Note by Nancy:  This is a life changing video!  Thanks to Phillip Brooks for sharing.   I immediately thought of Jesus’ teaching in Mark 11:24 – “Therefore I say to you, anything you pray for and ask, believe that you will receive it, and it will be done for you.”  I had a very wise friend in Winston-Salem who reminded us– if we said, “I worry “– that “WORRY IS PRAYING FOR WHAT WE DO NOT WHAT!”  I am also reminded of Unity’s teachings–a positive approach to life:  http://www.unity.org/publications   Reading Unity’s Daily Word is an excellent reminder.  Creating a poster with a picture of what you want to manifest in your life is also a good way to control your mind–anytime you start to worry or fear, gaze at your poster and FEEL THE EMOTION of your prayer answered.

Greg Braden teaches us to not only speak the words of our prayer, but to also FEEL the emotion of an answered prayer.   Fearing that  you will be disappointed is to negate your prayer; instead TAKE THE 1ST STEP AS IF YOUR PRAYER IS ANSWERED.   The Company of Heaven has ALL POSSIBILITIES available by which to answer your prayer.  For example, I did not know how I would pay for higher education … I did not know how I would become a single Mom.  I simply intended both and acted as if my prayers were answered.  I have a BA degree and 2 Master’s degrees–I graduated from all three with no school debt.   I became a single Mom by the age of 30, which was my intention, by adopting a little girl from Honduras whom I did not know existed in the physical until I was 30 yrs. old.  The Company of Heaven knew the Way: I did not need to know until the time was right for my prayer to be answered.  My role was to take the 1st step; then the next into the Unknown.  OUR PRAYERS MANIFEST AS WE FEARLESSLY WALK INTO THE UNKNOWN, BELIEVING.

To truly control our mind, we must learn to consciously OBSERVE SELF.  We cannot control our mind and create our lives if we are living life unconsciously.  Ask:  “What are the broken records that repeatedly run thru my mind?”  This is one way of recognizing how we hinder ourselves from creating the life we truly desire!