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Cosmic Awareness on September 21
We found this channeling of “Cosmic Awareness” worth reading (or listening to). I’ve personally followed the channeler, Will Berlinghof, for some years now and I think he’s one of the purest channels. Here he speaks about the paradigm shift that will take place tomorrow, September 21. This is exactly 9 months after the famous date of December 21, 2012, passed by without much happening for most of us. “Cosmic Awareness” says that it takes some time for an old paradigm to die completely and a new one to kick in.

Tomorrow will be the day that the new paradigm takes over for good, he says. The most remarkable property of these new energies is “instant karma”. In other words: when you focus on something, it will manifest much faster than before. It’s important to realise this, so that you don’t spend your time on fear mongering news and such. Visualise positive and beautiful things!

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The September 21 Transition

Welcome Awareness. Thank you for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of September 16, 2013. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your messages, Joan Mills as Questioner and Energizer. The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. Is there an opening message or current event you wish to discuss prior to moving into the questions at this time please?

That this Awareness does have indeed an opening message for one and all. That this Awareness would state that event of great importance is quickly moving towards the planet, towards the collective human consciousness. That this event is that event this Awareness has been speaking of for several months now. The event of the completion of the nine-month cycle and that which was a pause in the fabric of time and space as seen from those levels of conscious awareness beyond that which is human awareness.

This Awareness has spoken of this period of time as an important state of inner reflection, of working within to achieve a level of comprehension and preparedness for the events that are ready to begin. It would be erroneous to think that this means nothing has been happening during the last nine-month period. Indeed much has occurred both on the personal level for many as well as the collective level for the planet itself, the collective level of human consciousness.

That the world events do show that things are indeed progressing forward and for many who are not aware, who do not understand the importance of this last nine-month period, it would seem to them that only the events of the external have been moving forward.

But for those who have consciously worked towards inner awareness and understanding, of preparing themselves for the shift that is coming, many have indeed seen personal change and personal events of a nature that has shown them that indeed something was happening at those levels of comprehension and understanding that are the base behind and upon which human consciousness is built and individual consciousness as well.

Now the period of the nine months is drawing to conclusion and that the date September 21st has been spoken of by this Awareness as that end point to the nine-month period of preparation.

This Awareness wishes to discuss this day more fully at this time. It wishes first to state that it is the end of the paradigm of belief and consciousness that has been dominant on the old planet AB, and that as the ending of the paradigm what is inferred is that new paradigms of belief and understanding are in the process of being formed and the 21st will mark the ending of the old paradigm so that the new paradigms can begin. That many are hoping that the 21st of September will be a radical event whereby the world once known will disappear, and that they are now in that new container of the planet A variety.

That this Awareness would say at this time that as far as radical events occurring on the day, it will not be so for the majority. That for the majority, even those who have been preparing themselves and are ready for the ending of the old paradigm so that the new paradigms can begin, this day may not be different than the day before. What is important is to realize that this day is simply the birth day of a new paradigm that will now move into actualization. That the birth itself will be monumental, but it will still require an energy of understanding that has grown, that has expanded. That this being so for those who have worked at the inner levels, both consciously and unconsciously, that what will become quickly apparent is that events and circumstances will actualize themselves far more quickly than ever before.

For this reason, it is imperative to understand that when one puts one’s focus and attention in a certain direction, the likelihood of this occurring will be greatly expanded to what once was. That there is that concept that is known as instant karma. That when one has engaged in a thought process or an action, that there is an immediate result due to the thought or action. That this will be indeed the case for many and they will truly begin to see how it is that when they put their focus in a certain direction, they will quickly experience the consequences of their choices and their focus. Knowing this will be of great assistance to the many who have been working so hard at clearing their own personal agendas, of releasing the karma, not only from this lifetime but from many lifetimes.

Many will think they have not done any work of this nature, but this Awareness would quickly state that many have been working at unconscious levels, that which could be understood as the dream state, and even though in the everyday workings of their lives they may not see results of this work, nonetheless this work has been undertaken by the many who have as their intent and desire a shift in consciousness.

Therefore the 21st of September will mark the conclusion of the old realm of thinking and thought and beliefs that have so long dominated planet Earth, the old AB model. That as a birth is but the new beginning, it would be erroneous to think that upon the day itself all will shift drastically and one will be launched into the New World and the old world will simply disappear.

When a child is born, that infant cannot immediately tap dance. That infant cannot immediately express itself at high levels. That infant cannot do that which will be possible when that infant has grown and reached maturity. This has two applications. That on the personal level, one is not to anticipate that one can immediately do magic of the highest order, but do not discount the possibility of doing magic of the highest order. Simply be patient, understand that you are newborn into this new paradigm of beliefs that has just emerged and that it will require a time for the growing and maturing into a higher state of actualization.

Be also aware that as you think, so shall it be, and for those who understand this, they will also understand the great responsibility that will go along with this: the responsibility of ownership of one’s thoughts and one’s beliefs. Many have been working towards this and thus this step, this interlude between thought and action, will be more apparent and will be more doable for them. But many will not understand this and will continue in the old vein of being subject to their thoughts, that they have not realized and have not governed and have not taken responsibility for.

This leads this Awareness to the second manifestation of the new order of belief and projection: this being on the collective level. That the new paradigm will be such that the collective will not immediately understand or realize what is now possible, what is available, and that they will continue to live as they have always lived, entertain the same thoughts and the beliefs that they have always entertained; and that this is a time of transition.

That karma is such that many come onto this planet with the soul purpose of dealing with the soul’s karma, and the individual will have experiences of the karma throughout their life, moving towards the elimination of karma and the introduction of Dharma. Dharma is that state of a blank slate upon which anything can be written, whereas a karmic state is a state where the slate is written upon already and one must go through the checklist of karma and deal with the karma, eliminating the karma so that the blank slate of Dharma can be created. Once one has dealt with the karma of the soul, as so many have taken on in this life, a state between karma and Dharma could be understood to exist.When one is used to doing something a certain way and suddenly is not obligated to do it this way any longer, it does not always follow that one has the realization that this is so. Therefore many who are in a karma-free state will continue to act as if karma still exists in their life and thus, even though they are no longer governed by karma, their actions, their way of thinking and responding may be of the old nature until they recognize this is no longer needed and it is no longer the case.

At that point they can indeed move into their Dharma and begin to put upon the slate that list of their own making and their own creation. But this period of time between the ending of the old karmic patterns and the full actualization into the new way, where one works with their Dharma and from a Dharmic state will take some time. This applies on the personal level but it most definitely applies on the collective level as well.

Therefore, even though September 21st will mark the ending of the old paradigm, it may take the collective some time to fully understand and appreciate the new status of belief and consciousness. In this period of time many will still look to the external to prove what they wish to prove or to verify what they believe or think. It may indeed be time indeed for this to fully be understood: that as long as one puts one’s attentions toward something, even if they are in a Dharmic state, they will still experience it as if karma was still in play or that the old paradigm still had power.

It will take civilization an extended period of time for that understanding to fully ground itself. Therefore, do not expect on the 21st of September that a new world will suddenly appear and the old world will disappear. Do understand that the procession of the soul is a continuum, is a steady movement forward. Thus as one understands this, one will not be disappointed, as many were on December 21st, 2012 when planet A did not suddenly appear for them and they were suddenly upon planet A. Understanding this will help those who will see events still moving along as if nothing has changed.

Everything has indeed changed, but it may take a while for the individual to fully comprehend and understand this and thus implement it. It will take civilization, the collective human consciousness, a time to realize these changes. It is for this reason that many who are advanced in their understanding and have offered themselves to be of service during this crucial time, will be of critical importance. Many who have sought the higher levels of consciousness and have grounded them strongly within their own being will find themselves in situations where more are finally paying attention to them, to what they have spoken, for there will be that shift that does occur even if at an unconscious level in the collective consciousness of humanity.

But as one must be patient with the infant, not expecting the infant to tap dance immediately upon birth, but allowing the growth and development of the body and the consciousness of the infant, so must it be for humanity itself. It will be newborn but will not realize this. It will take those who have committed themselves to teach and guide and heal, to be of a higher awareness and higher patience, to see that while things may not instantaneously change, that change towards the higher perception and consciousness will be underway.

Individuals who have reached that higher place of conscious awareness will begin to see how quickly things move in their own lives first and foremost, for this must always still remain the focus of attention, one’s own individual journey, but one will begin to see how the energies are changing, how they are moving, and with this awareness they will see that September 21st was indeed that birth date of the new paradigm in conscious belief and conscious focus.

It will be an auspicious day but not one that necessarily will provide all the brave new world that they so desperately yearn. Indeed they who understand this will truly begin to build this brave new world, will allow civilization to move at its own pace, more than once was but not as much as some would wish. This patience will be required so one does not become frustrated, so one does not dismiss that which has occurred, but rather can be open truly to the high magic of the Divine, that will be available.

That this Awareness is complete at this time.

Thank you Awareness, that was very, very encouraging. Thank you.

Channeler: Will Berlinghof
Website: Rainbow-Phoenix

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