JULY & AUGUST: Hang On to Your Hats! James Tyberonn

JULY & AUGUST:  Hang On to Your Hats!  James Tyberonn


July & August : Hang On to Your Hats ! … 3 Eclipses in a Row Beginning Next Week

With 7 Planets in Retrograde  thru the Trinity Eclipse Triad  !!!



 “ …There are considerable astronomical telluric transitional challenges that humanity must contend with in the present phase. You are in a time of extremes, of Crucible Astrology, in which all unresolved issues are surfacing, by design, as a cleansing process. And there are myriad physical and psychological anomalies that you are currently having to manage and adjust.  

In both July & August 75%, 6 of the 8 other orbiting planets in your solar system are in retrograde.

 Six Retrogrades in July 2018 :       Mercury 2) Mars 3) Jupiter 4) Saturn 5) Neptune 6) Pluto

Six Retrogrades in August 2018 :  Mercury 2) Mars 3) Saturn 4) Uranus 5) Neptune 6) Pluto


        …This brilliant series of comet meteorics is embellished by an Eclipical Sandwich, two Solar’s surrounding a Total Lunar Eclipse. Three sequential eclipses, one every 2 weeks for a six week phase of July & August 2018…..”


This gravitation pattern can influence a marked increase in melancholy, apathy & depression. All of you should make a concerted effort to remain active, upbeat & compassionate during these timings between mid July and the end of August….


     …. This phase of 2018 will be a time in which shadow is revealed, and ‘Pandora’s Box’ is figuratively open. It is a timing rife for polarization, riots, scandal, political upheaval, even assignations…. [I think he means Assassinations]


.…  Travel to conflicted areas, including the Middle East & parts of Europe should be very cautiously & carefully considered, especially avoiding potential hot-spots of terrorism & conflict  during late July to 19 August, in which Mercury, Mars & Saturn are all in powerful angles of retrograde. ….


      …. Just as a full moon can bulge the tides and oceans into expansive tension, so can solar eclipses….to a much more complex degree.  When the sun and moon are eclipsically aligned, the earth-crust will actually ‘bulge and stretch’, stirring magma & destabilize tectonic plates.  


    …Earthquakes are far more likely during & in the wake of eclipses….and 3 are occurring in sequence beginning in July…”


‘2018 – A Bright Finish to an Intense Year’

 AA Metatron via Tyberonn