How We Can Deal With The ‘Chaos’ From Elite Pedophilia, ET Disclosure, & Other Big Truths

NOTE BY NANCY:  Another young man (besides Jordan Sather and his Destroying the Illusion) who is contributing much to changing our world for the better.  I’m sure there are many more!  Our youth did not incarnate to waste their lives!!!  The internet affords them the opportunity to positively influence the world!

How We Can Deal With The ‘Chaos’ From Elite Pedophilia, ET Disclosure, & Other Big Truths 

“The founder of Collective Evolution, Joe is an agent of change who is focused on making the world a better place.  After dropping out of college, he changed paths, and focused on learning about what people felt needed to be transformed in the world. In that thought came Collective Evolution, an organization for people who want to change the world; for people who are looking for something beyond everyday life. By following their passion, Joe and his Collective Evolution team created an organization that challenges people to think differently about the world, transform consciousness and provides them with necessary tools to create and promote peace in the lives of others. “I realized I did not have to live like everyone else wanted me to, and so, I finally started doing what I love.” Since Collective Evolution’s humble basement beginnings 7 years ago, Joe has turned his website into a global platform that inspires and educates millions of people every month. On top of that, Joe and has written and directed thought provoking documentaries that have been appreciated worldwide.”