Astrology Status for February 2015

Astrology Status for February 2015

February 2, 2015 at 4:11pm

Carl Boudreau

The Terms of Endearment – a Rewrite

Nessus and Chiron in Pisces are on the midheaven; Ixion, Ceres, Pholus and Quaoar are in Sagittarius in the 6th house. The North Node is in Libra in the 4th house.

There is a profoundly transformative emphasis on relationships in the Saturn Sagittarius ingress chart ( A large group of bodies are spread through the 6th and 7th houses, across the descendant. This sprawling stellium will affect the full range of human relationships at a very deep level over the next couple of years, probably for the duration of Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius.

Few indeed will be able to avoid the issues raised by this influence or resist the pressure to make fundamental relationship changes. In essence, we will bring our relationships into line with spiritual evolutionary goals on a personal and a global level.

This 6th and 7th house influence will naturally integrate with the unusually strong emphasis on justice, fair play and sound reasoning in this pivotal chart. People will not have the luxury of retreating into the usual lies and deceptions, or self-deceptions.

Some of the bodies in this grouping, however, will raise familiar relationship issues. Hence, in this status, I will focus on a subset of the bodies in this larger 6th and 7th house group.

The subgroup of influences I will focus on will affect us on unusually deep psychological and spiritual levels (several levels at once) with which most have had little experience. It will also raise issues of which most of us, most of the time, are only vaguely aware or choose to ignore.

Mutual Obligation

The 6th house is about relationships in which both parties depend on each other for something they need or want. These can be straightforward economic or family relationships. Or the 6th house can represent the reciprocity and mutuality inherent in all bonds of love and affection.

Wild Centaurs Couldn’t Make Me

The bodies at issue (many of them are so-called centaurs) have been discovered only recently, in historical terms, some of them very recently. Their influence is not yet well understood. Although they might have been affecting us subconsciously throughout our history.

I believe that we only began dealing with these influences consciously since they were discovered. I think, now that we have discovered these influences, they will become a constant in our lives and we will eventually take them in our stride. Looking back, we can see their influence over the last several decades, over the last century in some cases. They are discovering more of these bodies every few years.

Even so, I think in recent years and months, these influences have been foregrounded and kicked into high gear. And what we are seeing in the Saturn Sagittarius ingress chart is a further escalation.

It could be rough until we’re all broken in on these new vibes at these new levels. We might be hearing things we never wanted to hear from people we never expected to hear them from.

~ Ixion (2001) appears to govern the moral integrity of those in high office.

~ Ceres (1801) appears to represent the fundamental social imperative to provide life’s necessities for ourselves and those in our charge.

~ Pholus (1992) appears to govern our ability to uphold community standards in our personal lives.

~ Quaoar (2001) appears to govern our ability to free ourselves from existing patterns of thought when appropriate.

~ Chariklo (1997) appears to govern our respect for personal boundaries, including the most subtle personal boundaries. (I am thinking that political correctness, which emerged as a prominent issue in the 1990s, might have been an early manifestation of Chariklo’s influence)

The effects of these bodies might not be entirely clear. However, it is fairly clear that these bodies govern deep and subtle psychological and spiritual processes on an individual and collective level.

Darned if We Do, Darned if We Don’t

The transformative influence of these bodies will be intensified by Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius. The issues they raise will be more acutely felt, more carefully considered and the need to resolve them more urgent.

The 6th house governs relationships that we cannot realistically walk away from. They provide the material and emotional necessities of life. Because we cannot easily walk away from them, the combined effects of Saturn, Ixion and the other bodies on these relationships will compel us to make difficult choices, often with life altering consequences.

Inwardly, we will have to confront some of our greatest fears and anxieties and begin healing our most deeply buried wounds. Outwardly, we will have to confront those who can deny us things necessary to life as we know it.

A Hairpin Turn

Nessus and Chiron in Pisces on the midheaven square Ixion, Ceres, Pholus, Quaoar and Chariklo in Sagittarius in the 6th.

The Chiron square to these bodies could motivate positive change in our conduct of 6th house affairs through illness, injury and other kinds of discomfort. Essentially, Chiron will cut through deep, old, blocks to the very core of our resistance to change. This process can release intense, long-buried emotional pain, as many of us well know.

Nessus can cause severe and chronic discomfort, often of a psychosomatic nature. It might afflict those who allow social pressure to keep them from deepening their understanding and improving their handling of 6th house issues.

Saturn’s influence will most likely multiply the pressure and increase the negative effects of this complex and challenging influence, dramatically limiting our options. It will also tend to force decisions we didn’t realize we’d ever have to make.

Between a Rock and a Mutable Place

It certainly appears that the planets are playing hardball. And I think it will often feel that way. But the unavoidable issues, sharp conflicts, narrowed options and hard choices will be supported by an abundance of mutable energy. Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs. The 6th and 9th houses are home to mutable Virgo and Sagittarius.

The sharp edges in this chart are also softened by underlying structural harmonies – subtle mutual reciprocities and planetary exaltations, and so on. These are technical factors that would take a long time to explain. Suffice it to say, that they will go a long way toward helping us process these difficult and sometimes treacherous energetic currents.

There is another powerful and powerfully placed supporting influence at work in this chart, the North Node.

An Unusually Strong North Node Placement

The North Node is perhaps the most powerful point in any chart. Ultimately, the North Node determines which actions the chart will support and which it will not. It also tells us how the winds of planetary justice are blowing.

The inherent power of the North Node is amplified by its placement in this chart. The North Node is in the 4th house. The 4th house is the home the natural sign of the Moon and the home of the Sign Cancer which is governed by the Moon. The Moon has a strong natural link to the North Node. The Moon’s orbit defines the placement of the North Node. All of which powerfully reinforce the power of the North Node.

This powerful North Node in Libra will instill a heightened desire for justice and fair play. Since the North Node determines the location of eclipses, it is also an active force for justice. The eclipses will cause events that satisfy our desire for justice.

The North Node is inconjunct Nessus and Chiron in Pisces on the midheaven and sextile Ixion, etc. in Sagittarius in the 6th.

The North Node makes a pair of aspects that partly, drive, partly soften and partly support the activity in Pisces and Sagittarius.

The North Node is inconjunct Chiron and Nessus in Pisces. It biases the expression of these  potentially harsh energies ( in favor of the North Node’s drive for spiritual evolutionary progress. These influences might still produce their often harsh effects, but the outcome would further the cause of justice and fairplay.

The North Node also sextiles Ixion, etc. in Sagittarius. This will draw the effects of all the difficult interactions directly into spiritual evolutionary channels. Any actions that result would tend to flow naturally along spiritual evolutionary pathways.

Given the power of the North Node in this chart, these mitigating aspects will go a long way toward softening the decidedly difficult influences affecting our relationships.

Six Degrees or Less of Separation

In essence, the these influences will be triggering very deep and sometimes very painful mental and emotional releases. Aside from the inevitable psychological and spiritual challenges, these releases will be accompanied by conflicts in our personal and professional relationships. The energies at work in this chart will take us much closer to the root causes of the difficulties in our lives and in the world at large.

We will no longer be willing to tolerate the injustice or conceal the discomfort it causes us. We will be compelled to speak or act, unable and unwilling to control our desire for change.

We will all feel the need to renegotiate the terms of our relationships, person by person, situation by situation, relationship by relationship. In each case, imbalances large and small will be corrected.

We will make literally trillions of large and small changes to our relationships and at a fairly profound psychological and spiritual level. These immense numbers of small changes will send seismic shocks through the world’s social, economic and political systems in the next couple of years. We speak of destructive and constructive aspects. These might best be thought of as re-shaping.


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