ascended … that all we had been sharing for years was indeed to come to pass.  We had been walking in blind faith and wanted to see the Light with our physical eyes.  And to be honest, we wanted confirmation that we had discerned Spirit correctly.

Thus, the source of our initial disappointment.

By New Year’s Day 2013, I wager Lightworkers will be back at work, as optimistic over Earth’s future as ever!  My prayer is that many, many more will be joining our joyful march into The Golden Age of Aquarius!






man in nature[i]


How does God transmute negativity???

Well, Frank and I were planning to have our wedding at the Democratic Office in our home town until yesterday.  A surprise phone call changed those plans.

The minister of the church where I am Music Minister called to offer the Church Hall for our wedding.  This is in a denomination that has yet to institutionalize same-sex wedding policies.

I knew this minister a year ago … I watch him today.  It is amazing to observe the transmuting power that love, light, and positive affirmations has performed on this hard-shelled Republican, conservative FOX-watching minister.   LOVE’s transmuting power continues to produce change, even without him completely knowing or comprehending the change.

This morning, I was moved to write him the following letter to respond to his offer and in support of all that he is undergoing.


 Hi Stanley ~

As I was meditating this morning, I was reminded of the verse: “Today, if you hear My Voice, harden not your hearts!”

On a warm summer evening in 1978, I sat in a far-right back pew listening to the church’s then congregation pontificate on the woes of the denomination that would even consider women’s ordination in view of the other topic at hand—the infallibility of Scripture (as they understood).  I was to leave church that evening only to soon realize that the members would vote to leave the denomination and the building.  However, my main concern at the time was they would also drop their support of The Helping-Up Mission of which I was Assistant-to-the-Director.

What was God saying that evening?  “Today, if YOU hear My Voice, harden not your hearts!”

Since those early years of unrest that denominational Christianity underwent, God has continually held out these words: “Today, if you hear My Voice, harden not your hearts!”

I submit that those who DID hear God’s Voice embraced women’s ordination.  It takes a strong and vibrant people to “daily examine themselves to see whether they be in the faith.”

How pleasant it is to discover that in “hearing God’s Voice,”  one actually flies in the face of thousands of years of inherited “orthodoxy,” which enslaved, marginalized and excluded a vital segment of human spirituality.

When I consider that women had no opportunity 30 some years ago to serve in dynamic spirituality outside choir, Sunday School (and then, only for children 10 and under!) and Altar Guild, it does my heart good to realize that in order for new vital growth to begin in a body, first the dead and useless part needs to fall away.

The very fact that those that ARE now on the Session are all women speaks volumes as to how beautifully God has shifted a group of people who were willing to stick-it-out and learn what it means to “daily hear His Voice!”

Just thinking about the immense joy that Frank and I, and all of our guests, will experience by attending our wedding at the church—even if it is not an officially church-sanctioned wedding—shows that our church, despite whatever obvious or apparent issues it daily faces, is a congregation that hears and obeys the “Today, if you hear My Voice…”

In my own journey in faith, I have found that truly the only way I have ever been able to discern The Daily Voice  is to see how the information presented to me sizes-up to the Universal Love of God?

Did not Christ come to “set the captives free”? How often have we sung “O For a 1000 tongues to sing…. ye blind behold, leap ye lame…” only to withhold people from actually being able to do so.

I am grateful for the dissolution of an “orthodoxy” that is wrong.  It is wrong.  It always was wrong, and it will continue to be so.

The year of Jubilee has come to allow captives to return home!

Captives want to go home; they want to feel what it is like to call a place “home.”  A place where they can kick back and enjoy the comforts, rights and pleasures so long denied them … where they formerly served only as “doorkeeper’s in the house of the LORD,” and not in the fully-embraced “no longer strangers and aliens” stance that is their birthright.

I absolutely believe that the world is entering a time when “the wolf shall lie down with the lamb,” and the more that this glorious promise is fulfilled in the world, the more we shall see happy, whole, fully-functional, spiritually-vital people who are free from “the yoke of bondage” that was forced upon them.

The spirit of fear must leave a people in order to embrace any possibility of experiencing true and transmuting love. When we no longer fear something, then we are totally free of it.

“Today, if you hear My Voice, harden not your hearts!” will continually pour forth from the mind and mouth of God to every living creature every minute of every day.  As you said: *”If the shit hits the fan, I just will not say we**are white,”* now puts you solidly in the shit-splattered company of all of the blacks, women, gays, children, poor and marginalized who all know and enjoy what it is like to have “their robes washed white in the Blood of the Lamb.”

Happy laundering my precious Brother whom I love ~


Last night, I performed musically at a four-hour Holiday Party in a very rich man’s home.

During the party, he explained that he, and several other *very wealthy* families, have purchased homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and will be moving there in January.

This is so significant, I thought, as Jackson Hole is the home of Dick Cheney.  All of the Illuminati are “heading for the hills” and bonding together because the fear of losing their grip, their power and their money has made it necessary. *They all simply MUST be with each other!*

Can you imagine how the “negativity” of that city will rise until it is transmuted and eradicated??????

*This is just so creepy,* but epiphanic to the awakened soul!

No small wonder the Scriptures said “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” (NIV)