Kuthumi: You Are the Rainbow and the Pot of Gold

Kuthumi: You Are the Rainbow and the Pot of Gold


Greetings all bright and beautiful Lightworkers. I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak with you. I am one who has enjoyed working mostly behind the scenes during this phase of the build-up to your glorious Ascension. Those of us in higher dimensions are fascinated with your ebb and flow, push and pull, up and down movement. We cheer you on always, and are delighted when we observe the upward trajectory of your spiritual path.

You have probably forgotten how often you used to fall into despair, or loneliness, or dreadful anxiety attacks. So many of you have spent long hours worrying about money, about your health and the health of your loved ones. You have thought it was a necessary part of life to worry, and then worry some more because the first worry session didn’t bring any results, so you keep on doing it, ever more. You have heard that joke, I am sure, about the definition of insanity? Well, here it is. You keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

Let us now recognize those of you who enjoy scientific proof for the things you agree to believe. You have in this phenomenon the perfectly clear result of a perfectly controlled experiment, and a pool of test subjects that is nearly infinite. Now, I have listened carefully to the way people on Planet Earth talk about their attitudes and beliefs, and I have never once heard anyone report that they are glad they spent their days worrying, because it brought such marvelous results. In fact, I think it is fair to say that all would agree that none have ever achieved any positive result from worrying (except perhaps the illusion that you have done something important, but that doesn’t count).

Why is it then, that you persist in spending your energy capital as well as your emotional capital on an investment which pays nothing, but rather depletes your resources and even jeopardizes your health and well-being? Perhaps it is a kind of addiction, like the gambler who plays against the house, knowing full well that he will lose all his money, but he returns again and again to pour his resources into a black hole. Or perhaps – just perhaps – there is something interesting or compelling about the feeling of being anxious!

Have I struck a chord here? Let us consider what worry really is. Of course, it is a low level of flow-vibration fear, but fear nonetheless. It initiates an adrenaline rush, lights up the fight-or-flight channels in your brain, and causes all kinds of intense hormonal shifts and physiological changes. These shifts and changes have been explained in detail for you in these pages, so I won’t belabor the point, but I will point it out once more: This is a fight or flight response you are generating. Given that you are a Master of your own thoughts, feelings and actions, is this truly a choice you wish to make?

“Oh, I see,” I would say to you, “and how can you be so sure that those are not exactly the hours that you need to spend cultivating peace of mind, loving thoughts toward Mother Earth and your fellow humans?” Have you really taken into account how much these seemingly innocuous activities have lowered your vibration and distracted you from the one thing you all came here to accomplish?

It will come as a surprise to many who are still asleep, but I can speak with you candidly, and I know you will understand me. There has been a pervasive belief that being anxious is an honorable pursuit. Let me correct that right now. It is annoying and upsetting to those you say you love. Worrying over someone is not flattering or encouraging; it makes them feel that you think they are incompetent, and they wish you would stop.

I wish you would stop, Dear Ones, because it is truly interfering with your own happiness and the state of your poor beleaguered bodies, which become victims of the flood of toxic chemicals which pollute your bloodstream and annoy your whole body. You see, your body responds the same way: “Stop! You are driving me crazy!”

Well, that is my small lecture for today, my contribution to the lessons you have been reading from us day by day. It is what I see as the most egregious crime against humanity, when measured by total destruction to the largest number of people. It subdues your Light and wears you out. It creates an obstacle to joy, and it certainly leaves little room for laughter or celebration.

You see, it is in direct contradiction to Faith. It takes the fun out of it for us when we plan a wonderful blessing for you, and you overlook it or take it as luck instead of seeing God’s hand behind it. It’s not that we want recognition or thanks – not at all. It is more than enough for us to be in service to the Great Plan and to feel our outpouring of Love toward you. It’s that we see you missing the fun and the celebration and the deep sense of companionship we feel when we work together to create even a small step toward Light on the Planet.

I only wish to find a way to show you what we see: that you are missing the greatest pleasure Life has to offer, the realization that you are loved endlessly and that you are not alone. When you absorb that knowledge thoroughly, you will understand that you have shifted the burden of your existence from your own solitary shoulders to share it with us, as was our original contract with you. You do not have to do it all yourself, Beloveds. When you try to do that, you do not allow us to do the work we love – looking out for you, finding ways to make your life more delightful and more successful in the ways that really matter – being In Love!

This is your true work, Sweet Ones, the truest, most important effort of your human career! Be the Love, feel the Love, breathe the Love, share the Love, and grow stronger, brighter and more joyful every day. Think of it! You are not here to earn and spend. You are here to Love! Don’t waste another minute in worrying or planning or pondering. Leap directly into your new life! Immerse yourself in our Love. Begin there, for that is the first step to the highest dimension in the Universe, the rainbow at the end of the trail, the pot of gold, the shine that lights up the stars, the Light of God’s eyes gazing upon you with pleasure and sweet acceptance. That is living, Dear Ones – that is living a real life.

We now look upon this Great Project with pleasure and hope. You are succeeding at your real work, of course you are. I am simply here to spur you on, to remind you to look into every dark corner to sweep away every hint of the old, cabal-generated worry and pain. Beat the rugs, Beloved Ones! Shake the draperies, polish the silver and open all the windows! It is time to breath the new light-filled air of your New Day. Feel the heartbeat of your beloved planet, Terra. She is glorying in the newly inspired dedication she feels from her children. They have awakened, and they are singing her praises and feeling gratitude and recognition of their own part in protecting and caring for her.

You are becoming a family, a new and adoring family. Allow yourself to sink into the deep feather cushions of Love – our enveloping embrace. Breathe it in. Soak it into your pores, as you revel in your feelings of ease and contentment. Yes, contentment is a perfect springboard to genuine good work, because your work will bubble up from the depths of your happy heart to demand recognition. You do not need to search for your path or plead with your Guides to show you your true purpose in life. It is here with you, in your warm and beating heart. All the knowledge you need is there, in your heart, along your path, and with the friends and lovers who will gladly share it with you.

So, carry on in Faith and in Love, Dear Masters! You are on the verge of a wondrous revelation. When you see it and feel it, you will remember, “Ah, yes, this is what Kuthumi was raving about! It’s even more wonderful than words can describe.” This is what you signed on for, what we planned together, and what we are now opening the curtain for you to glimpse. It is now; it is yours; it is ours; We Are One!

In endless, overflowing Love,
I am Kuthumi

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 29, 2014, 8 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.