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 Baltimore was slated to be clobbered by ice and a foot of snow, plus 3 days of frigid temperatures from Sunday’s Winter Storm, Titan.

Baltimore even closed all schools and govt. offices 24 hours early in anticipation and fear!

At Church, people were all magnifying the panic and fear of the “impending catastrophe” as one television network called the storm.

At a worship meeting after the church service I wrote down on a piece of paper: “Baltimore will get NO ice and no more than 4 inches of snow.”

The people all joked and jeered at me for being so confident.

One congregant spouted out in a very piously-negative way: “You always think you have special connections!”

I replied, “The same connections that you have!”

I continue to learn in every NOW moment the power that is mine as Word/Source Energy.

Storms have always been a source of great fear and dread, and my own bad verbiage and fearful thoughts have magnified the intensity.

When I heard and SAW Titan coming on the weather map, I responded “Peace. Be still. You may not bring havoc and catastrophe. You may bring cleansing and nourishment to Gaia in a gentle way. Let it be so.”

That is what my own faith in Prime Source mustered-up. I lifted my hands and visualized and sent out love and light in the direction of the storm.

Anyhow…… Titan came, but not as expected……. no ice…… 3 inches of snow…… the sun came out… the temperatures were warm and Baltimoreans, including the Christians at Church, scratched their heads in amazement.

The worship leader at Church is posting my “scribbles of faith” on the Church bulletin board!


Oh yeah……. We humans, connected to our Source, are very very powerful.

We are amazing creators!



MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENED MINISTER – “Watch what we say! … Watch what we sing!”


“Watch what we say! … Watch what we sing!”

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My friend prefaced his musings with this explanation:  I have been composing so much as of late, and I have been altering words all over the place when it comes to what I have my choir sing. Words to 99% of hymns are separatist and downright dreadful and false.  Funny thing is that people sing the words and pay no real attention…. yet I know those negative sentiments seep in!  I had a Professor in College who once said:  “We sing more lies than we say.”  I have never forgotten this.  Though he was speaking from a Fundamentalist viewpoint, I still remember those words and find them even more poignant today.




Watch what we say…. and watch what we sing! As a Minister of Music in a large denominational Church, my job is to choose and perform music that “brings one into perfect relationship with God.”  Hmmm……. how sad is that??

Think about this: my job has a description on it that presupposes that people are not connected, but separated from God. That is the sad and terribly false presumption and conclusion of the Christian Church:  humankind is lost and separated from God.  As a Minister I did, at one time, believe, adhere and propagate this heresy.  In fact, Lenten Season, that soon-upcoming period of 40 days when Christians repent, deny and mortify themselves was the part of the Church calendar in which I reveled!  Why?  Because “Amazing Grace,” John Newtonʼs world famous hymn, could be sung during this period!

The hymn, for all of itʼs appeal in both tune and sentiment, is one of the chief hymns that keeps people enslaved to a religion that teaches separation from Source.  How genuinely humble it is for us to sing that we were a “wretch” and “lost.”  This keeps our pride in check lest we ever think more of ourselves than is proper.

How dare we ever think or utter that we are wretched, blind, poor etc.

We are the very life and being of God, and in God “we live and move and have our being!”  (Acts 17:28)   That does not sound very lost and separated to my ears. In fact, the very title with itʼs word “Grace” is even an issue.  “Grace” is defined as “unmerited favor,” or as my fundamentalist teachers taught:  Godʼs Riches At Christʼs Expense!  Ah….. so we only get this “unmerited gift” of Godʼs riches through Christ and what he did!

Hmmm…… “grace” in the Greek New Testament is used in so many different ways, yet even with that understanding the Christian Fundamentalist states: “Against a still common view it must be stated that in Paul χαρις does not mean primarily a divine attribute (Wobbe, Charis-Gedanke, 32). It does not mean, in good Greek fashion, God’s graciousness, nor concretely his free love (Taylor). It almost always means the power of salvation which finds expression in specific gifts, acts, and spheres and which is even individualized in the charismata.” —Ernst Käsemann, Commentary on Romans, trans. G. Bromiley (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1980), p. 14.

So, all of a sudden, “grace,” which admittedly translates “Godʼs Kindness and free love,” becomes connected with a condition—Christ for salvation. How interesting that the Greek word has no condition inherent in the word, and yet the Christian interpretation does.  Something is either free or not free.  It is either condition-less or is conditional. No point in arguing this one: it either is or it is not.

If I had my way, I would alter Newtonʼs words to be sung thusly: “Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound! That loves the soul I am; Created thus, sustained and kept in love that knows no end.”

Ya know what?  I donʼt claim this to be a great piece of prose from my pen, but I feel and think that at least my version expresses the truth of “grace” as the truest expression of Unconditional Love.

Sadly though, people seemed to feel better about themselves when they affirm that they are “less than” and debased. “Humility” is most often seen as “a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions, often in contrast to narcissism, hubris and other forms of pride.” (Wikipedia) For thousands upon thousands of years, humans have swallowed the lie that they are powerless and disconnected from all that is Love.  The terms that then have followed, such as “sin” and “hell,” have become adopted, accepted and yes, embraced, as the human lot in life!

Sorry, yʼall!  If you choose to stay with that belief system, then that is indeed your choice; however, like the words in the second verse of Newtonʼs hymn:                      How precious did that Grace appear the hour I first believed,”  I have chosen to believe that the most precious grace dawned on me when I “awakened” to who I truly am…. never disconnected, wonderful, beautiful, fully- functional, a powerful, lovingly-created ,sustained Co-Creator with All -That -Is, Prime Source…. God…. and that as such, I am indivisibly One with the same.

This is not hubris or pride or narcissism, my dear friends!  This is REAL!

As Cher, in her Oscar- winning performance in “Moonstruck” blurted out to her in-a-fantasy co-star Nicholas Cage: “SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!”



“Messages to Lightworkers Disappointed over December, 21, 2012

From One of the Newly Awakened Ones” — Anonymous

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Anonymous wrote me a series of messages today after listening to Steve Beckow’s very frank (and welcome to many of us) discussion with Sanat Kumara on January 7, 2013.  You may hear this discussion at:

 He asked that I share his thoughts with Lightworkers in particular. Anonymous speaks from the perspective of presently serving on the staff of two churches.  His ministry places him in touch with many people on a regular and personal basis.

This anonymous minister is not to be confused with THE Anonymous on the internet.


 Message 1:

This was a beautiful message.  I am sure that many may not or cannot feel the hope, peace, joy and abundance at present.  I do feel it: and I am so very, very, very happy and overjoyed with what I keep experiencing every day.

Each day is another amazing enlightenment for me and for those whom I keep “running into.”  Perhaps it is my Piscean nature that allows me to adjust and adapt so quickly.  I am so accustomed to “last minute changes” in life, that I always simply “go with the flow” and therefore I am always in sync.  I know that others cannot adapt that easily, but it is at such a time as this that I am very thankful for my ability.

I wish that many of the Lightworkers who are so disheartened at this time could see and feel what I am seeing and feeling.  Please pass on to all of them that all is going as planned.

That is the best I can do to encourage all of my brothers and sisters.  It is all so very, very good that it is actually more amazing than I ever thought it would be.

It is true that so many people DID want to ascend at the last minute.  I see it all the time.  There are fledglings out here on Gaia every day that are saying “Ah, I see, I see.”

No one is going to be left behind.  My heart resonates with this message perhaps more than any other has.  I am grateful that the human collective surprised all of the heavenly beings.

“What is man that you are mindful of him?”  We are amazing beings!

 Message 2

You know, Nancy, I just got to thinking about the sacrifice and the diligence of service that Linda and all channels undergo every day.  They experience the same quick withdrawal of love and support that the Bible prophets of old experienced when they put themselves out there and the messages did not pander out as planned.

I am so reminded of Jonah wanting to see the people of Nineveh destroyed, only to get downright angry when “God” said that compassion was necessary and that there had been a change in plan because of Nineveh’s change of heart!!!!!.

Elijah went through the exact same thing. The Israelites loved Elijah UNTIL the prophesies did not go the way they had anticipated.

When people turn against the channel, it shows the darkness that actually exists in that person’s heart … that perhaps they were not as “pure” and “loving” as THEY had thought themselves to be.

Exactly WHOM were people trusting????… The Channel??????

I remember that when I sold Real Estate and had to tell the buyer or seller bad news, I would ALWAYS say “Here is the message.  Please do not KILL the messenger!”

I admire anyone who puts themselves out there in the service of the greatest good.  If you know any of these channels, please tell them from me personally that I love, support and believe in their gifts and service, and that they are loved and not at all forsaken by the collective.

Please tell them to gird up their loins knowing that their labor is never in vain.

My faith is even stronger now then it was weeks ago!

 Message 3

On Sunday at the Presbyterian Church up here, the Pastor gave his meditation and served Communion afterwards.  I listened to the message and much of it still contained remnants of the old energy; but so much of the message contained new and never-before-expressed knowledge and sentiments.

The Pastor shared how he, at one point, thought he knew everything there was to know and was quite comfortable with it  However, he admitted that he has learned to love and embrace the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Black, the Gay, and even women ministers.  He exhorted the congregation to do the same.

A year ago, this Pastor would have NEVER said that… trust me on this!

Watching him change this past year has been a highlight of my life.  Does he have more to go???? Oh yeah … but the very fact that he has come this far and is still open to learning shows just how wonderful and benevolent “God” is in allowing Ascension to be as it is at present.

No matter how far we THINK we have come, may we never cease to know just HOW MUCH MORE we need to explore “the length, depth, breadth and height of the Love of God that PASSES human understanding.”

I am continually learning to embrace all that I have learned from Christianity and not eschew it.  Whatever is not the truth needs to go, but that which IS true can remain and blossom.

Though many remain in the hallowed halls of the Church, many are embracing a “love” that they never quite knew before.  THAT is thrilling.  May we all every day seek the “Christ” that dwells in each human being.

An intent to LOVE above all things never puts any of us in muddy waters or quicksand foundations.

“My ways are not your ways, saith the lord, and my thoughts are not your thoughts; for as the heavens are high above the earth, so are my ways and thoughts above yours.”

One of the great things about still being in Churches, is to HEAR these Scriptures, and to be able to “hear” and “interpret” them anew.  I can only hope that all of us will never stop being amazed and surprised at the goodness and benevolence of “God” in whom “we live, move and have our being.”

 Message 4 – In this message our Anonymous Awakened Minister offers assistance to Lightworkers.

 Many Lightworkers have been on the front lines for so long.  Everything they have done has created what is now so possible for multitudes.  Many of us were not on the front lines, but we now *are.*  We are the troops called in to replace the weary while they get refreshment.

We are the “new wave” of workers, the second string, who are now reaping from what has been so faithfully sown. Gaia knows that to be both a sower and reaper can be very tiring.

Please tell all of the Lightworkers to use this time as a much needed time of refreshment and replenishment.  Let some of *us* now carry on the work that was started.  We will grow weary in time and will need refreshment and replenishment, also. 

 We are all in this together.  Rest and let us carry on.  We will in our own capacities!




MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENING MINISTER – “Orthodox beliefs produce doubt, despair, & fear.”


“Orthodox beliefs produce doubt, despair, & fear.”


 Man on beach


***NOTE BY NANCY:  Cancer signifies a new cycle of unfoldment.  “It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light.”  (Alan Oken)


Anonymous Musing & photographing with the Full Moon in Cancer – 12/28/12

 Hazy Moon

Hazy Full Moon at 2:45 AM

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!  We need to all correct these lame negative sayings.

When I think that a hard-shelled theologian like me can so radically alter in such a short span of time, it is proof positive that ANYONE can and will change.

 Full Moon

Full Moon at 5:21 AM

 As the Full Moon has now stationed I will be using this time to continually let go of all of the useless thoughts and orthodoxies  that I have held so near and dear to my heart.

Funny thing is that all of these “near and dear” orthodoxies are lies and only enslaved me.

How nice to let them go and be carried off and away from me.  They were a burdensome yoke cloaked in a falsehood and pretense of faith, hope, and charity.

Actually those orthodoxies produced doubt, despair and fear.

“What fools we mortals have been!”

We are GOD, and have all the Divine Power within.

Let us celebrate the lovely Full Moon in Cancer with THAT thought in mind!


OF CLOUDS – 12/28/12


Early Morning

Early Morning 2

All photos by Musing Minister





 man in nature[i]

 Wow… things are really ramping up and I can feel it.  It is palpable.

I am absolutely noticing that people should not be making any definite plans about anything.  Thoughts are changing every day.  What I thought and felt yesterday gets even more refined and enlightened today.

I desire that people “take a powder”  and relax as these energies all click into place. If ever the phrase “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry” was prophetic, it would be now.

Frank was out helping to organize a delegate’s campaign here in our home state.

He came home and said, “OMG… these people are so disorganized, unfocused, and it drives me nuts!”

I responded, “Yes, and it will continue to be so until the Coming Desire of the Ages is in place!  We cannot operate under the old energies; they are dying away.  We are all still in the end of the old, and to make any firm plans now will only result in a change later.  We are getting new light, new energy, new thoughts, new … new … new … new every single moment right now.”

I have canceled whatever I had planned yesterday and will stay at home, meditating, relaxing and allowing the new energies to embrace and fill me. I am sharing with as many people that come across my path (and they do, and they open up!) to rid themselves of the karma, the fear… forgive and cut the cords, because the energy is there to do just that!

The Universe is assisting us in this preparation. This is NOT “wishful thinking”… this is not “I hope this happens” in the old “maybe-it-will, maybe-it-won’t” half-hearted “hope” that has dribbled from our lips.

Non-spiritually-centered scientists and astrologers are looking at the planetary alignments with awe and sheer wonder.

No one can deny, no matter what path in life they have previously walked and embraced, that “things” are different right now.

Some wake one eye at a time, focus and then gingerly arise from the bed ….  Some awake and bound out of bed and greet the day with great jubilation ….  Others shuffle towards the coffee with both eyes closed, but still aware of caffeinated aroma!

The undeniable fact, though, is that ALL are awakening. No one can resist this Love and Light.

We are being drawn into this magnificent Wedding Feast like moths to a candle flame.  Earth is coming home and so are her inhabitants.  “Fear not, for I bring you News of Great Joy which shall be to all people!”

This has always been the singular message of the Angels, the Heavenly Host, the Beings, the Galactics, the Guides, the Departed!

However we have awakened to knowledge of them in the past, their message has been “great joy.”

This IS the year of Jubilee!  “This year is sacred—it is a time of freedom and of celebration when everyone will receive back their original property, and slaves will return home to their families.” —Leviticus 25:10