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Each time Cosmic Vision News ends, I wonder, “What can I say that will convince every single human being living on Earth to listen … to get to know a newscast that truly reveals life on this planet … that is created for the people, with no ads bombarding us.  Geoffrey gathers all the information and presents his profound shows, asking nothing in return.  He works because he loves it.  I have watched newscasts more closely than many for decades.  Never have I thought, “that journalist is the most talented I have ever heard!”  With Geoffrey, I sit a few moments after the show has ended and consider the extraordinary talent he possesses.

 This show is a summary of the many events that have occurred on our planet that reveal the multitude of positive changes.  People truly are awakening and demanding a more fulfilling life for all!

 I love the fact that Geoffrey is ending his newscast with the musical piece “Let There Be Peace on Earth & Let It Begin With Me.”





DECEMBER 25, 2012


Dratzo! We return! During this holiday season we are preparing a series of final surprises for the dark which will mark the end of our waiting-period. Then our sacred allies’ many programs for manifesting your new reality can begin. Much has transpired over the past few months that can finally permit us to start the final moves toward new governance and a formal disclosure announcement. Here it is important to note that disclosure will allow us to address you directly for the very first time. Once we can speak directly with you, we intent to deal with various vital subjects right from the outset. Your world has been run for millennia by a group of ultra-wealthy and very powerful men and women whose sole concern was for themselves alone. It is now time for your interests to be fully represented and this we intend to secure! Your present economic and societal predicaments need to be looked after properly by those who are about to take the helms of your new governments and new financial institutions. You also must be informed about what has been happening over the last decade to prevent all this from manifesting as was originally planned.

As you know, the dark’s many members have controlled the world’s major governments for millennia. Each regime is given a catalog of set responses that they must adhere to in order to control any given situation. Moreover, each leader has a handler whose task is to ensure that ‘given’ government agendas are followed assiduously. In the main this has produced behavior that ensures the power of the dark’s minions; however, what is about to happen will short-circuit this self-perpetuating closed-loop. The new governance will restore your rightful power which you unwittingly gave up at birth. These divine rights will be returned to you and we implore you to exercise them with rigor and joy! The new governance and financial system will end the turmoil of war and the anguish of want. Use these coming assets to further your consciousness training and to make sure that your local and regional governance is carrying out your wishes and being transparent in their dealings with you. It is vital that a strong bond be established between you which is based on openness, not on blind trust or the glamor of authority. These are your first steps in practicing the responsibilities inherent in galactic society.

Galactic society forges a bond between you and all the elements that make up this all-inclusive, wide-ranging society, and so you need to begin to see society as an organic, interactive whole of which you are a vital part. Its essence is unity consciousness, and in the interim before you become fully conscious, you can use your intuition to interact with these forerunner governments in bold and innovative ways. Very quickly you can begin to see what a powerful and creative impact you have on your society. However, we have one caveat for you: be lovingly aware of one another, and use your Love and generosity to guide your actions. Learn how to flow with each other with new understanding. Our mentors will be on hand to advise you when necessary and to guide you in these very new ways, as you are likely to find so much newness somewhat confusing at first. Your mentors can take a look at your intentions and advise you on your most viable options. As you progress, you will find a host of questions popping up which will shape your understanding of your roles in this new, more conscious society.

Our purpose is to prepare you for full consciousness. Once you scale back the cycles of war, destruction, and hate, you can explore the myriad ways to implement cooperation and Love for the good of all. This is something of a ‘tall order’ because your societies are crammed with barrier upon barrier of every sort and description, many of which you take as inevitable, which they are not. You are being asked to launch forth and reverse just about everything you grew up with, in order to create a foundation for your galactic society. This truly is a massive education project and you can begin to comprehend the necessity for having mentors to guide you in the beginning. You will be learning through practice and we hope that the societal ‘rules’ we shall introduce to you will quickly be seen as optimally beneficial. This is a strange but exciting and challenging time for you because so much is expected of you. It is no easy matter to lay aside what you have learned from your parents and peers. Your mentors will be lovingly at your side to help you ‘root’ a society that is to be very different from what you now know.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to celebrate the blessings that the holidays bring and to rejoice in the fact that a grand gift is to be given to humanity. Many millennia ago on your planet, you were witness to what you were capable of creating before the Anunnaki came and, in a fit of anger, destroyed your golden cities filled with scientific marvels. This was only around 8,000 years ago. Since then you have been in a straitjacket with only the most minimal technologies to light your weary path. The dark rulers were ever fearful of what you were capable of, and of your unbreakable allegiance to the Light and the deeply buried memories of the glories of the Creator. Finally the sacred moment has arrived when the truth of your Beingness can be revealed. The Creator has summoned legions from across this galaxy to come and take a hand in a massive transformation of your lives. A Light of great import has flashed through their ranks and your liberation is ensured!

We wish you to be very clear that this time has been decreed by the Creator as the moment when your liberation from the whims of the dark finally happens! This full-scale turnabout in your affairs is due to the unceasing blessings of Heaven. What you are seeing in the world about you are the signs that shamans and prophets through the ages have predicted for this golden moment. This is when you can regain your liberty and begin to receive the many sacred truths long withheld from you. We Ascended Masters have kept these truths alive in our teachings, and in so doing, prepared humanity for this great shift in consciousness. You are being made aware every day of what you are capable of and the amazing power that you as a collective possesses. Our role is to use the resources given to us to carry out this blessed task and join with Heaven’s liberators to manifest a new day for all who dwell here!

Your precious hearts are open and ready to receive a most gracious gift. Let us use this time to spread a message of freedom, prosperity, and a return to divine Truth. Let all the lies and endless manipulation of the dark cease forthwith and may the great flow of holy Light from the Creator bring us all in joy to the new reality and the new sovereignty given to all. This is the time we have long waited for and it is at last coming to fruition. Very shortly we are to manifest among you and teach many sacred truths given to us by the host of Seraphim that daily pour their sacred Light from AEON. This Light grows stronger with each day and is reflected in the brightness of our Sun. This grand Light is blasting away the power of the dark and giving true sustenance to those who follow the sacred edicts of the Light!

Today we continued our messages. They are intended to provide you with a fundamental comprehension of what is going on around you. The dawn of a new reality has come and with it, the moments when you are to meet your spiritual and space families. This is indeed a most special time to be in embodiment on the Earth plane! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Milky Way Galaxy [i]






Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



“Ancient traditions viewed time as a never-ending dance of cycles—great waves of energy that pulse across the universe, linking the past and the future in their journey.  Modern science seems to agree.  In the language of physics, time merges with the space it travels through to create space-time, ripples in the quantum ocean that makes the universe possible.

 A growing body of evidence suggests that time’s waves, and the history within them, repeat as cycles within cycles.  As each new cycle begins, it carries the same conditions as the past, but with a greater intensity.  It’s this fractal time that becomes the events of the universe and life.”  [ii]

“We’re living the end of time.  Not the end of the world, but the end of a World Age—a 5,125 year cycle of time.  The present world age began in 3114 B.C. and will end in A.D. 2012.  Every 5,125 years, the earth and our solar system reach a place in their journey through the heavens that marks the end of precisely such a cycle.  With that end, a new world age begins.” [iii]

I need not tell you that numerous ancient prophecies have foretold cataclysmic conditions as a World Age ends in 2012.

So what happened?  It is now 12/23/12 and our world is experiencing relative peace.  An ever increasing energy of love is palpable.  History appears to no longer be repeating itself.

For starters, 12/21/12 was not simply the end of one World Age and the beginning of a New World Age.  Planetary history makes note of the events characterizing the end of the 2,000 years cycle of the Sun’s progression through one zodiac sign—from Pisces into Aquarius—also to occur in 2012.  The end of a 5,125 years World Age cycle and the end of the 25,920 years cycle called the precession of the equinoxes are also occurring and are a part of ancient history.

The difference is that 2012 marks the end of far greater cycles as well.  We are living through the ending of a 78,000 years Earth cycle, a 26 million years Earth cycle, and a 225 million years Galactic cycle.  We actually have no idea what the end of these greater cycles mean for Earth and our galaxy.

A second reason we have no clue as to the events that will take place in 2012 is that never before in cosmic history has a planet asked to ascend and take her inhabitants with her in the physical body.  Modern society is only within the last 100+ years beginning to comprehend that every planet is actually the physical body of a Great Being, just as our own bodies are the physical vehicle for our Soul.

Gaia is the name of the Great Being whose physical vehicle is planet Earth.  Gaia has allowed Earth humans to experiment with a plane of duality—hopefully, to progress spiritually by experiencing the illusion of good and evil.

Gaia has permitted her body to be destroyed to a point that life on this planet was on its way to being extinguished.  She has suffered through ages of violence in which her body was literally ripped apart by the use of nuclear weapons.  Two continents—Lemuria and Atlantis—now rest beneath the oceans.  Her inhabitants have lost their way and, from all appearances, seem to believe that violence is the only way to solve disagreements.  Violence pervades modern society:  wars, genocide, torture, unjust imprisonment, gang wars, spousal & child abuse, pedophilia, sex trades, bullying, and psychological violence and abuse.  Earth’s environment reeks with the odor of violence.

Finally, Gaia declared, “No more!”  She asked of Divine Authority to be relieved of housing a plane of duality and to be allowed to ascend to a higher dimension in which only Love and Light can exist.  In a demonstration of Unconditional Love and forgiveness, Gaia requested to invite all Earth humans to ascend with her in their physical bodies.  Formerly, the only means of ascending to a higher plane of consciousness has been on an individual basis at the point of  what we call “physical death.”

Gaia was granted permission to ascend and to take all Earth humans, who so choose, with her while still in our physical bodies.  This Divine Dispensation resulted in a flurry of cosmic activity.  Our galactic brothers and sisters came from throughout the Multi-Universes to observe and assist in this unprecedented Ascension of a planet and her inhabitants while still in their physical bodies.

This Divine Dispensation and the rush of our galactic family to our solar system resulted in the third way in which 2012 differs from all other years.  Earth humans have been energized into a tremendous movement toward freedom, peace, love, and abundance for all.  We are the ones who nearly destroyed Gaia’s body and we are the ones who must lovingly re-create her into her pristine beauty and glory as one of the most magnificent planets in our universe—the paradise our Mother/Father God originally created.  Our galactic sisters and brothers eagerly came to assist us and to gift us with their far more advanced technology with which to get the job done and to create much more relaxed lives for all of us.

Although many are still asleep to the knowledge that we are increasingly reclaiming our true identities as members of a galactic—even cosmic—family, this movement toward Unity Consciousness has resulted in waves of Love sweeping Gaia and her inhabitants.  We are awakening to the truth that we are a part of a much greater Whole—a very integral part!  We are loved unconditionally … always have been and always will be.  No one is alone, ever!

Fourth, as we have awakened from our deep sleep, we have loved Gaia … we have loved each other … we have begun to realize just what magnificent beings we are!  We have joined with Gaia in proclaiming, “No more!”  We, too, want to ascend in our conscious awareness … we yearn for full consciousness.  We are willing to become the co-creators we truly are and to re-create Earth with great love and peaceful cooperation.

We originally lived in Earth’s paradise … We, as the sovereign beings we truly are, choose to return to our former benefic, joy-filled lives as made in the image of our Mother/Father God.  We want to love unconditionally … we long to live within the Unity of One!  We yearn to belong to the One Family of Mother/Father God!

And so, there has been no need for cataclysms!  We have loved Gaia into Ascension … we have loved all Earth humans (who so choose) into ascension!

And now, we will work cooperatively … lovingly with each other and our galactic family to re-create beloved Gaia!  Together, we will build our own galactic society and once more be reunited with our galactic families and communities!

 “And now abide faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”  [iv](See Endnote)

[i]   Photo lifted from:

[ii]   Braden, Gregg.  Fractal time:  The Secret of 2012 & A New World Age. New York:  Hay House, 2009,  Foreword.

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 [iv]   I Corinthians 13:13   That this verse is in the 13th chapter of I Corinthians and the 13th verse is very significant because 12/21/12 marked the end of the Mayan 13th baktum –   13 = the Zero Point that marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another World Age.

      Don’t think this is a coincidence!  The Bible is a treasure house of hidden wisdom and in I Corinthians 13:13 it is describing the New World Age! 





Suzanne Lie, Ph.D.


A message from the Arcturians on December 21, 2012


My article entitled “A Pictorial View of Ascension” may be helpful.







DECEMBER 20, 2012





Scott explains the significance of 2012 and why extraterrestrials are here … the benefits of having them land and openly work with us.  He also talks about the conscious mind and how it trips us up.  We are moving from a thinking culture to a feeling culture with access to all knowledge.

It is important to remember as Scott talks about the benefits extraterrestrial technology will provide that “jobs” and money will very soon become obsolete.  In the New Aquarian Age, we will follow our dream and have all the resources to do so.–scott-mowry-pt-2–extraterrestrial-contact




“No day, no moment is without the Aha Epiphany!”


 Man on beach


I have been re-watching the documentary “Crossing Over” and again I am struck with the statement of the “gradual” change in awakening.[i]

I have been considering my own awakening process, which has been an ongoing event over the years, but how it more importantly accelerated.

As of August 1, 2012 when Frank and I arrived at Lily Dale for our vacation, I was still a believer in a God outside myself, though I somehow knew that Christ, at least, in some way dwelt within me.

I arrived at Lily Dale with a firm and convinced knowledge of “the dead” being able to contact me, which was something that had developed over the years.  While at Lily Dale, I learned that even the Spiritualist Community divides over the issues of reincarnation and astrology, of which at that time, I cared little either way.

One thing that is now certain is that I was in a very high vibrational field in terms of spiritual realms.  When we left Lily Dale, and arrived at the main road, I distinctly recall saying to Frank that we were “now back in the world.”  When I pulled into a nearby station for gas, I could see it, sense it, feel it, taste it.  People were yelling.  People were vulgar.  People moved about in a consciously dead state.

No small wonder that my ears collapsed over the next 24 hours, sending me into a hospital in Ithaca, New York!

When we arrived home on August 3, I was keenly aware that despite the ear issues I was now experiencing in new ways.  I was awake and alert to thoughts that heretofore had been stifled and elusive.

During the following days, those thoughts became concrete realities of Truth that you simply know that you know that you know.  I did not even question them.  I simply knew they were true.

I found I had an intense desire to meditate.  That was totally new and foreign to me—being a former born again Christian.  Visitations from long-ago-deceased people appeared.  They were now different; the issues that once had divided us to the brink of hate and despair were in an instant healed once and for all times—no questions asked!

I was moment by moment being “lead” to discover Truth, either by meeting people, discovering something on the internet or reading it in a book.  I learned about destiny numbers, astrological Ascendants, Suns and Moons.  I understood that reincarnation was 100% true.  I began to develop my psychic gifts and awarenesses.

In early September, 2012 I had my astrological natal chart done with a lovely and extremely knowledgeable Astrologer.  She noted that everything that I was learning in the present was going to be refined and altered more and more as the coming days ensued.

That was hard to realize at that point.   Did not I now know everything???

She was correct!  The biggest and most foundational change actually occurred when I simply KNEW that I was God[ii] and that as God I had power and being that I had never known, but now would embrace and glory in!  As God, even my body, which I had long distrusted and abused, was now my dearest friend—it and I have an amazing capacity to keep ourselves healthy and attuned in mutual bliss.

As the date of our ascension nears, there are still so many wonderful and new things that I learn every day.  No day, no moment is without the Aha Epiphany.

I still wonder “How will I react to my galactic brothers and sisters?”

“Will I be instantly changed, mutated, remolded……?”

The list goes on and on as far as what the possibilities and ramifications are;  but, one very, very, very certain fact is:  IT IS ALL LOVE!  Fear is gone.  Love and Light win the day.

We enter The Age of Aquarius getting our cosmic upgrade right along with our Dear Mother Gaia.[iii]  As the street slang says, “IT’S ALL GOOD!”


[i]   You may view the film at:

[ii]   NOTE BY NANCY:  “Jesus answered, ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, you are gods?’”  John 10:34 quoting Psalm 82:6—a Psalm Jesus wrote during his incarnation as Asaph, a Temple musician.  To say “I am God” indicates awareness that there is no separation from God, thus we are God.  With our forthcoming ascension, we will recognize the true extent of our greatest.

 [iii]   Gaia = the Soul Name of the Great Being whose physical body is the Earth.