Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel


For thousands of years, Earth humans have lived behind the Veil of Illusion. As the Genesis story symbolically relates, humanity used their gift of freewill to choose to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In other words, we chose to reside on the plane of duality—to experience life characterized by good at times and by evil (or darkness, suffering) at other times.  We made the choice not because we were born in sin, but because we wanted to use the challenge of living on the plane of duality to assist us in growing spiritually by proving that we could live in darkness (Evil) and continue to focus on the Light (Good). God warned them that if they chose to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, they would surely die. To die is to lose conscious awareness of living and moving and having our being within the energy of God’s LOVE. Adam & Eve, symbols representing Earth humans, chose to eat the fruit and in so doing chose to leave the home Mother/Father God lovingly prepared for them. Because evil cannot survive within a paradise of LOVE ENERGY, Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden so that they could experience life that included suffering and evil.

Bible translators and interpreters have termed the result of Adam and Eve’s choice the Fall of Man. Religion has used this concept as a means of controlling humanity—via teaching “you have sinned; therefore, you must do “this and that” in order to be “saved” from an eternity of burning in hellfire. Religion has also turned our loving Mother/Father God—our true parents who birthed us into a paradisical environment, with all of our needs freely provided, >>> into an angry, vengeful, unpredictable God we are taught to fear and try our best to obey lest we end up being tortured forever and ever in a non-existent pit of fire, called hell.

 The means of being saved that religion has invented portrays a God willingly requiring child sacrifice, a crime for which we Earth humans would sentence the perpetrator to death or life in prison.



However, as long as we cling to the lies we have been taught, we remain mired in the Illusion.


These lies include the following, but are by no means the extent of the matrix of illusions under which we live.

  1. We are separate from God and all of creation.  This lie leaves humankind in a very vulnerable position—at the mercy of a God we do not understand and whatever else life throws our way.
  2. God rewards and punishes us according to our behavior.
  3. We must obey the teachings of our chosen religion in order to gain salvation from a punishing God.
  4. We have only one lifetime on Earth.  When we leave, it is because God has removed us.
  5. Death ends all opportunities to live on Earth and results in our soul being permanently assigned to one of two possible places:  heaven or hell.
  6. Life on Earth is naturally characterized by the “survival of the fittest.”
  7. God creates some human beings with mental, physical, and emotional handicaps.
  8. We are alone in the vast cosmos.  Thus, by inference, life on Earth is the best God could do.
  9. Each human being is the result of intercourse between his/her parents—the uniting of the human sperm and egg.  Therefore, human beings can be killed.
  10. Wars are necessary in order to protect ourselves from our nation’s enemies.
  11. God takes sides in war.  Of course, God always takes the side of those who are right and pray to Him.
  12. God is male and resides high in the sky.  He is the “man in the sky.”
  13. God can do anything God chooses.

The above list of lies—only the tip of the iceberg—are among the major factors in the formation of humanity’s belief system and therefore, humanity’s behavior.

In order to truly walk the Path of Love, we must reconsider each lie and seek the Truth instead.   As long as we subscribe to lies, our motives are skewed.  A good example is our motivation for “good works.”  Good works are among the criteria, taught by religion, that help us get into heaven.  Therefore, the majority of “good works” are performed with a skewed motive:  “I’ll be rewarded in heaven.”  Love based on fulfilling requirements cannot be unconditional love.


Through the years, I have received numerous e-mails from individuals terrified that they have done something wrong; thereby rendering him/herself sentenced to an eternity of punishment. The above lies and more are the basis for which these individuals are terrified.

NOW: I am increasingly receiving e-mails from individuals who are having other worldly experiences. They are awakening to Mother/Father God’s world of loving beings that exist beyond the Veil of Illusion!

And once more, we must awaken to the lies we have been taught. Heretofore, many have been mistakenly committed to mental hospitals or placed on medications when they confess to hearing or perceiving voices or beings around them that cannot be heard or seen by most. We have been taught that we are alone in the cosmos and thus, when we experience other beings around us, we are frightened and wonder if we are losing our rational mind, when in fact, we may be awakening to the glorious cosmos in which we truly live—we are making a spiritual emergence.[i] (Be sure to read the Endnote.)



[i] – What is Spiritual Emergence (SE)

The term Spiritual Emergence has been used to refer to the awakening of the spiritual potential within an individual that initiates the unfolding and expansion of that individual’s way of being. It is a natural process of growth toward a deeper, more connected and expanded way of being, that usually occurs slowly throughout our lives and is gently integrated. When this process occurs rapidly or becomes very intense it can seem disruptive and out of context with everyday life, precipitating a personal crisis which is referred to as a Spiritual Emergency.

Spiritual Emergence can also be referred to as Kundalini awakening (KA), shamanic journey, mystical experience, awakening the Divine within, psychic opening, out-of-body experience (OBE), or near-death experience (NDE).

Spiritual Emergence may be initiated or intensified by major life transitions, trauma, terminal illness, physical or emotional distress, the use of psychoactive drugs, as well as through intensive psychotherapy or practices such as breathwork, certain types of Yoga, deep prayer and meditation.

 Although emergence is a natural process, traditional Western medicine and helping professions have not generally recognized it. Spiritual Emergence has the dual nature of being potentially deeply healing as well as potentially deeply disturbing. When those experiencing disturbed manifestations of SE seek traditional health care, they may feel misunderstood or be diagnosed as emotionally disturbed and prescribed medication or other medical interventions. The healing potential of the emerging spirit is often distorted or smothered and the aim of symptom management becomes the goal of therapy.

 The spiritual Emergence Service believes that it is essential that the support of SE is open, compassionate and holistic, that is, supporting the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our aim is to support the process and the individual by providing support and information as well as access to alternative healing professionals.





NOTE BY NANCY: Years ago, when my Twin Flame first appeared, I could feel him in the back of my head … I could hear him talking. I have always felt out of place on this planet; but Uriel’s (just his name … not the Archangel Uriel) shock at how shallow life is on this planet made me even more discontent. Although I loved knowing he was a part of me, I finally had to ask him to pull back. I kept a journal of our wonderful “off world” experiences together. At the time, in the latter 1990s, people became frightened if I mentioned Uriel. They assumed I was losing my sanity. I ended up destroying any written evidence of Uriel’s presence with me out of fear that I would be ruled incompetent and committed to a mental hospital without my consent.

Recently, as the awakening increases, I have wondered how to continue to fulfill Uriel and my Soul Mission of Bridging the Gap Ministries between traditional Christianity and the massive spiritual awakening now taking place. I am aware that many, like me in the 1990s, remain silent out of fear of being considered crazy or possessed.

In the 2000s, we are realizing that our 3 tiers worldview—heaven, earth, and hell—is far from Truth. Earth humans have been severely limited in our awareness of a cosmos teeming with members of the ONE Family of God. Ascended Masters, our Twin Flames, and our Star Brothers/Sisters are with us in a variety of ways. The ways in which they can communicate with us is unlimited, except by our own unwillingness to receive them. They (like us, but we don’t yet know it) can be in various places at the same time. Those Ascended Beings can become the Higher Self of Earth humans in order to assist them in accomplishing a goal while continuing in their higher dimensional work at the same time. There are no limits.

Christians have interpreted the biblical affirmation “All things are possible with God” to mean just that, while thinking in terms of the all things are possible as relating to what we believed was our 3rd dimensional reality. All of that is changing!

Thinking of the massive changes and new levels of awareness now emerging, I resonated strongly with Lisa’s energy report for July 11, 2014. I include excerpts from this report … may they both comfort and encourage us all to let go and let God reveal this marvelous community in which we truly live!


Excerpts from Lisa Transcendence Brown (Ithara) energy update for July 11, 2012.



Challenge, challenge, challenge your human mind in every moment to let go of ANY BELIEF that things are the way they once were, or that “this day” will be the same as before. EXPECT FOR MIRACLES AND MAGIC and awesome to occur, LOOK for it, EXPAND your mind, don’t believe limits, FIND ANOTHER WAY, let go of any, any, any thing/one that represents your “Old Earth” reality.

New Vision has been activated for many so that seeing beyond the illusion can occur. BELIEVE what you know inside, the weirder and more insane it seems, the more real things truly are….

When you worry of what you are letting go of, you are letting go of all that no longer makes sense. That which kept you in prison and now is just one “hot mess of confusion”…. Safe causes suffering now, habits of the human no longer make sense. Take a hard look at what you are grasping at and ask why you desire the old way over the magic that awaits you beyond all of that.

WE are here and waiting … come join us in the reality that you’ve been seeking since you incarnated here into a reality created of old programming that is now obsolete …

You are a STAR BEING and have been activated whether you know it or not.” (Excerpts from Lisa Transcendence Brown (Ithara) energy update for July 11, 2012.






Nancy B. Detweiler

  sweep under rug_21753183

Earth, and all her inhabitants who so choose, are in the process of ascending to a higher dimension. All the dirty secrets presently enslaving humanity must be swept from their dark hiding place under the rug into the Light.

 If you have ever moved to a new home, you know that once your rugs have been loaded into the moving van, you must clean up the dirt that had been hidden by the rug before you can leave your all old home and move to the new one.

 The higher dimensions cannot hold negativity or dirty tricks. Because Earth is ascending, she must be cleansed of so very much dirt that has been swept under the rug. That is why one cover-up after another is being swept into the Light for all to see.

 Have you noticed that as each cover-up is exposed, the pace is growing more rapid? That pace will continue to strengthen. Humanity has started “sweeping” and as we do so, we will uncover more and more dirt … until finally, we can roll up the rug and toss it on the moving van and move to our new home!

 Exposure is not an invitation to wallow in the dirt. It is simply moving the dirt from darkness into Light. We can sweep it into a dust pan and throw it in the garbage can—never to see it again. Then, wash our hands and move on with creating a much more joy-filled life in our new home.

 dust pan

This process is required for our personal cleansing and the planetary cleansing. Thus, all the intensity we are experiencing at present … all the segments of prior lifetimes that are popping into our conscious awareness.

 Let us come together as ONE and clean up our lovely planet and ourselves! Once we are cleansed and have awakened into “full consciousness,” all negative memories will disappear!

Darkness disappears when we turn on the Light … Love can see only Love!

No more sweeping! There is no dust on higher dimensions!






 In my opinion, Marianne Williamson succeeds in recognizing—as few others can—the positive and negative aspects of life and how to bring them to the zero point of balance. She comprehends how to see the problem … understand the adverse impact it has in our world … and then, take physical action to create a solution that renders a better world for everyone. She knows that simply to focus on the positive does not correct the problem. For example: I might choose to take positive action for myself and eat only organic foods; BUT the problem still exists and is growing to a point where I may be unable to find or grow organic foods in the very near future.

 The New Age philosophical suggestion to focus only on the positive creates confusion for many. To focus on the positive does not mean to ignore the problem and allow it to fester. Focusing on the positive means to recognize the problem and seek positive solutions. Thus, demonstrating against Monsanto becomes a necessary step in creating an environment that provides only nutritious, unaltered foods. Monsanto cannot be permitted to take over our food supply, which is its clear intention.

 We have allowed our planet to disintegrate to the point of near extinction by paying no attention to the problems. Monsanto is simply one example. If allowed to patent all seeds—which it is attempting to do—humanity will have ONLY genetically modified food to eat.

 What are genetically modified foods? The internet is rampant with disinformation stating that GMOs are beneficial. Read the reasons listed for being more nutritious, then follow the money in seeking truth. Anytime humanity chooses to alter nature and the natural order of life, we destroy divine creation. Just look at our planet today … no further evidence is needed.

One article that does speak to the harmful impact on the human body of GMOs is:

Here’s a video about GMOs: 

 I celebrate when Marianne Williamson speaks at demonstrations because she has an outstanding ability to place the problem and its solution in a balanced perspective. Listen to her at the URL below.

Marianne’s book, Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices As Spiritual Citizens is excellent.

In this book, she reveals that the same principles we use to heal ourselves can be used to heal our planet.

 When we heal ourselves, we recognize our need for healing (i.e. the problem) and take positive action (i.e. the physical doing) to create the solution. In the same way, we can heal our planet.

 Positive thinking + positive physical action = positive solutions.

Postscript: One of the most lethal disinformation tactics used on those who are attempting to awaken the people to the truth of all that is happening on our planet is to label them as having a victim mentality.

 Once more, Monsanto offers the perfect example. At present, WE ARE VICTIMS OF MONSANTO’S ACTIONS … we are, often unknowingly, eating and suffering the consequences of genetically modified foods. To recognize this fact is not to adopt a victim mentality. Instead, it is to awaken to the truth of actions being perpetrated against the people on this planet and, hopefully, take action to bring about a positive solution.

599299_436891156333068_1382746586_nSAMPLES OF WORLDWIDE DEMONSTRATIONS





February 2013 Monthly Visions

Dana Colour Pic New

Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution

The video version with commentary is here


This year has had a real heaviness to it which may have left some questioning have we truly ‘made it’?  The ending of our old cycle meant one of two things as we faced the beginning of a new cycle. Collectively we had a choice: to awaken and transform our world, or to stay in our slumber and experience the demise of all living things. That was the reality of our situation. The way we were going was not, and is not, sustainable. So it was with great anticipation that we looked forward to the beginning of our new cycle. It symbolised a positive turning point and a new beginning. We knew that we did not come here to fail yet again, and so millions of people celebrated as together we shifted into a new era of consciousness, and thus a new era of awakening and global transformation.

Yet after the first dewy days of a new dawn, rather than feeling exhilaration and bliss many of us found ourselves feeling like we’d been hit with a wet cloth.  We experienced a sense of heaviness, depression and even a desire to leave the planet for much of January. We may even have wondered “Did we really choose the road of mass awakening and transformation? Am I deluding myself? Maybe we failed…again!!”  Speaking for myself, even though everything was fine and dandy in my personal world, it felt very hard to be here on Earth and I haven’t felt that way in a long long long long time. I became hyper-super aware of all the injustice that is still out there, all the lies and dysfunction that are still happening, all the mediocrity we’re still surrounded by that’s celebrated by the mass media while real issues and solution-pioneers are ignored, and part of me just did not want to be here anymore. I’m sure many of you felt the same way.

February will feel much lighter as we adjust to the new program which is: here’s the truth of your reality/world, what are you going to do about it? We will continuously be called this year to find ways to come back to our centre with revelation after revelation sending us into waves of shock at times and even further despair. We need to remember that revelations are a positive thing, even if they are challenging, because they lift what has always been there under the carpet to the surface. Revelations are an important part of the process of positive change. Revelations are part of the process of awakening into greater consciousness and awareness. So it will be a very dramatic year, and it will also be exciting to be a witness to all that is being uncovered.

Many of you will already be feeling this ‘witness’ or ‘observer’ vibe, having energetically already stepped out of the old matrix, and watching as if from the outside in as the old world falls away.  This may seem to contradict our commitment to greater conscious action, however the key word there is conscious action.  We don’t personally need to be involved in every demolition and re-construction of every building and structure on the planet. We all have our own piece of the puzzle to take care of.  Just follow your own inner compass and your own Hansel and Gretel Cookie crumbs. You may be a conscious observer for some issues, and a passionate activist for others. You may be a devoted parent who is committed to researching about the healthiest food options for your kids, or you may be a kind, loving person who is always there to extend a helping hand to others. A lot of people get confused about this fine line between taking action vs allowing thing to unfold. To me it is not an either/or situation, it is both. It is our old paradigm’s version of action that has confused us. The old version was a very masculine, aggressive, mind type of action, often coming from fear, that wasn’t necessarily in harmony with the actual, desired outcome. The new version of action is conscious, heart-based, divinely-inspired action which may at times mean that your action is to sit and be in your own sacred space. It may mean getting political. It means whatever it means for you in each moment.

At the same time that January brought a heaviness born of hyper-awareness, I was aware that this hyper-awareness was a good thing and much needed for everyone to finally snap awake in a really conscious, practical way and be active transformation agents in greater and bigger ways; on a humanitarian level, political level, environmental level etc.  We are continuing to receive so many signs that something major has shifted. Mass protests are everywhere demanding a myriad of social changes, and governments are finally committing to meet some of those demands – British MP’s have voted in favour of same-sex marriage. There has been, and will be more, unprecedented outrage and a ‘no more’ vibe to attitudes and ways that have long passed their use by date. Negative comments about women breastfeeding in public triggered a ‘nurse-in’ outside a television studio in Australia. While those particular negative comments may not compare to other recent triggers for outrage (the rape of women and the sexual abuse of children for example) the reaction is linked to the same core: the rise of the divine feminine and the refusal to continue to allow the disrespect that women, children, minority groups, and other vulnerable people have continually been shown. Conservative U.S television host and political commentator Bill O’Reilly said recently, “The White Establishment is now the minority.” He said that with a grim face like it’s a bad thing, but for those who have been suppressed as a result of this establishment it was cause for celebration.

There have been major revelations of long-hidden secrets and we will see more as the months continue. Lance Armstrong finally came clean (ish) to Oprah and there is news breaking just now regarding a major drug cover up in Australian sports.  It’s been revealed in the UK that popular brands of food purporting to use beef, are actually using horsemeat instead.  There was a mainstream article that somehow skipped the censor’s brush and dared to point out the truth: that we have all become participants in a false reality that has been constructed for us.  We will become aware of this more than ever this year.


NOTE BY NANCY:  You may begin to learn about two such false realities by reading the following:  YOUR STRAWMAN




 A recent media controversy in Australia highlighted the insensitivity of prank phone calls after a tragic consequence. In another case, a much loved media identity’s on-air confession about smoking, tearfully admitting to not being able to kick the habit while currently pregnant, has raised awareness of the power and dangers of addiction more than any smoking campaign ever has. All of these things are shifting our collective consciousness just as much as, if not more than, any self-help seminar.

So what’s going on? Have we made ‘the shift’ or not, and if we have why does it feel so heavy? Well indeed we have but as we’ve been saying for years: shifting into a new vibration means anything not in alignment with that vibration has to come up and out for release, collapse or transformation.  It is the era of transparency and authenticity. It is the era of truth and integrity. Whenever we make a major personal shift, we will always come face to face with all the ways in which we have been sabotaging ourselves. We will have light bulb moments about thoughts, beliefs and actions that have been running contrary to what we say we want. We’ve experienced this in our personal lives, we are now seeing it in greater numbers of people, and in wider global arena’s.  As with personal awakening and inner transformation, mass awakening and global transformation requires a confrontation with truth, and truth is what we are collectively finding ourselves neck deep in right now.

The heaviness is a result of the megatonness of truth, or rather deceptions that were disguised as truth, that are pouring out of every personal, social, political, government, military, corporate, media, pharmaceutical, religious, historical etc nook, cranny and crevice right now, spilling out for all to see and feel – and a lot of it is not pleasant. It can be downright ugly, disturbing, uncomfortable and challenging to our personal reality comfort zones.  Yet if we truly want what we say we want – a transformed world – then this heightened exposure to the current reality that surrounds us is an essential part of that process. Shifting to a higher level of consciousness involves being awake and aware to everything that is playing a part in creating our reality, to everything that is being portrayed to us as reality. We cannot change what we are unaware of. We cannot step into our power if we are blind to the ways in which power has been taken from us.  Pulling back the curtain of OZ, or the veil of illusion, is not for the faint-hearted.

Discussing and exposing the truth is often seen as negative for the very reasons mentioned above. It is often uncomfortable and challenging to hear it.  In mainstream society the truth often flies against the face of what we have been taught, or are being told, is truth. In the alternative community, it often flies against the face of the old ‘new age’ motto to think positive and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Yet there is nothing positive in remaining silent, in keeping quiet, in being blind to what is going on in the world.  Our old ‘everything happens for a reason so leave it alone’ motto is not going to cut it in this new cycle. Yes, everything does happen for a reason – we are collectively starting to realise that one of the higher opportunities of a tragic event or injustice is to act as a catalyst for action and transformation. This is what we will see more and more of this year. People being galvanised into action by small and large events, that trigger unprecedented outpourings of emotion and response, compelling individuals, communities, companies and governments alike to finally do something about a variety of issues.

“I feel we are not supposed to sit back and use spiritual platitudes as justification for inaction, or to avoid the emotional responses that would be triggered by actually facing the realities of the world in which we live. Those emotional responses hold the key that will guide us to whatever action is most appropriate. It is through our emotional experiences that we find our humanity and ultimately express our spiritual “enlightenment.” The greatest measure of our enlightenment now lies in this question: In the face of watching brothers and sisters in extreme crisis, what are you going to do?

”- A New Kind of Enlightenment by Dana Mrkich, Insight Magazine, Jan 2007

Right now, the truth is making some people very upset – namely, those who have relied on certain truths remaining hidden in order to stay in power. There’s now even a supposed negative name for those of us who dare to question official stories and practices – ‘truthers’. It’s starting to feel like the days of the witch hunts all over again where people who voice the truth or dare to question are ridiculed or worse!  Protests are seen as low-level terrorism, while laws are being put into place in some U.S states making anyone who reports factory farm abuses a terrorist! Facebook is suspending accounts that question the official narrative of Sandy Hook following a warning from Connecticut Police that misinformation could result in prosecution.  Questioning a narrative that has so many inconsistencies as to be completely mind-boggling is a perfectly normal human reaction. It is our right as citizens to question things that are directly, or indirectly, affecting our community, country or world.  Whether it is mass media incompetence reporting staggering inaccuracies or outright deceit that explains these inconsistencies, surely we aren’t okay with either? So why are people who are asking questions being vilified by members of their family and community? It is a good sheep-herder that can train his sheep to herd themselves into not stepping outside the established boundaries!

Before we all run away from the planet in despair, the good news is that the degree of truth-repression that’s occurring right now is a direct response to the degree of truth-seeking, truth-demanding and truth-revealing that is occurring right now. Informed, courageous people are still daring to question. They are daring to reveal truth and they are having a positive impact – activists have prevented the ‘factory farm whistleblower = terrorist’ laws from passing in seven states.

No one is here to tell you what is truth and what is not, what is good for your children and family, and what is not. There is no one truth fits all sizes, however there is that which is true for you. And to find out what is true for you is one of your most important jobs right now.  Do whatever resonates best – read, research, meditate, journal, ask questions, look under carpets, muscle test. Find answers that sit right with you and let your own inner authority guide you.

Another reason for this new cycle heaviness was explained so well by the ‘grandmother’ of Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard in a recent interview with The Shift Network’s Stephen Dinan. She described it as a kind of post-partum depression that even she has felt. Having spent so long exerting so much time, energy and focus toward the ‘birth’ date of a new world, it is as if we woke up the next morning to the reality that we had a newborn in our arms (a world needing to be completely overhauled from ground up) and frankly the reality of the situation hit us all like an overwhelming blanket that we wanted to hide under for a while.

A relevant comment came through on my Facebook page that many of you will resonate with: “Initially my January started off rather light but as it’s gone on it’s just gotten heavier and heavier and I feel like I’ve stepped back 10 steps for no reason … so I’m just sitting with it and not ‘doing’ anything with it as I’m hoping it will pass very soon.”

My reply was: “I would love it to pass soon too but unlike heaviness from energetic or emotional debris that can be cleared in an easier way, what we are feeling is the physical debris, the physical reality of all the systems that have been operating in a way that is not in harmony with our hearts, souls, our health, our worth. So in this case the clearing that needs to take place revolves around action be it exposing truth and old attitudes, or participating in the creation of/supporting new systems and structures. So the heaviness is not so much an energy we need to move through, rather it is many aspects of physical reality that we have to dismantle and replace with a new physical reality. We had to get to a certain level of consciousness in order to be able to do this, but now we’re here it’s time to transfer our consciousness into action, in whatever small or large ways. I believe it will be in our daily actions now that we will find relief from the heaviness.

So a good question to ask right now in the heaviness might be: what can I do right now to find relief from the heaviness? What can I do to make me feel I am participating in the clearing/renovation process? It might be as easy as reminding yourself: Well I am recycling a lot more than I used to. I am choosing fresh, healthy, local food when I can. I am aware of the ingredients in my packaged food and moisturisers. I support local farmers and craftspeople. It might be as challenging as committing to something that you keep procrastinating about that your soul is calling you to do more of, or less of. Even not ‘doing’ anything can be a conscious action eg consciously choosing to stay in a peaceful heart-based space. When you consciously acknowledge that this is your contribution for this moment, it is in those moments that you will find relief. Another great question to ask is: what is this particular heaviness drawing my attention toward? What have I just been made aware of? Often you’ll find that the same sort of topics/events make you feel heavy, so these are clues as to perhaps what your soul would like to get more involved with at some point down the track or find more information about.”

Around the same time that I was writing about this heaviness, a friend sent through a beautiful short video of a young boy with down’s syndrome being mothered/patted gently by a golden labrador. It instantly lightened the heart, so add to the list of actions you can take: watch something, read something or listen to something that reminds you of all the beauty and love that exists on our planet. It was a great reminder to balance out all the heavy truth-revealing with joyous truth-revealing as there is plenty of that out there right now as well.

We are creating a new world, and there is plenty of evidence right now to show that. This evidence may not be wrapped in the pretty package we expected, but remember that the real gift is not the package. It is what is inside once the paper comes off.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

[Bold font by Nancy]



 Lee Harris

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the February Energy Forecast for 2013.  We had a break from a monthly forecast in January because of the annual message that I created – 2013 Year of Community.

So it was an interesting month to go through. Everybody at some level or another experienced these incredible days of what some have called muddy, some have called intense and some have called half-asleep. There are a few reasons for this.

One of the keys that I always felt would happen post the 21st of December would be a big “now what?” from a lot of people – many people were expecting something to happen on that day, even though so many of us had discussed that it wasn’t going to be a one day occurrence. But still, none of us as human beings absolutely know what’s going to happen. So there was a curiosity.


And even within the psyche of those who don’t believe in the idea of spiritual or psychic change, December the 21st had a meaning to people.

So this, combined with the holidays, left everyone quite disoriented and some people disillusioned. So many people flatlined energetically, for at least the first week or two of January, if not longer.

Last night before recording this message, I tuned in to see what would be one of the themes for this month ahead. Normally, I’m given words and concepts and I was given a few of those this morning, which I will share in a second, but last night I was shown was an image. The image was of this being a turning point for us – January into February, but we’ll really feel it in February. Prior to this in the last few years, the energy waves that we’ve been experiencing as human beings have been a lot more vertical than they are about to become. We are now going into a more horizontal period. I’ll explain.

If you think of a coffee plunger, a cafetiere where you press down and it compresses all of the coffee and the water into the glass – what we were previously experiencing was a plunging up and down (energetically) that was quite similar to this. So it was rapidly pushing and compressing us through those things that we needed to clear or change. Physical health was often the manifestation of this, which is why so many people have been ill in the last couple of months; because that is one way to clear out dense and old energy.

We’re all a little different. Some of us tend to process more emotionally, some more physically, some more mentally and usually we all process any of those at any one time to some degree.

So the difference that we’re about to experience in the coming energy waves is a more horizontal process. It’s funny because as I’m saying this, I can feel a whole bunch of you going, “Oh God, not more.” (Laughter) I’m afraid we are still on Planet Earth as human beings going through the human transformation that we always knew would be colorful, to say the least.

So this new ‘horizontal’ experience is going to slightly change the way that we process things.
Before, we were rapidly catapulted into things that we needed to clear, and often it was intense, fast and took you by surprise. Those of you who’ve worked a lot with developing your awareness in the last couple of years, and heightened seeing some of the areas that you have cycles around fears or around limitations, versus the parts of you that you can say are very expanded and open. So, for example, some of us are very good at being brave in certain areas, but in others we have a lot of fear and restriction and we notice, “Oh, wow, I’m working with an energy template here that’s holding me back”.

Regarding some of those cycles and areas that you have now identified, this new horizontal energy is going to allow you to open them out more, and examine them. So there will be less shock involved and there will be more consciousness in working with these areas.

So let’s say your fear is of rapidly changing your relationship, your partnership. You’ve been circling around this for a year and it’s been very intense. What you will now be able to do is to see with a much wider vision what it is that needs to change in the partnership. Whether it is that the partnership has served its time and its purpose, or whether it is that you’re holding onto some things that you can open up in you, so that the relationship can become fuller. But the spaciousness of this horizontal energy will make it feel different to you. Rather than bringing you the feeling you’re the victim of it, or being pushed into something you didn’t see coming, the spaciousness is going to allow you a lot more peace around examining some of these areas with less judgment, less fear and less of a sense of needing to get away from these areas.

So this really speaks of the mastery available to those of us who work with awareness and consciousness, but these energy waves will also speak quite clearly about the mind.

The mind is such a key and such a clue. And the mind is, in several areas of the self-development and spiritual world, wrongly demonized and spoken of as a villain and an enemy. The problem with making the mind an enemy or a villain, is that the mind is always connected to you somehow. So there is always some emotion in you or some old experience that you went through that was hurtful or difficult that you made an alliance with your mind around.

So if you made an alliance with your mind when you got rejected by somebody, the next time you go to put yourself in a situation where you may be rejected again, your mind will send you warning sentences to stop you, so that you don’t have to go through that pain.

Now, as we know, that’s a trap, as we actually just have to feel whatever it is that’s inside us, so that it can then transmute and open. Because any wound or any area where we’re limited holds us back from being our full selves and living with greater happiness and greater ease.

Whether you are somebody living in a mansion with millions of dollars or whether you’re somebody living with very little out in a mud hut, the life experience is universal. And it’s usually the case that those of us in western society have to work even harder to reconnect ourselves, versus those people who actually have a lot less and are still more in touch with their senses around the world; and they are not living in such an over-stimulated, technological place.

So when working with the mind; here are some tips from me.

If you find that your mind is going very frantic one day, so for example, you notice that you are bothered by your mind and all of your focus is going up there. Perhaps the mind is saying, “I’m worried about money and what if I don’t get that job and what if this, what if that…”

Firstly, all of those things really are simply “what-ifs” and  the mind’s “what-ifs” are just fears of what may or may not happen in the future, usually based on the past. And of course, worries about the future, when you remember that any of us could die at any moment, become a lot less important.

So first of all, mentally understanding the concept that worry is a non-truth. It’s a pattern based on fear and anxiety that is coming from inside the body.

So this thought is not the enemy. This thought is connected to anxiety or instability inside, so if you can identify and work with that emotion, the thought goes away.

You know this to be true because when you are at peace and happy, none of this mind chatter is going on.

So, if you catch yourself having lots and lots of thoughts, you can either stay in a thought cycle that could last hours and could keep you in a fairly low vibration, or you can catch it, see what’s happening and re-pattern both the thoughts and also work with the feeling in the body.

So if with the example I just gave, you have fear thoughts about money, about job, just go into your body and ask yourself – what am I feeling? What feelings are creating these thoughts? And you may get an answer verbally or you may just notice the feeling, by stopping putting all of your attention on your mind. You may then notice that you’re feeling quite amped up, or feeling quite afraid. So first of all just breathe, and let the body calm a little. Then help redirect the feeling by making an affirmation around it.

So for example, if fear was the feeling, you would say, “There is nothing to be afraid of. I do not need to be afraid. I release this fear.”  Whatever words feel right to you. The reason it’s important to verbalize something (or to say it inside your mind if you’re in a public place and you don’t feel so comfortable doing that or it’s not convenient), is that through doing this, you reprogram the other words that are going round your head.

Just taking a couple of minutes out, whenever you notice you are caught in the mind, and just letting the body breathe and stop. And even just doing that, even if it takes some time to reprogram your thoughts, you’ll notice it will give you more space inside once more and you’ll be able to back away from that which you’re getting mentally obsessed by. As the obsession has risen from the energy-body into the mind and the problem is that the mind is always a ‘full stop’. You’re never going to get anywhere above the mind, so thoughts become circular. But if you come back down into the body, you actually start to clear it, and then these thoughts start to disappear.

This is a time for many of us to become more diligent about re-patterning and re-training ourselves. We do run on pattern as humans and we run on patterns in the relationships that we have with other people and yes, you can meditate and you can do other spiritual exercises such as yoga or exercise, all sorts of things can help – but when you have limiting thoughts in the mind, one of the quickest ways to release them is to reprogram yourself with other words; more positive words that you have chosen.

And what you will find is if you practice this over a period of days and weeks, it’s not just that it gives you  relief in that moment. You will also be re-training yourself to have more expansive feelings and thoughts, so that you don’t get trapped up there in limitation again.

The reason I’m focusing on this so much this month is because the message I was shown this morning was that this is a month that we can really learn to trust ourselves and our lives more and create more space for ourselves. But it will take some diligence on our behalf. (Laughter) And again I can hear a whole bunch of you going, “Ugh, really?”

And if that’s the place you’re in, you need to re-pattern that thought. It’s fine to be tired and it’s fine to be exhausted and it’s fine to go through this month deciding you’re really not going to do too much. But a thought that’s negative towards your own potential transformation is a thought that needs re-patterning.

So if you’re exhausted, be good to yourselves. But most of us are going to see a widening of the space that we noticed happening in January. Many of us in the world had experiences where, post the intense days or the muddy days, we would come back feeling stronger, clearer and wider than we ever had before and more at peace with everything that was going on around us within our internal self.

We’re living in times where violence and fear are being put on the table a lot more. And it’s escalating around us. And it’s important to both center yourself around these evidences of violence but also to hold your boundary and to have your voice around what you feel is a way that we can live together as humans on the planet. Versus just suffering through what you are seeing going around you.

It’s important to find that internal fire. And you find that fire by making yourself less of a hostage to fear. And through working with the mind this month you will find you’ll have fast shifts out of some of the historic fears that you had, and also some of the collective fears that are going on around us.

As ever, be good to yourselves, be good to others, but remember it starts with you. And I know that most of you listening to this will have more of a tendency to neglect yourselves and focus on giving your energy out to others. Or that has been your greatest mastery change in the last few years.

So keep working with knowing when you need to be alone. Knowing when you need to ‘not be’ where you have promised to be; because that’s hitting a lot of us in bigger way than ever before at the moment.

So I hope you enjoy the month of February. It’s nice to be back with you all.

Lots of love


You are very close to an important boundary

February 1, 2013 by John Smallman


You, all of humanity, are very close to an important boundary, and when you cross it, as you most surely will, an abrupt intensification of the divine energies enveloping each one of you, and of course the planet herself, will occur.  It is the next step in God’s plan for your awakening, and it will uplift and inspire you.  You have been very busy these last few weeks releasing monumental amounts of “stuff” – psychological, emotional, psychic, cultural, and karmic – that was impeding your progress, and you have been clearing the debris or residue from it that was making it difficult for you to access either the divine flame within or the intuitive guidance for which you have been calling so resolutely.

It has been hard work for you on inner levels, which is why so many of you have felt so tired, but I assure you that it will prove to have been well worth the anxiety, stress, and discomfort that you have been experiencing.  A lot of this “stuff” was spiritual energy work that you had agreed to carry out in order to help others who were themselves horribly overburdened.  All are connected, all are one, and so this kind of cooperative venture is utterly appropriate.  Your earthly experiences have frequently overemphasized individual blame and responsibility – a seemingly essential aspect of problem resolution in your 3D reality, where it has been somewhat effective in reducing dishonesty and corruption – but as spiritual beings you naturally come together in love and compassion to resolve issues that could be divisive, and this is what you have been doing, but mostly at a level that is far below your conscious 3D awareness.

The field of divine Love enveloping you all is guiding you surely and reliably towards your inevitable awakening.  Yes, your guides are constantly reminding you of this, but it is essential that you yourselves keep focusing on this magnificent and rapidly approaching event, because it is to be the most wonderful occurrence, fully and finally absorbing and incorporating you all into your Father’s loving embrace.

Every time you are distracted by events or situations in ongoing worldly relationships – personal, social, religious, political, or of seeming major international significance – return your attention to being the loving, compassionate, forgiving, and accepting spiritual beings that you are.  Do not allow the distractions and disturbances that may be going on around you prevent you, for more than a moment, from focusing your attention fully on the task in hand which, as you well know, is to assist completely and enthusiastically in this wondrous and divine awakening process.

You all made a very definite and conscious choice to be embodied on Earth at this point in her spiritual evolution.  No one is on Earth by mistake, in error, or by coincidence.  You are all here with a divine purpose, fully supported by your Father, and that purpose will be achieved because it is God’s Will, and yours, and He will not be denied.  You are to become fully aware of the fact that you are enlightened spiritual beings — beings of power and majesty just as your Father created you — even though this divine state is presently disguised by, hidden, and consequently confused within your human bodies.

Knowing this, as you most certainly do deep within yourselves, your continuing mission is to keep reminding yourselves of your purpose.  The distractions going on around you much of the time are very alluring in that they seem to demand your constant attention.  This is not the case.  You can be aware of the suffering, pain, corruption, dishonesty, and general confusion without focusing your attention there and getting drawn in to take sides, or even take up arms – physical or psychological – in support of those you see as being “in the right.”  Doing that only serves to support the illusion and you are on Earth to assist in its dissolution.  And the best way to achieve that objective is by refusing to engage with the apparent rights and wrongs with which it constantly seems to bombard you, demanding your attention and support.

You have abundant help from the spiritual realms, your true home, and the more you focus your attention there as you ask for and receive it, the more quickly the illusion will disintegrate.  It truly is on its last legs, and the kindest and most generous thing you can do is allow the disintegration to happen, by refusing to support it by engaging with it unnecessarily, or by offering emotionally powered egoic judgments about the rights and wrongs of any given event or situation, large or small, personal or international.  Conflict only leads to conflict, however righteous and sympathetic the intentions of those involved may be.

Love heals, resolves, embraces, and makes Real.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]


For you all to experience the awakening is unavoidable

January 30, 2013 by John Smallman



Humanity’s increasing awareness of its spiritual origin and heritage is allowing a more open view of spirituality to develop.  It is sorely needed, and with the vastly intensified spiritual energies that have recently enveloped the planet, it is becoming a subject that is of interest to growing numbers of people.  An awareness of and an interest in spirituality is an essential step towards awakening into full consciousness, and the new energies are stimulating such an awareness in many who previously had given no thought to the possibility of life continuing after physical death.  When you awaken into your natural fully conscious state, the idea of death will seem quite laughable because there is no such thing, and all sentient beings, all the children of God, know that they are immortal.  In the illusion, however, death is an ever-present threat from which you believe you must be protected at all costs, even to the extent of killing others who appear to be threatening you.

Of course, once you lay down your human bodies at physical death, it becomes immediately apparent that you still exist.  This can be very confusing for those who have never considered the possibility of an afterlife, or who have dismissed the prospect as laughable.  Some refuse to accept their new state and shut themselves off from the Love that waits to embrace them, but deep within them there remains the knowledge that they are divine beings, and in the spiritual realms it is impossible to remain permanently shut down and closed off from the field of Love in which all of creation has its eternal existence.  As you have been told repeatedly all will awaken.

Here on Earth, as you play your parts as Light-bearers and wayshowers, the field of divine Love is having ever greater effects on all sentient beings because your Father wants you all to wake up.  This period in your spiritual evolution is not a random or chance event, where a momentary surge in the creative energy field that contains all that exists has temporarily engulfed your planet.  This energy field is eternally expanding as creation itself expands.  There is nothing outside it because it contains all that exists, but – using an analogy to give` you a picture with which you can resonate – Earth, which was in its outer reaches, is effectively being drawn in nearer to its center where its power and strength are less easily ignored.  This was planned eons ago and is occurring precisely on schedule to help humanity awaken from the nightmare of separation and abandonment in which it seems to have been enclosed, unaware of anything but this illusory realm of pain, suffering, and finally death.

To awaken is your divine destiny; for you all to awaken is inevitable; and for you all to experience that awakening is unavoidable.  The truth of this is reason for constant celebrations and it would behoove you well to recall this information whenever you find yourselves experiencing doubts of any kind about the existence of God and his infinite Love for you all.  Within your present arena of experience, with all the problems and worries with which it is constantly presenting you, it is frequently very difficult to focus — let alone remain focused — on this basic truth.  You are, as you have so often been told throughout the eons, divine spiritual beings of immense power and wisdom, having a severely restricted educational experience so that you may learn lessons of great significance that you could have learnt in no other way.

When the discomfort, anxiety, uncertainty, or suffering that you are undergoing seems to be overwhelming, go within, ask for help, know that you will receive it, and maintain your faith.  Just by restating your intention to be wayshowers and Light-bearers you strengthen your connection to the divine field of Love surrounding and enveloping you, even if you cannot sense it.  Deep within yourselves — each and every one of you — you do have the knowledge, you do have the faith, you do have the courage, and you do have the determination that will carry you forwards to your divine destination.

Love is the infinite and eternal field in which all of creation is forever growing and expanding.  You are all held lovingly secure within that field in every moment of your immortal existence.  Your present unawareness is a very temporary state from which you will awaken.  The brilliance of the Light into which you will awaken is indescribable.  The Light within each one of you is eternally one with the Light into which you are to awaken.  You are divinely loved, cherished, and taken care of in every moment.  So relax into that certain knowledge as you move rapidly towards your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]


NOTE BY NANCY:  This message seems particularly relevant to the controversy presently raging in the USA over GUN CONTROL.  As Jesus states, Earth is moving away from the old ways … we have experienced many prior lifetimes of believing that violence solves problems … yet, NEVER has violence done anything but attract more violence, hatred, and fear.  Universal Law is that “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” … that Law never fails.

Now that Earth has shed the 3rd dimension … is moving through the 4th aiming for the 5th dimension, guns will no longer be able to withstand the higher vibrations … they will fall away because the context in which guns exist is one of fear, killing, and defense against the enemy. 

In the 5th dimension, there is ONLY Love, Peace, and Abundance for All.  This is the Divine Plan presenting unfolding and as Jesus states, “it will not fail!”


You will likely be experiencing unsettling mood swings

January 25, 2013 by John Smallman


Humanity is undergoing an immense and much needed healing.  It is part of the process that is bringing you forwards to full wakefulness.  For many it is stirring up strong feelings and emotions that are not familiar, either because they have been deeply buried, or because they are relating to karmic issues from previous life times that have not yet been cleared, or they may be related to friends, relatives, or even work associates for whom they have agreed to carry and release some of the load that person is working with.

If this is your path you will likely be experiencing unsettling mood swings to which you are unaccustomed.  Do not engage with them.  Observe them and let them go, because that is all that you need to do.  If you engage with them they will intensify, confusing you, and making it more difficult for you to release them.  If this does happen, just relax into a meditative state and intend to release them. And if you are too emotionally involved to relax into that state, then remind yourselves that your intent is to release them, and then do something to distract you from the intense feelings that have arisen – take a walk, have something to eat, go and hang out with a friend – until they subside.

Humanity has a lot of old memories that need releasing.  Hanging on to old memories of being offended, punished, tortured, or killed feeds the dying embers of the remaining negative energy fields that have for so long driven you into conflict and war.  Holding on to grudges, resentments, insults, and offenses has for eons supported the negative energies that have consistently led you into fear and anger, and fueled an overwhelming desire for vengeance and retribution – a desire that can never be satisfied because it becomes all-consuming.

The only way out of this endless loop of violence begetting violence is to refuse to engage with it.  For many who remain deeply asleep, unaware of their need to evolve spiritually, it seems insane not to seek justice and restitution.  They do not realize that what they seek is what everyone else is seeking, seeing only the wrongs against themselves and not seeing, or refusing to see, the wrongs in which they themselves have engaged.

Love is your essence.  It is indestructible and infinitely persistent, and all will succumb to Its gentle and loving embrace which is constantly reaching up to you from the inner depths of your being.  There is not one of you who is not receiving intuitive guidance to forgive those who have hurt you, but your egos resist because when you give in, as you all will, they lose their power.

Your ego is a part of you that appears to be split off, separate, and which runs with its own fear-filled and self-centered agenda, thinking that it can destroy the opposition and rule the world.  Most humans discover its limitations during childhood and learn to negotiate with other egos to form alliances, easing the terror of separation or loneliness, but a few will not negotiate or compromise and are either quickly defeated or rise to become dictators of one sort or another as their egos take complete control of them – gurus, father figures, industrial bosses, politicians, church leaders – and spend their earth lives sowing seeds of distrust and betrayal as they attempt to achieve positions of power that they think will make them invincible.  Of course they cannot succeed, but they frequently convince others that safety can only be achieved by holding positions of authority backed up by the force of arms.

Humanity is evolving spiritually, and the rate of that evolution has increased enormously during the last fifty or sixty years, which is why you now see so many — not ego-driven but loving beings — actively involved in bringing peace and harmony to the planet as they strive to raise humanity’s awareness of the insanity of the old ways.  Nevertheless, the energy of the old ways still maintains its hold on those who have bought into authoritarian attitudes as a way to feel secure, and the results of that are apparent in areas where the authorities continue to maintain order by means of enforcement.

You, the Light-holders and wayshowers, are changing that by extending outwards from yourselves the ever-intensifying, divine field of Love, into which you are permanently integrated and anchored, and by intending to share it with all of humanity.  You have been doing this for most of your present earth life time, ever since you awoke to the reality of your essential spiritual nature and became aware that your reason for being embodied was to assist in this massive task of bringing all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.

The intent for that state is spreading through your collective consciousness and will not be denied, despite the efforts of those who would maintain the old structures that have been dividing you and setting you against one another for so long.  Their time is past, and their power structures are crumbling though poor maintenance and lack of support.  Love is sweeping across the planet and melting all resistance.  Know that this is so, that it is the divine plan, that it cannot fail, and continue to focus on the Light within you so that it blazes out more and more enticingly to induce all with whom you interact by thought, word, or physical presence to go within and find their own Light blazing there and intending to be seen and shared.  You are divinely supported in every moment, and your Father’s Will for Love to prevail, which is also yours, will not be denied.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]


Your doubts and anxieties are without foundation

01/23/2013 by John Smallman

With the growth and intensification of the new energies enveloping you all, your path to awakening is becoming both brighter and clearer.  The need to share and expand the Love within you, your eternal and unbreakable divine connection, is bringing to your attention the blocks or barriers to It that you installed out of fear eons ago, and which you are now realizing are preventing you from living life fully and joyfully.

You thought they were essential defenses against a cruel and threatening world filled with potential enemies, when in fact they are cages or prisons which you built and into which you retreated in fear after you had imagined into being a state of separation from your Father.  Separation from Him is impossible, but because of the power of your enormous inventive capabilities you were able to build an imaginary environment in which to hide from the supposed anger that you believed was your Father’s response to your attempt to separate yourselves from Him and live unencumbered by the law of divine Love.

Fear is the absence of Love.  It is at best unsettling, and at worst utterly terrifying, and you have all had experiences of extreme terror during the eons you have spent shutting yourselves off from your Father’s loving embrace.  Life without God is impossible because He is all that exists, and you are all, therefore, inseparable parts of Him.  The knowledge of that divine truth is held within you, permanently, but you have for eons refused to acknowledge it.

You are now in the process of returning to the divine fold by allowing that knowledge to rise up into your awareness.  At first it is an unbelievable concept because you have become so conditioned to seeing and experiencing yourselves as small and insubstantial beings in a vast and uncaring universe, living short and increasingly painful lives which lead to sickness and death, a permanent state of non-being after which, for the most part, you will be completely forgotten.  It will in fact be as though you had never existed.  That is life without Love, and it is a terrifying prospect.  It is no wonder that talk of death, let alone acceptance of its inevitability, is a bit of a conversation stopper.

What you are engaged in is like the allegorical story of the prodigal son who demanded his inheritance from his father and set off to explore the world outside his father’s loving domain.  That experience became increasingly unsatisfactory, bringing him great suffering, and finally despair.  He wanted to return home but believed that he had cut all his ties, that his father’s love for him had died, and that consequently he would, with complete justification, refuse to recognize him let alone allow him to return home.  Eventually, in desperation, he decided to take a chance, return home, and throw himself on his father’s mercy in total and abject surrender.

What happened as he approached his home?  His father saw him coming and rushed to greet and embrace him.  You are all in the process of making that journey home, and when your Father sees you approaching He too will rush to greet and embrace you.  It will quickly be as though you had never left, which of course you hadn’t.

But most of you still dread that approaching encounter, and your earthly experiences, complete with your cultural and religious indoctrinations, encourage a belief that when you meet your maker there will be a harsh judgment during which the multitude of sins that you have committed will be shamefully re-experienced in all their wickedness.  That will be followed by an appropriate period of intense pain and suffering in reparation, before access to the heavenly realms is finally granted, probably quite reluctantly.  And when you do enter it will be at best as second-class citizens.  Not a very uplifting prospect, which is why so many, brought up with those kinds of beliefs, reject out of hand all forms of religion, and include the possibility of a personal spirituality in that act of rejection.

However, closing yourself off from all that is spiritual is effectively shutting yourself off from yourself.  It is a state of denial that leads to bitterness and cynicism, and encourages a dog-eat-dog attitude to life in which it is everyone for themselves, fueling the belief that in this world of scarcity he who dies with the most toys wins.  And that has been what many of you have experienced in numerous previous life times.

The new energies are breaking through that mind-set, connecting with your hearts, and helping to dissolve the massive tangle of fears and anxieties that have been wearing you down through countless human incarnations.  Most of you are feeling these energies, but have doubts about their reality, and because doubt has become so ingrained within you, you are finding it very difficult to release them.

My message to you is this: “Your doubts and anxieties are without foundation. Your Father lovingly awaits your return and longs to embrace you once more. Go within, allow those energies to make their presence felt, and relax into the loving warmth that they offer, knowing that you are indeed going to awaken into unimaginable joy.”

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by Paul

[Bold font by Nancy]