During this time of ascending to higher consciousness…………

During this time of ascending to higher consciousness……….

Mother Earth and her inhabitants are presently living in a time of transition in consciousness.    We have grown up hearing the phrase only one life to live and tended to accept that phrase as true.  However, children often have memories, or fragments of memories, that have no explanation in their present lives.  I remember being held on Mother’s lap during church services and looking around the congregation for my real mother.   Somehow, someway, I had ended up with a stranger for my mother.  I had no explanation and the feeling of not belonging on this planet  stayed with me until one day a friend offered to guide me in a meditative journey back in time.  My journey ended on the planet Venus.   I was home!

Feelings and knowings can be a part of our conscious awareness while we have no clue as to why we have them.  I have come to know they are signals for us to become aware that life is far bigger than we think.  Our Soul is the eternal part of who we are.  Since our Soul is eternally alive, we have to assume that we have lived in many places … had a multitude of experiences … in a variety of physical bodies.

As we open to life being eternal, we begin to have experiences that indicate the truth of our eternal Soul.   At the same time, our planetary society often ignores the truth of reincarnation.   Ignoring this truth slams the door to a comprehensive understanding of self.  Who we are = the sum total of our previous lives!

For years I was afraid of water: there was no present life reason for this fear.  One day, while at the beach and jumping waves close to shore, I ended up far enough out to be pulled under by a large wave.   The incoming wave threw me back on shore and at that moment a vision of drowning  as a wave pulled me out to sea flashed before my eyes.  I instantly realized I had been on Atlantis in a previous lifetime.  Lying on the wet sand, I knew a prior death to my physical body by drowning was the reason I had feared water.

We will increasingly have memories and experiences that will require a consideration of reincarnation in order to be understood.  It is for this reason that I encourage you to view the following video.  Notice how soul memories impact the lives of those in the video (watch the videos that follow the stories of the 5 children.)

Learning and accepting the truth of reincarnation as a part of our Soul’s eternal life will be of benefit as we continue to expand in conscious awareness–i.e. ascend to higher consciousness.  You will find it a fascinating subject as well as a therapeutic benefit!


REMEMBERING: Our Journey Back In Time!

REMEMBERING:  Our Journey Back In Time!

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

On October 19, Scarlett drove and I rode to Lockport, NY, to meet Kay for the first time.  We were driving to see Kay because she and her husband, Ron, had driven 3 hours toward Virginia on September 20th, only to have Kay’s spinal condition become so painful they had to turn around and return home.  Scarlett and I decided not to miss this opportunity to meet Kay in person and immediately began to plan to travel to NY to see her.

At the time we planned the trip, Kay and I already knew we were Soul Sisters.  Kay and Scarlett also felt they were Soul Sisters.  Scarlett and I had been good friends for years.  Knowing that Scarlett is an excellent Healing Touch channel, I introduced her to Kay via the internet.  She had been praying for Kay and talking with her on the phone for a couple of years.  Scarlett and I both felt there had to be connection between us, but had not yet become conscious of the type of relationship we previously had in an incarnation.

During the two years of our close Soul Sister relationship, I intuitively became aware that Kay and I had been Twin Sisters.  When I told Kay, her immediate response was, “I can’t wait to meet our Mother!”

On the drive to NY and all during the 1st day of our visit, I could not remember Scarlett’s name.  From years of experience, I had learned that when I was having trouble with a name, it usually meant I had known the individual in a prior lifetime by a different name.  In order to call them by their present name, I had to think about it first.  I could not automatically use their present name.  In Scarlett’s case, this only began happening on the way to NY.  I could not remember her name or any name for her, even though we were close friends and I had edited her 1st book as the 1st edit.  I had had no trouble remembering her name before we embarked on our journey to meet Kay, both of our Soul Sister, we thought.

Since the drive to western NY took 12 hours, we did not see Kay and Ron until the next morning.  As former Twin Sisters, Kay and I felt totally at home with each other.  We hugged … compared our heights (I am about an inch taller than she is), then sat on one of the sofas and held hands while Ron and Scarlett talked.  It was marvelous to be together with our twin sister again!

Kay Johnson-Gentile & Nancy Brooks Detweiler

Scarlett taught us that viewing the photo upside down makes it easier to see the similarities in our faces.  This photo confirms for me that we have been Twin Sisters.  We truly resemble each other, even though we are no physical kin in this incarnation.

After having met Kay’s son, Chris, for lunch, we rode around the village of Lockport, then returned to Kay’s home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon, talking.  Kay, Ron, and Scarlett enjoy British comedy; I do, but watch very little now.  Kay told us she felt as if she already knew the city when she visited London.  Scarlett dreams of visiting London.  I told them that my paternal family name—Brooks—was prolific in England and that my paternal grandfather had written a genealogical history of our Brooks family coming from England.  (For the genealogical researchers:  E.M. Brooks, History of the Brooks Family of Union County.  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jganis/stanlyco/BrooksEM.html).  We all had a fascination with Britain (England).  Then, it dawned on Kay and she turned to me:  “We were twins in England!”

Nancy, Scarlett, & Kay

It was time to leave and allow Kay to rest, so Scarlett and I enjoyed a dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.  We continued intuiting information about the past life in which we both felt deeply embedded while visiting with Kay.  This weekend visit (October of 2017) felt like it held deep significance and that the three of us—Kay, Scarlett, and I—had come together for a Soul Reason.  We studied the photos made earlier that morning.  It was during this time that I realized Scarlett had been our Mother.  Kay’s eagerness to meet our Mother had been fulfilled!  I felt a surge of joy, which means for me—a correct intuitive knowing.  Scarlett concurred and immediately texted Kay, asking her to think about that possibility.

Although, I did it partly in fun, it was easy to call Scarlett “MOM!”  I could easily remember that name; it felt right!  Also, Scarlett’s Astrological Sun Sign for this present life is Cancer—the zodiac sign for Mother.  Scarlett’s Ascendant is Aries, which demonstrates the 1st Ray’s desire and ability to LOVE, to bring the new to life.  Kay and I are both Aquarian, with the very sensitive energy of Pisces on our Ascendant (Kay’s Ascendant is Pisces; I have the zodiac ruler of Pisces, Neptune, in a close conjunction to my Virgo Ascendant.  With both of us being Aquarian and having strong Pisces energy, Kay and I have similar personalities—sensitive, caring, and creative–and Soul Missions oriented toward assisting people.  The details of our Soul Missions can differ; but, that we would be very much world oriented is the same.  We would both want to share our talent/knowledge with the world, as is evidenced by our website/blogs and being published writers.  Kay has traveled all over the world in a variety of capacities, including a UN Goodwill Ambassador, using her musical talent; I have traveled at length on four continents and adopted a child from Honduras.  We would both be most interested in the less affluent people.

Scarlett having Cancer as her Sun sign is naturally maternally oriented and talented in assisting others to be all they can.  Cancer is intelligent and can easily find self-fulfillment in caring for/teaching others along the lines of how the world operates.  Scarlett is attuned to the need to include all people, without discrimination, when granting opportunities and benefits.

Kay, Scarlett, and I are writers in this present incarnation.  We innately want to share what we know and have done so via writing and teaching—Kay and Scarlett on the university level, as well as Kay on the elementary level.  I have taught classes in my home and workshops during yearly conferences of Spiritual Frontiers.  Kay has also shared her extraordinary talent in music with the world.

Kay, Scarlett, & Nancy at Niagra Falls with Canada side in the background

Kay’s husband, Ron, Kay, Scarlett, and Nancy – Ron is such a kind man that we would gladly place him in the previous lifetime too, although I am not aware of anyone feeling that he was.

Why am I telling this story?

We all have Soul Families and will be meeting them as the time is right!  I encourage you to be alert and think in terms of Divine Order unfolding in your life.  Nothing happens by accident!  Being alert to following your Intuitive Guidance (whether or not you know the reason why) can fill your life with many wonderful surprises!  Soul family members will move into your life at the exact right time.  Kay had been reading my website and decided to write and tell me she thought we are soul sisters.  She was hesitant, even somewhat apologetic.  Although I answer letters sent to me on my website, I had never before really tried to get to know the letter writer by seeking out information she/he had supplied on the internet.  I did so with Kay because I felt the intuitive urge to do so.  Had Kay ignored the intuitive urge to write me, we may have missed the opportunity to be reunited.  After reading her website/blog, I knew I wanted to meet her and the rest is history, as I related above.  Had I ignored the intuitive urge to find out more about Kay, I would have unknowingly cut off the opportunity to begin being reunited with my Soul Family.  Had Kay ignored the intuitive urge to write me, we may have missed the opportunity to be reunited.  LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!  Observe the little things as they unfold.  For example:  I receive many letters from readers of my website … that was not what was different.  The non-intrusive, little intuitive urge to follow up was what I mean by observing and taking serious the little things as they unfold.

During this time of transition into the New Aquarian Golden Age, many have met members of their Soul Family and will continue to do so.  But, it requires being alert to the opportunities that cross our path and daring to take action to meet those members, if only by writing letters and phone calls.  Our Higher Mind, or Intuitive Mind, does not lie to us; it is dependable.  Whether or not the experience is lasting and positive depends upon the Soul Reason for being led together.  You will understand Why as you LISTEN & OBSERVE!


“If Jesus Is A Wayshower, What Did He Show Us?” – Part 9 of Series “Why Reincarnation?”


“If Jesus Is A Wayshower, What Did He Show Us?”
Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.
Revised 2005

Part 9 of Series
“Why Reincarnation?”

Throughout Old Testament times, God—channeled by the prophets—is depicted as pleading with the Israelites to remain faithful to Him. (Israelites, according to Fillmore’s metaphysical interpretation of the Bible, symbolize those who seek the Lord.) God promised repeatedly to lead the people into a “land filled with milk and honey,” if only they would follow Him. However, the world and its ways proved to be too much for the Israelites. They had forgotten who they were and seemed unable to remain persistent in their search for God and their true identities.

Although the arrangement of the Hebrew Bible differs, the Christian Old Testament concludes with the book of Malachi. The prophet Malachi channeled God’s pledge to his unfaithful people. Before the end of time on 3rd dimensional planet Earth, God would send the prophet Elijah to transform their hearts. “Lo, I will send you the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of children to their parents, so that I will not come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:5) Malachi wrote this assurance, of the prophet’s return to Earth, hundreds of years after Elijah had ascended to heaven in a whirlwind of fire. (II Kings 2:11 – This whirlwind of fire is likely one of several biblical references to a space ship. This space ship beamed up Elijah. There is no death—only departure to another realm of existence.) Thus, the last of the Old Testament promises of God involved the physical re-incarnation of Elijah. This Old Testament theme of reincarnation set the stage for the events depicted in the New Testament.

The New Testament opens with the announcement of Jesus’ forthcoming birth. According to the Cayce readings, the soul of Jesus had been present throughout Old Testament times, as the personalities named Adam, Melchizedek, Enoch, Joseph, Joshua, Asaph, and Jeshua. Within the divine plan, the ministry of Jesus was to play a major role in our planetary evolution. During times of great planetary transition, an entire group of advanced souls enter together. Thus, we see Jesus accompanied by: his earthly father, Joseph (now the Ascended Master St. Germain), his earthly mother, Mary (now the Ascended Lady Master Mary), his earthly cousin, John the Baptist (now the Ascended Master Elijah), and his twin flame, Mary of Magdala (now the Ascended Lady Master Nada).

We see this same pattern occur during the 19th and 20th centuries as the New Thought Movement emerged. Charles Fillmore, the founder of Unity, knew himself to be the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. Paul wrote several books in the New Testament. Edgar Cayce knew himself to be the reincarnation of Lucas, the writer of the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. Fillmore and Cayce were contemporaries and knew of each other. In prior lifetimes, the two of them had been contemporaries and wrote much of the New Testament. They reincarnated to unveil the deeper levels symbolically embedded within their writings—Fillmore, through his metaphysical interpretation of the Bible and Cayce, through his intuitive readings.

As we view these patterns, we learn much about the unfolding of the divine Plan, both for our planet and for each member of the human family. Life on this planet is never static. Life builds upon itself. Life moves ever forward, regardless of how many times we stumble, even when we destroy huge chucks of what humanity has accomplished. On the other hand, Ecclesiastes 3:15 reminds us, “That which is, already has been; that which is to be, already is.” Underlying all the hustle and bustle of earth plane life is the ultimate reality of unity, tranquility, and love in which all things are already present. So even though, from a cosmic point of view, our comparatively short physical plane lives are much ado about nothing, the goal of reincarnation on this plane is to continue the work we began eons ago.

From the allegorical Garden of Eden, we set out to experience life on the plane of duality. We experimented and gained knowledge of good and evil (evil meaning living with our backs to God). We tested universal laws and discovered that we reap what we sow. In the process, we accumulated karmic debts stemming from the mistakes we made. We also created mansions in heaven filled with the treasures of good we have done. Reincarnation takes on significance when we view the unfolding of our lives as a continuous process in which we transmute the karmic debts and fill our heavenly storehouses with Good. At some point in time, we succeed in transmuting 51% of our negative karma. Light supersedes the darkness within our lower bodies and our karmic obligations are dissolved. Like Jesus, and the other Ascended Masters, we can then step off the wheel of physical rebirth and ascend to higher dimensions of existence, as an Ascended Master. Meanwhile, we need to take advantage of all the opportunities for learning that physical plane living gives to us. Growth is accelerated on the physical plane; that’s why our souls yearn to incarnate here.

Life on the physical plane is for our own soul’s growth. With our gift of freewill, we make the choices as to how quickly we will progress. We can choose to meander through life. Or, we can choose to embark—with clarity of intention—on the narrow Path that Jesus walked. Walking the narrow Path entails concentrated efforts toward spiritual growth. It means taking responsibility for our lives and for our spiritual progress. Because our planet is in the midst of ascending into higher dimensions of consciousness, all of us have the chance to ascend with it. In order to ascend at the end of this lifetime, we must make three major accomplishments: transmute 51% of our negative karma, fulfill our soul’s mission for this incarnation, and reunite with our Christ Self.

The gift of freewill gives us the choice–climb straight up the mountain (the narrow path of concentrated effort) OR meander up the mountain (taking as long as we choose).

To merge with our Christ Self means to live from the soul-centered level with the mind that was in Jesus the Christ. We achieve the Christed Mind by integrating Jesus’ teachings into our lifestyle. Remember, most of humanity categorizes Jesus as belonging only to the Christian religion.  Instead, Jesus, as one of the  Sons of God, came to show all of humanity the way back home. From God’s point of view, religion has nothing to do with Jesus. Religion belongs to earth plane, not the spiritual realms. So, when metaphysicians speak of achieving the Mind that was in Jesus the Christ, we are referring to a qualification that applies to all human beings. The Christ is a cosmic energy. We develop the Christed Mind via the intentional choice to live our lives in accordance with the universal laws and in full awareness of our true identity as a Daughter or Son of God. Reincarnation allows us ample time in which to achieve this goal.

We, as a planetary society, stand at a crossroads. Do we choose to take advantage of this opportunity for accelerated growth?  Or, do we choose to remain asleep to the true nature of our being? If we choose to move forward, we need to view the events in our lives through the lens of reincarnation. Mistakes, made during our sojourn on Earth, must be resolved on the physical plane. We can speed up the process by consciously resolving the issues that present themselves to us. Those persons who play major roles in our lives are the souls with whom we contracted to incarnate as a group. Within our group, each individual agreed to play a particular role as it relates to the resolution of our individual karma and mission. Consider your own family unit. Each member of our family-of-origin and the family we create, as adults, incarnated as our teacher, our companion, or both teacher and companion.

We may experience our teachers within compatible or difficult relationships. As we observe the dynamics within each of our major relationships, we can discern the lesson each agreed to teach us. Some lessons may be painful. Know that each lesson remains in our lives only as long as it takes us to successfully learn it. Forgiveness for the difficult situations comes easier when we remember that every person involved agreed to be our teacher. The lesson may be one of learning to stand alone, to be whole within Self. The teacher for this lesson may be a parent who dies or deserts us, or a spouse who abuses us. Either way, we are forced to cope with life on our own. To do so constructively is to learn intentionally the lesson. Example: Jane’s parents were both abusive alcoholics. Jane’s sister chose to engage in similar behavior and ended up dropping out of high school. Jane chose to stand apart, to be active in a church youth group, and to complete her education. Eventually, Jane was invited to move in with a caring family, where she lived until she married a ministerial student. Jane, by her intentional choices, stood alone and removed herself from an abusive home, to a caring home, then into her own home with a loving husband, with whom she had incarnated for the purpose of companionship. She and her husband have spent decades ministering to others through the church setting. Her sister wandered through life, from one trauma to another. Both made their freewill choices: one with a sense of positive direction, the other by allowing life to happen to her.

The more consciously we intend spiritual growth, the more quickly we achieve union with our Christ Self. Regular use of the Purple Transmuting Flame assists greatly in dissolving 51% of our karma. Release to the flame all negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, and failure to forgive self and others. Then ask to be filled with the love of God. Viewing life through the lens of reincarnation reminds us to respond to the major events in our lives with a sense of purpose and to use them as stepping stones to a closer relationship with our Christ Self and I AM PRESENCE. All of creation moves naturally toward resolution, toward healing, toward wholeness. Know that “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord”—in other words, those who love and abide by universal law. (Romans 8:28)

Service to others is another marvelous way to balance our karmic debts. Often, the situations in our lives requiring us to serve—while asking nothing in return—indicate our soul’s choice for balancing karmic debts. The universal law of giving & receiving is exact. We can spend entire lifetimes learning to balance the two energies. It is important to our soul’s growth that we learn to give and to receive. Both ends of the equation—”give and you shall receive”—must be experienced with equal ease. “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.” (Luke 6:38)

Reincarnation offers us the chance to fulfill our soul’s mission. This mission is selected very carefully. Our soul plans a mission for each incarnation that will enhance its own growth into wholeness. We can attune to this mission via listening closely to ourselves and to the dreams that have been with us for a lifetime. Each zodiac sun sign possesses a basic mission. The numerical vibrations of our names reveal a mission. “A mission” means whatever it takes to lead our souls into a sense of wholeness. To fulfill our mission, we must learn to live a soul-centered life. A soul-centered life leads to the mind that was in Jesus the Christ. It means surrendering our personal wills to Divine Will and adhering to universal laws in such a way as to live life as Jesus lived it.

Reincarnation is God’s grace giving us repeated opportunities to awaken and to return to the “land filled with milk and honey”—The Promised Land of full consciousness. Our true home is to be found on the 5th dimension where Truth, in its entirety, can be known, where we know we are truly Sons & Daughters of Mother/Father God—thus, gods in the making.

May you be blessed as you journey on your Path to the Promised Land.

The Light of God surrounds me,
The Love of God enfolds me,
The Power of God protects me,
The Presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is.
And, all is well.

“As they were coming down the mountain [of Transfiguration], … the disciples asked him, ‘Why do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?’ He replied, ‘Elijah is indeed coming and will restore all things; but I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but they did to him whatever they pleased.’ … Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them about John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17:9-13)


YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SUN SIGN:  http://pathwaytoascension.com/astrology/index.htm – click on your Sun Sign.  (If you do not know your Sun Sign, click on each sign until you see the span of dates that includes your date of birth listed just under the name of the sign.)     

YOUR DESTINY NUMBER:  http://pathwaytoascension.com/numerology.html  – instructions for figuring your destiny number by using your name are here.

YOUR RAY:  http://pathwaytoascension.com/sevenrays.html – If you do not know your Ascendant, simply use your Sun Sign to learn on which of the 7 Rays you are functioning.

We are all unique individuals and will tend to unconsciously use more of one energy than another; however, you should basically see that your Sun Sign, Destiny Number, and Ray indicate in general your Soul mission.  For example:  My Sun Sign is Aquarius, my Destiny Number is 8, including my married name of Detweiler, and my Ray is the 5th.  I can see the story of my life as I look at the 3 indicators. 

You should resonant to each indicator and to the Whole formed by functioning on the 3 Parts (or indicators).








Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel


I wrote most of this article two years ago and today it came up in  my facebook memories.  Although legally, America has come a long way during the past two years, we still hear many comments about breaking up the traditional family unit by allowing same sex marriage.  The individual who is termed gay or lesbian often lives a life of pain due to appearing to be different from others.

As we enter the New Aquarian Golden Age, thinking in terms of each individual being the current expression of his/her Eternal Self is the Way of Truth and Love.

Religious leaders have taught “One Life to Live,” resulting in myriad problems.  To deny people the study of reincarnation–and esoteric astrology–is the ultimate nefarious mode of mind control.  In so doing, the individual is robbed of the true knowledge of his/her ETERNAL SELF.  Conditions that are actually an important stage of the spiritual evolutionary journey are viewed as something is wrong or different about me.   A very legitimate question then becomes, “Why did God single me out and make me like this?”

We are all eternal Souls … every one of us has been male in numerous lifetimes; female in numerous other lifetimes.   As we seek to evolve back into our original created state of being androgynous, the Soul chooses to incarnate as the opposite sex in order to perfect the qualities of that gender.   In doing so, the Soul continues to loves those it has always loved … regardless of the gender.  In our ignorance of reincarnation, we turn this normal process of spiritual evolution into a basis for all types of horrific discriminatory behavior.

We all walk the same spiritual evolutionary path … we were all created to be androgynous beings (“male and female he created them –Genesis 1:27). It was only later that the sexes were separated into male and female physical bodies: “for Adam there was not found a helper who was equal to him…. And of the rib which the Lord God had taken from Adam he made a woman.” (Genesis 2:20,22) These symbolic stories reveal the stages within your and my spiritual evolutionary journey.  Androgyny is the ultimate goal–achieving the ability to express both female (nurturing, empathetic, loving, sharing) and masculine (strength, independence, integrity. logic) qualities.

To teach “One Life to Live” is simply one more tool used by the those attempting to control the world (which includes many religious leaders) to enslave humanity with fear of death and to create separation and differences that often result in discrimination and inhumane treatment.  Look up the definition of androgynous.  Instead of describing the height of spiritual evolution, the term is defined as pertaining to the physical body alone.  The fact that we are multi-dimensional beings is not mentioned and very likely unknown to the writers.  The very information–that could eliminate untold suffering for many–is denied to them.

Is this The Way of Love?

As we create the Golden Age on Earth, the study of reincarnation–and esoteric astrology–will once more become the marvelous tools for KNOWING OUR ETERNAL SELF that they truly  are!

This IS the Way of Love!



By Elizabeth Clare Prophet E.C. Prophet

NOTE BY NANCY: As a former Social Worker and Rehabilitation Counselor, I consider the exclusion of a recognition of reincarnation from religious teachings one of the most heinous psychological crimes of the Church. This series of short lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals how the fact of reincarnation of the Soul within each us has impacted our life in ways that prior to accepting reincarnation we have been unable to comprehend.

Divine-Real-Self-Presence-WhyamIhere-ElizabethClareProphet-www-tsl-orgPART 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okA-eoyJgnY

PART 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo5mjtWUYHk – Your Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart reveals this.

PART 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpQm0_6iu1Q

PART 4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7AxV2JrBg4

PART 5 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aYt9Pg1Qbg


PART 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N831oK1C7gI

PART 2 follows PART 1 at this same URL –




VIOLET FLAME & THE SEVEN CHAKRAS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFbPMKj3-_U

VIOLET FLAME DECREE – BALANCE YOUR KARMA – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWbrZieIzSM

HOW TO USE THE VIOLET FLAME DAILY – ST. GERMAIN’S MANTRA    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFbPMKj3-_U

VIOLET FLAME CHARKA MEDITATION – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFbPMKj3-_U



Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Eternal self 2

NOW is a time in which many are awakening to who they truly are—an Eternal Child-god! As we do so, we are having many mind-boggling experiences revealing LIFE as it truly unfolds.

NOW is a time in which we need to withhold judgment and watch as life unfolds. Synchronicities are leading us into discoveries about which we have not dreamed. One of my life mottos has been “With God all things are possible.” However, the more I awaken to my Eternal Self and watch as others do the same, I realize that my motto has been an affirmation of far greater truths than I could possibly have accepted as a young adult.

We have no inkling of the magnitude of life until we begin awakening to the ever-expanding story of our individual lives. Living on the 3rd Dimension has been like walking through life wearing a blindfold!

Walking blindly has largely been the result of not recognizing the truth of our Eternal Self. We have suffered needlessly because we have maintained a view of life that lasts for only a few days, months, or years.

I include below a few excerpts from a chapter entitled “Have I Lived Before?” in my 1st book, A New Age Christian: My Spiritual Journey.


“The belief in reincarnation is like removing the lid from a pot of boiling water—it lets the steam out. No longer is the steam screaming to be released from the small confines of one lifetime. Knowing that we have lived before and will live again releases a tremendous amount of bottled up emotional energy.

The belief in only one physical life does more to distort our perceptions concerning life, God, and each other than any other concept. Failure in a career means failure for life: “There will be no other opportunity.” Failure to meet a suitable mate cuts deeply into the self-esteem of the individual: “No one has loved me enough to marry me.” The loss of a mate through divorce or death can be devastating: “I’ll never be happy again.” The brilliant young person killed in an automobile accident: “His only chance at life is cut short.” The person born with a debilitating physical condition has no other alternative than to believe, “God made me like this.” Homosexual and transvestite persons are faced with the same conclusion. Consider what this says about God to the afflicted one. God is a God who loves some people and hates others. Think about what this says to the individual about herself. “God has to hate me; otherwise, why would God create me this way?”

These tragic conclusions are the result of believing in only one physical lifetime. We are forced to blame God. No other choice exists. We may try to come up with options, but buried in the depths of our being is an ugly demon who continually whispers, “God hates you; God created you different, requiring you to suffer.” God as Creator is the bottom line for the majority of humanity. Thus, God is to blame.”



We see this tendency to blame God in the biblical book of Job. Reading Job from the inner layer of hidden wisdom, we have the opportunity to walk with one individual through his dark night of the Soul and behold him as he emerges and can give thanks for his life experiences as he speaks to God: “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now, my eye (3rd eye) sees thee.”

God responds to Job by telling him: Behold, Job, you now are set free from your afflictions. So your God will also remove your bitterness.”

Job is now a 5th degree Initiate. He looks back at his old way of life and recognizes the error thinking that predominated. As a result of his erroneous thought patterns and ignorance of Truth, Job was brought to his knees in anguish. God did not inflict the pain. Instead, Job’s suffering was the external manifestation of his own inner dis-ease.

Once we awaken to Truth, we look back and bemoan our mistakes and ignorance. Job is no exception. “Then Job answered the Lord, and said, ‘I know that thou canst do all these things, and that no purpose can be hid from thee. Who am I to think that I can give counsel without knowledge? Therefore thou hast declared to me that I have uttered that which I did not understand, things too wonderful for me which I did not know.” 301 Does this mean that we are to sit back and wait for enlightenment before we speak the portion of Truth we know? No. As Job states: “No purpose can be hid from thee.” As long as our motives in doing so are pure, God perceives as beneficial any effort we make to share the Good News of our true identities as child- gods. Job realizes that his motives had not always been pure. Instead, he had responded in ways that befitted his highly respected status within the community.

“Hear me, I pray thee, and I will speak; I will ask thee, and declare thou to me; I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees thee.” 302 Heretofore, Job had been like the majority of us: he had simply allowed the religious leaders to speak of God and followed their instructions. He had not sought Truth on his own; he was asleep spiritually. Job felt no compulsion to seek a deeper personal relationship with God. God was simply a Being about whom Job could debate intellectually with his friends and the elders in the city gate.

Then, Job’s two dark nights of the soul 303 compelled him into a search for life’s true meaning. The biblical narrative appears to say that a few weeks of meditation will lead to cosmic consciousness. The forty-two (42) chapters of the Book of Job signify a journey that can cover the span of numerous lifetimes. Job did not take an intentional spiritual journey through the initiatory process. Instead, it required severe suffering and shock in order to awaken Job enough to compel him to ask questions about life and to seek his own Truth.

Once we awaken enough to take an intentional initiatory journey, we do tend to move along at a more rapid pace. But this takes concentrated effort. The normal human growth process consists of one step forward and two steps backward, until our auric field is purified and we reach the stage of cosmic consciousness. Then, we behold God, face to face. Job has achieved the capacity to see God with his eye, meaning through his 3rd eye chakra. Job can now know God because his conscious awareness has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and he beholds his magnificent I AM PRESENCE. Within this glorious Light, Job proclaims: “now my eye sees thee. Therefore, I will keep silent, and repent in dust and ashes.” 304 Immersed in the Light of his I AM PRESENCE, Job is silenced. No longer is he uttering one sentence after another of intellectual jargon. Instead, he repents of his former mistaken life patterns.

“And it came to pass, after the Lord had spoken these words to Job, the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite, ‘My wrath is kindled against you, and against your two friends; for you have not spoken in my presence that which is right, as my servant Job has. Now therefore, take for yourselves seven bullocks and seven rams, and go to my servant Job and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you; for him will I accept, lest I deal contemptuously with you, for you have not spoken in my presence the thing which is right, as my servant Job has done.” 305

At this point in the story, it is essential to remember that Job’s friends symbolize parts of himself: Eliphaz, his material consciousness; Bildad, his intellectual thought; and Zophar, his darkened, limited thought that flits from one idea to another and therefore, fails to achieve any depth of understanding. As long as we remain stuck in these physical plane patterns of thought, we cannot know Truth. Note that Elihu, who enters the story in chapter 32, is not included in God’s displeasure. Elihu, signifying the Holy Spirit, led Job to the threshold of Truth. But Elihu had to wait on the sidelines until the parts of Job that could perceive only the material and intellectual worlds had exhausted their attempts to explain Job’s suffering.

It is the same with us. As long as we insist upon believing only what we see written in the surface words of a sacred text, only what we can prove in the laboratories of science, and only what we can see, touch, taste, feel, or smell, we cannot find Truth. The Lord would say of us, along with Job’s friends, “You have not spoken in my presence that which is right.”

“So Eliphaz the Temanite, and Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite went, and did according as the Lord had told them; and the Lord favored Job. And the Lord restored to Job all that he had lost, when he prayed for his friends; also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” 306 Job’s achievement of cosmic consciousness included the overcoming of his lower nature, as represented by his three friends. Job did not simply distance himself from his lower nature; he transmuted and transformed it. The initiatory process requires wholistic growth. We cannot ignore our shadow side and expect to move permanently into a higher level of consciousness. We, like Zophar, may catch glimpses of a higher Truth; but these can be only fleeting moments of enlightened vision until we have successfully transmuted and transformed our lower natures. As Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar “did according as the Lord had told them . the Lord favored Job.”

Why does the narrative not affirm that the Lord favored Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar? Because they are the parts of Job that have been transmuted, transformed, and integrated into the higher consciousness he now possesses. The bridge to the past has been burned in the transmuting flame. Job stands, in his newly achieved wholeness of being, in the presence of his Christed Self and I AM PRESENCE. Job is re-united with his eternal Self. Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar were temporary parts of Job; they no longer play a role in his life. God favors the eternal Job, the 5th degree Initiate.

“Then came there to him all his brothers and all his sisters and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house; for they had been in distress over him, and they comforted him for all the hardships that the Lord had brought upon him; and every man also gave him a ewe, and every one an earring of gold.” 307 This passage can be interpreted on at least two levels.

First, while we go through our dark nights of the soul, many of our physical plane friends and family cannot understand what is happening. After all, our Soul is striving to achieve a level of consciousness that takes its departure from that of the tribe, or society as a whole. We are bucking the system, which is unsettling to many. We cannot change without impacting those close to us. This can be frightening to those who are still keyed into the Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar parts of themselves. Many tend to pull away because the changes within us bring up feelings of discomfort within them. Then, when we emerge from our dark nights of the soul, still intact, our family and friends are relieved. They may gather around us. They may be more supportive of our efforts. Certainly, they have continued to love and care about us, even when they had no way to demonstrate that love.

The second interpretation takes us to the soul-centered level of consciousness. Once Job, as the 5th degree Initiate, emerges from the “darkness-that-is-God-approaching,”308 his soul family and friends gather around him. The 5th degree Initiate’s consciousness is no longer limited to the physical plane. Thus, the soul family and friends gathering around Job can be living on the physical plane or on a higher plane of existence. A major clue is found in the statement “did eat bread with him.”

Bread is highly symbolic. In the ancient Middle East, enemies do not share bread. To be invited to share a loaf of bread is indicative of trust and loyalty. One does not share bread, then knowingly betray the host.309 Bread is used throughout the Bible to indicate a highly significant event. Melchizedek, King of Salem, celebrated a military victory with Abram by offering him bread and wine.310 God fed the Israelites manna (or bread-like substance) from heaven during their time in the wilderness.311 Bread was associated with religious celebrations, such as the Feast of Unleavened Bread.312 The “Bread of the Presence” sat in the Ark of the Tabernacle313 and continues to sit in the synagogues of today, just as the Bread that has become Jesus sits in the Roman Catholic churches. Jesus continued this use of bread in a highly symbolic manner. One of his most memorable so-called miracles was the feeding of five thousand men (not counting women and children) with bread and fish.314 The Father, who spoke through Jesus, taught: I AM the bread of life; he who comes to me shall never hunger; and he who believes in me shall never thirst.” 315 Jesus closed his earthly ministry by sharing with the twelve disciples a symbolic meal of bread and wine.316 Throughout the Bible, bread proclaims the story of God’s relationship to humanity. Job’s brothers, sisters, and acquaintances share bread with him to indicate the merging of his physical plane life with that of Spirit-they are now One.

Job is comforted. When we achieve cosmic consciousness, the trials and sufferings of physical plane become as nothing. In the words of the Apostle Paul: “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a mirror, darkly; but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known.” 317

When we realize the true significance behind the situations and lessons in our daily lives, about as much reaction as we can muster is, “Oh!” What appeared traumatic when we “thought like a child” evaporates when “we see face to face.”

Excerpts from my 2nd book, Where Are You, God? A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Biblical Book of Job.


Reading this book, which is free at the above URL, reveals to us many of the experiences we all have as we embark on the spiritual Path to Ascension into the Christed Consciousness. We behold reunions with our Soul Family members regardless of where they reside: in the world of spirit, on space ships, within other planets, or anywhere within the multiverse!

These reunions are taking place at this very moment!














Part 2 of Series
“The Journey of the Soul”

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

 In the early 2000s, I wrote a series of lessons to help Christians, and others who choose to use Jesus as an example of an individual demonstrating the Christ Consciousness, to get know him as a Wayshower.

As many know, whether or not Jesus was actually crucified has recently become a hot topic of discussion.  Truth—in 2014–is pouring out, shocking many and pulling the rug out from under others’ worldview.  However, for many, whether or not the Roman government actually crucified Jesus is of less importance than their rejection of the theological reason for that crucifixion as stated in orthodox Christian teachings.  The orthodox reason is that God sent his Only Begotten Son to die on the cross to save a sinful people, whom He would otherwise sentence to eternal punishment in the fires of hell for their sins.

 I, and countless others, rejected this theological viewpoint decades ago.  Since Jesus is regularly proclaimed as Savior/Redeemer and therefore worshipped as such, many Christians were left in limbo without a Wayshower to guide them through the stormy waters in which they found themselves once they stepped outside the orthodox box.

Christ Walking on the WaterAmedee Varin, 19th Century

 It is for this reason that I am re-posting this series of lessons … one a day for the coming 10 to 12 days.

“If Jesus Is A Wayshower, What Did He Show Us?”

Part 2 of Series
“The Journey of the Soul”


If Jesus is a Wayshower, what did He show us? He revealed the journey of the soul through numerous incarnations. How do we know Jesus incarnated multiple times?

Throughout the Bible, reference is made to a Book of Life (Malachi 3:16 and Revelations 13:8 are examples). Metaphysicians call this book the Akashic Records, an energetic recording of life that could be considered the universal archives. We all tap into the Akashic Records on an unconscious level. Doing so is how we remember what we’ve learned in prior lifetimes. Some individuals, like Edgar Cayce (the most scientifically documented intuitive in the world), possess the conscious capacity to attune to the Akashic Records and share with us the information found there. Glenn Sanderfur, author of Lives of the Master: The Rest of the Jesus Story, took the information given through the Cayce Readings and researched it further. He studied ancient legends, historical records, and many of the earliest writings discovered during the past century. The information Sanderfur unveils, concerning the lives of Jesus, is correlated with stories that were widely accepted as true in the ancient world. The personalities assumed by the soul of Jesus are listed in accordance with the Edgar Cayce Readings and Sanderfur’s own research.

Since the biblical personalities who possessed the soul of Jesus can easily be researched in the Bible, we will focus on them. As stated in the 1st lesson of this series, Jesus was one of the Sons & Daughters that agreed to come to Earth millions of years ago as a spirit being. Our involution into the atmosphere of Earth is considered the 1st creation story in Genesis 1. Eons later, souls took on the physical bodies described in the 2nd creation story found in Genesis 2. Physical bodies allowed them to reside in the lower vibrations characterizing the 3rd dimension or physical plane. The narrative of Adam and Eve eating fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil is the allegorical story of the Sons and Daughters of God choosing to sojourn on the plane of duality, where they would be conscious of making freewill choices and experiencing the consequences. With time, some of the Sons & Daughters of God forgot who they were and lost consciousness of their unity with all of creation. They believed themselves to be simply their physical bodies, separate from God, and powerless when confronting the challenges afforded by the plane of duality. Jesus, as one of the Sons of God, volunteered to return to Earth in an effort to awaken humanity to our true identity.

One of the earliest biblical personalities of Jesus was Enoch. Although the Bible says little about Enoch, three ancient books, Enoch I, II, and III are attributed to him. Jesus also incarnated as Melchizedek, the King of Salem who blessed Abram with the bread and wine upon his return from a victorious battle. Both Enoch and Melchizedek simply disappeared from Earth. Genesis 5:24 describes Enoch: “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him.” In other words, Enoch ascended without experiencing death. In Hebrews 7:3, Melchizedek is described: “Without father, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever.” Enoch and Melchizedek remind us of the capacity that is ours—that of becoming so purified and filled with light that we can descend and ascend from Earth plane at will. They reveal the unity of the physical and spiritual dimensions. There is no need to experience death. We all possess the aptitude to ascend, by raising the vibrations of our physical bodies so high that they become invisible and move into the higher dimensions of consciousness.

According to Edgar Cayce, Jesus found that taking on a physical body at will—as Enoch and Melchizedek—did not give him the degree of rapport needed in order to guide humanity back home to full consciousness of ourselves as Sons & Daughters of God. He realized that he needed to experience life as we do. So he began to incarnate into physical bodies that vibrated at a much slower rate of speed. As he did so, he began to stumble and make mistakes too. Thus, we can trace his soul’s progress through a series of lifetimes as seen in the Bible.

As Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, he retained an ability to prophesy through his dreams and his interpretations of others’ dreams. However, Joseph angered his older brothers by sharing his dreams of being in a position of power over them. His brothers took revenge by selling him to a caravan of men traveling to Egypt. Joseph maintained a positive attitude through all the challenges he confronted, including years of unjust imprisonment. Finally, using his intuitive attunement to God’s instruction, Joseph interpreted correctly the Pharaoh’s prophetic dreams. As a result, he was released from prison and promoted to a position second only to the pharaoh of Egypt. Joseph’s wisdom enabled him to save the Israelites and Egyptians from starvation during the seven years of famine, prophesized by Pharaoh’s dreams. When Joseph’s brothers journeyed to Egypt to purchase grain, they were filled with fear when they realized he now had the power of life and death over them. Joseph’s comforting words to his brothers may also comfort us when we encounter challenges that turn our lives upside down. “I am your brother, Joseph, whom you sold into Egypt. And now do not be distressed, or angry with yourselves, because you sold me here; for God sent me before you to preserve life. For the famine has been in the land for two years; and there are five more years in which there will be neither plowing nor harvest. God sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant on earth, and to keep alive for you many survivors. So it was not you who sent me here, but God; he has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and ruler over all the land of Egypt.” (Genesis 45:4-8)

The life of Joseph teaches us that divine order underlies all of life—that divine order (or God) works out all things for the highest good. Joseph’s story reveals that God knows our needs before we do and makes arrangement for their fulfillment far in advance. All of creation moves naturally toward harmony and well-being, regardless of outer appearances in the present.

Years later, Jesus incarnated as Joshua, assistant to Moses. He traveled with the Israelites as they fled captivity in Egypt and remained with them throughout the forty years in the wilderness. Because Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land, Joshua led the Israelites in the battles that allowed them to move into Palestine. The biblical narrative depicts God fighting on the side of Joshua and the Israelites. Even the sun and moon stood still in order to assist Joshua. Historical records of this period reveal few battles, other than with warring tribal lords—a common occurrence in the ancient Middle East. The total devastation described in the Bible is not found in the ancient secular records of this time. Most of the battles Joshua fought were the same battles we wage—with our lower selves. A vital part of our spiritual journey is the requirement to purify and conquer all lower desires and negativity within our energy field. These are the enemies that must be destroyed without mercy. When the Bible depicts God as fighting, it is revealing through the symbol of “battle” the way in which God’s loving presence enfolds us every step of our way back home. Often the people grew discouraged and turned to other gods, representing the various idols we have in our lives, such as money, power, and status. We often turn from God, as we place more importance on the acquiring of money, relationships, and whatever else distracts us from our spiritual path. Joshua taught: “… revere the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness …. If you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve …. If you forsake the Lord and serve foreign gods, then he will turn and do you harm.” (Joshua 24:14-15, 19-20) What does this mean?

We can walk on only one path: the narrow path our soul would choose OR the broad path our lower personality nature will choose. Spirit is very patient and allows us to meander along the broad path for as long as we choose. However, once we embark consciously on the narrow path back home to our true identity as Sons and Daughters of God, we suffer whenever we make a wrong turn. God is not punishing us. Instead, our soul is guiding us along a very narrow path, bordered on either side with the sharp rocks of the world and its glamour. To make a wrong turn entails pain, because we stumble over the rocks. Our soul’s guidance can take many forms and even appear extremely unjust. Take the example of the biblical Job and all the seemingly unjust suffering he endured. The end result was Job’s enlightenment. Humanity continues to make the choice to awaken spiritually through suffering as long as we fail to walk intentionally and consciously the narrow path to enlightenment.

Joshua reminded the people that God can be trusted. “You know in your hearts and souls, all of you, that not one thing has failed of all the good things that the Lord your God promised concerning you; all have come to pass for you, not one of them has failed.” (Joshua 23:14) We, too, can trust in the unfolding of divine order. As we live in accordance with divine law, we come to know perfect health and prosperity in all areas of our lives. Then we, too, enter the Promised Land that is the Kingdom of God within ourselves.

The soul of Jesus broadened his physical plane experiences by incarnating as Asaph, a musician appointed by King David to oversee music in worship. He sang at the dedication for Solomon’s Temple, the first to be erected in Jerusalem. Several of the Psalms are attributed to Asaph: Psalm 50, and Psalms 73 – 83. We can catch a glimpse into the mind of Asaph by reading these Psalms. According to the Cayce Readings, Asaph was also a scribe and wrote additional portions of the Old Testament. Wisdom literature was very popular during the time of Asaph.

The last Old Testament personality of the soul of Jesus was an incarnation as Jeshua, a high priest of the Temple who had been exiled to Babylon. When Cyrus of Persia captured Babylon, he allowed Jeshua to return to Jerusalem—accompanied by those Jewish exiles who chose to return home—and make plans for the reconstruction of the Temple destroyed by the Babylonian army. This lifetime, the soul of Jesus was a peaceful warrior leading his people back to Jerusalem.

We can see that the soul of Jesus sought variety in his earth plane experiences. We do the same. Diversity assists us in achieving wholeness. We incarnate as male and female, rich and poor, in leadership roles and in more creative, reclusive roles. Every lifetime offers us the opportunity to develop new skills, to recall and enhance prior lifetime talents, to experience the more intuitive, nourishing nature of a female and the more assertive, intellectual nature of a male. The ultimate goal is balance and a sense of wholeness within self—androgyny.

With each lifetime, we create future experiences. For example: Jesus, as Jeshua, refused to accept the offer of the Samaritans to assist in rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem. This refusal resulted in lack of sufficient workers to do the job and the rebuilding project had to be postponed for another twenty years. Later, during his incarnation as Jesus, one of his parables tells the story of a kind Samaritan assisting a wounded man lying on the roadside, after two Jewish religious leaders ignored him. (Remember Jesus, as Jeshua, was a high priest.) Jesus also chose to travel through Samaria and to teach the Samaritan people. At that point in time, Jews did not speak to Samaritans and traveled around the territory of Samaria. When Jesus requested a drink of water from a Samaritan woman at the well, he broke the rules. Jesus had to transform the prejudices toward the Samaritans that he exhibited when incarnated as Jeshua. Our lives are also filled with opportunities to atone for past life mistakes.

Finally, during his lifetime as Jesus, he once more achieved the consciousness that allowed him to become a Wayshower back home to our true inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God. The soul of Jesus, incarnating in multiple physical bodies, gradually regained all that humanity lost when we chose to experience the plane of duality. Now, it is up to us to follow his example the rest of the way home.

The Light of God surrounds me,
The Love of God enfolds me,
The Power of God protects me,
The Presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is.
And, all is well.

Go forth, knowing that “from the beginning to the end, thou knowest me, O Lord, for thou hast formed and laid thy hand upon me.” (Psalm 139:5)
You are never alone!



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


Remembering past lives can be significant in assisting us to understand ourselves:  why we feel as we do about particular people, events, and things.  Mercury is retrograde for a few more days.  This means that soul memories of prior lifetimes more readily move into our conscious awareness.  These memories are coming forth to add understanding to our lives … to be forgiven … and to be released from our energy field.

I am sharing this story as an example of how we can research and often find a “historical scenario” into which our soul memories may fit.  Our own intuitive knowing will be verification for us as individuals.

Don’t block these memories or dismiss them!  They can be fun to explore as well as very healing and purifying.


Freedom Through Forgiveness

Freedom Through Forgiveness - 2



































Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



Ascension is not a religious event.

“Our greatest desire is that as many people as possible become aware of the opportunity that Ascension presents them. It is not a religious event, but one that comes at the end of a cycle such as you are now experiencing. The changes are Universal in scope and not confined to Earth. For mankind it is a marvelous opportunity to leave the lower vibrations, and enter the higher ones and leave duality behind. We have to ask, do you once again really want to spend many lives learning the lessons that it brings, or would you rather live in joy and harmony and have a peaceful existence?

Dear Ones, the New Earth will soon carry all forward who have elected to rise up.”  —SaLuSa

Many have questions about Ascension and how to prepare.  We wonder how we can be sure we will ascend.  I write this article as one study guide for those preparing for ascension.  The Endnotes include URLs leading to additional information.

The Universe is very orderly, operating with mathematical precision.   In fact, creation is based on mathematics and unfolds in accordance with Universal Laws.  We cannot ignore Universal Laws and expect no repercussions.  These repercussions come to us in an absolutely objective manner.  We present a cause and its effect manifests.[ii]

Contrary to what religions have taught, God is not punishing us, nor does God have the need to require an atonement for our sins, i.e. mistakes.[iii]  Our Mother/Father God is absolute UNconditional Love and cannot behold anything that is not Love.  We live and move and have our being within this omnipresent energy of Divine Love.  WE are the cause of whatever harvest we reap.

While we experiment with our divine gift of freewill, we make mistakes—we plant seeds that are naturally harvested in our lives.  God perceives of nothing for which to forgive us.  As human parents, we stand back and observe as our children make mistakes and hopefully, learn from them.  All the while, we love them in the manner and to the degree in which we are capable.  How much more does our Mother/Father God love us as we stumble and fall … get up and try again?  We have an eternity in which to get it right.   There is NO need to seek forgiveness from a God who loves us UNconditionally.

What we do need is to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make and likewise, to forgive others for their mistakes.  We incarnated on Earth’s 3rd dimensional plane of duality in order to evolve spiritually at a more rapid pace—the gift that living with challenges gives to us.  In order for us to experience challenges, someone else often must play the role of challenger.

All of us incarnate with a Soul Contract created prior to physical birth.  Those people who present difficulties in our lives are likely to be the ones who loved us enough to play that role and thereby grant us the learning experience.  Once we recognize the challenge as a gift, there is nothing to forgive.  But, few of us are aware of our own Soul Contract and many do not accept the fact of reincarnation.  We, therefore, end up with the challenge of learning forgiveness of self and others.

Here, we run into a Catch 22 dilemma in our individual lives.  We cannot forgive self if we do not love self; we cannot love self if we have not forgiven self.

This Catch 22 dilemma is likely the most prolific cause of the mistakes we make in life.  It fact, it is so socially acceptable that we may forget the resulting pocket of detrimental energy that is lodged in our energetic auric field.[iv]

In addition, Love is the key to ascension.  Jesus taught:  “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” [v]  To love your neighbor as yourself becomes a flawed love when we do not love self.  So, how can we learn to love self? [vi]I encourage you to read the Endnotes for forgiving and loving self.  In essence, we learn to love self by recognizing that we are an extension of Father/Mother God—a god spark, a child god.  If we are worthy of Father/Mother God’s UNconditional love, we are certainly worthy of self-love.

As we learn the spiritual arts of forgiveness and Love, emotions such as deep-seated anger, resentment, hatred, discrimination, and racism can be more easily resolved.  The Purple Transmuting Flame is also an excellent tool for cleansing our auric field. [vii]


 Cleansing of our auric field is essential because the Universal Law “Like Attracts Like” will determine to which dimension we ascend.  Love attracts Love, peace attracts peace.  Likewise, anger will attract anger, hate attracts hate, violence attracts violence.

We cannot resonate to the 5th dimension if pockets of negative energy remain in our auric field.

Earth’s ascension means that there will no longer be a 3rd dimension on this planet.  Therefore, those who choose not to ascend in consciousness and to remain on 3rd dimension will be attracted to another 3rd dimensional planet.  It is likely that those who choose to remain on 3rd dimension will be unaware that a shift has taken place around the end of 2012.  Ascension is not intended to be a time of grief for anyone.  Memory of loved ones who choose to ascend will be temporarily erased for those who remain on 3rd dimension.

Many who still have some purification to accomplish will be attracted to 4th dimension, where negative energy still exists along with the positive.  The various planes of the 4th dimension vary from the lowest planes where a hellish amount of negative energy can exist to the higher planes that we have called heaven.  Much Love, beauty, and peace can exist on the higher planes of 4th dimension.  These heavenly planes are the ones described in near death experiences.  It is from these planes that Earth humans have reincarnated onto what has been the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.

Those whose energetic auric fields resonate to the 4th dimension will remain on the 4th until they have purified completely.  At the point where the soul is able to resonate to the 5th dimension, it will ascend to the 5th.  No negativity can ascend to the 5th dimension.

During this time of major shifting as numerous cycles end,[viii] Gaia (the name of the soul whose body is our planet) has invited all of her inhabitants to ascend en masse with her to the 5th dimension or higher.  Her desire is that no one miss this never before in planetary history opportunity to ascend while still residing in our physical bodies.  It is for this reason that our physical bodies have and are undergoing massive changes as they become more crystalline, and what we have called our juke DNA is re-activated.

Although individuals can and do ascend following death of the physical body, it is much more difficult to evolve to that stage of spiritual maturity alone.  Ascending en masse affords us the advantage of group energy, which can be much more powerful.  This is why it is of such importance that we take advantage of the few weeks remaining until 12/21/12 to evaluate and make sure we have purified our auric fields.[ix]


Sadly, Christianity has misconstrued forgiveness by teaching a God who resorted to violent means (the killing of Jesus) in order to convince himself to forgive humans of their sin.  Christians are taught that forgiveness comes through Jesus’ shed blood alone.  For that reason, many feel justified in ignoring their need for self-examination and self-growth.  Little do we realize that being taught to fear a violent, vengeful God is the perfect pathway to lack of self love and an impossibly muddled concept of love itself.  Maintaining a concept of a God who requires a blood sacrifice has attracted all the bloodshed throughout the history of religions.

Universal Law is “Like Attracts Like.”  How can a God of UNconditional Love require that one of His children be killed so He can bring himself to forgive the rest of his children?  We need to cleanse ourselves of this bloody concept.  Mother/Father God is Love, Light, and the Purifying Fire of Spirit.

Another misconception of forgiveness taught by Christianity is that of confession followed by a priest stating that God has forgiven the person, exhorting him/her to go and sin no more.  Although confession can be therapeutic for some, what is needed is the individual’s own process of forgiving self and developing the self-discipline and soul level understanding needed to gain spiritual maturity.  God has nothing to forgive.

A loving Father/Mother God does not punish.  Instead, qualified energy lives on and attracts its like component.


 As we seek to purify, it is essential that we honestly evaluate our religious, political, and societal belief systems to make sure we are releasing all negative perceptions of life as we have know it.  

Example:  FEAR … we have been taught to fear God, enemies, terrorists, deprivation, those who are different from us…..  These pockets of fear will attract reasons to be afraid.  Fear lodged in our auric field means that we will resonate to one of the planes of the 3rd or 4th dimensions, according to the degree of fear present.

In order to prepare for ascension to the 5th dimension, we need to transmute all fear into Love.  The same process is needed for every negative energy within our auric bodies.

As we become Love, Peace, and Forgiveness, we are creating energetic auric fields that will resonate with the 5th dimension of Love and Light!

The Universal Law “Like Attracts Like” is Absolute.  We can count on it to unfold in accordance with our energetic field.

The choice is ours!

[i]   Painting lifted from:  http://ascension2012andbeyond.com/cobra-conferences-world/new-earth-2/

[ii]   You may study the Universal Law “We Reap What We Sow” at:             https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/the-universal-law-we-reap-what-we-sow/

[iii]   Atonement – “the means by which the guilt-punishment chain produced by violation of God’s will is broken, as well as the resulting state of reconciliation with God.  For most ancients, violation of [universal laws] led to punishment by divine powers; only atonement could prevent or end such punishment.”

 [v]   Matthew 19:19.


[viii]   Numerous cycles end on 12/21/12.  They are a 2000 yrs. cycle, a 5000 yrs. cycle, a 26,000 yrs. cycle, a 78,000    yrs. cycle, a 26 million yrs. cycle, and a 225 million yrs. cycle.

 [ix]   A Pictorial View of the Process of Ascension:   https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/860/