While playing the separation game, you have chosen to be unaware of Reality

While playing the separation game, you have chosen to be unaware of Reality

Paul, channeled by John Smallman

“Here in the spiritual realms we are delighted to watch humanity’s amazing progress as you move rapidly and inexorably towards awakening.  You need to awaken, and increasing numbers of you are doing so, one at a time, but that one by one, “left lane closed ahead” method is coming to an end because the new Super Highway to awakening will shortly be brought into operation.

Everyone will awaken because it is God’s Will, and as there is only God there is only His Will.  Therefore there is nothing to fear, even though the mainstream news is mostly reporting on fearful events to encourage you to live in fear, and pointing out large numbers of things and events of a fearful nature to justify this encouragement.

Love is free, open, undemanding, unconditional, utterly gentle, and infinitely powerful! ….”

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You will be enraptured and enchanted to recognize yourselves just as you truly are. 11/11/2017 by John Smallman

You will be enraptured and enchanted to recognize yourselves just as you truly are.

11/11/2017 – [Channeled] by John Smallman


The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality. by John Smallman

The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality.

[Channeled] by John Smallman

“Humanity’s ongoing progress towards the collective awakening is amazing! You are all doing a most wonderful job in assisting in the divine plan, just as you promised, contracted, and intended before you incarnated. Many of you have been following very difficult and demanding paths, filled with pain, anxiety, poverty, and, of course, suffering. You volunteered from the generosity of your loving hearts so that all who choose to awaken as the divine plan comes to fruition would be ably and lovingly assisted to do so….”

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A short message I received from Jesus in May 2014. by John Smallman

A short message I received from Jesus in May 2014.

Channeled by John Smallman

“This was a personal message to me, then. Re-reading it the other day I realized – duhh –   that it was meant for everyone! So, put your name at the space at the beginning as Jesus addresses YOU! Rejoice in the LOVE that he tells you is your nature and your heritage.


Your name here!  You are a beloved child of God and in that you are no different from any other human being, past, present, or future.

God eternally loves all his children, all of His creations which are sublime, perfect, infinite in number, eternally existing, multitudinous and yet only one. God is!

You are therefore an inseparable and essential aspect or part of God, the Source, All That Is, LOVE. There is no one else, no other, because all is One, period. No exceptions, no meaningless discussions, no scientific or theological hypotheses are in any way pertinent, they are distractions that draw you away from uncovering, disclosing, or remembering your true and only nature as One with Source.

Be silent, quieten your mind, and know God. That is all that you need to do, then He will make Himself known to you. Be not impatient. Time is an illusion, so let go of its apparent demands on you. Bliss will follow.

Your loving brother, Jesus.”

You all have a very important divine purpose which you cannot fail to achieve. by John Smallman

You all have a very important divine purpose which you cannot fail to achieve.

[channeled] by  John Smallman

“As you wait expectantly and confidently for humanity’s Grand Awakening, continue to hold your Light on high, and continue to hold firmly to your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  Doing this is very powerful indeed because your intent combines with similar intentions held by others resulting in an exponential increase in the intensity of the field of Love in which humanity is firmly held, even while choosing to remain asleep within the illusion. It is the Light and the Love from you, the Light bearers and Light workers, seeping steadily and constantly into people’s awareness that is nudging them toward their moment of awakening….”

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You can change the way you experience life. October 10, 2017 by John Smallman

You can change the way you experience life.


“The divine plan for your awakening is unfolding in the only way it can – PERFECTLY! There is only Father/Mother/God, Source, Love, and because of Its nature It is always perfect. There is no other possibility. Because you are God’s divine children, each and everyone of you without exceptions of any kind whatsoever, you too are PERFECT!

However, having chosen to construct and enter into the illusion as humans and engage in the game of separation, the only game available, it appears to be completely without doubt that you, humanity, are a long way removed from perfection….”

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God is. And, like God, so are you. 10/05/2017 by John Smallman

God is. And, like God, so are you.

10/05/2017 by John Smallman -[Saul channeled thru John Smallman]

“Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are all delighted with the progress that you are making towards the awakening, which is now very close.  You have worked very well and very hard to bring it about, and you will not be disappointed.  To awaken is humanity’s divine destiny, it is inevitable and unavoidable, so relax in the inner knowing that you all have, that your awakening is no idle dream, that it is a real event which cannot be prevented or avoided.  The time for dreaming is over, now it is time to awaken into Reality.”

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