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So what happened on 12/12/12?

Speaking for myself, I felt a tremendous uplift early in the morning, which stabilized after around an hour and has not left. The floor of my emotional experience appears to have raised itself and has not gone back down. What SaLuSa said yesterday seems appropriate here. In his words, I “received an energetic input, and it will have established a new level within.” (1)

Perhaps the members of the 2012 Scenario  discussion group would allow me to quote from their reports. They range from not much to report to bliss. Any place a person is with 12/12/12 is fine. SaLuSa told us on 12/12/12 that “no one can prevent the new energies having some effect upon them, but not all will register it.” (2)

This may be the case with the first group, who report:

“I cannot say that I feel full of bliss…. I feel extremely tired.”

“Nothing specific here too, just solidifying from before.”

“Honestly feel no different today…not yet anyway.”

The second group report:

“I found myself in a state of flowing peacefulness. … I cannot describe my love and gratitude for being a part of this global awakening.”

“The feeling I am experiencing today is like no other. Subtle? Yes. Profound? Yes. Pure unadulterated bliss, joy, contentedness, connectedness, love. … I wanted to reach out today and share this amazing place I am at today on 12/12/12.”

“Lots of crying for happiness.”

“As I write this, I’m feeling bliss growing and growing and it’s been this way for the past hour and a half. I feel it surrounding me, in me and everywhere.”

I don’t expect to hear from the group of early risers right away. It’s said that they’ll return as gatekeepers in the next short while, joining what we more commonly think of as the ascended masters to help people with the shift. Archangel Michael reportedly said through Debbie Erasmus:

“You are now standing at the cusp of Ascension in earnest with the opening of the 12.12.12 portal. This portal signifies the start of the Ascension process because with it will come a wave of Wayshowers that will infiltrate all the corners of the Earth who will show those who are meant to ascend their way to Ascension.” (3)

Archangel Michael said through Ron Head yesterday that 12/12/12 opens the “final doorway into the long promised age,” culminating, he says, on Dec. 21, 2012.

“At long last, after several millennia, you have arrived at the final doorway into the long promised age in which all of the anger, war, poverty, fear, and other less desirable conditions are left behind, having taught you all the lessons you desired to learn. From this point on, your only purpose will be to increase your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the Divine Light, as well as that of all those you may encounter. You will make the most outstanding teachers because you have, as you say, ‘been there and done that.’

“You will find that the next period, from now until the twenty-first of this month, will bring you a huge increase in light and internal change, if you allow it. It will be much larger than before, but should be easier for you to adjust to, since now you certainly can see for yourselves where this is taking you. Very few of you have any doubt left at this point.” (4)

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberron stated on Nov. 4 that “the planet ascends on the 12-12-12, and rebirths on the 12-21-12.” (5) The Divine Mother said this as well on An Hour with an Angel Dec. 10, 2012: The “Ascension that [Gaia] is undertaking will be completed on 12/12.” (6) Of Dec. 21, 2012, the Mother says: “So are there points, the 21st being one of them, where there are what you think of as explosions? Yes. … There will be massive openings.” (7)

Jesus through John Smallman said that the next eight days are “the short period before you awaken” and should see us release anything unforgiven. He offers us this rule of thumb: “If you can remember it, then it needs to be released.”

“As the short period remaining before you awaken winds down it would be good to address any issues that you may have been avoiding, or perhaps considered too insignificant to concern yourselves with. However, anything that would fall into the category of holding a grudge, a derogatory judgment of another, or something unforgiven, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems, does need to be released. If you can remember it, then it needs to be released.” (8)

And SaLuSa predicts many more will awaken before “mass ascension” on Dec. 21, 2012.

“You have less than 2 weeks to your finale when you ascend with Mother Earth. During this time we expect some more people to awaken, and it may just carry them forward. Certainly those of you who find that you have been consciously lifted up by 12.12. will be in no doubt that you are ready to ascend.

“We feel that it has still not entirely sunk in that the 21st. December is a very special event, because it is unique and has never taken place before. Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.” (9)

The last eight days will probably fly by. In that time we’ll speak to Archangel Michael twice, once on An Hour with an Angel (Dec. 17, 2012) and once on The Light Agenda (Dec. 19, 2012).

So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for liftoff. Only a week and a day to go.


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man in nature[i]

 Yesterday, I went outside, raked more leaves, and prettied up our yard.  I touched Gaia, and for the first time called her by her name.  I apologized to her for all of the unknowing errors I had committed against her in my ignorance.

I have always loved to garden and tend the yards, but I had never known that what I was tending was a Star-Being!


I just have to say that this morning’s meditation was unparalleled!

Immense amounts of golden light showered like a gigantic golden Niagara from one city to another … it kept pouring and pouring until it became “solid,” though it kept pouring.  There is some kind of a link now.  I just know it.

So many departed souls showed up to push the love and the light into all of us on Earth at this time.  OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

I was breathless when I came down!

There was so much golden Light flowing this morning.  It showered Obama.  Then went on to shower Romney, the Koch brothers, the Illuminati, the dark cabal—all got a massive, massive, massive dose of Awakening Light as it poured from the departed souls, then moving me to send it out.  This is wild!!!!!!!!!

It happened.  There is no stopping This Light.

The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness could not apprehend it.

The tide has definitely turned.  The dark is being extinguished; or actually, it is being transmuted.  Darkness simply cannot survive any longer.

OMG! OMG! OMG!  This is so wonderful. These are ecstatic typings coming from me!

The praise is simply so wonderful!  Gaia is getting all she wants!  She is happy!  She is beautiful!  We are absolutely in the right place at the right time!  OMG! OMG! OMG!

Souls have been touched today and they are going to be aware that this has happened.

I was even able to send out healing rays to unblock people who had been stuck.  They are stuck no longer.

The ability is there.  And it is only morning on 12/12/12.  What shall we expect in days to come?

OMG!  The world awakens to Light and Love.  What percentage of people will know this amazing change this morning!

The sun peers in through the glass doors.  The world awakens.  Gaia is happy.  OMG!  This is just too wonderful for words.  Just too wonderful!

The bliss … oh, the bliss of the ascending soul and what it feels!


I just sent e-mails to people whom I know received release, etc.  I immediately got back one response.  The individual was totally amazed that the very things that had been blocking her were erased this morning.  Although I did not see what was blocking her, I saw the release occur during my meditation.  She just acknowledged the block had been removed.



[i]   Photo lifted from:



SaLuSa  12-December-2012


The biggest day ever in your lifetime has arrived, and it is the finalization of a whole series of lives that very shortly will give you the opportunity to leave the cycle of duality. It will lead to the time you have been waiting for that will introduce the Golden Age, and lift you up into a higher dimension of happiness and joy. The problems and worries that are with you will be soon be set aside, and many will be quickly involved in the various projects connected with uplifting Mother Earth. The next few days you will be assessing other people’s experiences compared to your own, and find mixed reactions. Those of the Light will inevitably find that they received an energetic input, and it will have established a new level within.

No one can prevent the new energies having some affect upon them, but not all will register it. Your civilization will never be the same again as it was with duality, but that will be a blessing. You will now find that there are more purposeful meanings and intent to actions that are being taken. They will fulfill the desire to move on and re-create a society that is based upon love. It will happen because the power of creation is now much stronger with you than ever before. The momentum is now with those of the Light, and they will determine how you change and remove those who stand in the way of true progress. What has been held back must be released for the benefit of All and not just the few.

With the higher vibrations upon Earth, It is also made easier for your Galactic friends to appear amongst you, as they do not need to reduce their own vibrations as much as before when yours were so low. Understand that although you are used to existence in your own vibrations, they are extremely uncomfortable for Beings like us. However, that will soon be part of the past, as you take your place in the 5th. dimension. You will soon adapt to a new way of living, that will commence as you introduce the changes intended to leapfrog you into the future. You have much to make up for and we are ready to start at a minutes notice.

As we have mentioned more recently, let the past go as it will have little or no bearing on your future. You are starting anew and even your karma will have been cleared, so place your focus on what is coming. There is so much that will be of great benefit to you, taking away the need to spend much of your time on unproductive tasks. You will have more freedom than you could imagine, which will allow you to have ample time to follow your hearts desires. Not only will you able to carry on with your pastimes, but if you require expert help you can call up recognized masters from any past era. However, you may want to start new interests so come on board our ships with us, and you will not want for choice.

You have less than 2 weeks to your finale when you ascend with Mother Earth. During this time we expect some more people to awaken, and it may just carry them forward. Certainly those of you who find that you have been consciously lifted up by 12.12. will be in no doubt that you are ready to ascend. We feel that it has still not entirely sunk in that the 21st. December is a very special event, because it is unique and has never taken place before. Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.

Although it would appear that time has been lost because of delays and obstruction to our plans, we have nevertheless been very active. We can quickly change them as we have done on many occasions, and we now expect to run a very tight schedule to carry out our tasks. In the meantime we have kept a constant watch over you, and prevented areas of unrest from getting out of hand. An end will soon be put to all hostilities, and it will be allowed to be enforced. Eventually you will have full control of all earthly affairs, but we will never be far away. Our Galactic Fleets are so large that we can leave some ships within your Solar System, to be on call if they are needed. We already have bases on Earth and these shall remain for your protection.

Remember that the Ascension process has been taking place for eons of time and will continue for a long, long time to come. So enjoy this point in your journey and make sure that you are ready come12.21., and take the golden opportunity to ascend with Mother Earth. As the solar cycle ends so a cosmic cycle commences, and off you go again on yet another exciting journey. This time it will not be fraught with interference or negative experiences, and it will bring you joy and satisfaction. From a spiritual angle progress will be slow, but you will never stop learning or moving upwards. It will be your choice as to what speed you advance your spiritual growth, and it will always be in your mind and determine what you do.

There are various interpretations for the period from 12.12. to 12.21. so follow your intuition as to what you feel is your best approach during it. You will certainly need to maintain a peaceful and calm response to everything, to ensure that you keep a balance within yourself. This way you will receive the maximum amount of Light your body can absorb for your greater good. You may go through odd feelings of uncertainty and feel unsettled, but simply let it run its course and it will quickly cease. Of course not all people will have the same experience, but in every case their symptoms will be short lived. Keep to healthy foods, and the more that are fresh and “live” the better it will be, and most importantly drink plenty of water.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel so pleased for you all, that at last you have reached the magical dates that you have waited to arrive for so long. We know you will not be disappointed, and what will follow will at last allow us to meet you. After we have dealt with the great many priorities that exist across your world, we can start looking at opportunities to welcome you aboard our ships. You can be sure that all things will come in good time.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

[Bold font by Nancy]


Matthew Ward – December 10, 2012


Seasonal emotions; benevolent resolutions to current unrest; Dec 12 and 21 effects; Earth’s ascension process; souls “partnering” with descendents; accomplishments toward Golden Age

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always this season of various religious observances and celebrations in your world comes with intensified and mixed emotions. Those who are thriving feel grateful for the blessings in their lives and they enjoy merriment with family and friends; those who are alone or grieving or are hungry and penniless more keenly feel their lot in life. It is joyous for us to see that in this season of “good tidings to all,” so many caring, warmhearted souls reach out to help those who are needful.

This year is no different in that uplifting respect; however, the energies are stunningly different from this season in prior years. The highest vibrations your world has known for eons are affecting everyone, and while many are benefitting, masses are not in favorable positions. As the days of 2012 are winding down, the negative extreme of duality is making a strong last gasp before meeting its imminent end.

Of chief concern is unrest in the Middle East with the threat of chemical warfare in Syria, plutonium development in Iran, rebelliousness in Egypt, continuing Israeli-Palestinian enmity. There’s action toward a missile launch in North Korea, dire state of several national economies, mounting numbers of refugees and their plight, warring and oppression in some African nations, random acts of violence around the world, corruption in governments and multinational corporations.

Certainly it is not to dampen your holiday spirits that we mention those situations of world interest, but to assure you that in ALL cases, benevolent resolutions are coming! In the area of greatest concern, if chemical-laden weaponry were put into play, our universal family’s technology would prevent its functioning.

December 12th and 21st have long been considered as pivotal dates for the planet. To be sure, major energy surges due to planetary alignment are important thrusts forward, but Earth has been on an ascension course through successively higher vibratory levels and surges for over 70 years. This will continue throughout her travels in fourth density on to her destination in fifth, where the planet and Gaia, the soul who embodied as the planet, originated.

That is why we do not see a momentous event occurring on the 21st that will be equally profound for all worldwide. Each individual is a unique being and will experience a uniquely personal response to that day just as each has been doing all along Earth’s ascension progress. Some individuals may have a powerful energetic reaction while others may not sense anything at all unusual.

Beloved souls, please do not feel discouraged if you don’t experience something dramatic! As the light intensity has been increasing on Earth, so has your conscious and spiritual awareness been increasing, and your bodies have been adjusting to cellular changes from carbon to crystalline. You don’t need a startling event or sensation to feel elated about approaching the doorstep of Earth Golden Age!

Rejoice with us about a recent development in your linear time regarding the greater numbers of souls who may physically accompany Earth into that Age! God is granting the soul level petitions of ancestor souls to “partner” with their descendents who are struggling valiantly to divest themselves of emotions that are curtailing the amount of light they are absorbing.

Their emotions, which are not rooted in darkness and hurt no one except the souls themselves, are intense or prolonged grieving, remorse, guilt, judgment, hopelessness and difficulty shedding belief in falsehoods they have been taught. All of those can be transmuted into light with the focused energy of the more spiritually evolved partnering souls. Some are living among you and others are inspiring their descendents who are there to direct love-light to those who simply need that extra boost to surmount their hurtful feelings.

As wondrous as this effect of unconditional love is, we know that you are eager to see long-promised changes come to fruition. At soul level you know that the transformation of your world is happening with astounding scope and speed, but consciously you are impatient, even at times doubtful. Please understand that while the low vibrations emitted by darkness cannot enter the Golden Age, the results of millennia of dark ones’ activities cannot be healed until Earth is journeying within fourth density’s light-filled vibrations.

Much ground work toward restoration and reformation has been accomplished. Mainstream media have exposed corruption in many quarters and efforts undertaken behind the scenes soon will become public knowledge. Situations vital to peace are being negotiated between some of your leaders and representatives of our extraterrestrial family. Environmental projects will be initiated as soon as the priority measures that we enumerated in a recent message have been managed [September 24, 2012]. And yes, the highest universal council still is awaiting God’s “GO!” for our family members’ official introduction.

Dear ones, we know that you would like linear timeframes and if we could give those to you, with gladdened hearts we would do so, but we don’t know. All we can do is repeat our oft-given assurance that in the continuum, your co-creation of a loving, peaceful, pristine Eden world where everyone lives in harmony with Nature and knows the Oneness of All is a “done deal.”

Beloved family, you are SO close to third density’s finish line—a triumph unprecedented in this universe! You are loved and held in highest honor by all light beings everywhere.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

[Note from Suzy: Loving wishes for happy holidays and health, joy and prosperity in our new year.





 man in nature[i]

 Frank and I were invited to our first Hanukkah Celebration last night.

The entire place, all of the people were absolutely lighted up with Ascension General Electric!!!!!!

Every soul was awakened and intensely aware of everything that has been happening and that is going to happen.

The days of going to parties and wondering “Gee, what are we going to talk about?” are over.

No matter whom we met or no matter from what walk of life, each individual was fully aware of his/her Godhood—- Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Mediums,… they were all present…. everyone awakened!

Just simply amazing!  To live in a world where people are on the same page is just so startling, and yet everyone is totally aware that what we are experiencing is totally natural.

One man just kept saying “But I AM God.  You are God.  We all are God. ”

As we were driving home, Frank and I were again listening to “Crossing Over.”  When the discussion of the “Doomsday” effect came up, I was reminded that Jesus said “Lo, I am with you, even unto the end of the WORLD.”

Suddenly a light flashed on in my mind:  “The word translated as world  is translated as aeon in the King James Version—- AGE.  Thus, the scripture would read:   “even unto the end of the AGE”  [ii]

What AGE?  The Piscean AGE!!!


[i]   Photo lifted from:


[ii]   The Greek word aionos has been translated in context to mean eternity, a time to come, the present age, the age to come, a time of perfection—an age free of sorrow.  It may also be translated as the world – as a spatial concept; however this appears to be a less frequent translation.  (Walter Bauer’s A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, pages 27-28)

.      Robert K. Brown &: Philip W. Comfort’s The New Greek-English Interlinear New Testament translates Matthew 28:20 as:  “And remember, I am with you always, to the END OF THE AGE.”

    Jesus incarnated at the beginning of the Piscean Age … the symbol used for Christians was two fish – the symbol for Pisces.   He called his disciples  fishermen of men.


The Piscean Age is now ending and the Aquarian Age is beginning.  During the Aquarian Age, Jesus and the other Ascended Masters will be with us in a visible way.  The Aquarian Age is an age of perfection—an age free of sorrow.  Jesus spoke of the Aquarian Age in Mark 14:13 – “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you; follow him….”  One of the keys to revealing the hidden wisdom of the Bible is to notice the incongruent statements.  A man carrying a jar of water was unheard of in Biblical times.  Women both drew the water from the well and carried it.  Jesus is referring to the Aquarian Age.  The symbol for Aquarius is the Waterbearer.


The foundation for the Bible is esoteric, or soul-centered, astrology.


SaLuSa  10-December-2012


We hope you that every person that is aware of the significance of 12.12. is making preparations to bring the new energy in. It will affect everyone to some extent anyway, but it is far better if you take steps to partake of it knowingly. What you will be doing is not just to help your own upliftment, but ground the energies for others to benefit from including Mother Earth. With your awareness and focus upon the energies, you should feel the result of them passing into your body. Light headedness would be normal and a feeling of intense peace and calmness. Enjoy it and know that you have been lifted up to a new level of consciousness, that is one which should remain with you.

Others around you will sense your new energies, and you will find that very young children are often able to see the Light within your aura. You will also find that your new level of calmness will enable you to have absolute control over your emotions. The chances of you becoming involved in negative emotions are very remote, and you will in fact be a factor in transmuting them by your mere presence. Until you get used to the higher energies, you may find an irresistible urge to express them by embracing people. When you feel love for your family of souls, it is only natural that you want to share it with them.

For the time being you are amongst souls at all different levels, but imagine how wonderful it will feel when you are only with your own kind. When you are completely released from duality the Law of Attraction ensures it is so, and life becomes a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is also why once Ascension has taken place, the different changes will go speeding ahead as those who would oppose them are no longer at your level. As you know, it has been a most difficult year for all involved in bringing the changes forward, the dark cabal were supposed to retire from the scene, and allow Ascension to go ahead unhindered. Instead they repeatedly refused to co-operate, and tried one last gasp effort to destroy the progress already made. Now their interference is nothing but a nuisance and they know that very soon their days will be finished on Earth.

We of the Galactic Federation have always considered every option when dealing with Ascension. So rest assured that although we have been unable to present you with many accomplishments so far, the necessary work has been done so that immediately after Ascension it will be all stations go. This time it can all be openly carried out, and we can ensure that your media is opened up and able to freely report the truth. Needless to say, there will be so much going on at all different spots around the world, and we can quickly eliminate any remaining pollution of the skies, seas and lands. We have in fact kept it under control for a long time, but have only been allowed to go so far because of karmic reasons. Very soon we will no longer be handicapped by them, but free to work with you and other off planet Beings.

The changes you are about to experience, are going to remove what remains of any connection to the old vibrations and old paradigm. Much that is needing to be changed over has to be long term because of the amount of work involved. However, the essentials to relieve poverty, homelessness and other needs will get our prompt attention. In the past you could have had lives with many needs, and the dark Ones have deliberately prevented you from sharing in the abundance and wealth of the world for a very long time. The new cycle will see a totally new approach to life, when all will be shared and there will no greed or corruption, or systems by which people are allowed to profit at another’s expense.

There will be fairness and honesty in all dealings, and services will be paid for as is considered reasonable. The truth has often been a rare commodity but in the New Age it will be normal, as it will be obvious if someone is not being totally honest. As you can see, it will be a pleasure to meet with people knowing that they are trustworthy and also of the Light as you are. 2013 will be a year of great advancements, as of course whatever is planned will go ahead without any problems. As it progresses you will still continue to evolve albeit at a slower pace, and you will be experiencing further growth where your consciousness is concerned. Superconsciousness is your target taking you to another completely different level. You will have enough to get used to very shortly, so do not concern yourselves about the distant future.

We along with many other civilisations are attentively watching you and your Earth, both from a scientific and personal point of view. Everyone of you are special and chosen for the experience of Ascension. For example many Lightworkers were needed, to establish a setup that would enable the Light to take hold and defeat the dark Ones. In that you have been superb and proved that our faith in you was not misplaced, and remember that all along it was down to your freewill. We helped you as other Beings have, but in the final reckoning you can take all credit for what you have achieved. In time you will learn more about your time in duality, and your many lives experiencing all the extremes that you could think of. You will soon put it all behind you, and no one will hold any previous indiscretions against you. Karmically speaking you will have paid back in kind, and for those ascending nothing will be carried forward after this cycle ends.

Dear Ones, simply allow things to flow and be part of it, and know that you will ascend and then you can put any worries or concerns behind you. Everyone will be looked after according to their needs, and all will be treated with reverence and respect for their sovereignty. You now have every reason for getting really excited as with just days left, the long wait is almost over and great happenings are about to commence of which you are already aware. We know that some of you still worry about the fate of friends or family, but let us again confirm that every single soul will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be, by their pre -life agreement. Also remember that you can never be completely separated from each other if there is a love link between you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and give my love to all of you beautiful souls.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.




Excerpts from Sandra Walter’s  Ascension eCourse


What to do before 12/12/12:

1.  Clear your schedule for the 12/12/12. Honestly, it’s one day and no one is too busy to miss a cosmic event. Take just the morning off if you’re afraid of your boss or your job. Wait … if you have fear at that level you probably won’t be able to receive anyway, so work away.

2.  Set up a sacred space for the night of 12/11/12. Make it somewhere you can be at midnight, do it soon and energize it with intention to receive.

3.  Stay calm as the energies get dicey. Relaxed body, mind and DNA is more receptive to incoming light.

4.  Cleanse your body of chemicals, toxins and low-vibe food. Eat for light.  Don’t exhaust yourself with cleanses if you procrastinated until now to begin.

5.  Program and drink good clean water.

6.  Clear your emotions and lower level beliefs.

7.  Embody self-love, neutrality and non-judgment. Honestly.

8.  Open your internal portals and micro-wormholes in the highest quality DNA to receive the incoming encodements.

9.  Receive and activate the God drop and Golden Solar discs within you.

10.  Call forth the beings who said they would assist you right now. We all have them, give them permission to come forth.

11.  Expand your consciousness/particles so you are w-i-d-e open to receive.

12.  Keep intending to receive the maximum amount of activation on the 12/12/12.

13.  Get the little tasks out of the way or simplify so you can meditate and be still as often as possible.

14.  Connect with the core of Gaia, the Sun and the Galactic Center.


 NOTE BY NANCY:  It will be helpful to read Sandra’s entire article

You may view her video at:


Do not downplay your expectations of what lies ahead for you

December 7, 2012 by John Smallman  You can listen to this message on site.


Consciousness, your fully conscious divine and eternal state, is all about experiencing the Love of our Father – His Love for You and Your Love for Him. Your consciousness expands as the felt intensity of God’s Love increases within you.  Humanity is about to move into a new state of consciousness where all will feel God’s Love growing and expanding within them, where they will realize that all that they can do is share It, and as they do It expands further, infinitely.  It is, as you can at least attempt to imagine, a most ecstatic and blissful feeling in which nothing else can ever be desired except for it to continue, as it will, forever. For humanity it is very difficult to conceive of life without wants, desires, or needs, but when you return to your fully alive and fully awakened state you will understand that completely, and delight in that knowledge.

Entering, or more appropriately re-entering your natural state of fully conscious aliveness, will propel you into an arena of possibilities where you can with confidence and supreme competence create and engage in activities that, in your present state of very limited conscious awareness, you could never begin to imagine.  Reality is so vastly different from what you presently think of as reality that there truly is no resemblance at all.  The beauty and wonder of the environment that is soon to become once more your eternal Home will induce in you a blazing inferno of enthusiasm for life – it will breathe new Life into your lives.

Do not downplay or reduce your expectations of what lies ahead for you. Instead, expand them and know that whatever you envision will be mightily exceeded.  You have but the smallest, tiniest conception of what your Source, your Mother, your Father, God, actually is.  So prepare for unbounded astonishment and amazement when you awaken.  What you are about to experience is absolutely worth the anxiety, the suffering, and the longing that has accompanied you on your eons-long journey.  God always wants only that you live in ecstasy, happiness, utter joy. It was your idea, your desire to experience something other than that, never His, ever, that led to your apparent separation from Reality

Now you have realized that you made a mistake and want to return Home and your intent to correct it will be completely successful.  No other outcome is possible because you are divine creations of the Source of all being, and therefore you have the power, the ability, and the determination to do so.  His Power is your Power because everything He has He shares fully with You, always.  You have just temporarily forgotten that.

When you pray or meditate, intend to remember Who You are.  Those in the spiritual realms are willing and eager to assist you in this, because remembering leads you towards your inevitable awakening.  Almost all humans want to awaken into Reality, but they are very often dissuaded from holding the intent to do so because of what they see around them – dishonesty, conflict, suffering, and corruption – and on which they find it almost impossible to avoid placing their focus.  Doing so draws them more firmly into the illusion as it suggests to them that God, Who is Love, if He existed, could not allow such darkness to envelop them.  And in the conflict of that experience it is extremely difficult to have faith in His existence or see any Light offering guidance homeward.

As you attend to this remembering, your Light brightens and intensifies, and acts as a beacon to others.  You have all experienced the warmth of contact with others when you spontaneously and unexpectedly behaved lovingly or generously towards them and had that warmth acknowledged and returned to you.  By remembering, and intensifying the Light that shines forth from within you, you strengthen the bonds that make humans one with each other and with God.  And that is your path to wakefulness – to burn brightly with God’s holy Light – and it is also the path of all those with whom you interact in any way at all.

You are all coming Home; that is an unchangeable inevitability.  It is where you truly desire and intend to be, and by your free-will choice and decision, you are making it happen.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]




December 7, 2012



I listen to Cosmic Vision News and want to hug Geoffrey, jump for joy, cry for joy, and feel untold excitement that we have arrived at a point in Now that such a show can be produced!  We are truly leaving the old world behind and entering a new world that sends shivers of anticipation over me.

 A beautiful newscast!