“No day, no moment is without the Aha Epiphany!”


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I have been re-watching the documentary “Crossing Over” and again I am struck with the statement of the “gradual” change in awakening.[i]

I have been considering my own awakening process, which has been an ongoing event over the years, but how it more importantly accelerated.

As of August 1, 2012 when Frank and I arrived at Lily Dale for our vacation, I was still a believer in a God outside myself, though I somehow knew that Christ, at least, in some way dwelt within me.

I arrived at Lily Dale with a firm and convinced knowledge of “the dead” being able to contact me, which was something that had developed over the years.  While at Lily Dale, I learned that even the Spiritualist Community divides over the issues of reincarnation and astrology, of which at that time, I cared little either way.

One thing that is now certain is that I was in a very high vibrational field in terms of spiritual realms.  When we left Lily Dale, and arrived at the main road, I distinctly recall saying to Frank that we were “now back in the world.”  When I pulled into a nearby station for gas, I could see it, sense it, feel it, taste it.  People were yelling.  People were vulgar.  People moved about in a consciously dead state.

No small wonder that my ears collapsed over the next 24 hours, sending me into a hospital in Ithaca, New York!

When we arrived home on August 3, I was keenly aware that despite the ear issues I was now experiencing in new ways.  I was awake and alert to thoughts that heretofore had been stifled and elusive.

During the following days, those thoughts became concrete realities of Truth that you simply know that you know that you know.  I did not even question them.  I simply knew they were true.

I found I had an intense desire to meditate.  That was totally new and foreign to me—being a former born again Christian.  Visitations from long-ago-deceased people appeared.  They were now different; the issues that once had divided us to the brink of hate and despair were in an instant healed once and for all times—no questions asked!

I was moment by moment being “lead” to discover Truth, either by meeting people, discovering something on the internet or reading it in a book.  I learned about destiny numbers, astrological Ascendants, Suns and Moons.  I understood that reincarnation was 100% true.  I began to develop my psychic gifts and awarenesses.

In early September, 2012 I had my astrological natal chart done with a lovely and extremely knowledgeable Astrologer.  She noted that everything that I was learning in the present was going to be refined and altered more and more as the coming days ensued.

That was hard to realize at that point.   Did not I now know everything???

She was correct!  The biggest and most foundational change actually occurred when I simply KNEW that I was God[ii] and that as God I had power and being that I had never known, but now would embrace and glory in!  As God, even my body, which I had long distrusted and abused, was now my dearest friend—it and I have an amazing capacity to keep ourselves healthy and attuned in mutual bliss.

As the date of our ascension nears, there are still so many wonderful and new things that I learn every day.  No day, no moment is without the Aha Epiphany.

I still wonder “How will I react to my galactic brothers and sisters?”

“Will I be instantly changed, mutated, remolded……?”

The list goes on and on as far as what the possibilities and ramifications are;  but, one very, very, very certain fact is:  IT IS ALL LOVE!  Fear is gone.  Love and Light win the day.

We enter The Age of Aquarius getting our cosmic upgrade right along with our Dear Mother Gaia.[iii]  As the street slang says, “IT’S ALL GOOD!”


[i]   You may view the film at:

[ii]   NOTE BY NANCY:  “Jesus answered, ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, you are gods?’”  John 10:34 quoting Psalm 82:6—a Psalm Jesus wrote during his incarnation as Asaph, a Temple musician.  To say “I am God” indicates awareness that there is no separation from God, thus we are God.  With our forthcoming ascension, we will recognize the true extent of our greatest.

 [iii]   Gaia = the Soul Name of the Great Being whose physical body is the Earth.