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charles-fillmore-11Charles Fillmore


charles-fillmore-2Charles Fillmore


Interesting … recently I have mentioned in articles: the Apostle Paul (who last incarnated as Charles Fillmore co-founder of the Unity Movement ) and Charles Fillmore … and, posted a message from Ascended Master Hilarion. They are the same soul!

We can pretty well imagine how Paul looked by viewing the photos of Fillmore and the paintings of Hilarion. Ascended Masters can change their appearances; Hilarion must enjoy changing the color of his hair when he makes an appearance. The younger Hilarion looks more like I would imagine Paul looked, with his Aries-like personality–the warrior for first the Jewish religion, then the Christian.

Charles Fillmore was born with one leg shorter than the other (Paul’s likely handicap) and healed himself through prayer and affirmation. Paul wrote several books/letters that are included in the Bible. At various periods during his life, Fillmore studied the Bible for an average of 22 hours daily. He knew to interpret the biblical names of individuals and places in accordance with their meaning in the ancient biblical languages. After his death, this information was compiled into what today is known as Unity’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. By using this method, the hidden wisdom within the Bible can be revealed. Fillmore (who knew himself to be a re-incarnation of Paul) liked to joke that he was balancing Paul’s karmic hesitancy toward allowing women a leadership role by working cooperatively with both of his wives. He and Myrtle (who healed herself of TB) laid the foundation for the Unity Movement. After Myrtle’s death, Fillmore and his second wife, Cora, collaborated on his later writings.

Today, this giant soul continues to work, instructing Earth humans, as Ascended Master Hilarion.