NOTE BY NANCY: 2013 is already demonstrating humanity’s intense desire for change. We are realizing that we have given away our innate power as created in the image of our Father/Mother God.

 We have allowed ourselves to submit to the will of others … to allow others to dictate what we will think … what we will believe … how we will feel … what we will be. We have accepted the lies we are taught in every area of our lives as the way life is … we have asked: why bother? What can we do about it?

 There are numerous examples in our present world of what we do not want. At the same time, we are unsure as to how to proceed in creating the world we would like to see … a world that works for everyone.

 A major block is that very sincere people are unknowingly supporting the very individuals, beliefs, and methods that enslave them. We have so allowed others to tell us what to think that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves … how to live from our hearts and tap into our innate knowledge of how to BE LOVE … how to create change without coming from a fear based motivation.

 We easily get caught up in attempting to solve a problem through win-lose methods. Competition has become our modus operandi … we have been taught to live with a belief in the fear based lie, survival of the fittest.

In order to bring about loving, peaceful, creative change and build a world that works for everyone, we must wake up to the ways in which humanity has been led to support beliefs that actually create separation … hatred … and competition. Think about it … competition is integrated into the majority of our life experiences. We strive to be on or support the winning team … we strive to make the top grades in our class … we are in competition to be hired for a job … we remain in competition to hold on to that job. The ways in which competition permeates our lives are endless.

What are the results of competition? We live in an atmosphere of fear of losing, which keeps us enslaved to working hard to be a winner. Do we ever ask: “Who determines who wins and loses?” Does the criteria for winning allow me to be truly who I am? Am I peaceful and secure in what I am doing? Or, do I feel threatened by something or someone?

Keeping humanity in a constant state of needing to strive to make a living, to feed our family, to maintain a home … i.e. to be a winner, is one of the subtle ways the Illuminati has enslaved us. If we do not conform, we will end up without a job, hungry, homeless. We are controlled by fear.

Happily, we are beginning to see examples of people choosing to cooperate together to create a world that works for everyone. Instead of fighting against what we do not want, we are beginning to learn that we must understand the problem in order to solve it, then focus our attention on positive solutions. As we take back our innate power to be co-creators with God, we can cooperatively work together to create a better world. Having taken back our own power, we no longer feel the need to fear anyone or anything. Instead of sticking our head in the sand and pretending the problem does not exist – or – becoming entangled in the problem, we see and understand it; then, look through the problem to a positive solution.

Humanity assuming its own power: to create … to think independently … to use our individual unique talents … to cooperate with others … to BE LOVE; this is the way to overcome the Illuminati Cabal. We possess the innate power to simply turn away from the fear mongering and to create a world in which Love, Peace, & Abundance for All exists.


 Although, I cannot find the identity of the speakers, the following YouTube is excellent.