What Are the Benefits of Eating Sea Salt?

What Are the Benefits of Eating Sea Salt?



Statements by Nancy:

Maintaining normal blood pressure is essential to good health.  I’ve heard many say they had to cut out salt from their diet due to high blood pressure.

But, is cutting out all salt beneficial to our overall well-being?  This article will help you decide how you want to take care of your health.

I have grown suspicious of any advice telling us to “Never” eat or ‘Stop” eating certain foods.  Eggs are a HUGE example. Read my article:  GOOD HEALTH = EATING AT LEAST ON EGG DAILY! A MUST READ!”   https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/category/eggs/

Bananas are often stated to be a “never” eat food.  Although I have not researched bananas, I know they provide potassium for our body.  For decades, one of my favorite sandwiches has been a banana sandwich.    Bananas have been a stable fruit in my diet.    Just this week, I had my Pre-Op exam for cataract surgery and received a clean bill of health, with my weight being “perfect” for my height.  The many bananas I’ve eaten over the decades have had no adverse effects on my well-being.

The reason I mention the “forbidden foods” is that I sense such statements are being made from a very narrow perspective and without considering the benefits of the foods . 

 Foods, like vitamin supplements, must be balanced.  That’s why we have professional nutritionists.

I encourage all of us to do our own research and to think twice before we deprive our bodies of any one food.  Eating a well-rounded diet is essential for maintaining good health!