Dr. Steven Greer Announces “The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy”

Dr. Steven Greer Announces “The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy”

“Our disclosure campaign is booming and we are thrilled to tell you that, as of this morning (May 9th, 2016), we have a grand total of $168,643.00 … just over a third of our goal!  This is exciting news and it’s ALL BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!
Many of you are graciously helping by sharing our campaign with your friends, families, like minded social groups and more ... and this is equally important to us.
Please take a moment to read an excerpt from a letter that was forwarded to us from Granville A.  (This is just below the video)  Granville sent this to over 25 well respected large groups/organizations/individuals about what we were doing.
We certainly hope you are as inspired reading this as we are. And… if any of you are doing something similar, please let us know. It will help us understand where our efforts are paying off… plus we want to thank you in a personal note.

This was part of Granville’s letter:
Subject: ESCALATING DISCLOSURE – A Call to Action
Just days ago, an old friend of mine and one of the most prominent leaders in the Disclosure movement issued a call to action in the form of two short videos posted on YouTube.  Dr. Steven Greer and his team at SiriusDisclosure.com have come up with strategies to bring the truth out, once and for all.
And frankly, I have to admit, Steven’s call to action is one of the most courageous acts I have witnessed – and as a disabled Vietnam Veteran who flew Dustoff/medivac helicopters over there, I have been witness to some remarkable acts of courage in my life!
I am a retired professional counselor, with a lifetime of research, investigation, presentation, and personal experience in the UFO phenomenon. Believe me, Dr. Greer is the real deal, and his contributions in this field have been among the most significant – and at great personal cost to him, both in terms of health and the demise of friends and colleagues.
I believe we should rally around this warrior for truth and support the Sirius Disclosure plan of action to bring out the truth once and for all – for the sake of all of Humanity on this planet, and for the sake of this great planet on which we live.
Please watch the videos below, post and announce them on your sites, and decide how you can get involved in implementing the strategies outlined on the WWW.SiriusDisclosure.com website.  And please act immediately!
The quicker we come together and act in unison, the less lives will be at risk!
May peace and the light of the Infinite be with us all,
Granville A.