A re-post


NOTE BY NANCY:  Earth and all its inhabitants, as well as our entire solar system, are presently undergoing major changes.  For this reason, I am re-posting this “Coping With Change” article.  Earth is suffering and needs our love, caring, and Light.  Many of us are, consciously or unconsciously, empathically feeling Earth’s pain as evidenced in various emotional and physical symptoms, such as depression or extreme physical fatigue for which there appears to be no real basis.  We need to recognize and understand the normal steps that occur with major change.

Because I am sensitive to the often frightening concepts of our loving Mother/Father God displayed in portions of our edited spiritual text–the Bible–I would like to add that it is the Universal Law that “we reap what we sow,” that reaps curses on self when we curse others, not God cursing those who curse Abraham.  We, not God, create our own life experiences by the way we treat others.  One of the major changes we are encountering is that we are the ones responsible for the events in our life.  We cannot live in Truth and continue to blame God.  Our Mother/Father God is Absolute Love and views each of us as a beloved “god-child” who is learning, often by trial and error, to follow our God-Parents’ example of BEING LOVE!