SaLuSa  17-December-2012


You are getting used to the idea that duality such as you experienced it, is now consigned to the past. So you can now get on with the task of cleansing out all old personal energies, that you know will have no place in the higher dimension. You should find it easier now that you have been lifted into the higher frequency, as you will instinctively know what requires your attention. The turning point has been reached and there is no going back, and your sight should be firmly set upon the future. With the Ascension of Earth you will have truly entered the Golden Age, and can go ahead with the re-organization and cleansing, and the establishment of a Galactic Civilization.

We know that many of you who did not necessarily feel greatly uplifted by 12.12., have since noticed changes within yourself. This will continue as your body responds to the energies still reaching your Earth. Ascension still continues as does your spiritual evolution, but it will be a while before the next crucial point. The coming exciting times are going to allow you choice as to where your future lies. Great opportunities will be presented to you quite unlike those in your past, when your first consideration was to earn an income to survive. No such problems will exist in the very near future, and you will have all of your time to follow your hearts desire. Service to others will be most satisfying and rewarding, as you will be aware that it is the main purpose in your life.

So as time progresses you will phase out some things that gave you pleasure in the old dimension that have begun to lose their appeal. Your desire will be for more pure and wholesome pursuits, and of an energy that lifts your vibrations even higher. Addictions and old habits will gradually be discarded, as you find more interesting and satisfying ways to spend your time. You will never be lost for something new to experience, and making new friendships wherever you go will provide you with a wonderful sense of fulfillment. Be assured however, that many special relationships you have had on Earth will carry on into the future, and a strong love link will never see you separated for long.

Love is the key to everything which is why you are encouraged to work towards Unconditional Love. It is the ultimate achievement that opens every door for you, and enables you to continue moving upwards through the different dimensions. It has been worthwhile trying to achieve some success whilst living in energies that have not been the most ideal to do it in. You have had too many distractions and confrontations with those who have fallen into the lower vibrations. Now the Age of Materialism is rapidly receding into the background before it completely disappears. The progress you have made up to now has been achieved in the most testing circumstances, and we marvel at your resilience and determination to be successful. It will take you a long way forward on your path to completion which is your real goal.

You do not necessarily need to know how you reached this high point that carries you into the New Age. All of you have experienced every conceivable situation or challenge at some stage in your many lives, and that inner voice has kept you focusing on your life plan. Now that the cycle of duality has all but finished, it has little or no influence upon you anymore. The most important thing in your lives now is to continue looking ahead, and step into your new Self. One that will gently take its place in the beautiful energies of the higher dimensions. Although you have had hundreds of lives, the experience you are about to have will be quite unique and one to treasure for a long time to come.

Meanwhile you bide your time as we of the Galactic Federation of Light ready ourselves to be involved in the many projects that will continue to bring the New Age into being. We will tell you that any day now you may learn of matters that will show how near things are about to take off. We are absolutely ready for action, and it is as you would expect bearing in mind the delays that have occurred already. We continue to monitor world situations and as we have done for some time now, have stopped any escalation of the Middle East situation that could otherwise have brought about another World War. Such happenings are already consigned to the past, and we cannot wait to bring about permanent world peace. It must come as the low vibrations of war and anything connected with it, cannot exist in the higher dimensions.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas it is a time of giving and remembering those who are not so well off, and we see that your love and generosity has far exceeded any other occasion. That is a sign of the degree to which you have all advanced on your spiritual paths, and has brought about a great increase in the amount of Love that has been grounded upon Earth. With the New Age upon you these energies will continue increasing, and there will be a wonderful feeling all around of great joy and happiness. It will not be a momentary experience as the high energies are to become what you will term as normal. This feeling of such bliss is the most difficult one to put into words, as it is all encompassing and so powerful. It is as though a great love has picked you up and entered every cell of your body. In some of your moments of immense emotional feelings of happiness and love you have so to say, hit the high spots. That is as near as most of you have got to feeling the level of love that we have referred to.

You will find that those beautiful feelings of harmony and peace will come to you more often as the days pass by. As you have cleansed your own body of unwanted attachments, so you have made a place for more of the higher energies. Do not forget that your body cells are changing even now, until they become completely crystalline. It allows for a greater level of consciousness befitting of a soul entering the higher dimensions. It is the commencement of your path to full consciousness and becoming a Galactic Being.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased you are at last in sight of the finishing line. You have waited long for these days after your great sojourn in the darkness. You are well established in the Light, and it will continue to grow exponentially. You are Love incarnate, and we are privileged to be part of it.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

[Bold font by Nancy]





 Shift of the Ages




  Wandering Wolf
 Wandering Wolf – Messenger of the Maya

the MAYA

“Millions of Maya currently live in Central America. They are a vibrant and humble culture whose ancestors were sophisticated mathematicians and astronomers. They offer a unique perspective of our modern times as the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar approaches. The modern Maya traditions parallel the ancient Maya traditions. Honoring the Earth and the wisdom of their ancestors and traditions such as the fire ceremony are present in their culture today, just as they were centuries ago.

The Maya Long Count Calendar is both mysterious and fascinating because of the precision with which Mayan calculated the exact location of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Although the Maya are famous for this Long Count Calendar, they consider their Sacred Day calendar to be of much greater significance.

As there are several different lineages within the Maya culture, this Sacred Day calendar is known by 2 different names: the Yucatecan Maya call it the Tzol’kin and the Maya from the highlands, particularly in Guatemala, refer to it as the Chol’qi. Wandering Wolf tells us “The Calendar’s knowledge was bequeathed to the Maya by the Abuelos, the Grandfathers who came from the stars.” This is why he refers to his message as the Maya Cosmo-Vision.

There is no question that the Maya have a different perspective of time than modern man; they consider time to be cyclical, not linear. Some Maya have the ability, through deep meditation, to exit the apparent constraints of time to access wisdom and knowledge crucial for our time, which brings us to the present.

The Maya approach “prophecy” by deeply studying the nature of fundamental cycles, as well as astronomical cycles, and their synchronicity to human events. They are aware of the role human consciousness plays in connecting to, and obtaining information from nature. They speak of a year “zero” approaching soon, thought by some scholars to be in the 2012 timeframe. This “zero” time period, is the transition between epochs of creation, what the Maya refer to as the change of Suns.”



Cry out vociferously for spiritual assistance and you will receive it in abundance

12/12/2012 by John Smallman



With the end of this calendar year approaching and expectations rising, the numbers of you engaging daily in meditation — with the strong intent both to awaken, and send and share love, compassion, and forgiveness to all who are in need — are growing ever larger.  This is exactly as it should be.  There is a divine plan unfolding, with all that is required to happen to bring this stage of it to completion occurring precisely on schedule, because it is God’s Will that it should – but remember that outside the illusion time is absent.

Referring to a schedule makes it hard for you to grasp the significance of many things that are happening all across the world, and even for you to be aware of many other equally significant events that the mainstream media does not report on, because to you a schedule is time sensitive and to understand it without the element of time is, to say the least, confusing.

In Reality the limits and constraints of time do not exist, but for you that is not easy to understand.  In fact, it is practically incomprehensible.  Continuing to trust that your Father’s Will for you is eternal joy, and that it will be achieved as divinely intended is actively encouraged by your angels and guides in spite of any doubts or misgivings you may feel, because it raises your frequency and makes it easier for you to connect with them and receive their proffered help.  You do need their help; you can do nothing alone because there is no such state.  And, of course, that trust in your Father is utterly justified.

Your regular times of prayer, meditation, and contemplation strengthen that trust and enable you to engage more fully with the help that is constantly on offer — help that will assist you in releasing your attachments to the illusion and to all the distractions with which it presents you, as it attempts, constantly, to convince you that it is real.  Those attachments are being teased apart, and their complete removal is ensured because you are cooperating.  Concentrate on strengthening that cooperation by adding your willing enthusiasm to release any remaining pockets of judgment, resentment, or anger, especially those you still feel can only be resolved by an abject apology owed to you by one whom you believe has deeply hurt you.

Forgiveness is the key to release, and if you have difficulty with that, it most likely indicates that you have areas of denial in which lie hidden actions or events of which you may be ashamed and for which you feel unable to forgive yourselves, and so you project them on to others.  If you find yourselves unable to forgive someone else, it generally means that you cannot, for whatever deep-seated and unknown reason, forgive yourselves.  When you have forgiven yourselves, forgiving others is a breeze!

If forgiveness is a problem for you, look within and cry out vociferously for spiritual assistance, and you will receive it in abundance.  You may be quite amazed at what shows up: stuff long since past and forgotten, but on which you still hold a strong emotional charge.  Often, in childhood, you have been judged and punished unjustly, but because of your dependence on those who judged you, you accepted it and the wrongful shame it imposed.  It was far too painful for you to keep in your conscious mind, and for your own survival you buried it as deeply as you possibly could.

All that “stuff” is now coming up for release, and initially the anger felt for those unjust acts committed against you will appear to be the issue; look deeper and you will find the shame, the disgrace that you felt about yourself for which you cannot forgive yourself.  That is what you need to release, and with your adult awareness it is completely apparent that you had absolutely no reason whatever to feel shame or disgrace, and so you can easily now forgive yourself for this unwarranted judgment against yourself.  As you let it go, you will feel as though a mighty weight has been lifted off you, and a wonderful sense of freedom will envelop you.  It truly is the start of your awakening into Reality.  Delve deep within, release any guilt or shame that you find, reclaim your divinely given freedom that it seems others have taken from you, and know, truly know that you are forever free, just as God created you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman


As you awaken, the fog will clear from your minds

December 12, 2012 by John Smallman


Many have talked of the End Times approaching, but you are really approaching the Beginning Times as a new age of peace, harmony, and abundance for all humanity comes into view.  The satisfaction and contentment that you will experience, as all that could frighten, worry, or cause you any kind of suffering just dissolves, leaving absolutely no trace to disturb your constant state of sublime peace, is definitely something to which you can look forward.  A New Age, for which you have been yearning, is about to dawn.

As the short period remaining before you awaken winds down it would be good to address any issues that you may have been avoiding, or perhaps considered too insignificant to concern yourselves with.  However, anything that would fall into the category of holding a grudge, a derogatory judgment of another, or something unforgiven, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems, does need to be released.  If you can remember it, then it needs to be released. Everyone has things that have been totally forgotten that could have been released, but if they are truly forgotten they are as good as already released and forgiven.  It is just the small niggling things, which are occasionally retained because they give a person a sense of satisfaction, of being right, that now need to be released to clear your energy fields – that person who queue-barged, pinched your parking-spot, made an unwarranted and unkind remark – small seemingly insignificant momentary occurrences that you still remember.  Let them go.

As the moment of your awakening approaches do not let the anticipation, the wondering about how it will all play out, distract you from holding your Light on high, and from intending that all become engaged with the divine energy field. This field is gathering together all the individual intentions to share compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and love worldwide into itself, where a great intensification of that intent will occur so that no one will be able to remain unaware of its powerful presence influencing them with its enormous sense of peace, acceptance, and of course, Love.

Whenever you can, it is good to join together in groups to meditate at the same instant – you do not need to be physically present with one another as long as you have made the joint intent – to continue strengthening the awaking process for the planet herself and for all the sentient beings whose lives she supports. Intend that Love penetrate the hearts of those most forcefully opposed to the essential changes that are happening worldwide.  It is very effective to do so, and some of them will most definitely have a change of heart, even at this late stage of your collective spiritual evolution because, with God, all things are possible.

The Light that shines out from so many of you and from the planet herself is extremely beautiful, and increases in brightness and intensity with each passing day, because the amount of time spent in prayer or in meditation all over the world has been increasing, as ever more of humanity feels the irresistible urge to develop their spiritual aspects.  The loving intent that so many of you have been expressing, and which has helped you to align yourselves with the divine field of Love that surrounds Earth, has strengthened your integration with that field so that it effects everyone on the planet most positively.

The level of energy required to awaken you from your eons-long slumber has nearly been reached, and when it is achieved, as it very shortly will, it will be impossible for you to cling any longer to the state of sleep that has caused you so much suffering and confusion.  As you awaken, the fog will clear from your minds; your vision, your awareness will become crystal clear, and you will have returned Home and into recognition of who you truly are: the perfect children of God, whose Love for you knows no bounds.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]



Steve Beckow


So what happened on 12/12/12?

Speaking for myself, I felt a tremendous uplift early in the morning, which stabilized after around an hour and has not left. The floor of my emotional experience appears to have raised itself and has not gone back down. What SaLuSa said yesterday seems appropriate here. In his words, I “received an energetic input, and it will have established a new level within.” (1)

Perhaps the members of the 2012 Scenario  discussion group would allow me to quote from their reports. They range from not much to report to bliss. Any place a person is with 12/12/12 is fine. SaLuSa told us on 12/12/12 that “no one can prevent the new energies having some effect upon them, but not all will register it.” (2)

This may be the case with the first group, who report:

“I cannot say that I feel full of bliss…. I feel extremely tired.”

“Nothing specific here too, just solidifying from before.”

“Honestly feel no different today…not yet anyway.”

The second group report:

“I found myself in a state of flowing peacefulness. … I cannot describe my love and gratitude for being a part of this global awakening.”

“The feeling I am experiencing today is like no other. Subtle? Yes. Profound? Yes. Pure unadulterated bliss, joy, contentedness, connectedness, love. … I wanted to reach out today and share this amazing place I am at today on 12/12/12.”

“Lots of crying for happiness.”

“As I write this, I’m feeling bliss growing and growing and it’s been this way for the past hour and a half. I feel it surrounding me, in me and everywhere.”

I don’t expect to hear from the group of early risers right away. It’s said that they’ll return as gatekeepers in the next short while, joining what we more commonly think of as the ascended masters to help people with the shift. Archangel Michael reportedly said through Debbie Erasmus:

“You are now standing at the cusp of Ascension in earnest with the opening of the 12.12.12 portal. This portal signifies the start of the Ascension process because with it will come a wave of Wayshowers that will infiltrate all the corners of the Earth who will show those who are meant to ascend their way to Ascension.” (3)

Archangel Michael said through Ron Head yesterday that 12/12/12 opens the “final doorway into the long promised age,” culminating, he says, on Dec. 21, 2012.

“At long last, after several millennia, you have arrived at the final doorway into the long promised age in which all of the anger, war, poverty, fear, and other less desirable conditions are left behind, having taught you all the lessons you desired to learn. From this point on, your only purpose will be to increase your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the Divine Light, as well as that of all those you may encounter. You will make the most outstanding teachers because you have, as you say, ‘been there and done that.’

“You will find that the next period, from now until the twenty-first of this month, will bring you a huge increase in light and internal change, if you allow it. It will be much larger than before, but should be easier for you to adjust to, since now you certainly can see for yourselves where this is taking you. Very few of you have any doubt left at this point.” (4)

Archangel Metatron through James Tyberron stated on Nov. 4 that “the planet ascends on the 12-12-12, and rebirths on the 12-21-12.” (5) The Divine Mother said this as well on An Hour with an Angel Dec. 10, 2012: The “Ascension that [Gaia] is undertaking will be completed on 12/12.” (6) Of Dec. 21, 2012, the Mother says: “So are there points, the 21st being one of them, where there are what you think of as explosions? Yes. … There will be massive openings.” (7)

Jesus through John Smallman said that the next eight days are “the short period before you awaken” and should see us release anything unforgiven. He offers us this rule of thumb: “If you can remember it, then it needs to be released.”

“As the short period remaining before you awaken winds down it would be good to address any issues that you may have been avoiding, or perhaps considered too insignificant to concern yourselves with. However, anything that would fall into the category of holding a grudge, a derogatory judgment of another, or something unforgiven, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems, does need to be released. If you can remember it, then it needs to be released.” (8)

And SaLuSa predicts many more will awaken before “mass ascension” on Dec. 21, 2012.

“You have less than 2 weeks to your finale when you ascend with Mother Earth. During this time we expect some more people to awaken, and it may just carry them forward. Certainly those of you who find that you have been consciously lifted up by 12.12. will be in no doubt that you are ready to ascend.

“We feel that it has still not entirely sunk in that the 21st. December is a very special event, because it is unique and has never taken place before. Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.” (9)

The last eight days will probably fly by. In that time we’ll speak to Archangel Michael twice, once on An Hour with an Angel (Dec. 17, 2012) and once on The Light Agenda (Dec. 19, 2012).

So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for liftoff. Only a week and a day to go.


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man in nature[i]

 Yesterday, I went outside, raked more leaves, and prettied up our yard.  I touched Gaia, and for the first time called her by her name.  I apologized to her for all of the unknowing errors I had committed against her in my ignorance.

I have always loved to garden and tend the yards, but I had never known that what I was tending was a Star-Being!


I just have to say that this morning’s meditation was unparalleled!

Immense amounts of golden light showered like a gigantic golden Niagara from one city to another … it kept pouring and pouring until it became “solid,” though it kept pouring.  There is some kind of a link now.  I just know it.

So many departed souls showed up to push the love and the light into all of us on Earth at this time.  OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

I was breathless when I came down!

There was so much golden Light flowing this morning.  It showered Obama.  Then went on to shower Romney, the Koch brothers, the Illuminati, the dark cabal—all got a massive, massive, massive dose of Awakening Light as it poured from the departed souls, then moving me to send it out.  This is wild!!!!!!!!!

It happened.  There is no stopping This Light.

The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness could not apprehend it.

The tide has definitely turned.  The dark is being extinguished; or actually, it is being transmuted.  Darkness simply cannot survive any longer.

OMG! OMG! OMG!  This is so wonderful. These are ecstatic typings coming from me!

The praise is simply so wonderful!  Gaia is getting all she wants!  She is happy!  She is beautiful!  We are absolutely in the right place at the right time!  OMG! OMG! OMG!

Souls have been touched today and they are going to be aware that this has happened.

I was even able to send out healing rays to unblock people who had been stuck.  They are stuck no longer.

The ability is there.  And it is only morning on 12/12/12.  What shall we expect in days to come?

OMG!  The world awakens to Light and Love.  What percentage of people will know this amazing change this morning!

The sun peers in through the glass doors.  The world awakens.  Gaia is happy.  OMG!  This is just too wonderful for words.  Just too wonderful!

The bliss … oh, the bliss of the ascending soul and what it feels!


I just sent e-mails to people whom I know received release, etc.  I immediately got back one response.  The individual was totally amazed that the very things that had been blocking her were erased this morning.  Although I did not see what was blocking her, I saw the release occur during my meditation.  She just acknowledged the block had been removed.



[i]   Photo lifted from:






 man in nature[i]

 Wow… things are really ramping up and I can feel it.  It is palpable.

I am absolutely noticing that people should not be making any definite plans about anything.  Thoughts are changing every day.  What I thought and felt yesterday gets even more refined and enlightened today.

I desire that people “take a powder”  and relax as these energies all click into place. If ever the phrase “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry” was prophetic, it would be now.

Frank was out helping to organize a delegate’s campaign here in our home state.

He came home and said, “OMG… these people are so disorganized, unfocused, and it drives me nuts!”

I responded, “Yes, and it will continue to be so until the Coming Desire of the Ages is in place!  We cannot operate under the old energies; they are dying away.  We are all still in the end of the old, and to make any firm plans now will only result in a change later.  We are getting new light, new energy, new thoughts, new … new … new … new every single moment right now.”

I have canceled whatever I had planned yesterday and will stay at home, meditating, relaxing and allowing the new energies to embrace and fill me. I am sharing with as many people that come across my path (and they do, and they open up!) to rid themselves of the karma, the fear… forgive and cut the cords, because the energy is there to do just that!

The Universe is assisting us in this preparation. This is NOT “wishful thinking”… this is not “I hope this happens” in the old “maybe-it-will, maybe-it-won’t” half-hearted “hope” that has dribbled from our lips.

Non-spiritually-centered scientists and astrologers are looking at the planetary alignments with awe and sheer wonder.

No one can deny, no matter what path in life they have previously walked and embraced, that “things” are different right now.

Some wake one eye at a time, focus and then gingerly arise from the bed ….  Some awake and bound out of bed and greet the day with great jubilation ….  Others shuffle towards the coffee with both eyes closed, but still aware of caffeinated aroma!

The undeniable fact, though, is that ALL are awakening. No one can resist this Love and Light.

We are being drawn into this magnificent Wedding Feast like moths to a candle flame.  Earth is coming home and so are her inhabitants.  “Fear not, for I bring you News of Great Joy which shall be to all people!”

This has always been the singular message of the Angels, the Heavenly Host, the Beings, the Galactics, the Guides, the Departed!

However we have awakened to knowledge of them in the past, their message has been “great joy.”

This IS the year of Jubilee!  “This year is sacred—it is a time of freedom and of celebration when everyone will receive back their original property, and slaves will return home to their families.” —Leviticus 25:10