Suzanne Lie, Ph.D.


An important message through Dr. Suzanne Lie:  As we learn of all the evils that have been perpetrated upon us, we may be angry and desire revenge.  To want to see the dark cabal punished will hold us with them on 3rd dimension when we could, instead, react with forgiveness and move with Mother Earth into the 5th dimension where suffering will be no more.  The dark cabal will not be on 5th dimension.  They will be left behind.  Each of us must ask ourselves:  “Do I want to be left behind so I can see them punished – or – do I choose forgiveness and to ascend into the realms of Light and Unconditional Love?”  This question is a freewill choice offered to each one of us at this point in linear time.

Dr. Lie’s message below is a very important one.





SaLuSa  2-July-2012

Sirius – Hubble Space Telescope

The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place. Your rights are such that you have the authority to remove those who have committed acts of treason against you. These are clearly very necessary steps to allow important changes to take place that will move you on to the next phase in the plan. There is no way that the actions can be ignored much longer, and our allies are looking for sources that are keen to cover what is happening. Certainly with an announcement that is intended to set peoples minds at rest, we expect the media to pick up on it. There will soon come a point when the news can no longer be hidden or ignored, and we know that there will be a mixed reception to it. However, we expect President Obama to address the world, to re-assure people that the actions are positive and in everyone’s interests to restore world peace. It will go worldwide and beyond any attempts of the dark Ones to gag it.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light will for a time continue to work in the background, but look for the first opportunity to introduce disclosure. It not only covers our history of working for you and with you, but also the general interest shown in your evolution over a period of thousands of years. However, it will give us the chance to present some of the different civilisations that you are to meet. All will have some link to you if only to have had a hand in your genetic evolution. At a soul level we are all from the Source, but have travelled different paths according to our choice of experience. Differences between us do therefore exist but we are all evolving like you except that some souls are at higher levels than others.

In leaps and bounds you will quickly find yourselves being elevated to the next stage in your upliftment. Many of you have already been primed for a new way of life, and it will set you up for your return to the higher realms that will come with Ascension. A wonderful fulfilling life awaits you which will seem like heaven after your experiences in duality. You will not only understand how energy comes into your lives, but also how to use to use it for your needs. The emphasis will be put on the different ways it can be used, and not least of all as a means of space travel.

On Earth you spend huge amounts of time travelling around in what we see as antiquated forms of transport. It will no longer be necessary to waste so much time in that way, and you will be gifted with technology that allows for almost instantaneous travel. All are based on the use of free energy which is clean and non-polluting. The dark Ones have already developed some craft of this type, and the technology known to them for a very long time. You have been denied its use so as not to affect the standing of traditional methods of travel, and to ensure they keep their power over other countries.

Your dreams will come true and the most wonderful changes will come with freedom being returned to you. You have become so used to being controlled in virtually everything you do that you have forgotten what it is like to be free. You will get a taste of it before Ascension, but remember that with freedom comes responsibility not to indulge in activities that cause danger or harm to others. With the coming of your higher levels of consciousness, will also come a more compassionate and balanced understanding of how to relate to other souls. It is the desire to be at One with all life that will enable you to take your place amongst those you will be joining. We know that the harshness of the Earth’s vibrations is not conducive to a peaceful existence, and you are continually challenged to keep calm and in control of your emotions.

You have been tested and tried for millennia of time, often repeating the same lessons many times over. You have proved that you can exist in an advanced civilization, and you are welcomed into the higher realms. You have raised your vibrational levels and it will ensure that you are ready to ascend. Those who are not ready will have no inclination to leave duality, and will by choice continue their experiences at the same level.  The paths open to you are clearly defined and you cannot move beyond your station. However, all is continually in a state of change and you will eventually make progress as all souls do.

Let go of your earthly attachments and instead be in readiness to expand your consciousness to take in what will be a new way of life. As you learn more about us and get an opportunity to visit us on our ships, you will see first hand how we live and intermix with other civilizations. All act in service to one another and it is a blessing to be able to do so. The egos have been tamed and the needs of self are not put ahead of any others. We are a community in harmony and putting our energies into serving the Supreme Creator. We get great satisfaction from doing so, and do not for one moment think that it restricts our freedom in anyway. We love our work and the contribution we make to All That Is helping to uplift all other life forms.

Our lives are full and most satisfying and it is by choice that we serve in our own particular way. It is no more or no less than you would do helping your own brothers and sisters. We are after all one big family who acknowledge the gift of life given us by our Father/Mother God, and have been provided with all that we could possibly need to enjoy our existence. We are also co-creators with God having reached a higher state of being and able to use such powers with complete responsibility. On Earth few really understand the potential powers they have, and do not realize that they are responsible for the way their civilization has evolved. Consequently you also reap what you sow, which is why you have ended up in duality. However, you have found your way out of it and many are now able to take the opportunity to ascend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you the most happy times that release from duality will bring you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



David has added two July 1, 2012 updates at the end of his article entitled “The ‘Green Light’  Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”  These updates reveal the high price insider informers and whistleblowers are paying to free the inhabitants of Planet Earth from the insidious control of the dark cabal.  It is not pleasant reading, but it is truth.  We all need to be very thankful that these extremely courageous people are working to free us all.  Those still sitting on the fence need to jump down onto the side on the Light and True Freedom. 

Please hold all insider informers and whistleblowers in prayer, in Light, in Love.  Once we know true freedom, we will owe thanks not only to God, but to these brave souls and our galactic family.

The Divine Plan is that Planet Earth—and all those inhabitants who so desire—ascend to higher realms of consciousness by the end of 2012.  Ascension will take place, but for now there is a battle going on between the Light and dark.  Today is the time for everyone to make a choice:  To assist the Light or to assist the dark.  Not making a decision—sitting on the fence—is a choice to help the dark continue its enslavement of humanity.

You will need to scroll down the article to the updates of July 1, 2012.






June 30, 2012


Storm-damaged trees litter the east lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington June 30, 2012. Wind gusts clocked at speeds of up to 79 mph were reported in and around the U.S. capital, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes in the Washington, D.C., area. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

NOTE:  I am posting sections of a personal e-mail from a friend … I have deleted the personal news embedded in the following sentences, so it may seem choppy.


This situation in No. VA – being that it embraces DC and the government arenas – and these unexpected storms and outages? Twice in one week. David drove to No. VA today and said the town is gridlocked!!! There are millions of people without power which for many means no communication since everything ultimately runs on electricity – even phones and computers which must eventually be recharged that way.  I might guess this would also close down the gas stations since they could not pump gas which may leave some people stranded in record breaking temps with no A/C in hotels etc… and yes ATMs shut down again due to electricity, also grocery stores and food establishments who cannot use their cash registers… and the airports at a standstill. OH MY!!!  Am sure it is fast approaching mayhem.

I am in VA Beach… have never heard it so quiet in the air (jets).  [The Norfolk Navel Base is very close to Virginia Beach.  Usually the noise from the fighter jets practicing their runs is deafening throughout the day.]

This AM I spent the morning at ARE [Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Development] with the UFO Club listening to speakers who have personally experienced ET contact since early childhood – very confirming to each other’s stories.

One man at the meeting read an “Announcement to the Nation” Kennedy was to give the day after he was assassinated – which Governor Connolly who was riding in the car with Kennedy reading his speech note cards, now blood stained, put under lock and key until after his death. After experts authenticated the handwriting and blood stains, the speech has now been made public and it was announcing the presence of ETs here to help us!!!

The star visitor technology witnessed by these speakers was almost unspeakable and certainly could have easily manifested these storms to cover or distract from what is going on.  [She is referring to plans for the mass arrests.]

Many came forward in this meeting with very impressive “mainstream” credentials in government, the sciences, arts.



Geoffrey West – Journalist & Host

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