Dale Ridenour

As a child growing up and looking to the future, I wondered what it might hold or what it might be like, like most kids did, I think.

Among the many, many ideas I had about my path ahead, the one idea or thought, for want of a better term, that came up so often beginning around the age of 8 or so, was that something kept telling me that when I reached the time, around the age of 18 or 19, something would happen. I kept getting this feeling.  It was as though when I looked at myself in the future, someone else was going to step-in and take the helm, so to speak. Since I had, at that time, really no explanation for this thought or feeling, I just, although not dismissing it, really didn’t give it that much consideration.

Fast-forward to the time of Nov 28th, 1989, the date I became a walk-in. I went to sleep like normal; however, that’s where things changed for me. When I awoke the next morning, I got up and started going through my day.  However, I had a really weird, unexplainable feeling. It was like I was a totally different person. I was still me, but someone different. When I started thinking about the past, I could remember all of it, but it was like the memories I had were someone else’s and not mine. As I went through my day, actually for the next week or so, I still knew everyone that was in my life at that time, but it was like I was meeting them for the first time.

With all of these experiences I was having, I could not discuss them with anyone around me, because it really was outside of their understanding, I think. Really, it was outside of my own understanding as well. Luckily, there was a man, whom I had just met a few months earlier. I was able to share my experience with him and the revelations he was able to show me were outstanding.

He told me that I had become a “walk-in.” I was hearing this term for the first time. He told me that it happened for him just a month or so before it happened to me. He also said, that in order for this to happen, there is an agreement made between two souls prior to incarnating. This explains the feelings I had as a kid.

He said the walk-in process is initiated with an event in the person’s life, like a NDE (Near Death Experience), during which the new spirit will step in and take over. For him, he said, his heart stopped beating and then his new spirit stepped in and took over.

As for me, I really can not recall how the process started. He said we are in a time, the end of an age, where many folks will have this experience (some not even aware of it). This happens to help things in this world move to their next step or transition to the Aquarian New Age.

Jesus was a walk-in also, just prior to an approaching New Age (the Piscean New Age) and prior to beginning his work. It is in the Good Book. If I remember correctly, it was depicted as the Dove that descended upon Him. (I am not him, nor do I claim to be.)

One of the first things I noticed was my thoughts and habits began to change. My new spirit, if you will, was much more relaxed compared to the old one. I still worked just as hard, but it was all different. At first, I really truthfully, didn’t like all these changes. I liked the old “Me.”  But I then settled into the changes.

As I started going through my life and time went on, I started looking for signs, just to see if this is all true and I started to find them. One of the things he (this friend of mine) said was that when a person becomes a walk-in, his birthday changes. So I began looking for evidence in this area and I found it. I began learning about horoscopes and how horoscopes do work with birthdays and it was there I found my first bit of evidence.

My original birth month is August (Virgo); my walk-in birth month is November (Sagitarius). When I looked at the description of the traits and characteristics for Virgo, before the walk-in date, the description was correct, but after the date, it became less accurate.

When I looked at the description for Sagitarius, the reverse turned out to be the case. The description for Sagitarius was accurate after the walk-in date and not before. Actually, in a way, I became the sum total of both descriptions (Virgo and Sagitarius). I still celebrate the original birthday.

I have attempted to find more documentation or books that can confirm or add to my experiences, but have not found any. It is either rare or just undocumented, I think.

My walk-in spirit is much more advanced spiritually than the original, several levels I think. But I don’t remember how many. I would love to give more information than this; however, this is all that I have for now.

Hopefully ‘more info’ might come from someone who has had a similar experience. Together, we can learn more about this term and this path some take called “walk-in.”