Bipolar or Premature Kundalini Rising?

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


 A discussion on facebook reminded me that I seldom hear the word kundalini mentioned.  It is an extremely important concept to consider when we choose to embark on an intentional spiritual journey to enlightenment.

A series of YouTubes entitled “The Real Cause of Bipolar Disorder?” alerted me to this absence of mention of the kundalini energy.  The YouTubes are explaining what can happen as a result of unintentionally opening spiritually, usually as a result of one or more major traumas.

However, a conscious, intentional journey is much to be preferred.   Growing spiritually needs to be done in a holistic manner:  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Done in this manner, the chakras are cleared in advance of the kundalini energy (which resides in the base chakra) rising.  Problems occur when the kundalini rises prematurely before the chakras have been cleared.

The excerpt below comes from my website and will offer an introduction to the Kundalini energy: – Lessons 1 & 2  Additional resources for holistic growth are mentioned.

 Kundalini Energy/Serpent Fire Energy

Reference is made to: The Chakras, C.W. Leadbetter and Soul Psychology, Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.

 Earth humans receive at least 4 types of energy from the Universe. They are:

Electricity or Light – a primary force that enters through the 2nd or spleen chakra as white light. This white light is broken down into the color spectrum and spreads throughout the body.

Vitality – energy from the Sun. Sunshine is essential to good physical, emotional, and mental health. It is also an excellent source of healing. We can get plenty of sunshine-without sunbathing-by engaging in outside activities.

Life force or prana – affects human consciousness on the emotional and mental levels.

Kundalini energy – is referred to in the Bible and other ancient literature as the “serpent” or “serpent-fire.” Kundalini energy lies dormant in the 1st chakra. The power of kundalini energy is in sympathetic relationship to the unapproachable energies at the center of the Earth.

Humanity draws powerful Universal energies from the God above and the Earth below-our Father/Mother God. These powers meet within each of us and assist in our spiritual evolution. We cannot have one without the other. If one is greatly in excess of the other, there is danger. Hence the grave danger of activating the kundalini energy before our energy field has been purified and we are spiritually mature enough to control the force of this extremely powerful energy.

Warning: Many metaphysical books offer exercises for awakening this kundalini energy. My advice is: Do not engage in this artificial raising of the highly concentrated kundalini energy.

As we mature spiritually-through holistic growth, meditation, and loving service to others, the kundalini energy will harmlessly and naturally be activated, granting us the gifts of the spirit: clairvoyance and clairaudience to the Intuitional/Buddhic plane and higher.

There are no shortcuts. To attempt to raise the kundalini force prematurely can have devastating effects.   This powerful energy can burn out our entire nervous system. It can also cause irreversible schizophrenia that can take this lifetime and several more lifetimes to correct. At the least, the premature raising of the kundalini energy will cause great physical pain as it burns away the pockets of negativity blocking its upward path through the chakras.

Patience is a spiritual discipline. Patiently allowing your chakras and kundalini energy to be activated naturally is the requirement for safe spiritual growth. Much purification of the physical body, the emotions, and thought patterns must take place before the kundalini energy can rise painlessly and harmlessly. Ascended Master St. Germain has given us the gift of the Purple Transmuting Flame to assist in our purification process.

Patience, self-discipline, purification, a holistic program for good physical, emotional, and mental health—all are required as we embark upon our inner spiritual journey. Done wisely, our spiritual growth will grant us all the benefits while we avoid the dangers.

The Narrow Path back to God requires more skills, self-discipline, and wisdom than does the Wide Path.


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