MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENING MINISTER – “Orthodox beliefs produce doubt, despair, & fear.”


“Orthodox beliefs produce doubt, despair, & fear.”


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***NOTE BY NANCY:  Cancer signifies a new cycle of unfoldment.  “It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light.”  (Alan Oken)


Anonymous Musing & photographing with the Full Moon in Cancer – 12/28/12

 Hazy Moon

Hazy Full Moon at 2:45 AM

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!  We need to all correct these lame negative sayings.

When I think that a hard-shelled theologian like me can so radically alter in such a short span of time, it is proof positive that ANYONE can and will change.

 Full Moon

Full Moon at 5:21 AM

 As the Full Moon has now stationed I will be using this time to continually let go of all of the useless thoughts and orthodoxies  that I have held so near and dear to my heart.

Funny thing is that all of these “near and dear” orthodoxies are lies and only enslaved me.

How nice to let them go and be carried off and away from me.  They were a burdensome yoke cloaked in a falsehood and pretense of faith, hope, and charity.

Actually those orthodoxies produced doubt, despair and fear.

“What fools we mortals have been!”

We are GOD, and have all the Divine Power within.

Let us celebrate the lovely Full Moon in Cancer with THAT thought in mind!


OF CLOUDS – 12/28/12


Early Morning

Early Morning 2

All photos by Musing Minister