A summary by Nancy Detweiler of a 7 hour podcast by Mark Passio

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 For years, I have watched as the New Age Movement has remained publicly silent regarding anything happening within the world at large.  Because it is my soul mission to research and write about what is really going on covertly in our world, I have been more sensitive to the groups who are actively involved in bringing about positive change—those who are attuned to the need to both BE LOVE—the Sacred Feminine, and to TAKE ACTION AS LOVE—the Sacred Masculine.

A couple of years ago, I was pondering the reasons behind the New Age Movement’s hesitancy to be involved in supporting the creation of solutions for the problems plaguing our world.


 Of course, there are exceptions to every blanket statement.  One very notable exception is Marianne Williamson, who recently announced her candidacy for the US House of Representatives in 2014:

Marianne spoke to and encouraged the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Los Angeles:

Marianne has written a book, Healing the Soul of America:  Reclaiming Our Voices As Spiritual Citizens:

Marianne worked tirelessly with US House Representative Dennis Kucinich as he sought to get legislation passed to create a cabinet level Dept. of Peace.  As a part of this endeavor, she created an organization to work for peace – the Peace Alliance:

Quote from Peace Alliance website:  “In 1989, she (Marianne) founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily. Marianne is a founder of The Peace Alliance and founded and launched the campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace.”

I am thankful to have such an extraordinary example of a spiritual leader within the New Age Movement who has so successfully merged the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within herself.  She exemplifies one who truly understands what the cosmic cycle called the New Aquarian Age is about—the Waterbearer to a Thirsty World.


Back to the day of my pondering why so many within the New Age Movement are hesitant to get involved.  The intuitive insight I received was that the dark cabal used the New Age Movement to prevent the involvement of millions from working to overthrow the planetary slave state they have created and plan to continue.

Much hidden truth has been revealed by the New Age Movement.  The fact of reincarnation; esoteric astrology and the soul contract; natural healing techniques including healing with crystals and other gemstones; the metaphysics underlying all of life—all of life is energy; channeling that enables the myriad spirit beings around us to communicate the existence of higher, more spiritually evolved people/planets; and on and on.  The New Age Movement began as the time for humanity to move forward in their spiritual evolution arrived.  It has served a Divine Purpose during our everlasting spiritual journey.

For thousands of years, the dark cabal members—made up largely of ancient families that have maintained control of our planet for hundreds, even thousands of years—have seized control is very subtle, insidious ways.  As Mark Passio expresses it, “We are free-range slaves, not shackled slaves.”  We are allowed to believe we are free … that all of the indications of slavery or having someone rule our lives are simply accepted as “ that’s life.”  As free-range slaves, we own nothing—we are bought and sold on the stock market, do not own property, and do not own our children.

As a part of the cabal’s control system, they—according to what one cabal member told Mark Passio in person—are heavily involved in publishing New Age books that propagate the deceptions of the New Age Movement.  This statement confirmed my intuitive insight regarding the cabal’s involvement.

It is for this reason that I listened to the 7 hour podcast.  Parts of it are difficult to listen to, but I am glad I stuck with it to the end.  Mark is sincere in wanting to prevent a violent revolution as people increasingly realize what is being done to them.  A startling revelation included in his podcast comes as a result of Mark’s knowledge of Latin, thus the etymology of words we use daily and have no idea as to their original meaning.

Although I encourage you to listen to the entire podcast to get one individual’s very knowledgeable understanding of our planetary conditions, I realistically doubt many will feel they have the time to listen for 7 hours.  It is for this reason that I offer a brief summary of the deceptions derived from the New Age Movement’s teachings.

Mark presents 10 New Age Deceptions and their corrections:

  1.  Ignore the negative.  This is the deception that has most concerned me because the problems that plague our world are considered by many in the New Age Movement as “the negative.”  I hear this deception most often stated as “focus only on the positive.”  As Mark points out, this renders the individual imbalanced.  (2:20:49 on podcast)
  2. Never get angry.  As a former professional counselor, I know the harm that is created by attempting to repress anger.  The New Age Movement has presented additional deceptions in order to rationalize away angry feelings.  Statements such as, “The soul chose this” is often used.  Interpreting esoteric natal charts reveals that the soul chooses to learn particular lessons while in physical incarnation.  The soul also selects and contracts with willing individuals to play the major roles needed to learn those lessons during physical incarnation.  However, we can avoid much suffering by consciously setting about learning those lessons.  Anger can be an excellent energy to use in learning to “take right action” in overcoming unjust behavior on the part of another who is involved in the soul contract and/or to bring about positive solutions to our world’s problems.  (2:33:17 on podcast)
  3. We’re all One so it’s all good.  (2:54:24 on podcast)  I’ll let you listen to Mark’s explanation of this one.
  4. You can never really know – Solipsism  (3:24:44 on podcast)
  5. Accept, accept, accept, but never resist (the world as it currently is)  Yet, resistance to tyrants is the way to freedom.  (3:38:16 on podcast)  Mark is aware that the Bible states “resist not evil,” but believes—as do I—that this verse was added or mistranslated.  We know the cabal made many changes to the Bible, deleting portions and adding portions.  Jesus constantly rebuked the religious authorities and deliberately disobeyed religious laws. The New Age Movement offers additional deceptions to help maintain a calm demeanor in the face of tyrannical behavior:  a) meditation and yoga; b) don’t react to anything-keep calm; c) what you resist persists; d) no confrontation – never use force or attempt to influence another to change.

Mark defines Enlightenment as the balancing of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.  The Sacred Feminine = the non-aggressive principle; the Sacred Masculine = the self-defense principle.  He states that Freemasons call the word “NO” the lost word.  They explain:  the sheeple, as the dumbed-down general public is called by the Freemasons/cabal, have forgotten the word “NO.”

  1.  Watered down version of the Laws of Attraction  (5:08:14 on podcast)  The New Age variant of the Law of Attraction is largely based on the modality of Service-to-Self.  It removes the Sacred Masculine by asking “what do You want?”  It does not relate the Law to what the Collective needs or wants, which relates to Service-to-Others.  Based on leaving out the Sacred Masculine—Action—this watered down version of the Laws of Attraction becomes based in the Ego.  Not long ago, I asked an individual who is in touch with various groups of New Agers if they knew what is going on in the world.  The answer:  I doubt it; they are engrossed in what they personally want.

The Real Laws of Attraction require the Trinity of Consciousness: thought … emotion … and action.  We are all affected by the aggregate.  Service to Truth = the Actual Laws of Attraction.  Example:  We can meditate and pray for peace … we can sing for peace … we can strive for inner peace, but unless we take action and serve Truth by telling others what is really happening in our world, huge segments of the population remain in ignorant, free-range slavery.  As Jesus taught:  “The Truth will set you free!”

  1.  False notions of forgiveness  (5:32:33 on podcast)  “Turn the other cheek” leaves out the Sacred Masculine and is a very unhealthy approach when being bullied or harmed in some other way.  It is very likely to be either a mistranslation of the biblical text, deliberately added in by the cabal, or an idiom, like “break a leg” is an idiom that means the exact opposite of what the literal words say—good luck or do well.  Disception #5 is accept, accept, accept.  True forgiveness can be given only when the offender says:  “I was wrong and I am willing to cease my offensive behavior.”  Otherwise, the Sacred Masculine (self defense) is not brought into play.
  2. Chaos should be feared  (5:40:41 on podcast)  Here Mark talks about the word government actually meaning to control mind.  Those who fear chaos believe government should exist.  Thus, our planet is presently controlled by governments’ constant references to terrorists … national defense … enemies.

Chaos need not be feared, for, out of chaos comes creative action … it can be a teaching tool through the negative.  Teachers are aware that much valuable learning can take place during a teachable moment, which most often will involve some sort of conflict or negative event.  How many of us have awakened to new truth when our lives became chaotic?  Control removes the possibility of creative solutions.

The free-range slave system, under which all of Earth’s inhabitants live, is about limitation of our divine gift of freewill through the destruction of possibility.  Our Sacred Masculine energy is the ability to take right action in the world.  True freedom includes infinite possibility, which may mean chaos.

Fear of possibility of chaos = fear of true freedom.  The ultimate form of mind control = death of the imagination.

The only true form of difference among persons = the varying levels of consciousness possessed by individuals.

The true meaning of Anarchy is No Rulers, No Masters.  True Anarchy = Order in the World, not chaos.  Jesus revealed through his actions, “I am an Anarchist.”  We must govern ourselves through self-discipline, self-control, INTERNAL MASTERY.  Anarchy does NOT mean without rules.  It means we are free to follow Natural (Universal) Law via our own self-discipline, self-control, self Mastery.

In America, returning to our nation’s original Constitution means returning to Common Law, which is simply “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”  We will have great difficulty lived in accordance with Common Law if our consciousness level remains at the free-range slave mentality and the control inflicted on us by Masters and Rulers … if we fear chaos.

  1.  Enlightenment is only about changing yourself – feeling good all the time – never having a negative feeling  (6:37:54 on podcast)  This deception appeals to the ego.  Enlightenment is to be shared!  The role of anger is to stir us to right action.

Enlightenment = Allegiance to Truth … to Natural (Universal) Law.  Seek the Truth, then speak the Truth.

“One does not become Enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the Darkness conscious.  The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable, and therefore, not popular.”  –Carl Jung

  1. 10.  Truth does not need to be defended, so never confront anyone.  Never talk about the negative  (6:50:00 on podcast)

WE are the vehicles by which Truth operates in the world.  WE are here to break down the lies.  WE have to become the voice and defender of Truth.

 Take up the Sword of Truth!  Speak the Truth into our lives … into creation! archangel-michael

 By suppressing the Sacred Masculine, the New Age Movement has failed to assist in answering the call to the Sacred Masculine’s need to take right action and declare our freedom from 7,000 years of slavery.  Instead, many have taught and lived their lives in accordance with the deception that the “World does not need fixing.”  “I do not need fixing.”  Some New Agers complain about the use of the word “should” due to the deception “I do not need fixing” … “the World does not need fixing.”   Some New Agers complain about others talking about “lessons” for this same deceptive reason.

Little do New Agers realize how imbalanced they become by suppressing the Sacred Masculine and focusing totally on the Sacred Feminine.


 Mark’s official website is:

Please excuse the numbering of the deceptions.  My operating system is acting up.